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Official National Park Service Road Map of Yellowstone

Topographical Map of Yellowstone
(I have started it at my homeland in Grant Village--this is simply an awesome resource)

Road Maps
Road Map of Yellowstone (from NPS)
How to Get to Yellowstone Map (from NPS)
  Grand Teton road map (pdf from NPS low resolution)
Grand Teton road map (pdf from NPS high resolution)
Grand Teton Winter Park map
  GORP's roadmap of Yellowstone
GORP's roadmap of Yellowstone

Area Maps
(a wonderful interactive map from the National Park Service)
Old Faithful
Lake, Fishing Bridge, and Bridge Bay
Madison to West Entrance
South Entrance to Grant Village
East Entrance to Lake Village
  Grant Village and West Thumb
Northeast Entrance to Tower Junction
Lake Village Area to Canyon Village
Old Faithful to Grant Village
Madison to Old Faithful
Norris to Madison
  Canyon Village to Norris
North Entrance to Mammoth
Mammoth to Norris
West Entrance to Madison
Mammoth to Tower-Roosevelt
Grant Village to Fishing Bridge
Tower-Roosevelt to Canyon

Trail Maps
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (by NPS)
Shoshone Lake (from WyoJones Geyser Page)
  Mammoth Hot Springs Area (by Gorp)   Old Faithful Area (by Gorp)

Geyser and Thermal Basin Maps
Upper (complete with submaps from GOSA)
Upper--predicted geysers (from GOSA--excellent)
Old Faithful Area - South Section (by NPS)
Old Faithful Area - North Section (by NPS)
Daisy, Grotto, and Giant Group (from GOSA)
  Fountain Paint Pot (from GOSA)
Fountain Paint Pot (by NPS)
Lower (from WyoJones Geyser Page)
  Norris (by NPS)
Norris--with Porcelain Basin submap (from GOSA)
Mammoth Hot Springs (by NPS)
Gibbon (from WyoJones Geyser Page)

Historical Maps
Historical Map 1917 (from University of Texas)   Northern Pacific Railroad Map (never entered Park but came awfully close; by  

Special Maps
Map of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (by NPS)
Vistor Centers and Museums Map (from Gorp)
Waterfall Map (by David Monteith)
  2005 Yellowstone Wildland Fire Map (from NPS)
Yellowstone fires of 1988 map (from Yellowstone Net)
Yellowstone Caldera (from U.S.G.S)
  Fishing Map (from Gorp)
Winter Bison Ranges before Wolf Reintroduction 1995 (from U.S.G.S)

Other information related to mapping
Mapping the Biology and mineralogy of Yellowstone National Park using imaging spectroscopy (from U.S.G.S)