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Pelican Creek, named by a prospecting party in 1864 for a Pelican that was not good enough to eat. (Photo by William Henry Jackson).
History of Yellowstone Place Names
edited by James S. Macdonald Jr. from Chittenden's The Yellowstone National Park
(updated December 27, 2006)

Yellowstone History Guide
The Magic of Yellowstone

History of Yellowstone as a Place Name
Mountains (includes ranges, peaks, hills, buttes, ridges)

Abiathar Peak
Absaroka Range
Atkins Peak
Bannock Peak
Barlow Peak
Baronett Peak
Bunsen Peak
Mt. Chittenden
Cinnabar Mountain
Colter Peak
Mt. Doane
Dunraven Peak
Electric Peak
Elephant Back
Mt. Everts
  Factory Hill
Flat Mountain
Folsom Peak
Forellen Peak
Gallatin Range
Mt. Hancock
Hedges Peak
Mt. Holmes
Mt. Hoyt
Mt. Humphreys
Index Peak
Joseph Peak
Junction Butte
Mt. Langford
Mary Mountain
  Mt. Moran
Mt. Norris
Roaring Mountain
Mt. Schurz
Sepulcher Mountain
Sheepeater Cliffs
Mt. Sheridan
Signal Hills
Mt. Stevenson
Survey Peak
Grand Teton
Three Rivers Peak
The Thunderer
Mt. Washburn
Yount Peak

Waterways (includes rivers, streams, creaks, lakes, waterfalls)

Alum Creek
Amethyst Creek
Amphitheater Creek
Atlantic Creek
Bear Creek
Bechler River
Black-tail Deer Creek
Boone Creek
Bridge Creek
Bridger Lake
Cache Creek
Calfee Creek
Conant Creek
Coulter Creek
Crevice Creek
Crystal Falls
De Lacy Creek
Delusion Lake
Firehole Falls
Firehole River
Gallatin Lake
Gallatin River
Gardner River
Gibbon River
  Heart Lake
Hell Roaring Creek
Henry Lake
Hering Lake
Indian Creek
Indian Pond
Isa Lake
Jackson Lake
Jenny Lake
Jones Creek
Kepler Cascade
Lamar River
Leigh Lake
Lewis Lake
Lewis River
Lost Lake
Madison Lake
Madison River
Mary Lake
Mason Creek
Miller Creek
Nez Perces Creek
  Pacific Creek
Pelican Creek
Rainbow Falls
Rescue Creek
Riddle Lake
Sentinel Creek
Shoshone Lake
Shoshone River
Snake River
Soda Butte Creek
Solution Creek
Sulphur Creek
Surprise Creek
Tangled Creek
Thoroughfare Creek
Tower Creek
Tower Fall
Trail Creek
Trappers' Creek
Violet Creek
Virginia Cascade
Witch Creek
Yellowstone Falls
Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone River

Miscellaneous Features (geysers, landmarks, bays, islands, etc.)

Beehive Geyser
Bridge Bay
Carrington Island
Castle Geyser
Craig Pass
Dot Island
Frank Island
Giant Geyser
Giantess Geyser
  Grand Geyser
Grotto Geyser
Hayden Valley
Jones Pass
Kingman Pass
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mary Bay
Molly Island
Norris Geyser Basin
  Norris Pass
Old Faithful Geyser
Peale Island
Pelican Roost
Raynolds Pass
Stevenson Island
Targhee Pass
Thumb Bay

Man-made sites

Chittenden Memorial Bridge
Fishing Bridge
  Grant Village   Roosevelt Arch


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