Peace March April 12, 2003
Washington, DC

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Narrative: "Don't Go Back to Rockville"
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Loree stands with one of the signs I made outside our apartment.  It says.  "Tomorrow? Peace.  Today?  Make a Friend."

At a pre-march gathering, Code Pink met on the Mall.  We were heckled repeatedly.

Jamila and Loree sit as we have an informal meeting of the Otherwise Shy Peaceful People

"Regime Change in 2004: Bush & Co. Out the Door"

"Sentence Bush in Texas for his War Crimes that Slaughters Babies Too"

A crowd shot at Freedom Plaza where the rally took place.  At first, it felt very small, but marchers seemed to come from nowhere later.

Another crowd shot.  Freedom Plaza can hold about 15,000 people.  It was full, but somewhere there were several times the number of marchers.  I have no personal crowd estimate.

"Veterans for Peace"  As always, one of many examples of this.

"I Want my Country Back"

An amusing poster of Bush reading Cheney's lines.  There is a reference to Enron as well; who remembers?

A woman stands solemnly with her sign urging us to bring the troops home.

All over the place people sold classic buttons.  There were a lot of neat rare buttons for sale going back over 60 years.

"Fox News Goebbels Lives"  An obvious play on "gobbles" and "Goebbels" who was the NAZI propaganda minister.

Loree has a very unique piece of currency in front of her face.  Look at it closely.

This was an unusual little display.  Bush rides on a missile with a Texaco logo on it.

"Does democracy depend on mass murder?"

"Missed Saddam Again!  You call this Liberation?!"  The picture was a common fixture on the day's signs.  It is a fairly famous photo of a boy who lost his limbs.

In some ways, this shot is an optical illusion.  I am about a mile from the Capitol, but the zoom on the camera brings the dome in close and makes it seem like we are rallying by it.

An anarchist climbed the pole and attracted a lot of press cameras.  While this may be ego-serving silliness, read about a touching anarchist I met a few nights before.

A favorite of mine reads, "Mourn the Dead: Organize the Living"

A group of people, perhaps Hari Krishnas (not sure) dressed in yellow.  The sign reads "Non Violence"

Chilling sign: "Have you seen my sister?  She was last seen in Basra, Iraq"

"The Iraqi's in the Hospitals and Morgues aren't Cheering"

Much to mourn for.  The words cut off read "pre-emptive imperialistic strikes"

On the right of this photo is Loree with our other sign.  It reads, "Stop a FUTURE War: Hug a Stranger NOW."  Loree was hugged about 30 times today.

A generic crowd shot as we marched

Here we stopped and protested against the Washington Post.  A half dozen pro-war "freepers" guarded the doors.

This shot is looking back from M Street back to H and I Streets and the White House.  There are about 10 blocks of a snaking march behind this scene.  So, somewhere the crowd grew a lot.

A better shot.  It isn't a continuous line to where we are because the march snaked down different blocks.  Where it ends we never discovered.

The police on motorcycles were rough with people, especially those on the sidewalk.  I was amused that the bikes said "Rebel" and the bicycles the police had were "Smith and Wesson"s

"This War is Wrong" and other sayings in 3 different languages.  I like "Kein blut fur ol" (No blood for oil).

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