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Magic of Yellowstone
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A waterlily on Isa Lake. This small body of water is on the Continental Divide on Craig Pass between Old Faithful and West Thumb. Its fame comes from the fact of its two ocean water--the West side of Isa Lake flows east into the Gulf of Mexico while the East side flows west into the Pacific Ocean. Waterlilies like this can be seen blooming on Isa Lake in mid summer.
Yellowstone Fact Guide
by Jim Macdonald
(updated December 28, 2006)

The Magic of Yellowstone

In the News (click on image)

Information on Wildlife and Features
(more information on the history of wildlife and features in my  Yellowstone History Guide )
Wildlife Fact and Resource Page

Bighorn Sheep
Mule Deer
Pronghorn Antelope

Vegetation (Wildflowers, Forests, etc.)
Online database listing all the species of animals and plants in Yellowstone National Park
Plants by NPS
Flora and Fauna by Yellowstone Park Traveler
Lodgepole Pines

(from Discover Life)

(by Yellowstone Geographic)
(a short guide to Yellowstone wildflowers by Yellowstone National
Yellowstone Flora and Fauna

(by the American Park Network)
More Wildflowers

(a short guide to Yellowstone wildflowers by Yellowstone National
Wolves in Yellowstone May Aid Aspen Recovery by David Stauth 9/12/00

Geyser and Thermal Features
WyoJones Geyser Site
(one of the best  geyser sites on the net--includes a list of all worldwide geysers damaged and destroyed, maps, pictures, and educational information)
Geyser Observation and Study Organization (GOSA) Yellowstone's Geysers Page

(Huge and excellent, perhaps the best on the internet)
A Comparison of Grand Prismatic Spring with the Southern Ring Nebula

(an unusual comparison of a thermal feature with an astronomical feature by a group working for NASA's Hubbell space telescope.)
Life at High Temperatures by Thomas Brock
(an excellent educational resource on Yellowstone's thermal features)
An educational resource on geysers
An Overview of Yellowstone's Geyser basins by

A Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls by David Monteith

Yellowstone Archeology
(from the National Park Service)

The Petrified Forest
The Yellowstone Petrified Forests: Evidence of Catastrophe by Jonathan Sarfati March-May 1999
Hiking Yellowstone National Park's world-class fossil forest

fossil forests in Yellowstone
 (short excerpts of info on the subject)

The Yellowstone Caldera: (the volcano bed comprising much of Yellowstone)
A description of the caldera
Yellowstone Earth Movements Compared to Heavy Breathing by U.S.G.S, 12/10/97
Yellowstone: Restless Volcanic Giant by Daniel Dzurisin, Robert L. Christiansen, and Kenneth L. Pierce
Tiny Crystals Predict A Huge Volcano In Western United States by ScienceDaily 7/23/01

Yellowstone Earthquakes Processed in the last day
Yellowstone Earthquakes Processed in the last 30 days
Yellowstone Earthquakes Processed in the last year
Yellowstone Earthquakes ( 1973 - 1981 )

(Note: The Yellowstone network was not operational 1982-1983.)
Yellowstone Earthquakes Processed in the last week
Yellowstone Earthquakes Processed in the last 90 days
Yellowstone Earthquakes ( 1973 - present )
Yellowstone Earthquakes ( 1983 - present )

Effects of Fire
Landscape Dynamics of Yellowstone National Park: The Role of Fire 1690 to 1990 by David A. Kovacic, William H. Romme, and Don G. Despain, 1990
(Presentation is down. Google archives of images still exist)
The Yellowstone Fires of 1988: Mother Nature Knows Best by Jason Treavor Hayes
The Conflagration of '88
Fire Facts
Exploring the Environment: Yellowstone Fires
Simulating Fire Patterns in Heterogeneous Landscapes, 1996
(a research project looking at what might have caused the Yellowstone fires of 1988)
Yellowstone Fires and Their Legacy by Rocky Barker, 1996
1988-Yellowstone Fires by Thinkquest
"Out of the Ashes: Planning, Humility": Burn of 1988 proved the power of nature, imprudence of panic

(by Mike Bader, August 28, 1998)
Wildland Fire

(by NPS)
Links to Yellowstone Maps
Official National Park Service Road Map of Yellowstone
Road Maps
Trail Maps
Historical Maps
Other map information
Topographical Map of Yellowstone
Area Maps
Geyser Basin Maps
Special Maps

Visiting facts
& Other Information

Official Information
National Park Service "Planning a Visit to Yellowstone"
(a great deal of the information you need to know--check out the rules and regulations section for information on fishing, pets, snowmobiling, approaching wildlife, and more)
National Park Service Fact Sheet
National Park Service Visitor Information

Grand Teton National Park
National Park Service information page
Grand Teton Geology
Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
(describes many environmental issues facing the Tetons)
GORP Grand Teton information page and Visitor's Guide

YNP Lodges (Xanterra)
(Just about everything you need to know)
Accomodations in West Yellowstone, MT

Paul Rubinstein's Yellowstone Backcountry Page
(This guy is really and truly a modern discoverer of features in Yellowstone)
info on hiking in backcountry from The Jackson Hole Net Magazine
Day Hiking in Yellowstone from the National Park Service
Backpacking in a Yellowstone Summer


(current Yellowstone weather from Weather Underground.  Click on the image for more info)
Current Weather in Yellowstone  from the Weather Channel
Weather in Yellowstone: When's a Good Time to Visit?

(by Yellowstone Treasures--a site with its own unique perspective on Yellowstone)

(current Grand Teton weather from Weather Underground.  Click on the image for more info)
Current Weather in Grand Teton  from the Weather Channel

Snowmobiling guide in
General info on snowmobiling in Yellowstone Net

Accounts on visiting Yellowstone
Read my Autobiography of my Five Summers in Wonderland
(always under construction, but lots done)
An account of a Trip to the Fairyland Basin 2001

(discovered only in the 1980s by Lee Whittlesey and made famous by a trip in 1996 by Paul Rubinstein, this is now a common trek for the adventurous.  This is one account)
Four Stories From Yellowstone and One from the Tetons
(a family's account of various adventures in Yellowstone--I especially like the poem "Morning Walk in Grant Village")

Current National Park Press Releases

Other factual resources

The official Yellowstone website from the National Park Service
(an ever-improving resource)
Y.E.S. Research Projects

(several studies being done by this organization, contains many articles on current studies and issues in the Yellowstone ecosystem)

(home of the Yellowstone Journal, and a good resource of Park information)
Yellowstone Net Newspaper
The Ultimate Yellowstone Trivia Test

(not only a humbling test but the answers are a great source for facts)
A Thousand Winters Ago
(by Les Davis)
Journal entries from the Jason VIII project

(from teachers and students researching in Yellowstone in 1997)

(a great online source for information on Yellowstone and Grand Teton region)
National Wildlife Federation Page

(articles, many on current issues regarding Yellowstone wildlife--politically slanted, but a good source for news)