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A personal photograph I took in black-and-white from the Old Faithful Inn of Old Faithful erupting in the Summer of 1996. That day I biked to Old Faithful from Grant Village and back successfully. On a similar day in 1993, the crank fell off my roommate Price's bike on the way back from Old Faithful. Luckily, some nice people from Utah saw me climbing the Continental Divide by foot and drove me back to Grant Village.
My Experiences in Yellowstone: An Autobiography of Five Summers
by James S. Macdonald Jr.
(updated December 27, 2006)

The Magic of Yellowstone

News:   October 24, 2006.  Chapter 3 from the summer of 1994 is now online--the first chapter completed in almost four years.

Preface: I begin this labor of love not merely to describe my life, nor merely my life in my beloved Yellowstone, but also to tell the tale of the complex being of Yellowstone. She is to be known in this story not only as a geographical logcation, but as an intricate web of relationships--relationships which include animals, plants, land, water, people, and the magic which binds it together.
Tonight, a message from an old friend of mine named Diana McDonnell was left on my answering machine. She and I had several bonding days and evenings in Yellowstone, an important part of my tale of the being of Yellowstone. I love my friend Diana dearly, and I hope the little bit of Yellowstone that she left on my phone this evening transforms itself as I try to convey Wonderland.
Jim Macdonald,
Seattle, Washington
July 5, 1997

Introduction: What brought me to her gates1/4/98

Summer 1993: a new world, earliest impressions,ACMNP, working for Ham's, my friendship with Price, late night adventures, the Young Romantics
Chapter 1:
A tourist in a new world 1/7/98
Chapter 2:
Facing Tomorrow 1/8/98
Chapter 3: 
Price and Co. 1/13/98
Chapter 4: 
A Christian Ministry in Grant Village 1/15/98
Chapter 5:
A Paid Vacation 1/20/98
Chapter 6:
Average Days in Wonderland 1/22/98
Chapter 7:
Early Adventures 1/28/98
Chapter 8:
From Job to Job 1/30/98
Chapter 9:
Avalanching Flood of Fire and Brimstone 3/27/98
Chapter 10:
Resolving the Past, Dreams Renewed 4/6/98
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
More Adventures 1/25/99
Chapter 13:
Work: Tales of Change and Fun
Chapter 14:
Crazy Monday Nights 1: 
The Boiling River 10/10/02
Chapter 15:
Crazy Monday Nights 2: 
Avalanche Peak 11/1/02
Chapter 16:
Crazy Monday Nights 3: 
The Young Romantics 11/4/02

Summer 1994: having a car, the dream and tragedy of the Young Romantics, aka. first girlfriend, ministry, my many friends, Christmas in Yellowstone and theater
Chapter 3:
Ice Cold Fire--Return of the Young Romantics 10/24/06
Chapter 7:
Rainbow Gatherings 10/11/01

Summer 1995: Loree, how a summer in which activity was lower was still fulfilling, Kym, etc.

Summer 1996: working with Loree, sharing Wonderland, a hitchhiking adventure to remember, another stellar year

Summer 1998: the extended honeymoon, the pursuit for waterfalls and a chronicle of the Park, perhaps goodbye for a long long time?
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