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List of Historical National Park Press Releases
(from the 125th Anniversary Collection)

Yellowstone Historical Almanac
Yellowstone History Guide
The Magic of Yellowstone

These press releases, though not documented, should be generally reliable resources on various topics involved in the early history of Yellowstone.
The Bears of Yellowstone
Yellowstone is Established as The First National Park
The History of Bison in Yellowstone National Park
Early Explorations to Yellowstone
Origin of the Name "Yellowstone"
Early Visitors to the Park
The Roosevelt Arch, Yellowstone's Historic Gateway
Old Faithful Inn History
Life in Yellowstone's Waters
Yellowstone's Roads--Ribbons of Access to the Wilderness
Park Myths: Tales of Imagination
The History of the National Park Ranger
  Native Americans, Prehistory, and Yellowstone
Lacey's Legacy
Interpretation: Linking People to the Park
A Sense of Place
Of Ranching and Rangering--Early Wildlife Management in the Park
The Automobile Comes to Yellowstone
Fourth of July at Fort Yellowstone
The History of Concessions in Yellowstone
The U.S. Cavalry Arrives in Yellowstone National Park
The National Park Service
The Nez Perce Flight Through Yellowstone
Thomas Moran--Yellowstone's First Artist
  Structures no longer in Yellowstone
Yellowstone and the Railroads
Yellowstone Gateway Communities
The Postal Service in Yellowstone
Law and Justice Come to Yellowstone
The History of Yellowstone's Medical Services
William Henry Jackson, Yellowstone's First Photographer
The War Years in Yellowstone
Winter in Yellowstone
Christmas in Yellowstone