Peace March October 25, 2003
Washington, DC

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Narrative: "Twilight Zone"
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I made 4 signs.  Here are two that accompanied my zombie costume and my friend Julie's witch outfit.

As usual, I didn't listen to many speeches.  It is also not clear to me whether the peace movement is reducible to the anti-colonialism movement.

I am unsure why there's a "Dick Cheney" poster, but I saw this one several times today.

"Liars Club: Bush Cheney Rice Rums."

One year ago today Paul Wellstone died tragically.  His death convinced me to re-involve myself with the peace movement.

Since the sun was in my face, this shot comes out dark; however, I think it is a spooky shot that in some way expressed my mood about the movement.

On the flip side of the "Dick Cheney" poster, it read "Dump Bush."

ANSWER and UFPJ co-sponsored the event; ANSWER was by far more obviously visible.

Julie and I spent much of our day engaged in riveting conversation, but here we make the obligatory poses.  In fact, for others, this is what we did most of our day.

It was fun to dress up and tie themes of fear and death to Halloween and the peace movement.  

Perhaps, the fact that I'm posing before outhouses is symbolic.

This shot is way too dark, but I LIKE it, and anyhow I felt a looming darkness on this bright fall day.

I'm not the only one dressed up today.  You can also see many of the tables, which were very crowded.

This couple was very much in love, but here they looked dead to me.  It's like someone's dying words.  I just wonder what it is to "stop Bush."  

One of our favorite signs: "How Many 9-11's Must We Inflict In Order To Feel Safe??"

A juggler on stilts posed for me unprompted with "Fight the Power" defiance.

A few right wing "freepers" showed up.  They truly had many signs as despicable as this.  I wanted to blow a kiss.

"Koreans Oppose U.S. War and Occupation."

The sign from a Vietnam vet calls on the US to get out and the UN to get in.  However, why not just let the Iraqis have it back?

So much was made of troops and of presidential candidates, but who talked about the logic of our violence against each other as an extension of our violence against animals?  We heard no talk on that, but we liked this button.

Here are two buttons of Julie's.  We saw a lot of people expressing the sentiment of the first button and we wished we had seen more expressing the sentiment of the second.  Just how many worms have died in Iraq, for instance?

I got the poster "Liars" depicting Bush and Cheney.  Might we be so bold to add George Washington himself, who according to myth, "never told a lie," to that list?  I think I would.

America is blinded by corporate media and dependence on gasoline.  I liked this very much.  However, this hides the more fascinating questions, "Could America ever see?"

Karen from the DC Anti-War Network was nice enough to take a picture of both of us together.  I think similar shots to this will be in hundreds of people's photo albums for years to come.

Perhaps 50,000 of us began the traditional rectangular march past the White House and the Justice Department and up Constitution Avenue.

This simple sign was as true as it was effective.

For awhile, the women of Code Pink were near us chanting.  They have done a lot to add a positive wrinkle to today's movement.

It was so windy that I never quite was able to read this sign.  However, it got quite a reaction from the marchers.  It has something to do with Bush's lies.

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