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January 2008
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1/31/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--buffalo death total up to 86; I will be writing about buffalo as soon as I get a spare moment
1/30/08 Hot springs microbes hold key to dating sedimentary rocks, researchers say (press release by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in
1/30/08 Haydens near Mammoth (by Ralph Maughan)
1/29/08 Yellowstone begins reopening roads after winter storm (press release by National Park Service)
1/28/08 Winter storm halts most travel in Yellowstone (press release by National Park Service)
1/28/08 Conservation groups challenge federal wolf-killing rule: Wolves in central Idaho and Greater Yellowstone area affected (press release by Earthjustice)
1/25/08 Status of gray wolf recovery, 1/18/08 to 1/25/08 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/24/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--pronghorn caught in recent bison hazing operation
1/24/08 Conservation groups challenge Bush Administration wolf killing plan: "It's going to be open season on wolves," says Natural Resources Defense Council (press release by Natural Resources Defense Council)
1/24/08 Wolves in the Northern Rockies lose important protections: New rule could allow more than half the region's wolves to be killed (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
1/23/08 Yellowstone launches its first live streaming webcam (press release by National Park Service)--you can see it here; a lot of bugs in this still
1/22/08 Security Guards/Location Safety Personnel (job notice by Yellowstone National Park Lodges in CoolWorks)--Xanterra is hiring for summer season; this job is $9.50 an hour; you might catch a Boy Scout stealing a backpack (the only time I remember in my own personal work experience anyone ever getting caught stealing anything)
1/18/08 Status of gray wolf recovery, 1/11/08 to 1/18/08 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/17/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--death total at 62 in what could be a very bad year for buffalo
1/17/08 NCPA asks Secretary Kempthorne not to change gun regs in national parks (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)--includes link to NCPA letter (pdf)
1/17/08 Dupont, Yellowstone National Park partner to address long-term sustainability of park structures (press release by DuPont)
1/15/08 ANPR position on personal firearms in the national park system (by Association of National Park Rangers)
1/11/08 Status of gray wolf recovery, 1/04/08 to 1/11/08 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/10/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--sad story about the fate of an injured buffalo hit by a sheriff's vehicle
1/7/08 Delaware North Companies presents $10,000 to Museum of the Rockies (press release by Delaware North Companies)--Delaware North operates the Yellowstone General Stores
1/7/08 2008 "wish list" for national parks issued by Coalition of NPS Retirees: Principled leadership, halt to rising park fees, making NPS greener and focus on science in decisions cited as key areas where action is needed in the new year (press release by The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees)
1/7/08 National Park Service Retirees outline 2008 goals for Park Service (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
1/5/08 Yellowstone's climate has changed significantly during the last century (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)
1/4/08 Guns in national parks (letter by The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees)--to U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D)--WV, Chairman, Natural Resources Committee
1/4/08 Status of gray wolf recovery, 12/28/07 to 1/04/08 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
1/4/08 Housekeepers (job notice by Flagg Ranch Resort in CoolWorks)
1/4/08 Where do the buffalo and elk still roam? (press release by World Wildlife Fund in ScienceDaily)
1/3/08 Montana & tribal bison hunts take toll along Yellowstone boundary: 41 members of America's last wild bison population killed so far (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)--and as of 11/9, it's up to 49
1/3/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--41 bison now dead; 21 by Salish-Kootenai, 20 from Montana hunt
1/3/08 Yellowstone breaks visitation record in 2007 (press release by National Park Service)
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1/31/08 Simpson backs use of howitzer, chopper (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
1/31/08 Park closes, reopens Sylvan Pass (by Cody Enterprise)
1/31/08 Company proposes drilling in Wyoming Range (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/30/08 Appeals court upholds $10.2 million award to injured snowmobiler (AP story in KXMB--ND)--U.S. Forest Service liable for half of 1996 incident
1/30/08 Officials wrestle with Sylvan Pass winter plan (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/30/08 Team of UO cartographers create Yellowstone atlas: The book, set for release in 2010, will feature an array of information gathered by thousands of experts (by Trevor Davis Oregon Daily Emerald)
1/30/08 Snow swallows January: Totals in mountains, town above average but not record-breaking (by Michael Pearlman Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/30/08 Hoback wells process frustrates opponents: Rancher: 'Are we just spitting in the wind?' (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/29/08 Sylvan Pass discussions focus on avalanche safety (by Kyle Midura KULR--MT)--with video
1/29/08 Yellowstone re-opening storm-closed roads (AP story in Great Falls Tribune)
1/29/08 Yellowstone National Park returning to normal after storm (by Montana's News Station)
1/29/08 Yellowstone National Park road still closed after Monday storm (by Montana's News Station)--with video; most roads have since re-opened
1/29/08 Officials discuss Sylvan Pass future (by Billings Gazette)
1/29/08 Groups sue over wolves (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
1/29/08 Groups sue over rules for killing wolves (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/29/08 Conservation groups challenge wolf rule (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/29/08 Environmental groups sue over wolf plan (by John Cramer Missoulian)
1/29/08 Storm hammers valley (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)--hammered Bozeman and Yellowstone as well
1/29/08 Elk avoid traps (by Cat Urbigkit Casper Star-Tribune)
1/29/08 Agency responds to gas lease ruling (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
1/29/08 Suit filed over wolf management changes in Montana (by Montana's News Station)--with video
1/28/08 Enviro groups sue over wolf killing rule (AP story in The Union-Tribune--CA)
1/28/08 Wolf hunting debate heats up (by Damon Tabor Outside)
1/28/08 Rocky Mountain wolf killing rule goes to court (by Environment News Service)
1/28/08 Discussion of Sylvan Pass' future starts today (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/27/08 13 years on, wolves have changed friends and foes alike: Hunters, ranchers and wolf advocates look ahead to delisting (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
1/27/08 A look back: Wolves in the news in 2007 (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
1/27/08 Wyo begins elk feeding in Gros Ventre (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/26/08 Careless skiers cause irritation (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/26/08 B-T calls drilling meeting (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/26/08 Dude ranchers wary of economy (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
1/25/08 Skier killed in avalanche (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
1/25/08 Spy on "Old Faithful" (by the gist)--thanks for the tip
1/25/08 New federal rules make it easier to kill wolves: Policy designed to help protect elk, farm animals from attack (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/25/08 Federal rule to allow more hunting of gray wolves: The loosening of restrictions is a 'safety valve' for states, in anticipation of a legal fight over delisting the species as endangered (by Tami Abdollah Los Angeles Times)
1/25/08 New wolf regs give leeway to state (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/25/08 Feds loosen wolf rules (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/25/08 Quizzical crowd gathers to hear state's wolf plan (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
1/25/08 Groups object to wolf rule (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/25/08 Web camera focuses on Old Faithful (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/24/08 New regulations could put wolves in viewfinder (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
1/24/08 New regulations could put wolves in viewfinder (by Francisco Tharp GOAT)
1/24/08 Howling over federal plan to expand wolf killing (by Andrew C. Revkin The New York Times)
1/24/08 Montana FWP to manage gray wolves (by Dennis Bragg KPAX--MT)--with video
1/24/08 Yellowstone launches live webcam (by Reuters)
1/23/08 Yellowstone National Park geysers hit the Web (by Donna Kelley KBZK--MT)
1/23/08 Lander crowd wonders how Game and Fish will pay for delisting wolf (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
1/23/08 Beartooth team earns national award (by Pacific Builder and Engineer)
1/23/08 Opposition reacts to losing forest planners: Restructuring would privatize environmental reviews in Forest Service (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/22/08 Hunts for the Rocky Mountain gray wolves to start this year (by George McGinn AHN)
1/22/08 In Yellowstone, drought's effects startling, subtle (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/22/08 Moving toward a wolf hunt (by Jeff Gearino Casper Star-Tribune)
1/22/08 MSU student dies in avalanche (by Michael Becker Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/21/08 Avalanche death near Big Sky (by Lucia Stewart New West)
1/21/08 State wolf rules go to public (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
1/21/08 Officials plan Sylvan Pass talks (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
1/20/08 Wolves in delisting cross hairs (by John Cramer Missoulian)
1/20/08 FWP accepting comments on wolf season (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/19/08 Forest Service looks at changes (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)--"considering a massive restructuring"
1/18/08 The secret ingredient in Yellowstone's travertine (by Carol Potera ScienceNOW Daily News)
1/18/08 FWP and BLM to hold public Madison River meetings (by West Yellowstone News)
1/18/08 Woman pulled from avalanche near Bozeman (by Montana's News Station)--in backcountry near Big Sky; she is uninjured
1/18/08 Feds set to relax wolf protections: Revised rule would give states greater discretion to kill wolves (by Jason Kauffman Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/18/08 Survival of bighorns in Tetons a mystery (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/18/08 With predator populations rising, more calls for control: Western states grapple with how to address an increasing threat to livestock from wolves and big cats (by Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor)
1/17/08 Grizzly bear victim talks about EIRMC trauma center (by Rick Montañez KIDK--ID)
1/17/08 Changes could simplify killing of wolves in Wyoming (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/16/08 Barrasso takes on congressmen over wolves (by MJ Clark Wyoming Business Report)--Sen. John Barrasso (R)--WY replaced Craig Thomas (R)--WY upon his death
1/16/08 Idaho senator seeks less gun restrictions in national parks (by Andrew Del Greco KPVI--ID)--that man is Republican Mike Crapo
1/16/08 Yellowstone at risk of hydrothermal explosion, not volcanic (by Joshua Hill Canada Free Press)
1/16/08 Livingston photographers capture rare images (by Michael Becker Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/15/08 Lawmakers: Wolves still endangered (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/15/08 Alternative energy (by Nick Lough KULR--MT)--with video
1/15/08 3 victims identified (by Michael Pearlman Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/15/08 Officials probe 'powerful' avalanche (by Jeff Gearino Casper Star-Tribune)
1/14/08 Idaho wildlife agency pushes law to punish grizzly poachers (AP story in Montana's News Station)
1/14/08 Park blast focus of new theory: Researcher thinks tsunami behind crater on lake edge (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/14/08 Geothermal scientists meet in Yellowstone (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
1/14/08 Hoback pipeline gets green light (by Jeff Gearino Casper Star-Tribune)
1/14/08 Slides kill 3, injure 1 (by Michael Pearlman Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/14/08 Star Valley mourns (by Tom Morton Casper Star-Tribune)
1/13/08 Hunters critique wolf proposal (by Nick Gevock Montana Standard in Billings Gazette)
1/12/08 Wolf population grows: F&G director briefs lawmakers on species (by Jared S. Hopkins Times-News--ID)
1/12/08 Park's tiniest creatures lure research (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/11/08 Yellowstone National Park (by Nick Lough KULR--MT)--with video; more than 100 scientists meeting at Mammoth Hot Springs
1/11/08 Stranded pronghorn in peril (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/11/08 Crews to close highways for avalanche blasting (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)--no drought in Yellowstone this winter
1/11/08 Agency seeks input on mineral proposal (by Billings Gazette)--in Gallatin National Forest
1/11/08 Senators push to allow guns in national parks: Crapo among 47 asking to overturn rule against carrying accessible firearms in federally managed parks, wildlife areas (by Pete Zimowsky Idaho Statesman)
1/11/08 Senators push for firearms in parks (AP story in The Olympian--WA)
1/10/08 Area snowpack beats last year's numbers (by Amanda Ricker Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/9/08 Yellowstone earthquake recorded (by Billings Gazette)--this one 3.7, not long after a 3.6; story, with video at KULR--MT
1/9/08 Sylvan Pass study group sets rules for meeting (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
1/9/08 Drought a wolf’s ally in hunt for park elk: Lack of precipitation is a big factor in Yellowstone’s declining wapiti numbers (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/9/08 What ever happened? Bear once at park enjoying cushy life (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/9/08 Teams brave unstable snow, cold in rescue mission: Rescue of avalanche victims is most massive effort in 16 months for Teton County Search and Rescue (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/8/08 Montana bison hunt expanding (by Montana's News Station)--with video; an update on yesterday's story
1/8/08 Yellowstone Park Foundation donates over $3 million (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--3rd story
1/8/08 Park Service takes kids on electronic field trips (AP story in Deseret Morning News--UT)
1/8/08 Piling up in the peaks (by Jared Miller Casper Star-Tribune)
1/7/08 Government revisits contested wolf recovery plan: Problems plague gray wolf reintroduction (by Ted Robbins npr)--with audio
1/7/08 More bison hazing possible at Yellowstone (by Montana's News Station)--with video
1/7/08 Weekend storm drops plenty on mountains (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/6/08 Recent storms elevate avalanche danger (by Michael Becker Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/6/08 Jackson resident rounds up friends for hike in Grand Tetons (by Tracie Simer The Jackson Sun--TN)
1/5/08 Bozeman Creek Trailhead permanently protected (by Alison Grey New West)
1/5/08 Winter conflicts with bison could increase (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/5/08 Take caution: Slopes primed for avalanches (by Michael Babcock Great Falls Tribune)
1/4/08 Geyser, hot spring researchers, educators to meet at Yellowstone7 (AP story in KXMC--ND)
1/4/08 Rare lynx photographed in Yellowstone (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--finally being reported on; we noticed this in a blog by the daughter of the photographer two weeks ago
1/4/08 Park visitors set record (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)--more international visitors the reason?
1/4/08 Visitors to Yellowstone break record (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/4/08 Visits break record in park (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/4/08 Record numbers in Yellowstone (by Adam Racusin KULR--MT)--with video
1/4/08 Yellowstone breaks visitor record in 2007 (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
1/4/08 State prepares for wolf hunts (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
1/4/08 Victim of 'nasty' slide recovering in hospital (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/3/08 Yellowstone breaks visitor record in 2007 (AP story in Montana's News Station)
1/3/08 Slyvan Pass: Sometimes an entrance to Yellowstone National Park (by David Nolt New West)
1/3/08 WolfQuest: Yellowstone Park wolf game (by Montana's News Station)--with video; reported this last month awhile back, but story spread like wildfire this week
1/3/08 Avalanche injures man (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/2/08 Wolves bring subtle benefits to Yellowstone (by North Country Public Radio--NY)--with audio
1/2/08 Yellowstone images adorn gallery: Photographer Denise Bruchman shows Wyoming images in Albany (by The Entertainer Corvallis Gazette-Times--OR)
1/2/08 Bozeman police have busy weekend (by Montana's News Station)--with video; snowmobile crash outside park near West Yellowstone
1/2/08 A divide as wolves rebound in a changing West (by Kirk Johnson The New York Times)
1/2/08 Virtual voyeurs: Skiers, commuters, curious folk check out Web cams each day (by Johanna Love Jackson Hole News & Guide)
1/1/08 Elk, deer survival high despite prowling wolves: Idaho's increasing wolf population doesn't appear to be hurting other wildlife (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
1/1/08 Return of the Yellowstone buses (by David Scott in Rushville Republican--IN)
1/1/08 Coyote that bit two people in Yellowstone free of rabies (AP story in Montana's News Station)
1/1/08 Snowmobiling's future caught up in politics (by Roy Gault Statesman Journal--OR)
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1/31/08 'Study group' meets to determine fate of Yellowstone National Park's East Entrance (by Tim Stevens, National Parks Conservation Association, in National Parks Traveler)
1/31/08 Thur, Jan 31st (by femmedemontagn)
1/31/08 Wolf at the door (by Ric Soulen Colorado Journal)
1/31/08 Yellowstone--Grand Prismatic Spring (art in Idle Minutes)
1/30/08 Finding Lone Peak (by Peter Zamborsky)
1/30/08 Yellowstone is huge (by Kate)
1/30/08 They're killing wolves again (by Joy)
1/30/08 The bison of the Greater Yellowstone region (by Darly L. Hunter)
1/29/08 Cody, Wyoming (by Sue Kerfoot Gunflint Lodge)--Ever wonder how some foreign workers get placed in tourist jobs? This trip report from Shoshone National Forest and Cody is from someone who actually works to place foreign workers in seasonal jobs.
1/29/08 Sylvan group faces long list of issues (by Bruce McCormack Cody Enterprise)
1/29/08 Winter in Yellowstone (by Montana Photo)
1/28/08 Calm before the storm! (by Carrie McClane)--worker experience in yesterday's storm
1/28/08 Winter visits to national parks (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
1/28/08 Of wolves and extremism (by Kevin Richert Idaho Statesman)
1/28/08 Bad news for wolves! (by Daniel Nicholas eNews 2.0)
1/28/08 Yellowstone III--alternate views (art by QuilterB)
1/28/08 Lamar Hills--Yellowstone NP (art in Idle Minutes)
1/28/08 The still-in-danger gray wolf (by The New York Times)
1/27/08 Yellowstone in January (by kent)--I was in West Yellowstone on Saturday and in the northern part of the park on Sunday; hope to write more about it soon
1/26/08 Wolves breed their way out of protection (by Jerry George San Francisco Chronicle)
1/25/08 Why did the Park Service agree to secret meetings over Yellowstone snowmobiling? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
1/25/08 Fri, Jan 25th (by femmedemontagn)
1/25/08 Florida yokels in Yellowstone winter (by David Moynahan)
1/25/08 USFWS announces new rules for wolf management (by Tom Remington)
1/25/08 Secrets beneath Yellowstone (by Amanda Hill)
1/25/08 Attention: Groomers of Montana and Idaho trails (by The Wrinkle Riders in West Yellowstone News)
1/25/08 Season of the wolf (by Howard Cosgrove)
1/25/08 Decide Sylvan Pass issue with the public watching (by Casper Star-Tribune)
1/25/08 Clear thinking and biology should drive wolf management (by Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/25/08 Wolves, willows, and climate in Yellowstone Park (by Greg L. Johnson)
1/24/08 National Park Service unveils Old Faithful webcam (by Doug Caverly WebProNews)
1/23/08 Reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone (by Sheri)--shared from 1995 trip, shortly after re-introduction
1/23/08 Flatwater wind waves on Yellowstone Lake (by page here
1/23/08 Let's talk about wolves (by Gary Busch in Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/23/08 'Hostiles' speak out about BLM travel plan (by John DeLorenzo in Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
1/22/08 Wyoming state wolf rules go to public (by Ralph Maughan)
1/22/08 Glad to NOT be in Yellowstone (by David Knapp)--a balmy -39F at Canyon Ranger Station; we had -28F in Bozeman ... but it's not as bad as it sounds, at least I was surprised by how warm that feels compared to what I expected
1/21/08 It’s an election year and guns in the parks don’t really matter (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)
1/21/08 Keep journalists free in our national parks (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
1/21/08 The uncertain fate of the grizzly bear: Off the endangered species list, and still controversial (by Olivia Zaleski TheDailyGreen)
1/20/08 Yellowstone National Park (by Elizabeth Evans Fryer)
1/20/08 Yellowstone's cold faithful (by Eric Peterson New York Daily News)
1/19/08 A view of Black Sand Geyser Basin (by Scott)
1/18/08 It's high time to let states manage wolves (by Idaho Statesman)
1/18/08 If you plan on recreating in the West Yellowstone area, be prepared to witness death (by Jennifer Nitz in West Yellowstone News)
1/18/08 Lake in Yellowstone (2)--my jobs (by Fanny)
1/18/08 Cycling in Yellowstone (by Janet Chapple)
1/18/08 Super Volcano, The Ticking Time Bomb Beneath Yellowstone National Park (book review by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
1/17/08 Don't change: Keep loaded guns out of our national parks (by Jim Holcomb in Idaho Statesman)
1/17/08 Our recent trip to Yellowstone National Park (by Helen)
1/17/08 Yellowstone beat comes with bonus: Without options, taking empties along seems only natural (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--an interesting coupling on this is yesterday's recycling story by David Nolt in New West, talking about Bozeman's new curbside recycling program, where Yellowstone's program is also mentioned.
1/17/08 Yellowstone on skis (by Wes Smalling Jackson Hole Star-Tribune)
1/17/08 Fish and Game chief seeks public trust on wolves (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
1/17/08 The Baucus-Crapo bill, afterthoughts (by Bill Schneider in Flathead Beacon--MT)
1/16/08 Of wolves and willows (by Kinna Ohman in High Country News)
1/16/08 Anti-wolf invents new argument (by Ralph Maughan)
1/16/08 The world's going to end in 2012!!! (by Westlifer_RedDevilZul)--typical of these posts about the Mayan prophecy, and so many of them now mention Yellowstone; I thought I'd share one
1/15/08 Tues, Jan. 15th (by femmedemontagn)--for those who haven't read this blog, there are some very interesting experiences shared
1/15/08 Winter in Yellowstone (by Jamzik)
1/15/08 More Yellowstone chaos: One hot tsunami to go, please (by Thor)
1/15/08 Now this is God's country: A closer look at national parks (by WildernessWriter Trifter)--John Muir was behind the creation of Yellowstone National Park?
1/15/08 Three must see attractions at Yellowstone National Park (by Tommy)
1/15/08 National gun rules for national parks: Senate move to change modest limits is purely political (by Miami Herald)
1/15/08 Allowing people to carry guns in national parks is a bad idea (by Chester Allen The Olympian--WA)
1/14/08 Home in Yellowstone at last! (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
1/14/08 Wired in Yellowstone (by Christopher L.)
1/14/08 Mad dash for Yellowstone (by Daryl L. Hunter)
1/14/08 We enjoyed some really fun wolf watching while I was in Yellowstone (by Diane)
1/14/08 New wilderness must include local input (by David Hoeft Cody Enterprise)
1/12/08 The latest on lake trout (by Janet Chapple)
1/12/08 More on co-evolution and interdependence (by Wood Mouse)
1/11/08 Winter in Yellowstone (by Christopher L.)
1/11/08 Noble or savage? Both (Part 1) (by Jason Godesky The Anthropik Network)
1/11/08 Fri, Jan 11th (by femmedemontagn)
1/11/08 Different strokes for different folks (by Rose Patnode in West Yellowstone News)
1/11/08 Sorry to burden you, Senator Crapo (by Alan McCornick)
1/11/08 "Plinking around with weapons" reason to ban them? (by Tom Remington)
1/10/08 Agony, ecstasy & bears (by Dr. Wes Browning)--memoirs from 1957
1/10/08 Where do you draw the line? (by Todd Wilkinson in High Country News)
1/10/08 We face a dilemma: too many bison, too little room (by Great Falls Tribune)
1/10/08 The spirit of the wolf (by zhimatn)--one person in China's perspective on wolves
1/9/08 Wolves and ravens (by Michael S. Nolan)
1/9/08 A visit to Yellowstone at Christmastime (by Eileen Ogintz)
1/9/08 A thought about Yellowstone (by curlywurlygurly)
1/8/08 Comment on Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park tentative regulations for hunting wolves (by Norm Bishop in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
1/8/08 Guns, parks & whose rights? (by Chuck Butcher)
1/8/08 Snow, snow, snow (by June)
1/7/08 Where the bison could roam (by Ralph Maughan)--maps out what he believes would be the natural limits of the Yellowstone bison range if the herds were allowed to roam
1/7/08 Abortive trip to Yellowstone provides peek (by Michael Johnson Cody Enterprise)
1/7/08 North Yellowstone's winter road (by Daryl L. Hunter)
1/7/08 Keep guns out of our national parks (by mike)
1/7/08 Keeping guns out of the parks (by The New York Times)
1/7/08 NY Times against self-defense in national parks (by Sear and Hammer)
1/7/08 Bison (by Esmae)
1/6/08 Wolves: The Druid Pack (by Esmae)
1/6/08 Wyoming (by Philip Codington)--contemplating work near Grand Teton; will his life change like mine?
1/6/08 New year, old Yellowstone dispute back in court (by Billings Gazette)
1/5/08 Yogi Bear in Yellowstone article (by Todd Franklin)--from June 1968, the marketing of a myth
1/3/08 How can one be unhappy when they live in Nature's Wonderland? (by Jack California)
1/3/08 On the road & rested (by GeorgiGirl)--drove all the way to Yellowstone thinking she could drive through in winter (actually you can in the northern part of the park)
1/3/08 Wild Bill's predictions for 2008 (by Bill Schneider New West)--was mostly spot on last year
1/2/08 A divide as wolves rebound in a changing West (by Ralph Maughan)
1/2/08 Wed., Jan, 2nd--2008 (by femmedemontagn)
1/2/08 Is hitchhiking art, or dumb thing to do? (by Lindsey Bright Sidney Herald--MT)--with a Yellowstone hitchhiking story; my own hitchhiking experience was one of my best working in the park
1/2/08 Thoughts on farming (by James M. Dakin)--a Yellowstone explosion mentioned in connection with farming
1/1/08 Tues, Jan. 1st (by femmedemontagn)

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