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May 2008
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5/30/08 Numerous pregnant Slough females, but just one pup (by Kathie Lynch Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
5/30/08 Yellowstone's Artists' Paintpots area temporarily closed (press release by National Park Service)
5/30/08 Hotspots (by Yellowstoner)
5/30/08 Artists' Paint Pots area in Yellowstone National Park temporarily closed due to thin surface crust (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/30/08 What makes an old geyser faithful (press release by National Park Service)
5/30/08 Research indicates annual precipitation might control Yellowstone National Park's geysers (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/30/08 Beartooth Pass to reopen Saturday morning (press release by National Park Service)
5/29/08 Private property rights violated by livestock agents hazing wild bison (press release by Janae and Rob Galanis, Hebgen Lake Estates, and Buffalo Field Campaign in New West)--describes how Department of Livestock agents hazed buffalo from private property despite owners yelling at them not to do so
5/29/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign in New West)--describes how Department of Livestock agents hazed buffalo from private property despite owners yelling at them not to do so
5/29/08 Paid Internship--outreach for restoring healthy parks (job notice by National Parks Conservation Association in CoolWorks)
5/29/08 Congressman accuses Sec. Kempthorne of pandering to NRA on gun issue (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)--that congressman is Rep. Raul Grijalva (D)--AZ
5/29/08 Back at it (by Yellowstoner)
5/28/08 Yellowstone at the Memorial weekend kickoff (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/26/08 Yellowstone earthquakes and uplift (by Craig Messerman)
5/25/08 May 25th 2008--first official fishing report from Yellowstone opener (by Rowan Firehole Ranch Blog)
5/23/08 Beartooth Pass open in time for Memorial Day holiday weekend (press release by National Park Service)
5/23/08 Report for 05-23-08 (by Madison River Outfitters)
5/23/08 Free Wyoming travel information featured on (press release by in TransWorldNews)
5/22/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
5/22/08 UPDATE: 9 bulls slaughtered by the state of Montana (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
5/22/08 This morning's snow (by Yellowstoner)
5/21/08 URGENT ACTION: 9 bulls in trap at Duck Creek (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--Montana Department of Livestock intends to slaughter them; Glenn Hockett of Buffalo Allies of Bozeman and Gallatin Wildlife Association has sent out a letter with an urgent plea to "stop the B.S. (bison slaughter)"--could just as well be Gov. Brian Schweitzer
5/21/08 All roads open for Memorial Day weekend (press release by National Park Service)
5/21/08 Closed to the public for nearly a year, Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park is reopening (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/19/08 Bison heading back to summer ranges (press release by National Park Service)
5/19/08 Ecological observatory could be located near Yellowstone Park (press release by Montana State University)
5/16/08 The edges have it (by Yellowstoner)
5/16/08 Road reopens between Canyon Junction and Fishing Bridge (press release by National Park Service)
5/16/08 UW student receives fellowship to study migratory issues in Grand Teton National Park (press release by University of Wyoming)
5/15/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign in New West)
5/15/08 Montana Governor asked to "provide leadership" in Yellowstone bison controversy (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/14/08 Too much snow delays opening of Yellowstone National Park's Norris Campground (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/13/08 West Yellowstone bison hazing operation set to begin Wednesday (press release by National Park Service)
5/13/08 Opening of Norris Campground delayed (press release by National Park Service)
5/13/08 Bison advocates hold rally on the Capitol Lawn: Gathering in Helena to hold Schweitzer accountable for largest slaughter since 1800s (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)--this is tomorrow; I plan to be there and will try to share something
5/13/08 Bridger-Teton firewood permits available (press release by Bridger-Teton National Forest in Star Valley Independent--WY)
5/13/08 Roadbed collapse prompts temporary closure of road south of Canyon Junction (press release by National Park Service)
5/13/08 Rites of spring: Road slump in Yellowstone National Park closes section of Grand Loop Road (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/12/08 Buffalo Allies of Bozeman is founded to take action against the slaughter and hazing of wild buffalo: New group takes a grassroots approach toward advocacy of buffalo in the Yellowstone area (press release by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman)
5/12/08 Haydens leave Yellowstone ... more park wolf news (by Ralph Maughan)
5/8/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
5/8/08 Yellowstone celebrates International Migratory Bird Day (press release by National Park Service)
5/8/08 Comments sought for Bliss Pass trail project (press release by National Park Service)
5/8/08 Wyoming Range & Snake headwaters victories! (press release by Greater Yellowstone Coalition)
5/7/08 Safety and sobriety checkpoints to be conducted (press release by National Park Service)
5/7/08 Yellowstone chronicles 5-7-08 (by Jess)--not a lot of bison calves seen
5/7/08 News from Judge Molloy's court on wolf litigation (by Brian Ertz Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
5/6/08 New research on fungi native to geothermal soils in Yellowstone (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)--with pdf
5/5/08 ... on the edge of--OUT (by Yellowstoner)
5/4/08 BFC rally for the last wild buffalo! in Helena (reported by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman)--on May 14; also sneak preview of new Web site
5/3/08 Report shows visiting national parks could be hazardous to your health (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/1/08 Buffalo Allies of Bozeman (BAB) meeting decisions and highlights for April 30, 2008 (by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman)--if you want to get involved with this group, please email me. There are potentially roles even for people who don't live in Bozeman; we could use list moderators, (free) help with Web site, people to create flyers, information sheets, etc.
5/1/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign in New West)--3 more buffalo slaughtered even after it was supposed to have stopped
5/1/08 Meet Mike Mease, Buffalo Field Campaign (by jhwygirl 4&20 blackbirds)--for all you people out in Missoula; it's this Saturday
5/1/08 Congressman calls for full EIS of proposal to allow concealed carry in America's national parks (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/1/08 Support Centennial Initiative to Rejuvenate U.S. National Parks (press release by International Mountain Bicycling Association)
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5/31/08 Scientists divine secrets of Old Faithful geyser: Scientists see a weather link in geyser's timely eruptions (by Paul Rogers The Mercury News--CA)
5/31/08 Cleanup clears Beartooth Pass afer avalanches: Crews sweep away snow, debris and fix section of rail (by Luella N. Brien Billings Gazette)
5/31/08 Highway work moves on (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)--on Togwotee Pass
5/31/08 State outlines brucellosis plan (by Billings Gazette)--in Wyoming
5/31/08 Utahn scalded by hidden pool: Woman was walking with family members on established dirt trail (by Lindsay Whitehurst The Salt Lake Tribune)--falling through Artists' Paintpots; scary (person seriously burned leg and ankle but was released), but things like that happen in Yellowstone--we once saw a trail being taken over by a thermal near West Thumb, but the ranger simply laughed it off
5/30/08 Hiker gets burnt (by Danielle Leigh KIDK--ID)
5/30/08 Injury at Yellowstone closes small area of park (by Andrew Del Greco KPVI--ID)
5/30/08 Meeting explores transit alternatives for Yellowstone (by MJ Clark Wyoming Business Report)
5/30/08 Beartooth highway to re-open (by Kathy Weber KULR--MT)--with video
5/30/08 Research sheds new light on YNP geysers (by Montana's News Station)
5/30/08 Wolf zones in question (by Cory Hatch and the AP Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/30/08 U.S. District Court: Groups ask to shield wolves (by Tristan Scott Missoulian)
5/30/08 Park monitoring river's eroding bank (by Billings Gazette)--3Gros Ventre River in Grand Teton NP
5/30/08 Rule change would permit weapons in national parks (by Jim Robbins The New York Times)
5/30/08 National forest buys 80 Bear Canyon acres (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/29/08 Bison hazed off private property, back into Yellowstone (AP story in Daily Herald--UT)
5/29/08 Judge asked to rein in wolf killing in Northern Rockies (AP story in The Salt Lake Tribune)
5/29/08 MT Stockgrowers Assoc. upset over bison management (by Montana's News Station)--with video
5/29/08 Ranchers file lawsuit over bison yet to be hazed (AP story in Billings Gazette)--hazing from private property against the owner's permission
5/29/08 Pass road needs work after slide (by Billings Gazette)
5/28/08 Trophy wolf hunting set for Oct. 1 (by Joy Ufford Sublette Examiner--WY)
5/28/08 Delisting of wolves raises hackles: With wolves’ numbers rising, federal government--and many in West--want to take them off endangered species list; environmentalists warn that it’s too soon (by Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor)
5/28/08 Some park roads remain closed (by Billings Gazette)
5/28/08 8 people rescued after Beartooth Pass avalanche (by Billings Gazette)
5/28/08 Forest parts from Stanley: Bridger-Teton to take over analysis with accelerated time line (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/27/08 Officials kill wolf near W. Yellowstone (by Montana's News Station)
5/27/08 Here they come ... will summer 2008 be a record-breaking year? (by Planet Jackson Hole)
5/27/08 Them on us (by Jake Nichols Planet Jackson Hole)--3rd story
5/27/08 Wolf arguments go to judge (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
5/26/08 Dems back Snake, range (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/25/08 Mud slide closes Hyalite Canyon, campers evacuated (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--that takes that option away from me for tomorrow
5/24/08 Wyoming plans for wolf hunt (by Jeff Gearino Casper Star-Tribune)
5/24/08 Wolf found dead in Paradise Valley (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/24/08 'You've got to get muddy' (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
5/23/08 Beartooth Pass open in time for weekend (AP story in
5/23/08 Tribe kills seven refuge bison (by Casper Star-Tribune)--1st story
5/23/08 Sportsmen say deck tilts in favor of development (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
5/23/08 Sportsmen meet in Wyo. to talk preservation of hunting land (AP story in Daily Camera--CO)
5/23/08 Artist Point to reopen today (by Billings Gazette)
5/23/08 State approves plan to hunt hundreds of wolves: Fish and Game Commission decision launches new era in wolf management (by Jason Kauffman Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
5/23/08 State plans 25-wolf quota (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/22/08 Nine more Yellowstone bison sent to slaughter (AP story in Montana's News Station)
5/22/08 Fish and Game increases wolf-hunting quota by 100 (by Eric Barker The Lewiston Tribune--ID)
5/22/08 Shoshone plans resurface after lengthy pause (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/22/08 Rivers move toward record flows (by Christine Uthoff Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/21/08 All Yellowstone roads will be open Memorial Day weekend (AP story in The Mercury News--CA)
5/21/08 Grizzly mom No. 399 ready to send cubs packing: No. 399 finds a new mate, meaning kids have to fend for themselves (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/21/08 Should wolves have a sanctuary? Conservationists propose wolf-viewing area free from hunting (by Jason Kauffman Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
5/20/08 Sportsmen group set for meeting in park (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/20/08 Park leader expects big summer at Yellowstone (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/20/08 Park releases bison (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/20/08 Feature photo: Bison let loose (by Billings Gazette)
5/20/08 Yellowstone bison heading to summer ranges (by Montana's News Station)
5/20/08 Teton National Park plans cleanup (by Billings Gazette)
5/19/08 Veteran firefighter chipped in at Yellowstone (by Ian Marquand KPAX--MT)--with video
5/18/08 Sylvan Pass negotiators upbeat about solution (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/17/08 Flood warning issued for Snake headwaters (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/17/08 Wyo argues against relisting (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
5/17/08 Billings man hunting black bear kills grizzly (by Ben Pierce Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--in Gallatin National Forest
5/17/08 State probes illegal wolf killing (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
5/16/08 Damaged Yellowstone road repaired (AP story in Montana's News Station)
5/16/08 Hotels seek workers on eve of summer travel season (AP story in Times-News--ID)
5/16/08 Potential for conflicts with bears 'really high' (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/16/08 Wolf killed near park (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)--near Grand Teton
5/16/08 Heavy snowpack to begin melting: Billings temperatures forecast to increase to 80s by Monday (by Lorna Thackeray Billings Gazette)
5/15/08 Grizzly bears relocated (AP story in KULR--MT)
5/15/08 Reward offered for information regarding illegal wolf kill (by Sarah Hale Star Valley Independent--WY)
5/15/08 Wolf illegally shot in northwest Wyoming (AP story in KULR--MT)
5/15/08 Environmental groups slam bison hazing plan (by Dave Richardson Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/15/08 Groups: Stop hazing bison near Yellowstone (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/14/08 Bison hazing in park (by Katie Ussin KULR--MT)--with video
5/14/08 Campground openings (by Katie Ussin KULR--MT)--with video
5/14/08 Bison hazing underway near Yellowstone (AP story in Montana's News Station)
5/14/08 High gas cost not slowing Yellowstone tourism: For Californians, fuel costs here might seem like a relief (by Lorna Thackeray Billings Gazette)
5/14/08 Jenny Lake rangers honored for rescues: Five receive valor awards for work in Alaska, Yosemite (by Michael Pearlman Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/14/08 Angling for scientific answers on the Gros Ventre: Conservation group hopes radio tags on trout will offer insight into how fish use the Snake tributary (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/14/08 Tear up the mortgage (by Dave Richardson Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--mortgage shredded on compost facility used by Yellowstone and Gallatin County
5/13/08 Hazing of bison to begin in West Yellowstone (AP story in Montana's News Station)
5/13/08 Lingering deep snow delays campground opening in Yellowstone (AP story in KIFI--ID)
5/13/08 Yellowstone National Park road collapses (by Billings Gazette)--south of Canyon Junction; I was near that stretch just a couple weeks ago
5/12/08 Wolf-kill total reaches 16 (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/12/08 Winter feeding on elk refuge exceeds historical average (AP story in Billings Gazette)
5/12/08 Boulder hits home, truck (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/11/08 Clinton joins rally of upbeat Democrats (by Tom Lutey Billings Gazette)--bison issue one cited as federal issue on which presidential candidates are probably not well versed
5/11/08 Loved to death? (by Amy J. Tripe Casper Star-Tribune)
5/10/08 Tribes allowed elk refuge bison hunt (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/10/08 Idaho irrigators fight Wyo effort (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
5/10/08 Beetle infestation triggers worries about fire, economy: Pesticides, logging show little effect on voracious pests (AP story in Capital Press--OR)
5/10/08 Weekly wolf info available (by Billings Gazette)
5/10/08 Travel price rise for cars, planes (by Chuck Mai The Oklahoman)--$361 driving roundtrip from Oklahoma to Yellowstone ($61 more for gas than last year)
5/9/08 Judge sets hearing on wolf injunction: Court rejects effort by federal agency to delay consideration (AP story in Billings Gazette)
5/9/08 Ravens ravage wayward grebes: Animal lovers rush to help (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
5/9/08 Grand Teton to unveil antelope exhibit (AP story in
5/9/08 Primal Quest Montana: Endurance race approved (by West Yellowstone News)
5/9/08 More bison calves at facility (by Billings Gazette)
5/9/08 Mountain snow-water at 123 percent of last year (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/8/08 Panel OKs bill to protect Wyo Range (by Noelle Straub Casper Star-Tribune)
5/8/08 Barrasso pushes 'wild, scenic' status for Snake through panel (by Noelle Straub Casper Star-Tribune)
5/8/08 Bills to full Senate (by Noah Brenner and Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)--concerning Snake River and Wyoming Range
5/7/08 Map will boost tourism (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
5/7/08 How many wolves? Lawsuit says original target was too small by sevenfold (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
5/7/08 FWP to consider Yellowstone bison grazing agreement (AP story in Montana's News Station)--agreement called a "formality"
5/7/08 Forest wants offices to stay on N. Cache: Plans still call for some of the 15-acre HQ site to be sold to help fund construction (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/6/08 3 states head to court to keep control over wolves (AP story in USA Today)
5/6/08 Snow delays Grand Teton opening (by Wyoming Business Report)
5/6/08 Deep snow delays opening at Jenny Lake (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
5/6/08 Anti wolf petition drive falls short of goal (AP story in The Salt Lake Tribune)
5/5/08 National Geographic Society and partners to host geotourism forum (by Wyoming Business Report)--in Cody tomorrow some are urging organizing against this effort
5/5/08 Feds OK land use for 500-mile endurance race (AP story in Billings Gazette)
5/5/08 Record number of avalanches reported this winter (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/5/08 Weather delays wildfire efforts (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/5/08 Truck hauling ice cream crashes on Togwotee (by Price Chambers Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/4/08 Beetle-ravaged forests prompt campground closures in Rockies (AP story in The Star Press--IN)--but not in Yellowstone
5/4/08 Cedar Badge's new price (by Ashli Kimenker KPVI--ID)--Boy Scout camp in the Tetons
5/3/08 Two more wolves killed as predators (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/2/08 State sets quota and rules for wolf hunt (by Todd Dvorak Fort Mill Times--ID)
5/2/08 State sets quota and rules for wolf hunt (AP story in KIFI--ID)
5/2/08 FWP to intervene in wolf lawsuit (by Great Falls Tribune)
5/2/08 Opening of four Wildlife Management Areas delayed (by West Yellowstone News)
5/2/08 The Yellowstone Special put our town on the map (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
5/2/08 Cabin Creek restoration project proposed, comments wanted (by West Yellowstone News)
5/2/08 Yellowstone burning: Media hotspot (by Jay Kohn KBZK--MT)--with video
5/2/08 Audit finds Interior Department falling short on safety measures (by Carol L. Leonnig The Washington Post)
5/2/08 Workers say Beartooth job is coolest around: Montana responsible for clearing 12 miles of road to Wyoming border (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
5/1/08 Wolf advocates barrage gov's office (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
5/1/08 Hundreds irked by wolf shootings call Wyo. governor (AP story in The Denver Post)
5/1/08 Interior: Allow concealed weapons in parks (by Noelle Straub Casper Star-Tribune)
5/1/08 Residents lend a helping hand to an iconic national park (by Ken Borsuk Greenwich Post--CT)
5/1/08 Rule: Guns OK in parks (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
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(comment in the discussion forum
5/31/08 The joys of Yellowstone (by Mary Ann Melton)--Mary Ann does more to help this newspaper's google rating than anyone on the internet; thanks:); also as always, an interesting read
5/31/08 The Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole (by J.R.)
5/31/08 Grand Teton & Yellowstone one (by C.V. Davis)
5/31/08 Friday, May 30: Yellowstone (by Rachael Vorhees)
5/30/08 Wolves in the news (by Mary Ann Melton)
5/30/08 Yellowstone Park (by Thom)
5/30/08 428 wolves (by The New York Times)
5/30/08 Wyo sets reasonable wolf hunting season (by Casper Star-Tribune)
5/30/08 Forest Service action doesn't go far enough (by Casper Star-Tribune)--regarding Wyoming Range
5/30/08 Into the wild ... again (by roadtripofdestiny)
5/29/08 The weight of the wolves (by Louisa Wilcox, Natural Resources Defense Council)
5/29/08 Scientists clear that wolves are recovered at current population (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
5/29/08 I finally saw a moose! (by J.R.)
5/29/08 tomorrow we open (by Smithy)
5/29/08 Whirlwind vacation pt3 (by prairieflounder)--some interesting descriptions of the Lake Hotel
5/29/08 It was July (by Jel)
5/29/08 Yellowstone teaches us a lesson about bears (by Ray Grass Deseret Morning News--UT)
5/28/08 The license to kill (by Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
5/28/08 Yellowstone Park (by Flexible)
5/28/08 Hello from Yellowstone! (by Carrie McMillion)--another worker in Yellowstone
5/28/08 Grand Tetons/Yellowstone, Day 7 (by Therese Boyd)
5/28/08 Yellowstone vacation (by Kristi)--full of a story of taunting a bison from the taunters point of view (and an angry buffalo at that); if they only knew what these animals have been going through
5/28/08 Roadtrip to Yellowstone National Park (by seattlepostman)
5/27/08 First week, big adventures (by Katie)
5/27/08 Too many elk and not enough tough love (by Jeff Welsch, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, in High Country News)
5/27/08 Yellowstone bears and park visitor etiquette (by Scott Michael)
5/27/08 Killing the wolves again: Bringing the wolves back to the Rockies hass been a huge success sort; so why are we allowed to gun them down? (by Katharine Mieszkowski Salon)
5/27/08 Yellowstone trip! (by Mingming)--"I love Yellowstone!!! =)"
5/27/08 Road journal: Day 4 (by ian)
5/26/08 Concealed weapons have no place in our national park system (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/25/08 The latest, greatest? adventure: Interning in Yellowstone National Park but first: The journey enroute (by Katie)
5/25/08 Yellowstone (by Charlissa)--good look of the psychology of people drawn into bear jams
5/25/08 Yellowstone National Parks (by McKenzie Ricks)--won over by park on a day trip she didn't think she'd enjoy
5/25/08 Make sure not to miss glorious Grand Tetons (by Christopher Broderick The Oregonian)
5/24/08 Don't be afraid of the big bad bears (by Ben Long Writers on the Range in Summit Daily News--CO)
5/24/08 Montana (by Andy)--had miserable weather cycling through Yellowstone
5/24/08 Camping on snow--the Yellow Stone (by Sisay)
5/24/08 Memorial Day weekend conditions update for Yellowstone & Grand Teton national parks (by Andrew Dean Nystrom)
5/23/08 Fish and Game Commission sets the table for wolf delisting hearing (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
5/23/08 An unfortunate opportunity: Buffalo Field Campaign sees inside a bison trap (by Jesse Crocker Earth First! Journal)
5/23/08 Is the National Park Service obligated to better promote proposed change in gun regulations? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/23/08 May 23, 2008--Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole (by Bonnie)
5/23/08 May 21st and 22nd--Yellowstone National Park (by Bonnie)
5/23/08 Grizzly bear mauled Jim Cole in Yellowstone 1 year ago (by Dave Smith)
5/23/08 Putting oil wells in the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone (by Douglas A. McIntyre 24/
5/22/08 Violating Yellowstone policy (by Jim Bailey, Gallatin Wildlife Association, posted by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman)
5/22/08 Aggression and the contemporary grizzly (by Scott Michael)
5/22/08 Great book on staying safe in bear country? (by Dave Smith)
5/22/08 17th May 2008 (by Paul)--not the first or last to be underwhelmed by Old Faithful
5/21/08 Yellowstone National Park--Part 4 (by BirdingRVers)
5/21/08 Yellowstone National Park sits on top of a massive bubble of molten lava; the burning bubbling magma underneath presses against the surface of the earth, under insane amounts of pressure (by Dustin Hughes Sand Springs Leader--OK)--compares Yellowstone supervolcano with FOX News host Bill O'Reilly
5/21/08 7 days into Yellowstone (by Hui Kai, Huang)--has noticed being noticed by me (I do a blogsearch of all blogs related to Yellowstone); I am very sorry for the racism this worker is experiencing--I think there was a fair amount of racism in the worker history in Yellowstone, especially in hiring practices--it's too bad that there is also some within the workforce itself
5/21/08 Over-analyzing America's top 25 tourist sites (by Eva Holland World Hum)
5/20/08 Support Obama? Live near Bozeman? Check out this flyer on Yellowstone's buffalo, Obama, and us (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
5/20/08 A bison by any other name is a buffalo (by Tom Rice)--in defense of the name "buffalo" in respect to Buffalo Allies of Bozeman
5/20/08 Watercolor sketch--Yellowstone, Hayden Valley 2 (art by Steve Penberthy)
5/20/08 Panic in the parks: Why the public lands will change (by Walter Truett Anderson New America Media)
5/19/08 While bison are driven back into Yellowstone National Park, questions over management continue (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/19/08 Grand Teton & Yellowstone (by T&B)--you see this sometimes, where people try to write from the dogs' perspectives
5/19/08 As goes Yellowstone's ecology, so goes the nation (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/18/08 Bison hazing is not the answer (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle, posted by Greater Yellowstone Coalition)
5/18/08 Day 4--May 14 (by Kallie)--describes a bison hazing operation in some detail
5/18/08 Watercolor sketch--Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Nat'l Park (art by Steve Penberthy)
5/18/08 It's been a hoot! (by Kathy Lichtendahl)
5/17/08 Settling in at Yellowstone (by Deric Roach)
5/17/08 After 4 days in Yellowstone (by Hui Kai, Huang)--thinks one of his co-workers is a racist
5/17/08 Change would risk public safety, parks' very existence (by The Tennessean)
5/17/08 First day on the job!! (by Cory St. Esprit)--worked in Yellowstone last year; this year at Quake Lake
5/16/08 Snake River bill fully protects water rights (by Casper Star-Tribune)
5/16/08 Open letter to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne Lewis (by Robert Hoskins in West Yellowstone News)--our press release is also in the paper (and also appeared in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on Wednesday)
5/15/08 Report from BFC rally in Helena, May 14, 2008 (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)
5/15/08 Welcome to Yellowstone Lake (by Jos)--will be studying bears
5/15/08 Yellowstone--Day 2 (by Joanne Boyle)
5/15/08 Yellowstone National Park--Part 2 (by BirdingRVers)
5/15/08 Hazing bison--another symbolic gesture (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/15/08 yellowstone is not really yellow (by Erlin)
5/15/08 Are bears unpredictable--ask Dave Parker (by Dave Smith)--part of an ongoing fight about bears on an online forum
5/14/08 Montana Stockgrowers denounce wolf lawsuit by environmentalists (by Montana Stockgrowers Association in The Valerian--MT)
5/14/08 Yellowstone (by Gary Arndt)
5/14/08 Guns in national parks (by Doug Leier)
5/14/08 yellowstoning (by Erlin)--a fond smile for this worker blog; I used to call this site The Yellowstoning Experience
5/14/08 Arrival (by afootandlighthearted)--one more worker blog; I'll have to chronicle these again like I did last year
5/13/08 Hope for wolves but not for bison (by heavenabove)
5/12/08 National park search and rescue: Should the rescued help pay the bills? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/12/08 Do elk feedgrounds violate public trust? (by Deb Donahue
5/12/08 I found internet!!! (by J.R. Tinch)--summer ranger
5/11/08 Arrived in Yellowstone (by Deric Roach)--another Yellowstone worker blog
5/11/08 An hour and a half from home (by David Lemon)
5/11/08 Gunning for trouble in national parks (by The Tampa Tribune)
5/10/08 Where the buffalo roam ... (by Kathy)--trip report with a couple interesting observations
5/10/08 Wyo conservation bills are off to a good start (by Casper Star-Tribune)
5/9/08 Preparing for the 2008 Yellowstone season: The lodging challenge (by Kevin Reichard Yellowstone Insider)
5/9/08 Judge appears to tip his hand in wolf lawsuit (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
5/8/08 My first experience to USA (by Tingting)--interesting outsider's experience traveling to work in Yellowstone
5/8/08 In Yellowstone finally (by Kyla Ng Qing Qing, Gracie too)--another Yellowstone worker blog
5/7/08 Conservation easements: The need for closer scrutiny (by George Wuerthner New West)--we've gone into the sordid practices of the Nature Conservancy before
5/7/08 Emotion clouds both sides of wolf debate (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
5/7/08 Work, work, work (by Bill and Cap)
5/7/08 Gun ban goes too far (by Baker City Herald--OR)
5/7/08 Now there's no reason to not let let bison roam (by Geoffrey Stephens in Billings Gazette)--was there ever a rational argument not to let bison roam?
5/7/08 Bison plan offers hope for improvement (by Geoffrey Stephens in Billings Gazette)--unfortunately, this Gardiner resident will not stop seeing bison sent to slaughter in his area after this agreement, especially after the buffalo numbers rebound from this devastating year
5/6/08 Sloppy reporting from the Billings Gazette (by James Dodge, Montana Food Bank Network, in Buffalo Field Campaign Blog)
5/6/08 The great wildlife documentary ripoff (by JamesW techimoto)
5/6/08 Court decision, proposed rule favor Second Amendment (by Portales News-Tribune--NM)
5/6/08 We're from the government, and we're here ... oh, you know (by Las Vegas Review-Journal)
5/5/08 Close elk feedgrounds before it's too late (by Brodie Farquhar
5/5/08 Being unreasonable about wolves (by Sylvia Fallon, Natural Resources Defense Council)
5/5/08 Interior secretary misfires (by The Star-Ledger--NJ)
5/5/08 "Yellowstone Wolf" (art by Sandra Merwin)
5/5/08 Fear and greed (by Democracy for Vancouver--Canada)
5/5/08 Yellowstone trip (by Striz13102)
5/5/08 Who's afraid of 253M? (by Chicago Tribune)
5/4/08 Now's great time to visit Yellowstone (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)--East Entrance now open
5/4/08 Increase in bison risks overgrazing (by Robert Hurly in Billings Gazette)
5/4/08 Bison agreement is step toward rationality (by Mark Waite in Billings Gazette)
5/3/08 Gunning for trouble in national parks (by Sacramento Bees)
5/3/08 Still pondering bison and wolves (by Janet Chapple)
5/3/08 Shooting wolves in the Northern Rockies (by Tom Sirmons)
5/2/08 A trip to Yellowstone Park, ca 1917 (by L.H. Crawley)
5/2/08 A natural view (by Katy Duffy in West Yellowstone News)
5/2/08 I can't help but write (by Ann Stovall in West Yellowstone News)
5/2/08 Rockies on a tank of gas part 2 (by Anthony Congi KIDK--ID)--with video
5/2/08 Who's in charge in national parks--individual states or the feds? (by The Modesto Bee--CA)
5/1/08 The chase, the carcass, and the right place at the right time (by Rob Miller)
5/1/08 Yellowstone's Upper Geyser Basin (by Bill and Cap)
5/1/08 Whoa! Help National Geographic put the Greater Yellowstone on the geotourism map? (by Brian Ertz Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
5/1/08 Wolf massacre update (by heavenabove)

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