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January 2002
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I don't have reporters, and so you won't find stories here that aren't elsewhere on the internet.  What you will find here is news that I have compiled from news gathering and activist sources.  What I want is for this page to be a resource for those looking for or needing to do research on current events in Yellowstone.  For further factual research, go to The Magic of Yellowstone Fact Guide or History Guide.

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1/31/02 Updates from the Field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/30/02 Study finds alarming increase in floodplain development along Upper Yellowstone River
(by Greater Yellowstone Coaltion)
1/29/02 Conservation groups seek protection of wildlife in Bridger-Teton Forest Service failing to study impacts of escalating helicopter skiing and snowmobile use(by Greater Yellowstone Coaltion)
1/29/02 Wyoming legislature may seek federal reimbursement for dollar value of elk killed by wolves
(by Ralph Maughan)
1/26/02 Testimony of Jackie Mathews, Owner, Blue Ribbon Flies, Inc., West Yellowstone, Montana:Before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business (by Greater Yellowstone Coaltion)
1/26/02 House of Representatives' Small Business Committee Saturday Field Hearing A Sop to Snowmobile Industry (by National Parks Conservation Association reported in US Newswire)
1/24/02 Updates from the Field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/23/02 Famous Druid Pack splinters
(by Ralph Maughan)
1/22/02 Defenders pays $16,691 in grizzly bear compensation during 2001 (by Defenders of Wildlife)
1/22/02 Greater Yellowstone news briefs
(by Greater Yellowstone Coaltion)
1/19/02 GRAY WOLF RECOVERY WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT: Status of Gray Wolf Recover, Weeks of 1/11 - 1/18, 2002 (by Ralph Maughan)
1/18/02 Three bison moved back into YNP
(by Montana Department of Livestock)
1/18/02 Bison/Brucellosis program scheduled to air on PBS (by Montana Department of Livestock)
1/17/02 Updates from the Field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--Four more bulls captured
1/16/02 Montana Department of Livestock wastes taxpayer dollars hazing three bull bison and capturing one
(by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/15/02 2002 ISSA Yellowstone Ride For Freedom A Major Success! (by BlueRibbon Coalition)
1/13/02 Wyoming Game and Fish complaining again this winter about wolves at Gros Ventre River feedlots (by Ralph Maughan)
1/11/02 Defenders secures grizzly habitat near Grand Teton National Park (by Defenders of Wildlife)
1/10/02 Updates from the Field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--
Ten bison slaughtered
1/11/02 National Elk Refuge has begun its winter feeding of elk (by Ralph Maughan)
1/10/02 Committee's decision to protect quality of life deserves our gratitude(by Greater Yellowstone Coaltion)
1/10/02 GRAY WOLF RECOVERY WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT: Status of Gray Wolf Recover, Weeks of 12/22-1/04/02, 2002 (by Ralph Maughan)
1/9/02 Three of seven bison captured test negative
(by Montana Department of Livestock)
1/9/02 Livestock agents capture seven buffalo near Yellowstone; six captured yesterday are slated for slaughter (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/8/02 Wild bison captured at Horse Butte (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/8/02 Six YNP bison test positive for disease (by Montana Department of Livestock)
1/4/02 Is the growth of the Northern Rockies Wolf population nearing an end?(by Ralph Maughan)
1/3/02 Updates from the Field
(by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/3/02 Funding Shortfalls Endanger National Parks: New Survey Shows Revolution-Era Parks in Jeopardy (by National Parks Conservation Association)
1/31/02 Housing growth in Yellowstone double rest of Park County (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/31/02 Floodplain destruction increasing (by Clair Johnson Billings Gazette)
1/31/02 Winter Rendezvous  (by Clair Johnson Billings Gazette)
1/31/02 Two charged with attempted murder in New Brighton assault: Woman still in coma after attack last fall (Phillip Piña St. Paul Pioneer Planet)
1/30/02 Reviews sought of ski permits (Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/29/02 Snowmobiler survives avalanche (by Nick Gevock Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/29/02 Friends save buried man (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/28/02 Olympic caldron burns near Old Faithful (by Tom Wharton The Salt Lake Tribune)
1/28/02 Olympic Torch visits Old Faithful (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/28/02 Park's Web-site shutdown leaves many unhappy campers: Security breaches close popular service
(by Francis P. Garland The Record--Stockton, CA)
1/28/02 Norton weathers stormy 1st year: Controversy swirls on several fronts (by Mike Soraghan Denver Post)
1/28/02 West Yellowstone ski trail groomer heads for Olympics (by Clair Johnson Billings Gazette)
1/28/02 Research Roundup: Wolf Impact

(by Montana State University Research Office Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/28/02 Congressman stands up for snowmobilers
(by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/27/02 Future of snowmobiles discussed: Republican U.S. House members visit West Yellowstone, decry Park Service ban (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/27/02 Cody man eager for new job (Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/27/02 Land trust gets $10,000 grant (AP story in Billings Gazette--3rd article)
1/27/02 Western artists helped create naional parks but had fierce rivalry (by Gail Schontzler Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/26/02 Phaseout backers: Hearing stacked
(by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/26/02 Snowmobile debate heated by tax totals (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/26/02 Prosecutor to get DNA samples
(in Tahlequah Daily Press - Okla.)
1/26/02 Corrections: Yellowstone visitors

(Billings Gazette)
1/25/02 Legal system leaves Bush unaccountable, environmentalists charge (by Stephen R. Miller Environmental News Network)
1/25/02 Hamilton Stores contract extended
(by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/25/02 Plenty of cash for cleanup of New World mine site near Cooke City (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/25/02 4 options listed for snowmobiles
(AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/24/02 Impact report: One snowmobile option could cost West 200 jobs (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/24/02 New rules: Park Service test drives regulations at West Entrance(by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/24/02 Internal draft looks at snowmobile options
(AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/24/02 Balancing wildlife needs with winter recreationists
(by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/24/02 Yellowstone archivist offers insiderís observations on nationís parks (by Nick Gevock Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/24/02 Big Sky told to bear-proof trash bins
(by Nick Gevock Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/24/02 Avalanche sense: Snowmobile guide scares his clients to save them (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/24/02 Biologist sees nature thriving on disaster
(by Anne Blythe Knoxville News-Sentinel)
1/23/02 State seeks fed money to manage wolves
(AP story in Cody Enterprise)
1/23/02 Yellowstone snowmobile ban stirs communityís fears
(by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/23/02 Snowmobiling the outer limits: Outside Yellowstone National Park riders find another world
(by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/23/02 Grizzlies range farther for food, swell compensation bill
(AP story in The Arizona Republic)
1/23/02 Stately Stream
(photo of Boiling River, AP by Erik Petersen in Billings Gazette)
1/23/02 New Helena publisher deals with books on West
(by Jan Falstad Billings Gazette)
1/22/02 Out of bounds: Search for fresh snow, new sights leads to unique adventures(by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/22/02 Park Service lifts gag order on ranger critical of hunters: Agency agrees to clarify speech restraints on employees
(by Leah Thorson Washington Post)
1/21/02 Court-ordered computer blackout a headache for Yellowstone
(AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/21/02 Another winter brings renewed debate on artificial elk feeding(AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/21/02 More and more people find winter recreation in the wilds of Montana(by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/21/02 Latinos offered chance to become ski buffs
(AP story in Billings Gazette--8th story)
1/20/02 Yellowstone snowmobile ban topic of hearing(by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/20/02 Tourism's cold cash keeps Montana, Wyoming warm in winter (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/20/02 Sheep may have died of pneumonia(AP story in Billings Gazette--8th story)
1/19/02 Park delays snowmobile review(AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/19/02 Network outage hog-ties Interior(by John Fitzgerald Billings Gazette)
1/18/02 DOL sends three more bison to slaughter; Forest Service investigates BFC negligence(by Bob Furu in West Yellowstone News)
1/18/02 Northern Yellowstone elk herd down 11%(by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/18/02 Elk numbers fall in Yellowstone
(AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/18/02 Fire crews save historic Stage Coach Inn from extensive damage(by Bob Furu in West Yellowstone News)
1/17/02 Olympic torch to pass through Yellowstone Park 
(AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/17/02 Red Lodge photographer wins international wildlife competition(by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/17/02 Survivors of the underground: Deep microbes tell of life on Mars (by Tim Radford The Guardian - UK)
1/17/02 Study: Beware water filter slime
(by Dina Mishev Outside Magazine)
1/16/02 Court investigator says Interior hasn't acted to fix Internet problems(by Robert Gehrke AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/16/02 Organism in deep spring fits extraterrestrial model (by Guy Gugliotta Washington Post)
1/14/02 Wyoming Game and Fish worries about wolf preying on elk
(AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/14/02 Coalition seeks to stop people from trespassing on wildlife areas (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/14/02 Sept. 11 survivor finds solace with brother on Yellowstone vacation (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/14/02 Jackson back in action
(by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/13/02 Protecting Indian trust records creates suspicious roadblock (by Bill McAllister Denver Post)
1/13/02 Gliding by kayak through wonders of Yellowstone
(by Clint Williams in Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
1/12/02 Group champions 'living landscapes': 'Fifty of the world's wildest and most valuable places' (by Gary Strieker CNN)
1/12/02 Trip focuses on Wolves of Yellowstone National Park  (by The Daily Press Ashland, WI)
1/11/02 Six bison captured, slaughtered Tuesday (in West Yellowstone News)
1/11/02 West Entrance visitor numbers down over six percent in 2001 (by Bob Furu in West Yellowstone News)
1/11/02 Artist lands niche in park: Yellowstone selling greeting cards by Federal Heights illustrator(by Nora Caley Rocky Mountain News)
1/11/02 Judge will hear arguments on blood samples
(in Tahlequah Daily Press - Okla.)
1/10/02 Lawsuit leads U.S. to yank sites for parks, wildlife
(by Shannon Tompkins in Houston Chronicle)
1/6/02 Snowmobile businesses in West move toward cleaner, quieter sleds (by Scott McMillion in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/5/02 Environmentalists criticize Cody candidate for Interior post
(AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/3/02 Yellowstone Ranger Vindicated Under Whistleblower Laws
(by Cat Lazaroff Environment News Service)
1/3/02 Park offers winter learning adventures
(by Billings Gazette)
  (comment in discussion forum)
1/31/02 Hamilton Stores Loses Yellowstone contract (by Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
1/30/02 Play safe in snow country (by Billings Gazette)
1/29/02 Let's stop sneak attacks on Yellowstone issues  (by Idaho State Journal)
1/29/02 Goodbye good ol' days and goodbye old Montana 
(by Shawn Eva in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/29/02 Avalanche gear not good without knowledge 
(by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/26/02 Theater of the absurd: Distinguishing political theater from political reality(George Ochenski Missoula Independent)
1/25/02 Natural beauty fuels Montanaís winter tourism
(by Billings Gazette)
1/23/02 Science, politics uneasy partners
(by Michael Milstein The Oregonian)--not about Yellowstone per se, but relevant to issues facing it
1/23/02 Bison Management
(by Brian Lawson Buffalo Field Campaign in Lone Peak Lookout--Big Sky, MT)
1/23/02 Park winter use photos say it all
(by Sarah DeOpsomer in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/21/02 Methane well vote inspired pride in the human race (by Karen, Jane, Kale and Hannah Krieger  in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/17/02 See for yourself what state officials are doing to park bison (by Brian Lawson Buffalo Field Campaign in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/17/02 Enforce the law; don't kill the messenger 
(by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/17/02 Those shifting to snowcoach service doing a great thing (by Lynne Murray in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/15/02 Count Down Begins For Final Public Comments On Yellowstone Access! (by Jack Welsh, President BlueRibbon Coalition)
1/11/02 Snowmobiles don't belong in Yellowstone
(letters to editor in Detroit Free Press)
1/9/02 Guest Opinion: Bureaucrats slaughter Yellowstone bison (by Peter Leusch Buffalo Field Campaign in The Montana Standard)
1/7/02 Montana is being selfish in bison policy (by Peter Leusch Buffalo Field Campaign in West Yellowstone News)
1/2/02 An Uncertain Parks Policy
(by New York Times) 1/7/02 Interior Secretary Gale Norton responds in Letter to the Editor (you need to register with New York Times to see this letter)

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