Proceedings in the Senate Concerning the Bill Creating Yellowstone National Park
from the Congressional Globe (compiled by F. & J. Rives and George A. Bailey)
brought to you by Jim Macdonald

Ferdinand V. Hayden (seated) led the famous expedition
into Yellowstone in 1871, then successfully lobbied in
Congress for it be the world's first national park.  This picture
was taken by William Henry Jackson in 1871 in Yellowstone.
This is a great resource for students of the early history of Yellowstone National Park.  These documents trace the movements through the United States Senate of the bill which became the  Act of Dedication , which created Yellowstone as the world's first national park.  It not only traces the movement and debate throught the Senate, but reports back action from the House and ultimately the signature of President Grant.  Some of the pages barely contain reference to Yellowstone, but it is the historical record that counts.  It is also interesting to see where Yellowstone fits in the context of American history by noting what else was on the legislative agenda in the winter of 1872.

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