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July 2007
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7/31/07 Smoke from Beaverdam fire increases (press release by National Park Service)
7/31/07 Housekeeping (job listing by Flagg Ranch Resort in CoolWorks)--only $9 and some bonuses for very hard work
7/30/07 Owl fire fact sheet for 07-30 7 PM (press release by National Park Service)--35% contained, fire not expected to spread
7/30/07 Geologic history of Tetons subject of talk Thursday at Grand Teton National Park (press release by University of Wyoming)
7/30/07 Owl fire fact sheet for 07-30 8 AM (press release by National Park Service)
7/29/07 Owl fire fact sheet for 07-29 7 PM (press release by National Park Service)
7/29/07 R & R--for the fish (by Yellowstoner)
7/29/07 Owl fire fact sheet for 07-29 8 AM (press release by National Park Service)
7/28/07 Owl fire fact sheet for 07-28 8 PM (press release by National Park Service)
7/28/07 Owl fire fact sheet for 07-28 8 AM (press release by National Park Service)
7/28/07 Mammoth to Tower road project start delayed a week (press release by National Park Service)
7/27/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 7/20/07 to 7/27/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
7/27/07 Owl fire fact sheet 07-27 6 PM (press release by National Park Service)
7/27/07 Owl fire fact sheet 07-27 10:30 AM (press release by National Park Service)
7/27/07 Mammoth to Tower road work to result in delays or detours (press release by National Park Service)
7/27/07 Beaverdam fire in Yellowstone backcountry remains quiet (press release by National Park Service)
7/26/07 Owl fire fact sheet 07-26 8 PM (press release by National Park Service)
7/26/07 Owl fire fact sheet 07-26 3 PM (press release by National Park Service)--2810 acres, 0% containment
7/26/07 Innovative research technique reveals another natural wonder in Yellowstone Park--a unique, photosynthesizing life-form: Novel bacterium lives in colorful microbial mats within hot springs (press release by National Science Foundation)
7/26/07 Presence of wolves allows aspen recovery in Yellowstone: The wolves are back, and for the first time in more than 50 years, young aspen trees are growing again in the northern range of Yellowstone National Park (press release by Oregon State University in
7/26/07 Front Desk person, housing available, bonus opportunity (job listing by Pahaska Tepee in CoolWorks)
7/25/07 East Entrance slated to re-open Thursday morning (press release by National Park Service)
7/25/07 Owl fire update--July 25 @ 9 PM (press release by National Park Service)--now 2500 acres, 0% containment
7/25/07 Rain falls on Yellowstone's Beaverdam fire (press release by National Park Service)
7/25/07 Sylvan Pass mudslide temporarily closes Yellowstone's East Entrance (press release by National Park Service)
7/25/07 Cloudy skies and cool weather over the Owl fire (by InciWeb)
7/24/07 Owl fire now over 1,000 acres (by InciWeb)
7/24/07 Owl fire increases in size late Monday (by InciWeb)
7/24/07 Yellowstone National Park river update 24 July (by Best Fly Fishing
7/23/07 Large smoke plume from Owl fire (by InciWeb)--these InciWeb reports correspond with National Park Service press releases but have more info available onhand
7/23/07 Owl fire burnout set for today (by InciWeb)
7/23/07 Delisting of national monuments subject of talk Thursday at Grand Teton National Park (press release by University of Wyoming)
7/22/07 Detailed report on the Hayden wolves (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
7/22/07 Firefighters to conduct burnout operation on Owl fire (by InciWeb)--fire significantly smaller than previously reported
7/22/07 Late Saturday winds cause Owl fire to grow to 400 acres (by InciWeb)--taken from NPS press releases (see this and this; InciWeb is more complete and more reliably updated with pictures and info on other fires)
7/21/07 Yellowstone Owl fire now 60 acres (by InciWeb)
7/21/07 Top 10 most visited national parks (by Jeremy Sullivan National Parks Traveler)
7/20/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 7/13/07 to 7/20/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
7/20/07 Lightning fire discovered in Yellowstone's NW corner (press release by National Park Service)
7/20/07 Yellowstone to implement mandatory fishing restrictions (press release by National Park Service)
7/19/07 College students make Yellowstone a summer mission field (by Joe Westbury North American Mission Board)
7/19/07 Surprising new species of light-harvesting bacterium discovered in Yellowstone (by Penn State University)
7/19/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign in New West)--three buffalo shot and killed
7/19/07 Boise (10j rule) hearing to be webast live--tonight (by begreen in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
7/18/07's top picks for the 7 natural wonders in the US (press release by in PRWeb)--Yellowstone on list, just so happens they have lots of packages to Yellowstone
7/17/07 Visitation trends up in Yosemite, Glacier and Yellowstone (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
7/16/07 Speakers to examine elk calving, moose population Thursday at Grand Teton National Park (press release by University of Wyoming)
7/14/07 Yellowstone monthly update for June 2007 (by Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, posted by Travis in America's Volcanoe's)--73 very small earthquakes in Yellowstone last month
7/13/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 7/06/07 to 7/13/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
7/13/07 President Bush signs S.277 into law (press statement by The White House)--adding nearly 50 acres to Grand Teton National Park
7/13/07 Pup count for Yellowstone Park (by Ralph Maughan)
7/13/07 Jobs NOW at the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone (job listing by Soda Butte Lodge in CoolWorks)
7/11/07 Firefighters working to contain Raven fire in Yellowstone's backcountry (press release by National Park Service)
7/9/07 Yellowstone asks for anglers' cooperation in halting afternoon fishing on some rivers and creeks (press release by National Park Service)
7/9/07 Wolves and elk subject of talk Thursday at Grand Teton National Parkk (press release by University of Wyoming)
7/9/07 Immediate openings for Line Cooks--housing and bonus available (job listing by Pahaska Tepee in CoolWorks)
7/9/07 Living with the iPhone--part 2 (by Philip Berne infoSync World)--iPhone has good phone coverage in Yellowstone but not EDGE coverage
7/8/07 Well-known Yellowstone residents get married! (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)
7/8/07 The Yellowstone and Teton song contest (posted by Mister Anchovy)--thanks to Mister Anchovy to pointing us to this contest by the Western Folklife Center, apparently posted much earlier. There is time; you can submit until July 31.
7/7/07 Three small fires burning in Yellowstone's backcountry (press release by National Park Service)
7/7/07 "Holy thermometer," Batman ... (by Yellowstoner)--86 degrees on Firehole River yesterday
7/6/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 7/2/07 to 7/6/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
7/6/07 Government plan puts endangered wolves in crosshairs: “License to kill” would reverse wildlife recovery in Northern Rockies, Says NRDC (press release by Natural Resources Defense Council)
7/5/07 New rule would lower the bar on killing endangered wolves in Northern Rockies (press release by Defenders of Wildlife, Wolf Recovery Foundation, Wolf Education and Research Center, Sierra Club)
7/5/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
7/3/07 Fire restrictions in Yellowstone National Park (press release by National Park Service)
7/3/07 Wranglers (job notice by Flagg Ranch Resort in CoolWorks)--starts at $60 a day plus tips
7/2/07 Teton, Yellowstone formations subject of talk Thursday at Grand Teton National Park (press release by University of Wyoming)
7/1/07 Widgets and RSS feeds, and other changes to Yellowstone Newspaper (by
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7/31/07 My grandpa passed away last night. He had been on life support, but he was off of it and died of a cardiac arrest in Cleveland.
7/31/07 Trees in trouble (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
7/30/07 Storms dampen park fires (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
7/30/07 Insect insurrection (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
7/30/07 Injured climber rescued by helicopter in Grand Teton (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/30/07 Man pinned for hours in Grand Teton wreck (by Tim Dudley Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/30/07 Home next to Yellowstone National Park up for auction (by Walt Williams Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--probably won't be you or me buying it
7/30/07 Mud slides swamp Valley School, Sylvan Pass (by Anthony McConnell Cody Enterprise)
7/30/07 New bacteria use light as food: Discovered in hot pools (by Erika Gebel Philadelphia Inquirer)
7/29/07 Warm waters deadly to Yellowstone trout (by Rich Tosches Denver Post)
7/29/07 Owl fire down but not out (by Billings Gazette)
7/29/07 Yellowstone trout could be in danger (by UPI)
7/29/07 Yellowstone delays road surfacing project (AP story in KXMB--ND)
7/28/07 Deal allows some bison to roam (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
7/28/07 Retiring elk tender defends feeding (by Cat Urbigkit Casper Star-Tribune)
7/28/07 Forest dodging disease (by Rebecca Huntington Jackson Hole News & Guide)--really should say "Forest Service dodging ..."
7/28/07 Board funds predator projects (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
7/28/07 Trail work poses problem for rancher (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/27/07 Wet Owl (by David Warner West Yellowstone News)
7/27/07 No unexploded shells found in slide area (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/27/07 Local victim of truck crash in park clings to life (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
7/27/07 Sun-swilling, heat-resistant extremophile discovered in Yellowstone: New microbe not only loves the high heat of volcanic hot springs, it also drinks in the sun's energy (by David Biello Scientific American)
7/27/07 Light-feasting bacterium found in Yellowstone (by Lucy Sherriff The Register--UK)
7/27/07 Wolves help Yellowstone trees recover: Study finds they strike fear in grazing elk--and reduce their numbers (by Cory Binns LiveScience in MSNBC)
7/27/07 MSU professor makes Yellowstone National Park discovery (by Montana's News Station)--with video
7/27/07 Weather helps firefighters (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
7/27/07 Steamboat fire burning in John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway (by Planet Jackson Hole)
7/27/07 USFS official gives Montana grim fire outlook (by Charles S. Johnson Helena Independent Record)
7/27/07 Granite Creek Road, hot spring to reopen (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/26/07 Strange new microbe harvests sunlight (by Jeanna Bryner LiveScience)
7/26/07 Pond bacterium converts light to energy: Hot spring at Yellowstone National Park yields bacterium that converts light to energy (AP story in ABC News)
7/26/07 Fate or roadless rule back before judge (AP story in The Aspen Times--CO)
7/26/07 Yellowstone mudslides (by Greg LaMotte KULR--MT)--with video
7/26/07 Officials expect to have Sylvan Pass cleared by this morning (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
7/26/07 Mudslide temporarily closes Yellowstone's East Entrance (AP story in KXMB--ND)--for those of you unitiated, the Park Service shells Sylvan Pass as part of avalanche control making cleaning a mudslide potentially hazardous
7/26/07 Quarry in Yellowstone yields clues on prehistoric travel (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/26/07 Fire restrictions hit regional forests, counties (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/26/07 Angels draw crowds, roar over Jackson Hole (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)--Blue Angels roar over Tetons
7/25/07 Stage 2 fire restrictions for Gallatin National Forest, Yellowstone Owl fire surges with winds (by David Nolt New West)
7/25/07 Mudslide hits Sylvan Pass: East Entrance to Yellowstone Park closed, traffic turned back east of Fishing Bridge (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
7/25/07 Fire gains ground in Yellowstone (by Billings Gazette)--Owl fire now 1200 acres
7/25/07 State raises hunting pressure on Wyo. cats: Cougar Fund says Teton County hunting quotas are not based on science (by Rebecca Huntington Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/25/07 Forest Service accepts smoke jumpers with families (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
7/24/07 Elk feedground study starts (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
7/24/07 Kempthorne, Bomar to dedicate park center (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/24/07 Fire imperils summer homes (AP story in Billings Gazette)--that's in another fire; Owl fire is now 303 acres
7/24/07 Sprinklers protect buildings from fire (by Casper Star-Tribune)--in Granite fire; small fire also in Grand Teton
7/24/07 Jets to fly by Tetons (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)--one of worst parts of last year's trip to Yellowstone was the roaring sound of low flying jets in the backcountry
7/24/07 Smoke jumpers battling blazes across America (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
7/23/07 Biologists restoring a pure strain of trout to Yellowstone (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/23/07 Group planning to reopen Sleeping Giant (AP story in Billings Gazette)--ski area in Shoshone National Forest
7/23/07 1 killed in Grand Teton rollover (AP story in Billings Gazette)--3 injured
7/23/07 Truck carrying 7 rolls; seasonal worker killed (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/23/07 Wolf Creek fire evacuation order ended (AP story in Billings Gazette)--Owl fire downsized to 217 acres, public meeting tonight in Gardiner
7/23/07 Fire advances toward hot springs complex (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)--this one in Bridger-Teton National Forest
7/22/07 Fire in northern Yellowstone grows to 400 acres (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/22/07 Yellowstone Park offers scenic fly-fishing: Backcountry tough to get into, but rewarding for dedicated anglers (AP story in Billings Gazette)
7/22/07 Sylvan Pass advocates upbeat after meeting (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
7/22/07 Yellowstone fire increases in size (by Billings Gazette)
7/22/07 Econmy remains robust (by Tom Mast Casper Star-Tribune)
7/21/07 YNP fishing closures announced (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/21/07 Small fire discovered in Yellowstone backcountry (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/21/07 Homes evacuated as Wolf Creek fire grows (AP story in Billings Gazette
7/21/07 Wrecked man in coma (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/21/07 Granite fire seen from town (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/20/07 Alien invaders (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
7/20/07 ‘Shut Out' seeks park winter use deal (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
7/20/07 Yellowstone restricts fishing on many rivers and creeks (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/20/07 Nez Perce Tribe tentatively supports proposed wolf rules (AP story in Billings Gazette)
7/20/07 Fishing restrictions ordered on Yellowstone River (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/20/07 Yellowstone River closures (by AP and KULR--MT)--with video
7/20/07 Brucellosis buffer zone shot down (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/20/07 Rep. Rehberg shoots down Gov. Schweitzer's Yellowstone bison plan (by Montana's News Stations)--with videos
7/20/07 Panel rejects brucellosis plan (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
7/20/07 FWP puts fishing restrictions on 312 miles of Yellowstone (by Mark Henckel Billings Gazette)
7/20/07 Idaho supports proposal aimed at making it easier to kill wolves (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
7/20/07 Grand Targhee size still worries county (by Rebecca Huntington Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/19/07 Wolf-plan hearing (by Larry Kline Helena Independent Record)
7/19/07 End in sight for Targhee? (by Ben Cannon Planet Jackson Hole)
7/19/07 Baucus, Tester secure brucellosis funding (by The Prairie Star--MT)
7/19/07 Yellowstone cutthroat holds its own, officials say (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)--but not in Yellowstone Lake
7/19/07 Yellowstone cutthroat populations remain steady (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/19/07 Much of the population 'considered to be healthy,' official says (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/19/07 State lakes hold resevoir of Yellowstone cutthroats (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/19/07 Helicopter evacuates climber from Grand (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/18/07 Open house on wolf plan tonight (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
7/18/07 Seriously ill climber evacuated from Garnet Canyon (by Planet Jackson Hole)
7/18/07 Scientists: Trout not endangered species (AP story in Washington Post)
7/18/07 Yellowstone cutthroat not joining endangered list (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/18/07 Support for state's wolf rules voiced in Cody (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
7/18/07 Wolf plan has critics, backers (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
7/18/07 Iconic park's grizzlies will feel the heat (by Joel Connelly Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
7/18/07 Board cool on KOA project: Debate pits affordable-housing proponents against neighbors, wildlife defenders (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)--fret not, for the right number of millions, you can still have that home with a view
7/17/07 Extreme heat leads to wildfires, algae blooms and record highs (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/17/07 Wolves of Yellowstone spur love and hate: Tourists adore them, but not all area residents want them around (by Tracy Smith CBS)
7/17/07 Governor: Feed grounds necessary in Wyoming (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/17/07 Runner in fair condition (by Amanda H. Miller Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/17/07 Crews fight fires in bear country (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
7/17/07 E.C. Waters left to rot in Yellowstone National Park (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/17/07 County to consider plan for KOA development (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)--another development issue near the Tetons
7/16/07 Grizzly cub hit and killed on road in Grand Teton (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/16/07 Car strikes runner, baby (by Johanna Love Jackson Hole News & Guide)--in Grand Teton
7/16/07 Schemer worked Yellowstone National Park for 2 decades despite numerous complaints (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/15/07 Businessman's gall, artifice made enemies in Yellowstone Park (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/14/07 Menors Ferry in Grand Teton in operation (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/14/07 State: Anglers need to give fish a break (by Thomas Dewell Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/14/07 Montana fishing closure update (by Lucia Stewart New West)
7/14/07 Bush signs bill honoring Thomas (by Noelle Straub Billings Gazette)
7/14/07 Center named for Thomas (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/13/07 President Bush signs Grand Teton National Park bill (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/13/07 Experts, environmentalists, hunters aren't sure if wolf tourism is doable in Idaho: Some say watchers, hunters can help economy (by Heath Druzin Idaho Statesman)
7/13/07 Study: Wolves don't change elk feeding (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
7/13/07 Ranchers accept deal for lost herd (AP story in Billings Gazette)
7/13/07 Forest fires force evacuations (by Cory Hatch and Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)--in Bridger-Teton National Forest
7/12/07 Sen. Barrasso opposed Sylvan Pass winter closure (by Planet Jackson Hole)
7/12/07 Good fishing forecast for Gov's cup (by Mark Henckel Billings Gazette)
7/12/07 Heat warms hundreds more fish in Yellowstone (by KULR--MT)--with video
7/12/07 State could start killing wolves in early 2008 (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/12/07 New senator favors sleds (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/12/07 Park implements new fire restrictions today (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)--in Grand Teton
7/12/07 Ranchers, officials trying to negotiate price of cattle tainted by brucellosis (by Jan Falstad Billings Gazette)
7/12/07 Tax form sheds light on group (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)--in an environmental fight over a subdivision near Cody
7/11/07 Mont. to slaughter quarantined cattle (AP story in Forbes)
7/11/07 Hearing call of wild in Yellowstone (by Dawn Witlin Boston Herald)
7/11/07 Fabulous finds for visitors (by Dawn Witlin Boston Herald)
7/11/07 Yellowstone biologist says fish kills likely to occur more often (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/11/07 Greens seek sled ban: Groups rally to convince park service director to reject plans for snowmobile use in Yellowstone, Grand Teton (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/11/07 Food draws bears down to valley: Pushed by drought, bruins look for food in neighborhoods sooner than usual (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/11/07 No extra protection for river (AP story in Billings Gazette)
7/11/07 In whose backyard then? (by Ben Cannon Planet Jackson Hole)
7/10/07 Wolf changes insufficient, Wyo official says (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
7/10/07 Pressure to kill wolves mounting across the western USA (by Environmental News Service)--1st story
7/10/07 Firm to develop green plans for Yellowstone (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/10/07 Wyo avoids major blazes (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
7/10/07 Wildfires burn in park, Wind River Reservation (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/10/07 Warm river water leads to fishing restrictions (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/10/07 Wyoming becomes 44th state July 10, 1890 (by Andrew Glass The Politico)--a little well-known Yellowstone history as well
7/9/07 Crews finish Madison Arm fire, but prepare for high fire potential (by David Nolt New West)
7/9/07 Fire analyst: Montana fire season shaping up like 2003 (AP story in Billings Gazette)
7/9/07 Citadel fire under control (by Cody Enterprise)--which was in the Shoshone National Forest
7/9/07 Firefighters depend on staff (by Anthony McConnell Cody Enterprise)
7/9/07 Thunderstorms set 6 fires in national parks (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)--not sure people realize that not all burnt trees they see are from 1988 fires
7/9/07 Aerial views find no new fire activity (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/8/07 Park rangers rescue hiker from Granite Canyon (by Planet Jackson Hole)
7/8/07 Fire season woes (by Kristy Kircher KIFI--ID)--with video
7/8/07 Artist Point overlook to close (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--for two years, though Uncle Tom's trail to remain open
7/8/07 Disease outbreak alarms Montana's ranchers (AP story in The Seattle Times)--Montana may lose brucellosis-free status, anyhow
7/8/07 Barrasso hedges on river bill support (AP story in Billings Gazette)
7/7/07 Three small fires burning in Yellowstone National Park (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/7/07 Heat kills fish in Yellowstone (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/7/07 Senator noncommittal on Snake protection (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/7/07 Park announces fishing restrictions (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/7/07 Weather forces fishing closures (by Michael Babcock Great Falls Tribune)
7/7/07 Canyons and geysers are still within reach (by Michelle Higgins New York Times)--some rooms in Yellowstone still available for reservation this year, or just show up
7/7/07 Bear shooter avoids charges (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
7/6/07 Anatomy of a fire response (by David Warner West Yellowstone News)
7/6/07 Hiker rescued from Garnet Canyon (by Planet Jackson Hole)
7/6/07 Hiker rescued after suffering heat exhaustion (AP story in KXMB--ND)
7/6/07 Yellowstone to anglers: Spare the rod in the afternoon (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/6/07 Interagency fire manager up fire danger rating to 'extreme' (by Planet Jackson Hole)
7/6/07 FWP considers paring number of bison tags (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/6/07 Drawdown likely at lake (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)--from Jackson Lake, that is
7/6/07 With nowhere to go, fire crew rode out sudden shift (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
7/6/07 Fast action saves crew from Madison Arm wildfire (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/6/07 Intensive nature classes planned at Yellowstone (by Billings Gazette)--by Xanterra, and they're not free
7/5/07 Fire danger rated as extreme (AP story in KIFI--ID)
7/5/07 Grizzly wanders through full campground--no problems (AP story in Billings Gazette)--in Shoshone National Forest
7/5/07 Montana FWP continues Yellowstone cutthroat trout restocking operation (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
7/5/07 Supervolcano boils beneath Yellowstone (by Cathy Free Deseret Morning News--UT)
7/4/07 Boom prompts look at 'Jonah in the Woods': Conservationists offer view of potential development near Bondurant, Hoback Rim (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/4/07 Judge upholds ban on snowplanes (by Whitney Royster Jackson Hole Star-Tribune)--on Jackson Lake
7/4/07 Madison Arm fire 100% contained (by Billings Gazette)
7/4/07 Senator for energy use buyout: Barrasso keeps Thomas' legacy in mind but wants to make his own decisions on issues (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)--John Barrasso (R)--WY was appointed to replace Craig Thomas in the U.S. Senate
7/3/07 Fire restrictions begin today (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
7/3/07 Brucellosis buffer zone: Not buff (by Alden Downing KULR--MT)--with video
7/3/07 Feds look at possible brucellosis buffer zone around park (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/3/07 Fire restrictions begin (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/3/07 Motorcycle crash kills woman in Grand Teton (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/3/07 Yellowstone National Park re-creates '30s photos: Antique camera used to revisit historic panoramic images (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/2/07 Organism ID'd that may be killing sheep (AP story in The Sentinel--PA)
7/2/07 Madison Arm fire 90 percent contained (AP story in KXMB--ND)
7/2/07 Horse Creek and Madison Arm fire updates (by KPVI--ID)
7/2/07 Evacuation orders lifted, crews depart from West Yellowstone blaze (AP story in Great Falls Tribune)
7/2/07 Mild weather aids Citadel fire effort (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
7/2/07 Firefighters report more progress (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
7/2/07 Madison Arm fire evacuees allowed to return (by Brook Griifin Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/2/07 Horse Creek fire may be contained today (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
7/1/07 Officials ease restrictions on home access in fire area (AP story in KXMB--ND)
7/1/07 Officials plan fire information meeting tonight (AP story in KXMC--ND)
7/1/07 Refuge in the storm (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
7/1/07 Crews gaining on blaze near W. Yellowstone (by Becky Shay Billings Gazette)
7/1/07 Crew working Cody-area fire makes strides (by Becky Shay Billings Gazette)
7/1/07 Officials make progress fighting Madison Arm fire (by Walt Williams Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/1/07 Business as usual in West Yellowstone (by Walt Williams Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
7/1/07 Grizzly attacks, seriously wounds husband of former Montgomery Borough resident (by Eric Long Williamsport Sun-Gazette--PA)--not a new attack but just being covered here
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(comment in the discussion forum
7/31/07 Interesting things that come "across my radar" (by Mary Ann Melton)
7/31/07 In Yellowstone (by Time Lord)
7/31/07 A Singaporean's summer cleaning in Yellowstone (by Jam.i.e.)
7/30/07 Trophic cascade: Pictures of beaver sign on Soda Butte Creek (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)--mentions a book I'm reading now by Frederic Wagner that I'm reading now on my long flight home
7/30/07 Yellowstone: Day 2 (by The Chatty Housewife)
7/30/07 Avoiding the masses at 4 great national parks (by Michelle Delio Fodor's)
7/30/07 A wolf on your doorstep (by The Huntsman)--another of occasional pieces calling for reintroduction of wolves to Scotland, which uses Yellowstone experience as justification
7/29/07 Who is this man? (by Kim Thomas)--former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson (R)--WY spotted in Yellowstone National Park, but only the blogger seems to know who he is
7/29/07 Buffalo George: Michael Punke's Last Stand (book review by Jenny Shank New West)
7/29/07 A dangerous backcountry hike (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)
7/29/07 Howling in harmony with nature in the park where you can't see the wolf for the trees (by Mark Henderson The Times--UK)
7/29/07 Geyser report from a brief visit to the geyser basins (by Janet Chapple)
7/29/07 Blogathon: Yellowstone and Haynes photographers (by Stacia)
7/29/07 Blogathon: Yellowstone postcards, part 2 (by Stacia)
7/29/07 070726 Yellowstone National Park (by Raddu)
7/28/07 Wolves and trees in Yellowstone (by Greg L. Johnson)
7/27/07 Build a better fence (by Aaron L. Hecht in West Yellowstone News)
7/27/07 To the editor (by Kay & Dale Williamson in West Yellowstone News)--about bison hazing and gunshots outside of park
7/27/07 (Re)call of the wild (by Eric Jaffe The Gist)
7/27/07 Wolves in Yellowstone allow aspen to grow says university study (by Tom Remington)
7/27/07 Yellowstone: Day 1 (by The Chatty Housewife)--more traditional pictures this time
7/26/07 Sounding off: Blue Angels blast through the Tetons (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
7/26/07 Blue Angels fly by Grand Tetons (by Jeremy Sullivan National Parks Traveler)
7/26/07 A crazy Singaporean doing crazy things with crazy Americans from Yellowstone (by Jam.i.e.)
7/26/07 Yellowstone or bust: Day 10--Yellowstone's Hayden Valley (by kim & jon)
7/25/07 Yellowstone's coyote babies (by Mary Ann Melton)
7/25/07 Arriving at Yellowstone (by The Chatty Housewife)--great little report but with an unusual set of pictures (nothing of any feature in the park)
7/25/07 Talking elk and other things ... (by Kayla Lamoreaux)--mostly a trip report, but some comments on wildlife jams
7/25/07 July 15-25 (by Cory St. Esprit)--Harry Potter reaches Yellowstone
7/25/07 Since my last post ... (by Joanne)
7/25/07 Some natural beauty (by Garry and Jenny Summers)--a little evidence on how the concessionaires recoup the money they pay to workers
7/25/07 Flag Ranch Resort--Grand Teton National Park, WY (by Arthur)--Flagg Ranch "resort" trashed
7/25/07 Day two (by Mike)--Yellowstone crowded but okay, it's worst offense? It's in Wyoming!
7/24/07 Greening Yellowstone: Local food in national parks (by Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel New West)
7/24/07 Teton counties hang on to some of the past and shed the rest (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
7/24/07 Back in touch from Cody, Wyoming (by eskimo13)
7/24/07 Riding a cushy wagon train through Yellowstone: Covered wagons trek through Yellowstone for food and fun (by Michael Shuman The Dallas Morning News)
7/23/07 Make the most of your national park vacation: How to avoid the crowds, plan your trip and stay safe in the great outdoors (by Sarah Schlichter in MSNBC)
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7/23/07 Trip update: Yellowstone to Tetons to Salmon, Idaho (by addofio)--Yellowstone diminished?
7/22/07 Brucellosis problem just needs a good fence (by Bob Ross in Billings Gazette)
7/22/07 Yellowstone trip misses just one thing: bighorn (by Tabitha Dial
7/21/07 Yellowstone's great horned owl babies (by Mary Ann Melton)
7/21/07 Yellowstone (by Kyle Brotherton)--concise and interesting insight into the Yellowstone experience
7/21/07 Yellowstone National Park (by Jennifer Roolf Laster San Antonio Express-News in Houston Chronicle)
7/20/07 Boise hearing shows backers/opponents true colors--and numbers (by begreen in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
7/20/07 A hiking tour of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons takes you to places where nature stands tall and beautiful (by Lori Weisberg Bend Weekly News--OR)
7/20/07 Yellowstone and cutthroat trout (by Greg L. Johnson)
7/20/07 Rex Rammell says decision to run bigger than Idaho elk problems (by Tom Remington)--Rammell, the infamous elk rancher in Idaho, is running for U.S. Senate
7/19/07 Yellowstone cutthroat trout are holding their own (by woodjr7)
7/19/07 Pelican Valley hike, Yellowstone, 7/11/07 (by Tia Newly Nomads)
7/19/07 House leaders propose $1 billion parks centennial funding plan (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
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7/18/07 Ode to Yellowstone (and its power to awe) (by Terry Starbucker)
7/18/07 The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (by Diana)--almost a buffalo goring
7/17/07 Race and the national parks (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)--an excerpt of a dialogue at National Parks Traveler based on Wayne Hare's piece a few days ago.
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7/17/07 Our Yellowstone visit (by John and Claire Roth)
7/17/07 Yellowstone National Park and no Yogi Bear! (by Chickenlady)--but mmmm that French Toast! I laughed hard at this one.
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7/17/07 Governor: Feed grounds necessary in Wyoming (by Ralph Maughan)
7/17/07 Travel diary for road trip 2007--10 states in 10 days, part 5 (by Anders Nilsson)
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7/15/07 Rehberg, House step up for national parks (by Danielle Blank, National Parks Conservation Association, in Billings Gazette)
7/15/07 Mount Washburn! (by Lyndsay Belt)--a more successful hike on the Mt. Washburn spur trail than I had
7/15/07 Aborcide (by Michael Prager)
7/15/07 Yellowstone National Park (by bruce)
7/15/07 Snake bite induces fly fishers' fever: Cutthroats on the rise on fabled Idaho fishery (by George Orbanek The Daily Sentinel--CO)
7/14/07 Some somber news (by Cory St. Esprit)--very sad; a man Cory knew who worked at Old Faithful died in a motorcycle accident in the park
7/14/07 Urban sprawl coming to the Tetons (by Quijbo in Life in the West)
7/14/07 The end of third week (with lots o'pictures) (by Colin)--a great picture of an elk running in the water
7/14/07 Days 9 and 10 (July 9th and 10th): "The spot" (by Eric Sundays with Dave and Eric)--I once went looking for the petrified forest only to find a few and the high point of Specimen Ridge
7/14/07 Brucellosis and cattle prices, part II (by Montana Headlines)--this is the blogger I argued with over his inappropriate conclusions drawn from the arrest of Buffalo Field Campaign activists this spring
7/14/07 The 'ethics' of environmentalism (by Craig Secularman)
7/14/07 It's all about habitat (by Annie Kate)--with video, more from the Planet in Peril series
7/13/07 The Peacock's new book: The Essential Grizzly (book review by Lance Olsen in New West)
7/13/07 Public lands should reflect white, black and brown (by Wayne Hare in The Salt Lake Tribune)
7/13/07 Brucellosis and cattle prices (by Montana Headlines)
7/13/07 Kicking butt in Yellowstone (by Michael Prager)
7/13/07 Freedom and environmentalism (by the antisocialist)--I think I see a strawman
7/13/07 Elk feeding habits don't change with presence of wolves (by Tom Remington)
7/13/07 A "trophic cascade" revisited (by Jodi Peterson Goat, a blog of High Country News)
7/13/07 Planet in Peril: Recovery of the northern grey wolf in Yellowstone (by Annie Kate)--what Anderson Cooper was doing in Yellowstone, with video
7/13/07 Yellowstone: Erupting geysers, bubbling hot mud, waterfalls, and the unimpressed (by Mark and Bea)
7/13/07 Firefighters worked as one (by Helena Independent Record)
7/13/07 Describe a cool ... secret ... not on the map ... kind of place that you've found on a road trip (by Mitch Matthews)--if he thinks the Boiling River is secret, well then ... shhh ...
7/12/07 Condemnation (by Sarpy Sam)
7/12/07 Wyoming could start killing wolves in early 2008 (by Ralph Maughan)
7/12/07 West Yellowstone: A gateway town worth hanging around (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
7/12/07 Update from Singaporean in Yellowstone (by Jam.i.e.)
7/12/07 Yellowstone thoughts (by Janet White)--interesting thoughts, but embraces the myth of the wise ranger--perhaps, a myth to consider when I write my next essay
7/12/07 Yellowstone (by Yellowstone)--or the blogger so named, mostly a post about fishing
7/12/07 Nature lets us play favorites with treasured national parks (by Jeffery P. Mayor The News Tribune--WA)--the Bonnells love a Yellowstone they describe as "like a Disneyland" (yikes)
7/12/07 Michael Chricton on ignorant alarmism (by Scott Thong)--mismanagement of Yellowstone used as example of the perils of attempts to control a system
7/12/07 Land of fire and water (by A Vagrant Ant)
7/11/07 Bison and deer and bears, oh my! (by Tina Cipolla)
7/11/07 Climate change: What implications does it carry for the parks? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
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7/10/07 Swimming in Yellowstone's rivers on the rise (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
7/10/07 "People don't hate wolves; they hate what wolves symbolize ..." (by wolf4)
7/10/07 Brucellosis dispute is serious (by Helena Independent Record)--I can think of a couple other things that are "stunningly unfair" about this that go unmentioned
7/10/07 Great memories to be had in 'Big Sky Country' (by Don Polson Red Bluff Daily News--CA)
7/9/07 Should we fight every forest fire in Yellowstone? (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)
7/9/07 THIS is Yellowstone entertainment?? (by Garry & Jenny Summers)--and unfortunately for these workers, not legal--and more importantly unwise--entertainment, and yes feeding birds is definitely included in this regulation for myriad reasons.
7/9/07 Taking Yellowstone back to work (by Jeri Merrell)
7/9/07 Animals seen in Yellowstone Park (by Kimbal & Becca in Anderson Cooper Effects)--an unusual homo sapien sighting
7/9/07 Fire danger rating in Yellowstone, Grand Teton "Very High" and "Extreme" (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
7/9/07 Yellowstone (by Brian)--amusingly imagines imaginary conversation with himself while driving
7/9/07 Bison buffer zone will hurt livestock producers (by Hal Sheets in Billings Gazette)
7/8/07 Park cradles nature's beauty in many different hues (by James Drake in Times-News--WV)
7/8/07 Hikes and headaches (by Colin)
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7/7/07 Grand Teton and sneaking a peek at Yellowstone (by Tina Cipolla)
7/7/07 Vacation highlights (part three--Yellowstone National Park) (by duff)--"wow"
7/6/07 July 3-6 (a rough few days!) (by Cory St. Esprit)--on July 10, he took a whirlwind trip to Glacier like I once took in 1994
7/6/07 Yellowstone offers an Old West experience (by Karla Barnes Times-News--ID)
7/6/07 Visit Jack at Yellowstone (by Yellowstoner)--about the Blackfeet singer coming to Yellowstone
7/6/07 Cocky $ingaporean in Yellowstone (by Jam.i.e.)
7/5/07 Gillnetting and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone! (by Lyndsay Belt)
7/5/07 Standing on higher ground (by Shroedinger's Cat)
7/5/07 New Wyoming Senator may favor buyout of gas leases in the Wyoming Range (by Ralph Maughan)
7/4/07 Free river: How the Yellowstone River kept its course (by David Nolt New West)
7/4/07 The essential Grand Teton (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
7/4/07 Day 14 (by Andrew)--is it just me, or is this the long lost insight into the typical Yellowstone tourist mentality, the one those who work in the park have long tried to discover? Skip Norris after being rather blase about what it is, but wow that shower at the Super 8. I'm glad someone finally articulated it.
7/3/07 Yellowstone National Park: My tribute (by Parul S.)
7/3/07 Some movies which a Singaporean in Yellowstone wishes to make (by Jam.i.e.)--frankly a little frightening
7/3/07 7-01: Sunday in Yellowstone (by Tim)--with complaints about the "amusement park" experience
7/3/07 Check out those Tetons (by Charles Lamb)--a cycling Englishman who took a bus tour of Yellowstone (but likes Tetons better); I met a cycling English journalist last summer while doing the same - so many cyclists do the cross-country tour thing; I don't know why they don't skip most of the country and stay in the Rockies
7/3/07 Yellowstone (by Tai)--stunning photos, still feels the need to get into the stupid Tetons v. Yellowstone debate
7/3/07 Laundrymats I have known (by ramblin girl)--Yellowstone has better laundromats than Tetons, according to this
7/3/07 Yellowstone best before crowds form (by Dan Wegmueller The Monroe Times--WI)
7/3/07 Super volcano (by LC Chan)--she could certainly use an editor but otherwise presents a decent compilation of her own research on supervolcanoes
7/2/07 "Its my day off and life is certainly good" (by MacNeil Lyons Yellowstone Spectator)--thanks to Mike Tercek for correcting the citation
7/2/07 Worst kind of tourists (by The Rolling Andersons)--a very interesting read
7/2/07 It takes all kinds (by Joanne)--funny anecdote!
7/2/07 Dutch oven Monday returns! (by Garry and Jenny Summers)
7/2/07 Yellowstone a true national beauty (by The Monroe Times--WI)
7/2/07 Initial blog report for Yellowstone – Teton Mountains road trip (by Mountain Sports Club & Siewierski Consulting)
7/2/07 June 30th-July 2nd (by Cory St. Esprit)
7/2/07 Visiting the Grand Tetons (by Garry P.)--disappointed by the Tetons and Jackson Hole
7/2/07 Madison, Yellowstone, Wyoming (by Pris and Wm)--mostly about wolves
7/2/07 The anti-green VP (by Baltimore Sun)
7/1/07 Outdoors: June's a great time for Yellowstone (by Bill Ferris The Sentinel--PA)
7/1/07 dreadlock rasta (by Andy)--Yellowstone: a place Calvin & Hobbes would visit
7/1/07 More Yellowstone trails (by feralhiker)
7/1/07 Twice grand wonderland: An impromptu visit to the Tetons and Yellowstone shows there's much to be said for a brief wilderness fix (by Lauren Gustus The Salt Lake Tribune)
7/1/07 Mystery set in Yellowstone is stunning fun: C.J. Box has finally written a Joe Pickett novel equal to his 2001 debut, "Open Season" (book review by David J. Montgomery Philadelphia Inquirer)

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