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June 2002
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I don't have reporters, and so you won't find stories here that aren't elsewhere on the internet.  What you will find here is Yellowstone news that I have compiled from news gathering and activist sources.  What I want is for this page to be a resource for those looking for or needing to do research on current events in Yellowstone.  For further factual research, go to The Magic of Yellowstone Fact Guide or History Guide.

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6/27/02 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
6/25/02 House mark exceeds Administration's proposal, but still shortchanges national parks (by National Parks Conservation Association)
6/20/02 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign as reported by Ralph Maughan)
6/19/02 Latest Yellowstone Park pup info (by Ralph Maughan)
6/19/02 Yellowstone Delta Pack drives grizzly from the pack's den: Four wolves escort grizzly away: One wolf gives bear a bite on the butt (by Ralph Maughan)
6/17/02 Kids trek to national parks for enriching experience in 'living' classrooms: Albertson's, Unilever Bestfoods, National Park Foundation partner in America's Best Classroom program to send kids to America's national parks (by Albertson's, Unilever Bestfoods & National Park Foundation)
6/11/02 ISMA urges Park Service to reject ban on snowmobiles at Yellowstone (by Edward J. Klim President International Snowmobile Manufacturers)
6/11/02 E.P.A. official reins in media runaway: Agency corrects the record on snowmobiles and Yellowstone National Park (by BlueRibbon Coalition)
6/11/02 Update on the druids (by Ralph Maughan)
6/7/02 Winter severity and wolf predation a formerly wolf-free elk herd (by Ralph Maughan)
6/7/02 Teton Pack has eleven pups: Cattle threat to wolves lessons (by Ralph Maughan)
6/6/02 Updates from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign as reported by Ralph Maughan)
6/5/02 Two bison removed on Wednesday (by Montana Department of Livestock)--Despite a federal court ruling forbidding cattle from the area, the DOL continues to kill buffalo)
6/5/02 Bison removed from private property (by Montana Department of Livestock)
6/5/02 Fishy business in Grand Teton National Park (by Greater Yellowstone Coalition)
6/4/02 Nation's oldest park home to new technology (by Earth Vision)
6/30/02 Wyoming wolf plan likely to include hunting (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/30/02 Fire danger only moderate (AP story in Billings Gazette)--I know a lot of people traveling to Yellowstone and Grand Teton are worried about fire, but all indications show that fire is not going to be a big deal this year in the region.
6/29/02 Foreign job-seekers left stranded (AP story in The Missoulian)--This is a travesty. Xanterra (formerly Amfac--same company) is notorious for this kind of thing, but this is worse than usual.
6/29/02 Biologists working to reverse decline of swans in Yellowstone (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/29/02 Two killed in northwest Yellowstone crash (AP story in Billings Gazette)--3rd article. This is all too common a story. U.S. 191 can be very dangerous as evidenced by all the crosses on the side of the road
6/29/02 Small fires sparked in Yellowstone (AP story in Billings Gazette)--4th article
6/29/02 Burning West sparks Wyoming fire discussion (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/28/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, week of 6/21 - 6/28, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
6/28/02 Park visitor dies following motorcycle/car accident on North Entrance road (by National Park Service)
6/28/02 Two fatalities on highway 191 in Yellowstone National Park (by National Park Service)
6/28/02 Vacation river tragedy (by Tom Lutey Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/28/02 Fire information update for Yellowstone National Park (by National Park Service)--What is interesting here is that the NPS is suppressing the fires, which is unusual, citing the "national fire situation," but it's not clear to me based on past reports that Yellowstone would have much danger in developing fires like those in other parts of the West.
6/28/02 Park still lush as wildfires rage elsewhere (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/28/02 Bill would ban s'mobiles (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/27/02 Power punch for Yellowstone geysers? (by Larry O'Hanlon Discover Channel)--Fascinating story
6/27/02 Warming harmful to public lands (UPI story in The Pawtucket Times)--mentions Yellowstone issues as an example
6/27/02 Park snowmobile fight goes to Congress (by UPI)
6/27/02 Snowmobiles in Yellowstone: Industry has in Bush (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/27/02 Iobst assigned to snowmobile planning (AP story in Billings Gazette)--5th article
6/27/02 Meeting tonight on North Fork problems (AP story in Billings Gazette)--1st article
6/27/02 New NPS plan allows sleds (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
6/27/02 Owning their art: Annual show spotlights amateurs' artistic depth (by Lucinda Breeding Denton Record-Chronicle--TX)--Briefly discusses a painting called "Yellowstone"
6/27/02 Attorneys in murder case given extra time (by Talequah Daily Press--OK)
6/26/02 Parks reverse snowmobile decision (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/26/02 Snowmobiling to continue at two parks (by New York Times)--You must have filled out the free online registration to see this story.
6/26/02 Snowmobiling to continue at two western parks, with curbs (by Eric Pianin Washington Post)--The snowmobiling issue surprisingly gets a lot of exposure in Eastern newspapers.
6/26/02 Winter ban in parks eased: Snowmobiles still OK in Yellowstone, Teton (by Kit Miniclier The Denver Post)
6/26/02 Snowmobiles stay in Parks (AP story in The Salt Lake Tribune)--This story was picked up in some papers nationally
6/26/02 Congressmen unveil snowmobile ban bill --Does a bill introduced by two Eastern House members have a snowball's chance? (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/26/02 Enzi, Cubin praise direction of snowmobile debate (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/25/02 Baby grizzly hit by cars in park; hikers get scare (by Billings Gazette)
6/25/02 Visitors to dams may notice security changes (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/25/02 Yellowstone officials: 'Don't drop backpacks' when meeting bears (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/25/02 Fire salvage proposed for Purdy fire area (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/25/02 Forestry policy is hampered by politics (by Mary Jo Pitzl The Arizona Republic)
6/24/02 Grizzly bear death in Yellowstone National Park (by National Park Service)
6/24/02 Bear activity in Yellowstone National Park (by National Park Service)
6/24/02 Yellowstone's rail history studied (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/24/02 Grizzly status debated as population rises (by Todd Wilkinson in Christian Science Monitor)
6/24/02 Paraglider allegedly bothers eagles (AP story in Billings Gazette)--6th article
6/23/02 Park Ranger is Yellowstone's gatekeeper (by Tom Lutey Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--Picked up by the AP 6/30
6/23/02 Odd questions no surprise at Park gate --My favorite was this one: Someone came up to a friend of mine and asked, "At what altitude does an elk turn into a moose?" Another co-worker quipped, "You have to be pretty high before an elk turns into a moose." (by Tom Lutey Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/23/02 Let off steam at Yellowstone (by Tom Wharton The Salt Lake Tribune)
6/22/02 Brief Cheney visit disrupts museum (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--Cheney asks questions about Yellowstone-related issues.
6/21/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, week of 6/17 - 6/21, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
6/21/02 Ups and Downs: Federal Court: Scenic tours allowed to fly over national parks for takeoff and landing (by Bob Furu West Yellowstone News)
6/21/02 Stage struck: West Yellowstone's Playmill Theatre hits 39 years (by Gail Schontzler Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--This was one of my favorite places to go on a weeknight after work
6/21/02 Oil and grass roads threaten to bear down on the grizzly (by Erica Gies Environmental News Network)
6/21/02 Snake River golf development halted (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/21/02 Court action filed over coyote study (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/20/02 Turf battle over coyote research in Yellowstone lands in court (by Jacob Goldstein Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/20/02 State criticizes snowmobile ban proposal (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/20/02 Critics: Deal would favor Targhee (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/19/02 NPS Director lauds President Bush's initiative to promote improved health through visiting national parks: Yellowstone National Park to participate in Entrance Fee-Free Weekend in National Parks 6/22-6/23 (by National Park Service)
6/19/02 Forest official says Northern Rockies won't be affected (by Sherry Devlin The Missoulian)
6/18/02 Second victim of canoe accident found in Park (AP story in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--This is a sad end to this story.
6/18/02 Most want snowmobiles banned from parks (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/18/02 Snowmobile comments 4-1 in favor of snowmobile ban (AP story in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/18/02 Invasive Species Advisory Committee to meet at Yellowstone National Park (by National Park Service)
6/17/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, weeks of 5/31 - 6/17, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
6/17/02 Missing Chubbuck man found in Yellowstone Lake --This is misleading. He was found in Shoshone Lake. (by John O'Connell Idaho State Journal)
6/17/02 Second drowning victim found in Yellowstone National Park (by National Park Service)
6/17/02 Park officials propose site for visitor center (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/16/02 Park mail carrier has 'best job in U.S.' (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/15/02 Spooked park horses injure 8 (AP story in Billings Gazette)--1st article. This was on one of those cookouts at Roosevelt Lodge.
6/15/02 Beartooth ride: All-American Road (by Billings Gazette)
6/14/02 Visitors injured in horse incident in Yellowstone National Park (by National Park Service)
6/14/02 The fishing report (by Madison River Outfitters in West Yellowstone News)
6/14/02 Helicopter tour company won't be landing in town: San Diego-based company pulls request to land in city (by Bob Furu West Yellowstone News)
6/14/02 Beartooth Highway named All-American road (by Kayley Mendenhall Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/14/02 Land Trust obtains 92-acre easement (AP story in Billings Gazette)--2nd article
6/13/02 N. Fork corridor needs treatment (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
6/12/02 Weather hampers search for canoeist (by Billings Gazette)
6/12/02 Cody-to-park corridor worries forest official (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/12/02 Viruses from hell: Otherworldly biology in Earth's most extreme environments(by Charles W. Petit U.S. News & World Report)
6/11/02 Search continues for missing Chubbuck man (by John O'Connell Idaho State Journal)
6/11/02 Searchers still looking for Chubbuck man (by Sean Ellis Idaho State Journal)
6/11/02 Search efforts continue for man missing after accident (by Billings Gazette)
6/11/02 Beartooth pass still closed Tuesday (by Billings Gazette)
6/11/02 Attorney hired to contest river development plan (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/10/02 Chubbuck boy dies after canoe mishap: Father of 12-year-old is missing after accident on Yellowstone Park lake (by Sean Ellis Idaho State Journal)
6/10/02 Boy drowns in park lake, father missing (AP story in Billings Gazette)--Update on tragic story from Shoshone Lake. I received an email from someone today who says he may have seen the two before the accident. If you have any information, please send it to me.
6/10/02 Inspiring spires: Limestone cliffs shield mountains near Red Lodge (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
6/9/02 One dies and another missing in canoeing accident in Yellowstone National Park(by National Park Service)
6/9/02 Boy drowned, father missing at remote Yellowstone lake (AP story in ABC Channel 28--Lubbock, TX)--A canoeing accident on Shoshone Lake
6/9/02 Bipartisan group wants adequate funding for national parks (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/9/02 Research often fatal to wild creatures (AP story in The Salt Lake Tribune)
6/9/02 Salt baiting sites to be rehabilitated (AP story in Billings Gazette)--6th article
6/9/02 Groups complain about ads (AP story in Billings Gazette)--7th article
6/9/02 Learn by vacationing (compiled by Amanda Cekola The Salt Lake Tribune)--2nd article
6/8/02 Winter snow, not wolves, key to elk survival, study says (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/8/02 Bear basics needed in backcountry (by Ty Stockton Wyoming Tribune-Eagle in Billings Gazette)
6/7/02 A real bear of a test: Local grizzlies first to try new bearproof containers(by Bob Furu West Yellowstone News)
6/7/02 Bison shot after resisting hazing (AP story in Billings Gazette)--2nd article
6/6/02 Bull bison killed outside Yellowstone Park (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/6/02 Contaminated water may be trucked from New World mining district (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/6/02 Park visitors could be seeing red: S.L. firm hopes to build prototypes of small red buses (by Ray Grass The Deseret News--Salt Lake City)
6/6/02 Park County upset at timber sale decision (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/6/02 Researchers seek DNA vaccine for elk disease (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/6/02 Firefighters prepare for tough season (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/6/02 Forest delays decision on drilling (AP story in Billings Gazette)--1st article
6/6/02 Leakey: Museum envy of world (by Buzzy Hassrick Cody Enterprise)
6/5/02 'Spectacular' new museum in Cody gets rave reviews (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/5/02 Leakey: Habitat increasingly vital (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/4/02 Controversy over snowmobiling in parks sparks much debate (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/4/02 Yellowstone Basin flood watches continue (by Lorna Thackeray Billings Gazette)
6/4/02 EPA: Technology can cut snowmobile pollution (AP story in CNN)
6/4/02 Yellowstone grizzlies raise concerns: Population thrives, but that means more close calls with humans (video by MSNBC)
6/4/02 Yellowstone and Gallatin rivers still high (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/3/02 Rivers Rising: Snow runoff, recent rains keep Montana rivers swelling (by James Hagengruber Billings Gazette)
6/3/02 Animals stressed by snowmobiles (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/3/02 Nature can get right up close in Yellowstone (by Gary Gerhardt Rocky Mountain News)
6/3/02 Idaho boy, 15, dies in snowmobile accident (AP story in Billings Gazette)--1st article
6/2/02 Runoff cleans Jackson streams (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/2/02 Tread lightly, off-road group urges (AP story in Billings Gazette)--3rd article
6/2/02 Yellowstone hovers near flood stage (by Alison Pride Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/2/02 Son of legendary bear ecologist carries on father’s legacy (by John O’Connell Idaho State Journal)
6/1/02 Yellowstone nears flood stage (by Ron Tschida Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/1/02 Snowmelt prompts flood watch along Yellowstone River (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/1/02 Snowmobiles stress wolves, MSU prof says (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
6/1/02 Federal official: Wolf recovery 'a great success story' (AP story in The Missoulian)
  (comment in discussion forum
6/30/02 There's a limit to how much 'unique' comment there is (by Maryon Border in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/30/02 Newspaper survey shows GYC gets its share of ink (by Ken Swanson in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/29/02 Time to eradicate wolves outside of Yellowstone (by Chuck Mischke in Billings Gazette)--1st opinion
6/27/02 Statement on Yellowstone Protection Act (by Thomas C. Kiernan National Parks Conservation Association)
6/27/02 Dousing all wildfires increases risk of infernos (by Modesto Bee)
6/26/02 Smoldering sabotage in the EPA underbrush (by Sean Paige Competitve Enterprise Institute in Washington Times)
6/25/02 Statement on National Park Service announcement on snowmobiles at Yellowstone and Grand Teton (by National Parks Conservation Association)
6/24/02 Wolves in the park must be a separate species (by Shawn Eva in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/24/02 Bipartisan support for more parks spending overdue (by Sylvia Barnard in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/24/02 Ban roads, logging in federal forests (by Chad Hanson John Muir Project in Billings Gazette)
6/24/02 Roadless areas create tinderbox for fires (by Bonner R. Cohen The Lexington Institute in Billings Gazette)
6/23/02 Gallatin National Forest exists for more than motor vehicles (by David Engel President Predator Conservation Alliance in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/23/02 Wolves improve viability of Yellowstone elk herd (by Lou Mueller in Billings Gazette)--11th opinion
6/21/02 Blue Planet: Smokey Bear's bad advice (by Dan Whipple UPI)
6/19/02 Use of 'eco-terrorist' irresponsible and not taken lightly (by Carl D. Esbjornson in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/18/02 Elk adapt to changes, even to snowmobiles (by Robert E. Olson in Billings Gazette)--Also in 6/23 Bozeman Daily Chronicle
6/17/02 Chronicle gives Kerry White way too much ink (by Michael Scott Greater Yellowstone Coalition in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/16/02 Look for those dollar signs in a wolf's eyes (by Tom Arrandale Writers on the Range)
6/16/02 Wolves wanton killers whether hungry or not (by H. Curtis Larsen in Billings Gazette)--5th opinion
6/15/02 Snowmobile study misses mark (by Randy Allen in Billings Gazette)--4th opinion
6/13/02 Don't expect a warming from a grizzly before it charges (by Dave Smith in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/11/02 Forest travel plan process a breath of fresh air (by Kerry White in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/10/02 Clean up park air (by Philadelphia Inquirer in The Salt Lake Tribune)--Interestingly, no one in Philadelphia or Washington ever mentions the massive air pollution over our two cities. However, that's a bit of a red herring, I suppose.
6/9/02 Are we killing our national parks with our love? (by John Kanelis Amarillo Globe-News)
6/8/02 Beartooth Nature Center gets good support (by Ruth Brown Director Beartooth Nature Center in Billings Gazette)--2nd opinion
6/7/02 Livestock grazing, wildlife feeding imperil elk, bison (by Don Woerner in Billings Gazette)
6/7/02 Majority’s rights are denied when ORVs are permitted (by Catherine Ray in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/5/02 Hurry to see a grizzly while there’s still a chance (by Idaho State Journal)
6/7/02 Who will clean up mess after wolf advocates (by R. T. Fanning Chairman Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--also in 6/8 Billings Gazette
6/4/02 Geyser groupie wants to see sights sans spouse (by Ann Landers in Fresno Bee)--Fascinating letter to Ann Landers about a guy who wants to visit Yellowstone geysers every year without his wife

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