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January 2007
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1/29/07 Schweitzer hears from Montanans opposed to bison policies: Residents, hunters, and bison advocates communicate distaste with current bison management (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/29/07 Removing Northern Rockies wolves from endangered species list jeopardizes continued recovery: Idaho and Wyoming plan massive wolf eradication efforts upon delisting (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
1/29/07 Gray wolf to be removed from endangered species list: Good news in the Great Lakes, but not in the northern Rockies (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
1/29/07 Feds propose to remove Endangered Species Act protection from wolves: Will legalize mass killings in Rocky Mountains (press release by Center for Biological Diversity)
1/29/07 When it comes to wolves, the job is not done: Federal wolf plan turns a blind eye to the law and stewardship of the species (press release by Sinapu)
1/29/07 Distinct bison herds roam in Yellowstone (press release by University of Montana in YubaNet)
1/29/07 Wyoming governor's statement On federal wolf delisting plans (press release by Wyoming Governor's Office in All American Patriots)--the governor of Wyoming is Dave Freudenthal--D
1/28/07 Summer specials at Yellowstone (by Kurt Repanshek)
1/25/07 Doane again (by Yellowstoner)
1/25/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--31 bison now dead this winter, including all who had previously been in safe haven
1/25/07 Park Service readies commercial bio-prospecting plan (press release by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility)
1/23/07 Hunter illegally shoots Yellowstone bison (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/23/07 136 wolves at year’s end in Yellowstone Park (by Ralph Maughan)
1/23/07 Snow flies (by Yellowstoner)
1/22/07 Numbers up from last year (by Yellowstoner)--snowmobile numbers actually up from last year; snowcoach down
1/19/07 Ecosystem ecology field assistant: Yellowstone Nat. Park grasslands (Hellquist Biological Research Laboratories, Syracuse University, job notice in BioJobs)--application period ends February 26
1/18/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
1/18/07 Nez Perce resumes buffalo hunt (by Smiley in San Francisco Independent Media Center)--video
1/17/07 Protecting the environment through the ownership society -- Part II (press release by National Center for Policy Analysis)--you can also read the full report. It diagnoses things very differently than I did in an essay I wrote today. I also wonder about the release of this in conjunction of the timing of the AP story on the NPS looking for more private funding. I offered a bit of a response on 1/18/07.
1/17/07 Northern Yellowstone elk herd stable at relatively low numbers (by Ralph Maughan)
1/16/07 Early explorer of Yellowstone finally gets his due (press release by Montana State University in EurekAlert)--read Lt. Gustavus Doane's 1870 report
1/16/07 Information on Yellowstone from the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (by Ed Klim, President, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, in British Columbia Snowmobile Federation)
1/12/07 Bits & pieces (by Yellowstoner)
1/12/07 Book now for spring bargains in Yellowstone (by Kurt Repanshek)
1/11/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--the bison kill total this season is now 18, 16 in the hunt; the 41 bison hazed this week back into Yellowstone are so far unaccounted for
1/11/07 Super cold in Yellowstone!!! (by M.C. Lean)
1/11/07 The Lodges of East Yellowstone, the second best-kept secret in Cody, Wyoming (press release by The Lodges of East Yellowstone)--I never know what to do with press releases like this; they are clearly not news except that they have been released as such. I guess I'll keep putting them here, and I'm sure you all can tell the difference
1/10/07 Bison will be moved to former chemical weapons site (by Environmental News Service)
1/9/07 Fires fuel mercury emissions, University of Michigan study finds (press release by University of Michigan in fires, among others, released a lot of mercury
1/8/07 YNP wolf field notes 12/30/06-1/6/07 (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
1/7/07 Blind cougars (by Yellowstoner)
1/4/07 Defendes of Wildlife celebrates 20th anniversary of wolf compensation program: Innovative program reimburses ranchers for documented livestock depredation losses to wolves (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
1/4/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--the bison death total for the winter is currently 14
1/2/07 Good news for Yellowstone: Snowmobiles falling out of favor as more visitors use environment-friendly snowcoaches (press release by The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees)
1/2/07 Nature Conservancy announces acquisition of Henry’s Lake easement (press release by The Nature Conservancy)--the byline says Nov. 2006, but this was just published today
  1/31/07 Elk herd study may reveal wolf impact (by Mark Heinz Cody Enterprise)
1/31/07 Gray wolves may lose US protected status: A proposal to delist wolves as 'endangered' would put them back in hunters' line of fire, critics say (by Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor)
1/31/07 Legislators may tinker with elk ranching laws (by Roger Phillips Idaho Statesman)
1/31/07 Wolf delisting makes conservationists howl: Federal proposal draws guarded approval from hunters, elected officials (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/31/07 Feds move forward on delisting Idaho wolves: Hunting season specifics will not be nailed down for several months (by Steve Benson Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/31/07 U.S. wolf hunt to resume (Agenše France-Presse story in Cosmos--Australia)
1/30/07 Bison poop reveals two distinct U.S. populations (by Jeanna Bryner LiveScience)
1/30/07 Plea deal in Oskaloosa bank heist (by The Des Moines Register)
1/30/07 Plan to delist wolves still faces obstacles: Legal challenges could delay federal proposalto give control to Idaho and Montana by year's end (by Rocky Barber Idaho Statesman)
1/30/07 State prepares for 'next chapter of wolves' in West (by Karl Puckett Great Falls Tribune)
1/30/07 Feds begin process to delist wolves (by Steve Benson Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/30/07 Wyo wolves could stay under federal control (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/30/07 Feds to delist wolves (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/30/07 Delisting planned for gray wolves: Wyoming must submit a long-term plan for the animal: Wildlife groups say it remains endangered (by Kim McGuire Denver Post)
1/30/07 Wildlife agency plans to delist gray wolves: Status in Wyoming, which differs with feds, unclear (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/30/07 Feds propose lifting wolves' protection: Endangered status no longer needed, wildlife officials say (by Todd Hartman Rocky Mountain News)
1/30/07 Officials may split state wolf plans, delist Montana, Idaho packs (by Perry Backus Missoulian)
1/30/07 In the Rockies, pines die and bears feel it (by Charles Petit New York Times)
1/30/07 Wolf bill moves to House floor (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/30/07 Utah wolves in line to lose protected status: Feds moving to take Canis lupus off list in the Rockies - and activists are objecting (by Joe Baird Salt Lake Tribune)
1/30/07 Towns launch tourism campaign (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/30/07 FWP fixates on mountain lions: DNA breakthrough allows greater ability to assess populations (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/29/07 Interior Department announces delisting Of Western Great Lakes wolves; proposed delisting of Northern Rocky Mountain wolves: Separate actions part of larger recovery effort (by Department of Interior)
1/29/07 Gateway communities join in advertising campaign (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/29/07 Feds to move forward with wolf delistment without Wyoming (by Brodie Farquhar New West)
1/29/07 FWS announces plan to delist wolves (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/29/07 Can wolves survive as federal protection ends? Federal government plans to remove wolves from endangered list in several states (by Bill Redeker ABC News)--with video
1/29/07 Gray wolves to lose some protection (by Patrick O'Driscoll USA Today)
1/29/07 Committee approves "aggressive" wolf management plan (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/29/07 Study: At least two distinct bison breeding groups in Yellowstone (All Headline News)
1/29/07 Kill wolves to help elk? (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/29/07 Wolves alter elk hunting in Wyo (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/29/07 Wolves and elk (by Whitney Royster and Jared Miller Casper Star-Tribune)
1/29/07 Wolves face freedom, conservationists howling (by Gary Gerhardt Rocky Mountain News)
1/27/07 Gray wolves to leave endangered list (AP story in FOX News)
1/27/07 FWP reports waste in tribal buffalo kills (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
1/27/07 Like a rock--trees and their buddy boulders: Examples visible across plateau at Yellowstone (by Jerry George San Francisco Chronicle)
1/27/07 Owners: Elk wasn't hybrid (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/26/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 1/19/07 to 1/26/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/26/07 Wolf delisting plan due next week (by Bill Schneider New West)
1/26/07 A tale of two mustangs (by Melanie Stein planet jackson hole)
1/26/07 Bison illegally killed in West Yellowstone (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/26/07 17-year silence spoke volumes (by John M. Glionna Los Angeles Times in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/26/07 Brucellosis-free status draws closer for Gem State: 81 cattle herds all test negative (by Desirai Schild in Capital Press--OR)
1/26/07 Park's wolves eat elk calves: Survey finds young elk the preferred prey over bulls (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/26/07 Wolves turn to elk calves for dinner (AP story in Summit Daily News--CO)
1/26/07 Hundreds of wolves slated to die in Idaho (by Rocky Mountain News)
1/26/07 Discovering strange biological bedfellows (by John Timmer ars technica)
1/25/07 Gallatin County protesting forest travel plan (AP story in Helena Independent Record)
1/25/07 U.S. home to set world price record at $155 mln (Reuters)--guess where
1/25/07 Seven quakes rattle area by Old Faithful (by Billings Gazette)
1/25/07 Forest Service dismisses tram worries (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/24/07 Hunter accused of shooting bison on private property (AP story in KXLY--WA)
1/24/07 Bill stalks wolf packs: Legislation could lead to animal being considered a predator in wilderness (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/24/07 Wolf bill starts rolling (by Jared Miller Casper Star-Tribune)
1/24/07 B-T Forest dismisses worries about tram: Bighorn sheep in Grand Teton National Park could suffer, agencies say (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/24/07 County to pay $10,000 for spills (by Billings Gazette)
1/24/07 Yellowstone chief attends State of the Union with First Lady (AP story in KIFI--ID)
1/23/07 Shooting of a bison in Horse Butte under investigation (by Montana's News Station)--bison killed on private property might get hunter in trouble (go figure!)
1/23/07 Groups to cooperate to protect Gallatin (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/23/07 Wyoming group argues to keep Sylvan Pass open (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/23/07 'A big, huge heart' (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)--former acting chief ranger of Grand Teton dies
1/23/07 Snowmobile history and facts (by The Pueblo Chieftain--CO)
1/21/07 Forest eyes range of options (by Amy J. Tripe Casper Star-Tribune)
1/21/07 State regulators plan to penalize Park County for sewage spills (AP story in Great Falls Tribune)--from Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner, MT
1/21/07 Yellowstone's snow express: Shuttles gets skiers, snowshoers to the powder with no fuss and small cost (AP story in Billings Gazette)--it's so glowing, I had to decide long and hard which section of the paper to put this in
1/20/07 Yellowstone by snowmobile: A guilty pleasure (by Jeff Brady National Public Radio)--audio piece
1/20/07 Gov: Federal wolf stance won't fly in Wyo (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/20/07 Thomas reintroduces Grand Teton land bill (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/20/07 In Jackson, Wyo., an art scene pushes beyond the old frontier (by Bonnie Tsui New York Times)
1/19/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 1/12/07 to 1/19/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/19/07 Nez Perce plan to hunt 50-70 buffalo (AP story in KTVB--ID)
1/19/07 Yellowstone trails a treat for cross-country skiers (by Ben Pierce Bozeman Daily Chronicle in USA Today)
1/19/07 Yellowstone leader hears Cody's concerns (by Amy J. Tripe Casper Star-Tribune)
1/19/07 Park chief, residents spar over pass plan: Yellowstone officials cite budget, low traffic numbers as factors (by Ruffin Prevost k Billings Gazette)
1/19/07 Avalanche work puts Yellowstone crews at risk (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/19/07 Feds' wolf plan stance doesn't sit well with state (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/19/07 Resort to offset 100 percent of energy use (by Katharine Decker Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/18/07 Yellowstone River approaches home: Ice jam south of Livingston causes localized flooding (by Lorna Thackeray Billings Gazette)
1/18/07 Feds won't kill excess wolves (by Jared Miller Casper Star-Tribune)
1/18/07 Tiny bark beetle unleashes voracious appetite (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--and effect grizzly habitat as a result
1/18/07 Scabies infecting more Yellowstone elk (AP story in Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
1/18/07 Gazette reporter Stark wins national journalism honor: He is newspaper's 3rd Journalist of the Year dating to 2002 (by Billings Gazette)--Mike Stark covers many stories about Yellowstone
1/17/07 Interagency partners to hold bison open house and workshop in Bozeman (by National Park Service)--according to this press release, at least 4 more bison have been killed (in the canned hunt), raising the winter total to 22
1/17/07 Predators lower elk population (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/17/07 Woman killed in snowsled crash (by Billings Gazette)--near West Yellowstone
1/16/07 2006-2007 winter count of northern Yellowstone elk (by National Park Service)
1/16/07 Resort closes due to pass closures (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/16/07 Seeing the park by snowcoach (by Suzanne Hobbs KPVI--ID)--with video
1/16/07 Future of the Yellowstone snowcoach (by KPVI--ID)--with video
1/16/07 High costs stall Yellowstone projects: Busier market brings few bidders, rates over budget (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/16/07 EPA asks park to review plan (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/16/07 Arctic air grips Jackson (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/15/07 Snowmobiles likely to keep access to Yellowstone (by Jeff Brady National Public Radio)--with audio
1/15/07 Pahaska Tepee closing due to Sylvan Pass uncertainty (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
1/15/07 Yellowstone snow coaches turn 52 (by Sally Showman KIFI--ID)--with video
1/15/07 Sub-zero temperatures impact wildlife (by Sally Showman KIFI--ID)--with video; it's been very cold in Yellowstone the past several days
1/15/07 Bridger-Teton sets travel plan (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/15/07 Group: Less feed would spread bison (by Billings Gazette)
1/14/07 Snowmobile conditions in West Yellowstone (by Bridget Shanahan KIFI--ID)--with video
1/14/07 Nez Perce bison hunt off to slow start (AP story in San Diego Union-Tribune)
1/14/07 Group: Let bison spread out (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/13/07 Couple objects to Big Sky Resort's plan to house employees (AP story in Billings Gazette)--this inspired the following essay from me
1/13/07 National parks increasingly looking for private funds (AP story in The Examiner--DC)
1/13/07 41 bison hazed bank into park (by Billings Gazette)
1/13/07 Sylvan pass reopens (by Billings Gazette)
1/13/07 Idaho lawmakers start debate over domestic elk following breakout (by John Miller Times-News-ID)
1/13/07 Idaho 'canned hunts' scrutinized: Legislature to consider regulation of elk ranches (by Parker Howell Times-News-ID)--this story will disappear without a subscription
1/12/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 1/05/07 to 1/12/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/12/07 GTNP transportation plan still in discussion (by Melanie Stein planet jackson hole)
1/12/07 Wolf rally draws a crowd: Otter hopes to be among first to hunt the predator as it is removed from endangered list (by Rocky Barber Idaho Statesman)
1/12/07 Idaho lawmakers start debate over domestic elk (AP story in KIFI--ID)
1/12/07 Wyo lawmakers express wolf plan doubts (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--while Idaho governor Butch Otter hopes to shoot a wolf himself
1/12/07 Park snowmobile plan fought (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/12/07 Scientists: Wolves not decimating elk herds: Conservationists fear effects of wolf hunting season (by Steve Benson Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/12/07 State legislators await wolf proposal from feds (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/12/07 Deaths in Yellowstone ruled murder-suicide: Investigators believe father pushed son off bridge, then jumped, in 2005 (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/11/07 Measuring mercury in the air (by Peter N. Spotts Christian Science Monitor)--2nd story
1/10/07 Yellowstone recruits for 2007 YCC program (by National Park Service)
1/10/07 Proposal could limit development near Big Sky (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/10/07 County, state may help keep Sylvan Pass open (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
1/10/07 Yellowstone days stood out to Ford (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/10/07 So far, democrats say they like what they've seen from Otter (by John Miller Times-News-ID)--talks some about domestic elk in Idaho
1/9/07 Idaho lawmakers focus on elk farms (by Bill Schneider New West)
1/9/07 40 bison hazed back into park (by Billings Gazette)
1/9/07 4 feed grounds receive permits (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/9/07 Out west, with the buffalo, roam some strands of undesirable DNA (by Jim Robbins New York Times)
1/8/07 Skier died of injuries (by Tim Dudley Jackson Hole News & Guide)--more on the skier who died in an avalanche
1/8/07 Donations provide snacks for Montanans serving in Iraq (by Tom Howard Billings Gazette)--dead elk becomes elk jerky for troops in Iraq; dead buffalo from Yellowstone becomes buffalo jerky for Indian tribes
1/8/07 Council looks at high speed rail (by John Morgan Casper Star-Tribune)--high speed rail to Yellowstone?
1/7/07 Payouts for wolf depredations hit record (AP story in Santa Fe New Mexican)
1/7/07 Wyo questions Park Service plan (by Amy J. Tripe Casper Star-Tribune)
1/6/07 Feedgrounds get temporary permit (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/6/07 Slide claims OB skiers (by Angus M. Thuerner Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/6/07 As elk, tax issues loom, ID lawmakers ask: Can we get along? (by John Miller Times-News--ID)
1/5/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 12/29/06 to 1/05/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/5/07 Courtney discusses legislative issues (by Shannon Ruckman The Prairie Star--MT)--comments on brucellosis in Yellowstone
1/5/07 Yellowstone wolves can wander far (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/4/07 Yellowstone sees steady stream of visitors during holiday (AP story in Billings Gazette)
1/4/07 New Deputy Superintendents named at Yellowstone (by National Park Service)
1/4/07 Biologist: Bison hurt elk refuge (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/4/07 Year of the wolf: 2007 could be decisive year in long-running debate (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/4/07 Groups aim to shut down captive elk-ranching industry (by Mark Freeman Mail Tribune--OR)
1/4/07 Yellowstone National Park bison brucellosis management (by The Prairie Star--MT)--asking for your comments on Yellowstone bison management related to brucellosis
1/4/07 Feds eye managing wolves state by state (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
1/4/07 Park visitors enjoy fresh approach: Snowmobile use down significantly (by Tony Chamberlain Boston Globe)
1/4/07 Bison hunt sluggish on park's west side (AP story in Helena Independent Record)--but four more bison killed near Gardiner
1/3/07 E. gate closure faulted (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
1/3/07 Iowa bank robber pleads guilty (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/3/07 County against requiring guides (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/3/07 Locals: Keep East Entrance open (by Amy J. Tripe Casper Star-Tribune)
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1/31/07 Yellowstone, day 2 ... (by Burr)
1/31/07 The wolf's at the door (by Dan Whipple New West)
1/31/07 For photographer, wildlife abounds between Cody and Yellowstone (by Marion Dickinson in New West)
1/31/07 Plans to delist wolves up for public comment (by Great Falls Tribune)
1/31/07 Mixed news for wolves (by New York Times)
1/31/07 No limits on visitors (by The Times-Reporter--OH)
1/31/07 Displaced: Can Wyoming's wild moose adapt? (by Ben Kinkade planet jackson hole)
1/31/07 Get wolf facts straight (by Lynne Stone in Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/31/07 Grizzlies and the winds (by R Why)
1/30/07 Delisting the gray wolf (by Keri Dearborn)
1/30/07 Bears, beetles and everything (by Pat Joseph Sierra Club Compass)
1/30/07 What have we done to our home? (by DivaJood)--also related to the New York Times story out today about how mountain pine beetles are affecting whitebark pines and grizzlies
1/30/07 What to ski now? (by BMander in planet jackson hole Ski Blog)
1/29/07 Hell it's only Idaho (by skyblu)
1/29/07 Running parks more like a business (by Kurt Repanshek)
1/29/07 Illegal bison hunts deemed just fine (by Eric Stewart in Indybay)
1/27/07 Parks aren't for profit (by Mike Bader in Denver Post)
1/27/07 Of wolves and railroads (by Yellowstoner)
1/26/07 Relevancy in the parks today (by Kurt Repanshek)
1/25/07 Conservation across political borders, what's the possibility? (by Lucia Stewart New West)
1/25/07 Perspectives of Yellowstone differ (by J'Nell L. Pate Azle News--TX)
1/25/07 Evil wolves? (And other predators) (by Steve Bodio)
1/24/07 Make The parks profitable?? (by skyblu)--playful satire building off of my recent essay forecasting privatization in Yellowstone
1/24/07 Let science dictate wolf decisions (by Suzanne Asha Stone in New West)
1/23/07 Have national parks become passe (by Kurt Repanshek)--also mentions my privatization essay, which has also been featured on Scott Silver's Wild Wilderness blog
1/23/07 BC council member comments on bioprospecting in Yellowstone (by Bob Lindstrom Bear Creek Council)
1/23/07 Wyoming predicts the end of the world if East Entrance road not kept open during the winter (by Ralph Maughan)
1/22/07 Jan 22, 2007: Top 3 threats to the National Park Service (by Park Remark)--echoing a theme I've worked a lot on recently; in fact, I'm working on a writing project along these lines
1/21/07 Montana's plan for wolf management much more sensible than Idaho governor's ideas (by Steve Woodruff Missoulian)
1/21/07 Side-tripping in Montana (by Anita Paul)
1/21/07 Who really is the wolf in this picture ... (by mY diVidEd miNd)
1/18/07 Time for a new public lands management system? (by Kurt Repanshek)--also about the NCPA report
1/17/07 Fire when ready: Otter's anti-wolf rhetoric grabs headlines, muddies debate (by Shea Andersen Boise Weekly)
1/17/07 Helicopter method isn't keeping Sylvan open (by Bob Coe, Pahaska Tepee Resort, in Billings Gazette)--the resort closed for the winter, citing the number of days Sylvan Pass was closed
1/17/07 Projects stalled in Yellowstone: Privatization coming? (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
1/17/07 EPA critiques Yellowstone's winter management intentions (by Kurt Repanshek)
1/17/07 You can always blame Coyote (by Dan Whipple New West)
1/16/07 Balance is the key to managing wolves (by Idaho Statesman)
1/16/07 Bioprospecting in national parks (by Kathryn Garforth)
1/16/07 Rave reviews from complimentary trips (by Yellowstoner)--seen all the positive stories about snowcoaches?
1/15/07 The company towns of Greater Yellowstone (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
1/15/07 A rural westerner reflects On life behind the lens (by Marion Dickinson in New West)
1/15/07 Instant asshole machines (by Lukku Cairi)--ummm, on snowmobiles
1/15/07 Old Faithful (by Susanne Scheppman Devotionals for Women)--a religious take on Old Faithful's eruption cycle
1/15/07 It's only 30 below: How's your trout? (by Yellowstoner)--it's been as cold as -51F in West Yellowstone, which means colder inside the park
1/14/07 Can Wyoming have it both ways with wolves? (by Ralph Maughan)
1/13/07 Wolves in Yellowstone (by cricket)--interesting, even if hard to read as a single paragraph
1/13/07 Idaho doesn't deserve delisting (by Bill Schneider New West)
1/13/07 Mary wants more private funding--Updated (by Kurt Repanshek)
1/13/07 Not even science can undo mystery of the snowflake (by Jerry George San Francisco Chronicle)
1/13/07 Elks' actions suggest inner desire to improve: Most successfully master strategic lessons over years (by Jerry George San Francisco Chronicle)
1/13/07 Wolf myth busting: The truth about wolves (by The Hot Springs Guy)
1/11/07 What happens next? Outdoor news predictions for 2007 (by Bill Schneider New West)
1/11/07 Controversial contest brings coyotes again under the gun (by Todd Wilkinson New West)--coyote hunt in eastern Montana compared to possible future wolf hunts in Wyoming
1/10/07 My happily unsuccessful hike on the Mt. Washburn spur trail during "Christmas" Day in Yellowstone, 2006 (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
1/10/07 Uncovering the (sky) truth about Wyoming’s gas fields (by Robert Katz WorldChanging)--includes video
1/9/07 Critical outfitter now embraces Yellowstone's new winter tourism (by Randy Roberson New West)
1/9/07 Are trends in Jackson Hole applicable to other western towns? (by Jonathan Schechter New West)
1/9/07 More on bison and introgression (by John Hawks)
1/8/07 Here's your sign! (by Tom Goodrich Wild West)--another firsthand trip report. I try to publish these if they go on more than a few paragraphs and share something telling about the park experience.
1/7/07 On Friday, Ken and I went to Cooke City (by Kathy Lichtendahl)--a firsthand account of snowmobiling and backcountry skiing near Cooke City
1/6/07 A winter's trek to Yellowstone (by Kurt Repanshek)
1/5/07 New year raises questions regarding Congress, ag issue for 2007 (by Shannon Ruckman The Prairie Star--MT)
1/5/07 Where's the snow? (by Terry Stawar in The News and Tribune--IN)--mostly about a past trip to Yellowstone with little snow
1/4/07 The “truth” will out (by skyblu)--my recent piece on Yellowstone's social classes is commented upon favorably
1/4/07 Two parks, two different outcomes (by Kurt Repanshek)--regarding the hiring of the two new deputy superintendents in Yellowstone
1/3/07 Yellowstone and class (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
1/1/07 Christmas and Yellowstone (by Gae and John)--a foreign perspective on visiting Yellowstone; they thought New Zealand was more impressive
1/1/07 Vi$it Yellow$tone (by Yellowstoner)

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