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March 2007
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3/30/07 Doane denied (by Yellowstoner)
3/29/07 Additional wolf delisting hearing slated for Cody on April 19 (Ralph Maughan)
3/29/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
3/29/07 Server Assistant (job notice by Yellowstone National Park Lodges (Xanterra) in CoolWorks)--Xanterra tends to spam this and other sites with job notices; when they are specific like this one, I post them here
3/28/07 Yellowstone snowmobile plan: A return to the bad old days: Administration proposal would nearly triple snowmobile numbers in the park (press release by Earthjustice)
3/28/07 Yellowstone update: New winter use plan released for comment (press release by BlueRibbon Coalition)
3/28/07 Worldwide interest in Yellowstone snowmobile issue (Kurt Repanshek)--not any new stories; the story is the media outlets that carried the story
3/27/07 NPS entrance fees to be inflation indexed (by Scott Silver Wild Wilderness)
3/27/07 Groups sharply divided on FWS decision on grizzly bears (by Waste Information & Management Services, Inc.)--a good summary of NGO reactions to grizzly delisting
3/27/07 Waitstaff/Housekeeper (job listing by Covered Wagon Ranch in CoolWorks)
3/27/07 Want to pay 75 cents a gallon for diesel fuel? (by Jim Twamley)
3/26/07 Bipartisan 7 out of 8 living former National Park Service directors urge Interior Sec. Kempthorne to change course on Yellowstone snowmobiles: Former leaders praise Administration's requested park funding increase, but caution that allowing additional Yellowstone snowmobiling would 'radically contravene' Kempthorne pledge (letter by The Hastings Group on behalf of George B. Hartzog, Jr., Ronald H. Walker, Gary Everhardt, Russell E. Dickenson, James M. Ridenour, Roger G. Kennedy, and Robert Stanton in PR Newswire)
3/26/07 7 former NPS directors urge Dirk to stop snowmobiles (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/26/07 Yellowstone's invisible smog (by skyblu)--new research here with results that could add a significant wrinkle to the winter use controversy
3/25/07 Springtime: Gallatin Canyon (by Yellowstoner)
3/22/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
3/22/07 Announcement to "delist" Yellowstone grizzly bear premature (press release by Sierra Club)
3/22/07 Conservationists will fight to overturn grizzly bear decision: NRDC says revoking endangered species protection spells doom for Yellowstone icon (press release by National Resources Defense Council)
3/22/07 Grizzly bears and their status (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/22/07 Yellowstone grizzly bear recovered, but challenges to continued conservation remain (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
3/22/07 Yellowstone grizzly bear delisting shows Endangered Species Act success: "Americans favor keeping strong safety net for imperiled wildlife" (press release by National Wildlife Federation)
3/21/07 Bad news for Yellowstone's grizzly bears: Delisting does not consider global warming, other problems (press release by Earthjustice)
3/20/07 Advocates for America's last wild bison get a hearing in Congress: House hears plea that Congress is wasting money on costly plan that threatens Yellowstone bison herd (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)
3/20/07 Yellowstone National Park: Preliminary observations on the implementation of the Interagency Bison Management Plan (testimony before the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands, Committee on Natural Resources, U.S. House of Representatives by Robin M. Nazzaro, Director Natural Resources and Environment, U.S. Government Accountability Office)--pdf; all other written testimonies can be found here
3/20/07 Nature Conservancy applauds house commitment to preserve national parks: Natural Resource Protection Cooperative Agreement Act passes in the House (press release by The Nature Conservancy)
3/20/07 Testimony: Buffalo treatment "inhumane and unacceptable" (by Tom Rice)
3/20/07 I found a fly - no, two! (by skyblu)
3/19/07 Congress investigates Yellowstone bison slaughter (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)
3/19/07 Slow easy groceries & Google Earth (by Yellowstoner)
3/19/07 Talking bison (Kurt Repanshek)
3/16/07 Wolves = trout (by Yellowstoner)
3/16/07 The world's most massive supervolcano: Yellowstone (by The Daily Galaxy)
3/15/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
3/13/07 General Manager (Three Bear Lodge job notice in Hotel Job Resource)
3/13/07 Yellowstone hospitality crew (Yellowstone National Park Lodges--Xanterra--job notice in CoolWorks)
3/12/07 Retro transport in two national parks (by Claire Walter)
3/11/07 IDFG wolf management PowerPoint (by begreen in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
3/10/07 Lake fish hatchery (by Yellowstoner)
3/10/07 Yellowstone fishing map (by Yellowstoner)
3/9/07 Yellowstone room attendant (Yellowstone National Park Lodges--Xanterra--job notice in CoolWorks)--perhaps the tougest job in Yellowstone, but it can sometimes pay well (depending on how short they are on help)
3/8/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
3/6/07 Today is the Boise wolf delisting hearing (Ralph Maughan)
3/5/07 Capturing wolves in action (Kurt Repanshek)
3/3/07 Help wanted now (Togwotee Mountain Lodge job notice in CoolWorks)
3/2/07 Assistant Manager for full service Wyoming mountain resort (Pahaska Tepee job notice in CoolWorks)
3/1/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
3/1/07 Agates romp and more: Yellowstone wolf update (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
3/1/07 Yellowstone's quiet power (by University of Utah)--Bob Smith and others at the University of Utah have set the most ground in understanding the unique geology of Yellowstone
3/1/07 Supervolcano: Massive disaster sits beneath a park (by Arief)--as alarmist as the title sounds, it's mostly just info about supervolcanoes
  3/31/07 Feds plan another wolf concession (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
3/30/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 3/23/07 to 3/30/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
3/30/07 'A natural process unfolding' (by David Warner West Yellowstone News)
3/30/07 Federal judge tosses out new rules governing national forests (AP story in The Examiner--DC)
3/30/07 Name of former YNP head inserted in letter by mistake (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--this story disappears from their Web site after today...but had to publish because this is a big whoops. The mistaken signature belongs to Bob Barbee, who was superintendent from 1983-1994
3/30/07 Montana stockgrower testifies on Yellowstone National Park bison oversight (by High Plains Journal--KS)
3/30/07 Feds to relax wolf regulation (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/30/07 Public determined to comment on plans for parks (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
3/30/07 Devils Tower, Fort Laramie fees may rise (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)--but not in Yellowstone and Grand Teton
3/29/07 Plan would keep east gate open one more winter (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
3/29/07 Comment period for winter use plans in parks opens (by Planet Jackson Hole)--here is a pdf of the summary of the new draft plan
3/29/07 7 ex-chiefs of U.S. parks have target: Snowmobiles (by Jim Robbins New York Times)
3/29/07 Cubin planning listening sessions (by Billings Gazette)--Barbara Cubin (R)-WY plans on having this today.
3/29/07 NPS to hold ‘listening session’ on spending (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
3/29/07 Interior looks at species rule changes (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
3/29/07 Don't undermine endangered species law, Dicks warns (by Warren Cornwall The Seattle Times)--Norm Dicks (D)-WA is a member of Congress
3/28/07 Park winter plans divide persists (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
3/28/07 Conservationists: Plan contradicts science (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
3/28/07 New snowmobile plan frustrates both sides: Proposal would keep 720-machine cap; would also close Sylvan Pass (by Cory Hatch and the AP in Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/28/07 Wildlife group considers fate of grizzly payment program (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/28/07 Montana may join Wyo wolf suit (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
3/28/07 Teton Valley curbs growth: More than 200 attend rousing hearing in response to moratorium on new development (by Jeannette Boner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/28/07 White House seeks limits to species act (by Mike Lee The Union-Tribune--CA)
3/27/07 New Yellowstone and Grand Teton winter use plan released for public review and comment (by National Park Service)
3/27/07 Winter use plan released for Yellowstone & Grand Teton Parks (AP story in KIFI--ID)--includes press release; fuller version of AP story in Yellowstone proposes making snowmobile rules permanent in Billings Gazette
3/27/07 Former Park Service chiefs fear snowmobile increase in Yellowstone (by Environmental News Service)
3/27/07 Ex-park officials fight snowmobiles (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/27/07 Park winter plans don't resolve debate (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
3/27/07 Yellowstone makes popular videos: Sights, sounds of nation's 1st national park can now be downloaded (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/27/07 State: Wolves hurting calf ratio in some areas (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/27/07 Letter: Ban snowmobiles (by Cory Hatch and the AP in Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/26/07 Yellowstone National Park accepting names for firewood collection permits (by National Park Service)
3/26/07 Cody crowd grills Lewis on Sylvan Pass (by Buzzy Hassrick Cody Enterprise)
3/26/07 Limit snowmobiles in Yellowstone, urge ex-directors of national parks (AP story in Seattle Times)
3/26/07 Yellowstone Park sitting on super volcano (by Ranae Bangerter Utah Statesman)
3/24/07 Refuge stops feeding for year (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/24/07 Two injured in snowmobile accidents on Togwotee (by Amanda H. Miller Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/24/07 Successful recovery efforts bring Yellowstone grizzly bears off endangered list (by George McGinn All Headline News)
3/23/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 3/16/07 to 3/23/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
3/23/07 Cost of managing bears likely to rise: States will have to pay more costs under delisting (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/23/07 Forest Service denies appeals to Gallatin travel plan (AP story in KIFI--ID)
3/23/07 Yellowstone grizzlies lose "endangered" status; critics growling (by Richard A. Lovett National Geographic)
3/23/07 Interior to remove Yellowstone grizzly from endangered species list (by Matthew Frank New West)
3/23/07 Yellowstone Park grizzlies 'no longer endangered' (by Catherine Brahic New Scientist)
3/23/07 Historic day for Yellowstone grizzlies (by Melanie Stein Planet Jackson Hole)
3/23/07 Northern Divide grizzlies are long way from delisting (by Jim Mann The Daily Inter Lake--MT)--what the Yellowstone grizzly delisting won't impact
3/23/07 Grizzly bears taken off Yellowstone list (UPI story in Monsters and Critics--UK)
3/23/07 Grizzlies no safer than average bears: The Yellowstone park population is coming off the endangered list and might be hunted again (by Bettina Boxall Los Angeles Times)
3/23/07 Grizzlies at Yellowstone no longer 'threatened' (by Patrick O'Driscoll USA Today)
3/23/07 Groups aim to block delisting (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
3/23/07 The grizzly is back: Park bears leaving endangered list: Decision likely to be challenged in court (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/23/07 Grizzly delisting Q&A (by Casper Star-Tribune)
3/23/07 What they're saying about delisting (by Casper Star-Tribune)
3/23/07 Grizzlies to be delisted (by Cory Hatch and the AP in Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/23/07 Rude awakening: Yellowstone grizzlies no longer protect (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
3/23/07 Yellowstone grizzly bears to come off endangered species list (by Environmental News Service)--1st story
3/23/07 500 attend Cody forum on Sylvan Pass proposals (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
3/23/07 Foes of Sylvan closure keep up their pressure (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
3/23/07 Yellowstone Pass closure blasted (AP story in Jackson Hole Star-Tribune)
3/22/07 Wild files: Yellowstone grizzly bear delisted (by Jill Margetts KIFI--ID)--with video
3/22/07 Yellowstone Park grizzlies no longer endangered (by Reuters)
3/22/07 Feds take Yellowstone grizzlies off endangered list (by Dave Wilkins Capital Press--OR)
3/22/07 Yellowstone grizzly bears no longer threatened, feds say (by Christa Marshall Denver Post)
3/22/07 Grizzly bear de-listing (by Suzanne Hobbs KPVI--ID)
3/22/07 Successful recovery efforts bring Yellowstone grizzly bears off the endangered list (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
3/22/07 Grizzly protection lifted in Yellowstone (by Jeremy P. Meyer Denver Post)
3/22/07 Feds to remove Yellowstone grizzly from endangered species list (by Courtney Lowery New West)
3/22/07 No surprises expected in snowmobile proposal (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/22/07 Deal expands wildlife habitat near Yellowstone (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--view map of allotment
3/22/07 U.S. Forest Service denies travel plan appeals (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--unfortunately, this link will disappear at the end of the day, but the story was too interesting not to link
3/21/07 Yellowstone bison controversy thunders on (Environmental News Service)
3/21/07 Senator pushing new Iraq plan (by The Laurel Outlook--MT)--Sen. Jon Tester (D)--MT has directed staff encouraging Beartooth Highway to be opened on time
3/21/07 Bison friends head to Capitol: Group testifies before House committee against killing Yellowstone bison (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/21/07 How to manage park bison? (by Noelle Straub Casper Star-Tribune)
3/21/07 Management of bison (by Darsha Philips KULR--MT)--with video
3/20/07 Congress looks to solutions to Yellowstone bison debate (by Sanjay Talwani New West)--"If that (the disease free herd) is not your greatest value, then there is something deeply wrong with the park service," Rep. Bob Bishop (R)--UT...and you wonder why I wrote 4 essays about John Locke and private property!
3/20/07 Democrats in Congress want to stop bison slaughter (AP story in Great Falls Tribune)
3/20/07 Papers to watch: An ecologic ménage à trois (by The Scientist--UK)
3/20/07 Wolf numbers continue to increase: Reports of livestock deaths across region due to predators on the rise (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/19/07 Bush administration reinterprets species law: Officials say endangered wildlife will be helped, activists plan to sue (AP story in MSNBC)
3/19/07 Deal near for bison to roam - in safety (AP story in Rocky Mountain News)
3/19/07 Fish & Wildlife: Fighting top cause of wolf deaths last year (AP story in Helena Independent Record)
3/19/07 State to target Fall Creek elk herd (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/19/07 Oversight hearing on Yellowstone National Park bison (by House Committee on Natural Resources: Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Publicl Lands)--set for Tuesday, March 20, 10AM EDT. I'd go if not for work.
3/17/07 The snowmobiling season wraps up (by Kristy Kircher KIFI--ID)--with video
3/17/07 YNP wolves in mortal combat (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/17/07 Profitability a slippery slope for small resorts (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
3/17/07 Welcome to 'sledneck' heaven: Snowmobilers converge on West Yellowstone for event: End-of-season gathering draws 55 vendors (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
3/17/07 Idaho reaches deal on elk ranch (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
3/17/07 Elk industry won't face new regulations: Anti-regulation Republicans, Democrats seeking more oversight combine to bottle up measure in committee (AP story in The Idaho Statesman)
3/16/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 3/9/07 to 3/16/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
3/16/07 Schweitzer to air park bison concerns in D.C. (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle, re-published by Greater Yellowstone Coalition)
3/16/07 Races, exhibits, snowmobiles highlight West Yellowstone expo (by Leslie McCartney Montana Standard in Montana Forum)
3/16/07 Yellowstone National Park is busin' loose (by Kitty Bean Yancey USA Today)
3/16/07 Snowmobile use rises in park (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/16/07 Heat wave melts snow; more warmth expected (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/16/07 18 animals collared for further study at refuge (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/16/07 Caution! Bears coming out of hibernation (by Jill Margetts KIFI--ID)
3/15/07 Winter event kicks off in West Yellowstone (by Alyson Savastano Montana's News Station)--with video
3/15/07 UW study finds Cody winter tourism down since 1999 (AP story in KIFI--ID)
3/15/07 Idaho elk ranch amendment would narrow threat of license loss (AP story in The Idaho Statesman)
3/15/07 Economist, Park Service differ on winter tourism: Study finds nearly 30 percent discrepancy in lodging tax declines (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
3/15/07 Idahoans eager to thin resurgent gray wolf packs (by John Ritter USA Today)
3/15/07 $5.4 million spent on tourism ads (by Carrie May Laramie Boomerang)
3/14/07 County will cooperate in Beartooth Highway Project (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
3/14/07 Surprising activity discovered at Yellowstone supervolcano (by Sara Goudarzi LiveScience)
3/14/07 Yellowstone National Park's underground power plant (by Dan Whipple New West)
3/14/07 Can science help us predict when avalanches will strike? (by The Independent--UK)
3/14/07 Agency revises grizzly methods (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
3/14/07 Tight funds hurt Beartooth work (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
3/14/07 Iconic buses ready to roll in park again (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--count me a cynic about history, but maybe they'll bring back bear feed dumps just for old time's sake
3/14/07 Game theft leads to park ban (by Fred Connors Wheeling News-Register--WV)--and by game, not wildlife but rather a PlayStation 2
3/14/07 Targhee debate still hot: Despite changes, critics cite open space, density as unresolved issues (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/14/07 Slide death offers another warning on judgment: Forecasters: Daily avalanche hazard rating is general (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/14/07 Reservation race is on for prime camping spots (McClatchy Newspapers story in The News-Sentinel--IN)--Xanterra reports Yellowstone campground reservations a little higher than last year
3/13/07 Park may delay pass plowing: Road typically opens for Memorial Day weekend (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--Beartooth Highway
3/13/07 Grand Teton announces deputy superintendent (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/12/07 WYDOT: Repair 212 before winter plowing (AP story in Billings Gazette)
3/11/07 Utah man dies after falling into Yellowstone lake (by KUTV--UT)--misleading title; he died in Hebgen Lake outside the park
3/11/07 Snowmobiler drowns in Hebgen Lake (by Billings Gazette)
3/10/07 Around the mountains: Skiers, snowmobilers continue to clash in backcountry (by Allen Best in Summit Daily News--CO)--1st story
3/10/07 Yellowstone closing winter facilities (AP story in Times-News--ID)
3/10/07 Snowmobiler dies at Hebgen Lake; body recovered (AP story in Great Falls Tribune)
3/10/07 Initiative could backfire on Anti Wolf Coalition (AP story in Times-News--ID)
3/10/07 Forest Service to sell trees burned in Derby Mountain fire (AP story in Great Falls Tribune)
3/10/07 Park releases bison estimate (by Billings Gazette)
3/10/07 Wolves pushing cats from Buffalo Valley (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/10/07 Montana resort's employee housing under dispute (AP story in Helena Independent Record)--more on the Big Sky employee housing controversy
3/9/07 Yellowstone late winter bison population estimate released (by National Park Service)
3/9/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 3/2/07 to 3/9/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
3/9/07 Jury acquits elk rancher of obstruction charge (AP story in Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
3/9/07 Jackson Hole pair: First female team to ski Grand Teton (by Lauren M. Whaley New West)
3/9/07 Wolf hearing tinders emotions: Both sides debate preservation issue (by Patricia R. McCoy Capital Press--OR)
3/9/07 Bears emerge in Yellowstone but not on the Front, yet (by Michael Babcock Great Falls Tribune)
3/9/07 Wolf delisting draws a large crowd at Spokane public hearing (AP story in KOMO--WA)
3/9/07 Bristling kept under control at wolf talks: About 200 attend meeting about taking animals off endangered list (by James Hagengruber Spokesman Review--WA)
3/9/07 Tribe's hunt to end this weekend (by Billings Gazette)
3/9/07 Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Western Oregonians testify against federal delisting plan (by Phil Wright East Oregonian)
3/8/07 Congressmen want limits on Yellowstone snowmobiles (AP story in Newsday)
3/8/07 New management plan in works for Bridger-Teton (by Jeff Gearino Casper Star-Tribune)
3/8/07 Opponents say species needs time (by Jeannine Koranda Tri-City Herald--WA)
3/8/07 Bears begin to wake (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/8/07 Wolves' future in the balance: Recovery: Taking wolves off the federal endangered list would let states write the rules (by Richard Cockle The Oregonian)--report on Oregon hearing on wolf delisting
3/8/07 Fierce fight over wolves: Extra security hired for delisting meeting tonight (by James Hagengruber Spokesman Review--WA)
3/8/07 Brazilians visit Wyoming for work (AP story in Billings Gazette)
3/7/07 Game and Fish: Wolves disrupt winter elk feeding (AP story in KIFI--ID)
3/7/07 Elk rancher files damage claim against Idaho (AP stories in Times-News--ID)
3/7/07 Park rangers arrest most ever in 2006 (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/7/07 Hearing on delisting plan sraws wolf friends, foes: Activists fear money, will to protect predators are lacking, but state vows to manage responsibly (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
3/7/07 Wolf plans (by Dan Boyd Idaho State Journal)
3/7/07 Idahoans weigh in on proposed federal wolf delisting (AP story in The Daily News--WA)
3/7/07 Puffing Yellowstone hot spot raises valley: Geophysicist Smith finds Jackson Hole moving in opposite direction of what’s expected (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/7/07 Consultant to speak on Sylvan Pass (by Billings Gazette)
3/6/07 Bear activity resumes in Yellowstone (by National Park Service)
3/6/07 Bear activity resumes in Yellowstone (AP story in KIFI--ID)
3/6/07 Grizzly bear 'Jughead' dies at Bronx Zoo (AP story in Staten Island Advance)--Jughead was from Yellowstone and was featured in a comic
3/6/07 Winter recreation visits rise in park (by Thomas Dewell Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/6/07 Backcountry skier killed in weekend avalanche near Big Sky (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
3/5/07 Grand Teton prepares to plow snow (AP story in KIFI--ID)
3/5/07 Keeping the pass open (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
3/5/07 Shut out of Yellowstone? (by Amy J. Tripe Casper Star-Tribune)
3/4/07 Lord of the snow (by Kristy Gray Casper Star-Tribune)--about the luckiest person in the world
3/3/07 Wyoming officials to negotiate with feds on wolf management: Lack of state plan has slowed lifting of protected status (AP story in Rocky Mountain News)
3/3/07 Scientists: Jackson rising, Tetons falling (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)--now, that's a surprise, but don't get too worked up over 1.7 inches in 17 years
3/3/07 Fund set up for victim of avalanche (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/3/07 Targhee expansion up for discussion on Monday (by KIFI--ID)--with video
3/2/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 2/23/07 to 3/2/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
3/2/07 Friends and foes testify for and against delisting wolf (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
3/2/07 N.J. Dem grills park chief on snowmobiles (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)--The New Jersey Democrat is Rep. Rush Holt, who has consistently supported environmentalists on Yellowstone issues
3/2/07 Mange threatening wolves (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
3/2/07 Wolf delisting causes howling (by Karl Puckett Great Falls Tribune)
3/2/07 Seeking compromise, speaker holds up elk bill: Game breeders disagree among themselveson how stringent proposed regulations should be (AP story in Idaho Statesman)
3/2/07 Wildlife viewing (by Roy Gault Statesman Journal--OR)--see "Changing menu"
3/1/07 Driver of vehicle involved in Yellowstone fatal accident found guilty of manslaughter (by National Park Service)
3/1/07 Yellowstone hotspot energy goes 150 miles (AP story in FOX News)--I heard Bob Smith share this in a lecture at Canyon this past August; it's interesting how slow news can get out
3/1/07 Michigan man gets five years in fatal park crash (AP story in KIFI--ID)
3/1/07 House passes wolf bill (by Noah Brenner and AP in Jackson Hole News & Guide)--adds to previous AP story
3/1/07 Wolves kill hound at cabin on feed ground (by Angus M Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/1/07 Snowpack continues to build during late winter months (by Lorna Thackeray Billings Gazette)
3/1/07 Agency to hear wolf delisting comments (by Karl Puckett Great Falls Tribune)
3/1/07 Today in history (AP story in MSNBC)--Yellowstone National Park is 135 today; I have mixed feelings
3/1/07 Some see Sylvan Pass causing more restrictions: Report ordered by park fuels fears of more cuts to access (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
3/1/07 Federal official holds out hope for accord (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
3/1/07 Snowboarder rescued from Granite Canyon (by Amanda H. Miller Jackson Hole News & Guide)
3/1/07 Skier remains in critical condition (by Billings Gazette)
3/1/07 Tests show vexing predator was domestic wolf: Animal killed livestock for about 7 months in Garfield, McCone counties (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--wolf wrongly thought at one point to be from Yellowstone
  (comment in the discussion forum
3/31/07 Not your average bear (by Toledo Blade)
3/31/07 Delisting of wolves is a farce (by Gary Marbut, Montana Shooting Sports Association, in The Prairie Star--MT)
3/31/07 Pass wasn't plowed for most of park history (by Leland E. Stanley in Billings Gazette)
3/31/07 Bear vs. man (by Keith Viglietta in Chicago Tribune)
3/30/07 Doane and the search for heroes in Yellowstone (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
3/30/07 If it looks like a cutt... (by Yellowstoner)
3/30/07 Tarnish on our national treasures (by Anne Mitchell Whisnant and David E. Whisnant The News & Observer--NC)
3/30/07 Here we go again (by pfjinn Montana Netroots)
3/30/07 Gutting the Endangered Species Act, or how a law becomes policy (by Josh Rosenau ScienceBlogs)
3/30/07 Wolves in Scotland: Lessons learned (by Dan Whipple New West)
3/30/07 Park leadership: Thoughts from Montana (by Amy McNamara, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, in National Parks Traveler)
3/30/07 Scam America: Redux (by skyblu)
3/30/07 An American icon in the crosshairs? (by Matthew Fisher Statesman Journal--OR)
3/30/07 NPS unsure what ATB will do to revenues (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/29/07 ESA: Too broke to fix? (by Marion in New West)
3/29/07 Freshman Montana legislator learns ignorance not blissful (by Todd Wilkinson New West)
3/29/07 Is the Centennial Initiative in need of life support? (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/29/07 Snowmobile catastrophe (by Plenty Magazine)
3/29/07 Montana, don't be another Wyoming (by Bill Schneider New West)
3/29/07 Grizzlies are ESA success story (by The Daily Inter Lake--MT)
3/29/07 USFWS doesn’t manage wolves With science (by Tom Remington)
3/29/07 Yellowstone best seen on snowmobile (by Ray Grass Deseret Morning News--UT)
3/29/07 Our big trip Part 7: Wyoming and Yellowstone (by Karl Mueller)
3/28/07 Yellowstone planning: Perpetual employment (by skyblu)
3/28/07 Hunting In national parks not appropriate (by George Wuerthner New West)
3/28/07 Initial thoughts: NPS proposes closing East Entrance to Jellystone (by Ron Reddon)
3/28/07 Here’s to the women who claimed their West (by Marcia Hensley Writers on the Range in The Vail Trail)
3/28/07 Wiping out America the beautiful (by Carl Pope The Huffington Post)
3/28/07 Yellowstone supereruption (by Stephen Neitzke)--thinks we should be preparing
3/27/07 Stopping Teton growth (by Randy Stapilus Ridenbaugh Press--ID)
3/27/07 Yellowstone wants your thoughts! (by Scott in New West)
3/27/07 Yellowstone's snowmobile dreams (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/27/07 ESA under attack from Bushies? (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/26/07 Yellowstone...controversy? (by jzr)
3/26/07 Entrance fee shenanigans (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/26/07 A couple cool news story (by Geology Girl)--hypotheses about what's happening to the Tetons is first cool story
3/26/07 National parks plan big fee increases (by Bill Schneider New West)
3/25/07 Henry’s Flat project near Island Park, Idaho makes its 1st green light (by Ralph Maughan)
3/25/07 500-600 show support of First Amendment (by Scott Bothwell in New West)
3/25/07 Make Beartooth Highway a national parkway (by Don Bachman in Billings Gazette)
3/25/07 Last trip over Sylvan? (by Amy J. Tripe Casper Star-Tribune)
3/25/07 Biking (by Michael Sulock)
3/23/07 Yellowstone: The grizzly truth? (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
3/23/07 Spring has sproinnged (by Yellowstoner)
3/23/07 Grizzly bears off list (by sagamore)--and none too happy about it
3/23/07 Entrance fee hikes: Time to say no? (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/23/07 Static and iconic Yellowstone (by skyblu)
3/22/07 A challenge for national parks (by Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior, in Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
3/22/07 Watch wolves watch you (by skyblu)
3/22/07 Yellowstone trip report, February 2007 (by Elli H. Radinger)
3/22/07 Poetry Thursday: Picture this (by swissmiss)
3/21/07 Have we lost the romance of a national park visit? (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/21/07 2006 Northern Rockies wolf report out: Media makes splash about wolf population growth (by Ralph Maughan)--the report is linked here
3/21/07 Of wolves, bison, elk, Iraq, & Yellowstone (by skyblu)
3/21/07 Park bison dispute migrates to Congress (by Billings Gazette)
3/21/07 Congress looks at solutions to Yellowstone bison debate (by Ralph Maughan)
3/20/07 They shoot bison, don't they? (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/20/07 Shut out of Yellowstone (by Scott in New West)
3/20/07 Wolf numbers growing at rapid pace (by Tom Remington)
3/19/07 Charles Kay on bison in YNP (by SOS Forests)
3/19/07 Centennial Challenge: How 'bout some sunshine? (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/19/07 Supervolcano eruption Yellowstone (by Ian Brockwell American chronicle)
3/18/07 Yellowstone ‘wildlife’: Hypocrisy or dilemma? (by skyblu)--a very poignant piece and one people should read; I only have one factual quibble; when she says, "Their mixed gene pool combines imported woodland, plains, and forest sub species of bison," there are recent studies that suggest that there is no such thing as a "sub species" of bison, that the differences between a "wood bison" and a "plains bison" is merely determined by environment. Other than that, bring on the cheerleaders.
3/18/07 Wolves = bison? Wolves = yellow buses? Wolves = $1,145/ 4 days + $55/night! Wolves = fantasy land? (by Zadig)
3/18/07 Adventures of a wolf watcher (by jzr)
3/18/07 Supervolcano politics (by Stephen Neitzke)
3/17/07 Wolf moving out of recovery zone (by Bill Schneider New West)
3/17/07 The stuff of Yellowstone legends (by Ducken)--wonder how she knew about Fairyland Basin but didn't know enough not to ask a ranger about it
3/17/07 Wolves in the wilderness: Lamar Valley in Yellowstone Park a good spot to see, learn about wild canines (by Mike Brodwater Spokesman Review)--link will die without a subscription
3/16/07 Black is beautiful: Considering fire 'use' rather than 'suppression' (by Rachel Simons, WildWest Institute, in The Clark Fork Chronicle--MT)
3/16/07 What happens beyond the frame of a Yellowstone picture (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
3/16/07 Intermountain region listening sessions (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/16/07 Yellowstone National Park (by Lizzie Guilfoyle IndieLondon)
3/15/07 15 things you can do to protect Greater Yellowstone’s rivers (by Scott Bosse Greater Yellowstone Coalition Newsletter)
3/15/07 Help save wolves (by Daniel Cartier)
3/15/07 Listening, listening, listening (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/14/07 Yellowstone Park: Krakatoa 2? (discussion in Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum)
3/14/07 Break time (by skyblu)
3/14/07 Those yellow buses are ready to roll (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/14/07 Centennial listening: First impressions (by Owen Hoffman in National Parks Traveler--Kurt Repanshek's blog)
3/14/07 Animal crackers (by The Gazette--CO)--2nd editorial; a derisive response to the Salt Lake Tribune editorial on wolves
3/14/07 Them on us March 14, 2007 (by Jake Nichols Planet Jackson Hole)
3/13/07 The extraordinary yellow park (by Christian Eldie C. Rabago)--though several of the borrowed photos are from Utah, not Yellowstone
3/12/07 Listening sessions: Timed out? (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/12/07 Are we really that dumb? (by skyblu)--about people's misconceptions on what climate change means; in the comments, Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas are talked about. In another life, I actually knew both of them and have my own thoughts about their work.
3/12/07 This far and no more: The fight to save the Wyoming Range (by A World of Possibilities)--this is audio (mp3) about oil development in Bridger-Teton; I have only listened to the first few minutes, which paint a mythical landscape
3/12/07 Where the earth boils (by Scrapdolly)
3/11/07 Top predator: Wolf delisting in West is premature (by Salt Lake Tribune)
3/11/07 Bones and antlers (by feralhiker)
3/11/07 3rd winter-use plan looming on Yelowstone horizon (by Billings Gazette)
3/11/07 Will the Endangered Species Act be put on trial? (by Tom Remington)
3/11/07 Tours change, but park's still a blast (by Pat Bellinghausen Billings Gazette)
3/11/07 If you're going to Yellowstone, try the road less traveled (by Bob Willis The Coloradoan)--too late in the season for this column; some people will be disappointed to discover the road "not allowed to be traveled"
3/10/07 Day 9 - West Yellowstone, MT - Yellowstone - Jackson, WY (by Chris)
3/10/07 Reader points out an error in yesterdays article (by Leanne Goebel)--a link to "yesterday's" article, which I had chosen not to publish here. Today's article is much more related to Yellowstone, Thomas Moran, and William Henry Jackson
3/10/07 Grizzly bears, daylight saving, & computers (by skyblu)
3/10/07 Yellowstone in winter (by Ron Rash The Aspen Times)--subscription required
3/9/07 Hiking in Yellowstone (by Carrie Hurd and Thomas Duesing)--video of Summer 2006 hike on Mallard Lake Trail
3/9/07 Wolves said to disrupt winter elk feeding in Wyoming (by Ralph Maughan)
3/9/07 Park ranger: The most dangerous federal job (by admit that I find the "crime problem" laughable compared with the violence I live with in Washington, D.C.
3/8/07 Yellowstone: Part two (by fredcat)--complaints about the food in West Yellowstone
3/7/07 Global warming and the grizzly bears (by Robert Hedeen The Rock River Times--IL)
3/6/07 Part 4: John Locke, Yellowstone, and the dogma of the right to private property: Ethics in Yellowstone without property rights (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)--The final part. Please read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 first. What the whole project is about
3/6/07 Idaho governor howls for wolf delisting (by Sinapu)
3/6/07 One family's Yellowstone adventure: A four-day road trip through the land of geysers, bison, waterfalls, and cowboys (by Alan Kesselheim in
3/5/07 Wyoming exposure: Get out of the resort rat race and learn how to safely carve backcountry slopes (by Cameron Martindell
3/5/07 Idaho is ready for wolf delisting (by Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter in New West)--Otter (R) made headlines recently for saying he'd like to be the first to have a permit to shoot a wolf
3/5/07 It's NOT the economy, stupid! (by skyblu)
3/5/07 A tragedy (of the commons) wrought by good intentions (by David Bollier)
3/5/07 Snowmobiling the Continental Divide (by Reid Bramblett Chicago Daily Herald)
3/4/07 Big burns vs. forest thinning (by George Wuerthner in New West)
3/4/07 Wolf meeting thoughts (by heavenabove)
3/4/07 Weather not to blame for lack of buffalo (by Stephany Seay in Billings Gazette)
3/3/07 We should let wolves be wolves (by Dan Fink, Ahavath Beth Israel, in Idaho Statesman)
3/3/07 We should let wolves be wolves (by Kirk C. Robinson, Western Wildlife Conservancy, in Salt Lake Tribune)
3/3/07 Manage wolves like other wildlife (by Walter S. Smith Jr., Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, in Salt Lake Tribune)
3/3/07 Mange (by Sarpy Sam)--someone who doesn't feel bad about mange because "God/Mother Nature" uses mange, according to the poster, to control the population
3/3/07 Visitors help West Yellowstone pay for crucial services (by Pat Bellinghausen in Billings Gazette)--oh Walter Trumbull, how wrong you were back in 1872
3/2/07 Yellowstone's blood-stained snow: Buffalo Gore (by Mike Roselle in counterpunch)
3/2/07 Beware of "natural" wildlife management (by Tom Remington)
3/2/07 Mary, snowmobiles, and Congress (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/2/07 Park Service raises valid concern about costs, benefits of Sylvan Pass crossing (by Tony Jewett, National Parks Conservation Association, in Billings Gazette)
3/1/07 National parks' mission is clear (by Bob Madgic in Record-Searchlight--CA)--like the sentiment, but what Mr. Madgic seems to brush over is the part of the mission dealing with "enjoyment of the same;" interpretations of this have historically caused a lot of the inconsistency in management policy
3/1/07 Ahh, memories (by Cynthia Milligan)
3/1/07 Expect tough scrutiny on NPS's proposed budget (by Kurt Repanshek)
3/1/07 Happy 135th, Yellowstone!!!!! (by barlowmoon)
3/1/07 When idiots go climbing: Should we be obliged to save them? (by Litsa Demousis Esquire)
3/1/07 Wolves and deer (by Norman York in The Kansas City Star)--pro-wolf post but not clearly so fond of reintroduced Kansas deer
3/1/07 Snow trek (by Kristy Gray Jackson Hole Star-Tribune)

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