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May 2009
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5/30/09 Yellowstone River (YNP) fly fishing report 30 May 2009: Runoff is rolling (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/30/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 30 May 2009: Slim Jims and streamers in the seams (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/30/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 30 May 2009: On the rise (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/29/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--May 25 through May 29, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
5/29/09 Bison hazing operations inside Yellowstone National Park fuel controversy (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/29/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 29 May 2009: Getting back into shape (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/29/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 29 May 2009: Streamers below the falls (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/29/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 29 May 2009: Sigh (by Jake Chi Wulff)
5/28/09 Update from the field: Yellowstone betrays bison, park visitors, and mission (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--indeed they have, yet again; and why isn't there a press release from "Yellowstone" telling us this? The hazing well within Yellowstone from Madison Junction to Fountain Flats (!!!) is also causing significant delays in the park; at the very least, it's a travel advisory. But, they don't because they don't want to have to explain why they are in cahoots with the Montana Department of Livestock's war on bison (on the phone, they tell people that they are doing this because outside the park they won't be tolerated and so have to shift populations around - great story, then get out of your involvement with operating bison traps at Stephens Creek, get out of the Interagency Bison Management Plan, and advocate for wild bison now!)
5/28/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 28 May 2009: Better every day and swinging soft hackles (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/28/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 28 May 2009: Cold water (by Jake Chi Wulff)
5/28/09 Cascade Corner fly fishing report 28 May 2009: Wait for it (by Jake Chi Wulff)
5/28/09 Yellowstone Park 5-28-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's Fly Shop)
5/26/09 Gros Ventre Campground EA open for review (press release by National Park Service)
5/26/09 Fishing report for 05-26-2009 (by Madison River Outfitters)
5/26/09 Firefighters and homeowners to participate in all fire day training (press release by National Park Service)
5/26/09 Henry's Fork fly fishing report 26 May 2009: Did I hear the world stonefly??? (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/26/09 Explosion rocks Biscuit Basin (by Yellowstone Insider)--like Bob Smith, I also saw Steamboat explode, but he's done one better ... he saw it from the sky
5/26/09 West Yellowstone (by Lauren Amy)
5/24/09 All major roads at Yellowstone National Park open for the season (by Jim Burnett National Parks Traveler)
5/24/09 By the bye (by Yellowstoner)
5/23/09 Opening day--(secret) (by Yellowstoner)--not secret anymore
5/23/09 Yellowstone River (YNP) fly fishing report 23 May 2009: As Spock would say--'Interesting' (by Jake Chi Wulff)
5/23/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 23 May 2009: Maybe, just maybe (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/23/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 23 May 2009: Don't bother (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/22/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--May 18 through May 22, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
5/22/09 Wolves depart Mammoth area; no pups after all (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/22/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 23 May 2009: Give it a good look on the way to the Firehole (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/22/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 22 May 2009: High, dirty, and rolling (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/22/09 Lamar River (YNP) fly fishing report 22 May 2009: It could be awhile (by Jake Chi Wulff)
5/22/09 Yellowstone roads open for Memorial Day weekend (press release by National Park Service)
5/22/09 New gun regulations for national parks, wildlife refuges won't take effect for nine months (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/21/09 Update from the field: More bison calves injured in hazing operations (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
5/21/09 Grand Teton recruits volunteer ambassadors for new multi-use pathway (press release by National Park Service)
5/21/09 8-mile multi-use path opens in Grand Teton National Park on Saturday (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/20/09 Traditional ceremony honoring wild buffalo on Horse Butte: Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe to lead a traditional ceremony on Horse Butte Peninsula in Montana to honor wild buffalo (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)--May 31, 11 AM, at Horse Butte
5/20/09 National Park rangers and park advocates outraged by votes allowing loaded guns in national parks (press release by National Parks Conservation Association)
5/20/09 Statement of Brady President Paul Helmke on House of Representatives action today (press release by Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence)
5/20/09 House seals deal to allow wide range of firearms into the national park system (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/19/09 Yellowstone National Park rangers kill habituated wolf (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/19/09 New multi-use pathway opens for public use (press release by National Park Service)--in Grand Teton NP
5/19/09 Opening what?? (by Yellowstoner)
5/19/09 Canyon/Fishing Bridge road closed again because of water-main break (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/18/09 Temporary closure of road between Canyon and Lake (press release by National Park Service)--this actually affects my travel plans tomorrow a lot
5/18/09 What's the latest on the search for a director of the National Park Service? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/18/09 American Indian guest artists 2009 program (press release by National Park Service)
5/18/09 Conducting safety checkpoints (press release by National Park Service)
5/18/09 Beartooth Meltdown (by Kayak & Canoe News)
5/18/09 Scientists work to plug microorganisms into the energy grid (press release by American Society for Microbiology in EurekAlert!)
5/17/09 Traditional spring ceremonies (by Yellowstoner)
5/15/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--May 11 through May 15, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
5/14/09 Update from the field: Bison on Horse Butte mercileesly hazed out of Montana (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
5/14/09 Author highlights book on Historic Bar BC Ranch (press release by National Park Service)
5/13/09 Rally against US Forest Service complicity with livestock industry in harassing wild buffalo (event IN BOZEMAN) (by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman)--event being organized by Buffalo Field Campaign; I will be attending and am working hard to let people here know about it
5/13/09 Old Faithful vandals caught on webcam: "Geyser gazers" call in violation in Yellowstone's first cyber-enforcement case (press release by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility)
5/12/09 Yellowstone solicits comments for Pebble Creek Trail Project (press release by National Park Service)--I'm not fond of when the National Park Service shorthands themselves as "Yellowstone"
5/11/09 Livestock interests harass wild bison in and around Yellowstone (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)
5/11/09 Grand Teton becomes first national park to earn StormReady status (press release by National Park Service)
5/8/09 CNSPR sends letter to Secretary Salazar on Yellowstone winter use resolution (letter by The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar)
5/8/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--April 20 through May 8, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
5/8/09 Public meetings & contract award for Gibbon Canyon Road project expected soon (press release by National Park Service)
5/8/09 Xanterra converting hotel gift shop to green educational store (by Hotels)--at Mammoth
5/8/09 Prescribed fire planned at Hunter Ranch area (press release by National Park Service)
5/8/09 Grand Teton, Yellowstone National Parks offering Migratory Bird Day activities (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/7/09 Update from the field: Helicopter operations target bison at Yellowstone (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
5/5/09 Trail work temporarily halts Wraith Falls access (press release by National Park Service)
5/4/09 Wolves once again in the crosshairs: Delisting rule removes protections for wolves in much of Northern Rockies (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
5/4/09 Celebrating International Migratory Bird Day (press release by National Park Service)
5/4/09 Boyd Evison Graduate Fellowship awarded (press release by National Park Service)
5/1/09 Spring clean-up beautifies Grand Teton NP (press release by National Park Service)
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5/28/09 Check out Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC). This Sunday, Chief Arvol Looking Horse will be leading a prayer ceremony for the buffalo on Horse Butte at 11 AM. I'll be there; hopefully, some of you in our area can come as well. Also, I've gotten very discouraging reports of more hazing on private land with helicopters in Horse Butte and an unconfirmed confirmed report (and here of rangers driving bison from Madison J. to Fountain Flats (Lower Geyser Basin). Stephany Seay from BFC also confirmed this in an email; hazing all the way into the park far in with DOL helicopters, hazing from Madison J. to Fountain Flats out of fear there would be too many bison in one area. In my experience, this is a new record; hazing that far into the interior all because bison in an area where there are no cows aren't allowed to stay.
5/31/09 Plan to move park bison stalls (AP story in Billigns Gazette)--Northern Arapahos changing mind
5/31/09 What to do about Cottonwood? (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/30/09 Fingers pointed as park's winter visits fall (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/29/09 Guns in local parks (by Matthew Irwin Planet Jackson Hole)
5/28/09 Grizzly bear relocated in western Wyoming (by Billings Gazette)
5/28/09 Lodging reservations down without airport (by Katy Niner Jackson Hole News and Guide)--Teton County's unemployment also shot up to 8%; tough times in one of the richest counties
5/27/09 Spotting bears at Yellowstone tougher than it used to be (by KFBB--MT)--with video; true, but for me, my luck improved--I saw a grizzly last week
5/27/09 Groups challenge lynx decision (AP story in Seattle Post-Intelligencer)--the print version folded, but it continues living online
5/27/09 Counting on the 'Crown Jewel' to keep tourism alive (by Keriann Lynch Flathead Beacon)--71 percent of Montana's first time visitors went to Glacier or Yellowstone
5/27/09 State moose numbers fall short of target: Mule deer count is also below goals, but antelope are going strong, Game and Fish survey shows (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/26/09 'Energy surcharge' added at Yellowstone (by Montana's News Station)
5/26/09 Once exterminated from Yellowstone, wolves now big money maker (by KFBB--MT)--with video
5/26/09 Teton, Yellowstone among the most visited (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/25/09 Native American ceremony honors buffalo on Sunday (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--1st story
5/24/09 YNP early bookings slow; more European visitors (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)--interesting remarks about Asians and swine flu; we saw a lot of Asian tourists in Yellowstone last week; however, some wore masks and several seemed very concerned about the sanitation of the outhouses (one screaming as she went in and quickly ran out)
5/24/09 Is an eruption brewing at Yellowstone National Park? (by KFBB--MT)--with video
5/24/09 Beartooth Highway opens (by Stephanie Domurat KULR--MT)
5/23/09 Geology group treated to rare pool explosion (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/23/09 'You can carry but you can't shoot' (by Jim Mann Daily Inter Lake--MT)
5/23/09 Yellowstone roads open for holiday (by Billings Gazette)
5/23/09 Law allows guns in parks (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--but not for nine months
5/23/09 Flood risk expected to rise over weekend (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/23/09 Yellowstone tour focuses on predators (by Billings Gazette)
5/22/09 Fishing report (by Bucky McCormick, Blue Ribbon Flies, in West Yellowstone News)
5/22/09 Expert: Help relist grizzlies (by Traci Angel Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/22/09 Center wows Teton's visitors: Exhibits explain park's history, habitat while highlighting great views (by Billings Gazette)
5/22/09 Former Teton ranger wins national award (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/22/09 PPL Montana begins work on Hebgen Dam (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/21/09 Road work to slow park traffic: Madison-to-Norris segment to be blocked in August (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/21/09 Clearing of Beartooth Highway goes smoothly this year: Slightly less snow accumulated this year (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
5/21/09 House OKs gun bill (by Kevin Huelsmann and the AP Jackson Hole News and Guide)--this now will almost certainly become law
5/21/09 'Serial wildlife killer' (by Jodi Hausen Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/20/09 Game management (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/20/09 Yellowstone NP gearing up for tourism season (by Angela Douglas KTVQ--MT)--with video
5/20/09 National parks: Gun-toters welcome (by Mark Wilcox Chicago Tribune)--see caption; no, it's the government that shoots the bison
5/20/09 Connecting the DOTs: Yellowstone summit focuses on transportation (by Mark Wilcox Idaho Business Review)
5/20/09 Grossman addresses Yellowstone Business Partnership (by Brodie Farquhar Wyoming Business Report)
5/20/09 Dam releases to peak June 8, bureau says: Ample year of water should see reservoir fill by mid-July (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)--from Jackson Lake
5/19/09 Habituated gray wolf removed from YNP (by Montana's News Station)
5/19/09 Park leaders optimistic for a better summer: Visitation could bounce back on last-minute bookings (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/19/09 Snowpack reaches 'normal' after drought years (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
5/19/09 Yellowstone plans sobriety checkpoints (AP story in KIFI--ID)
5/18/09 Village homeowner up for top parks post (by Kevin Huelsmann Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/18/09 Kids from Boys & Girls Club picked for Yellowstone trip (by The News Tribune)
5/17/09 Lauren Turner returns as Hebgen Lake Distric Ranger (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
5/17/09 Dam work (by West Yellowstone News)
5/16/09 Yellowstone workers to kill problem wolf (by Cory Hatch and the AP Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/16/09 Flows to peak June 8 (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)--from Jackson Lake
5/16/09 Hyalite Canyon Road opens today (by Billings Gazette)--some of the popular hiking sites still with lots of snow, though
5/16/09 Gallatin Forest requests comments on fire-management amendment (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--1st story
5/16/09 Buffalo hazing frustrates property owner: Conservation easement not getting intended use (by Brett French Billings Gazette)--the protest yesterday in Bozeman was somewhat comical; Gallatin Forest Supervisor Mary Erickson nor anyone at the USFS wanted to talk, which left a kind of cat and mouse with security guards (who took lots of pictures of protesters); she did relent somewhat and agree to a meeting on May 29 with a group of "5 to 6" buffalo advocates
5/15/09 Bison hazing raises ire (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--the hazing operations, some of which was helicopters over private land 15 to 20 feet off the ground (where again the owner refused DOL agents entry to their land), also involved the hazing of a calf with a broken leg, that you can read about in the Buffalo Field Campaign update over to the left
5/15/09 Old Faithful leak, but don't call plumber (by Leslie Stratomen KTAK--WY)
5/15/09 Hijinks in park punished (AP story in Billings Gazette)
5/15/09 Men fined, fired after webcam caught them peeing in Old Faithful (by Courtney Lowery New West)
5/15/09 Ranch meant for migrating bison unused (by Billings Gazette)--of course, what this story doesn't say is that after the April 15 date when bison need to be back in the park from the north, there were a lot of hazing operations in the Gardiner area conducted by the NPS, showing again one facet of how useless this land for only 25 bison is
5/15/09 Koch fined $1,000 for snowmobile escapade (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/14/09 MT FWP weighs wolf hunt quotas (by Kay Rossi KXLH--MT)--with video
5/14/09 Officials defend hazing of bison into park (by Brett French Billings Gazette)--Yellowstone National Park spokesman Al Nash could be a snake oil salesman; his remarks about the month between buffalo being on land and cows being on land makes absolutely no sense on several levels, especially on the Horse Butte peninsula, where there are never any cows or the fact that NPS hazes bison in the north INSIDE Yellowstone National Park boundaries
5/14/09 Brucellosis fighters seeking stable funding: Legislative panel told effective vaccine could take decades to develop (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/14/09 New brucellosis testing to begin Friday (by Billings Gazette)
5/14/09 Runway project ahead of schedule at airport (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/13/09 Sylvan Pass reopens (by Cody Enterprise)--today's closure mentioned in this blog as well
5/13/09 Montana ready to launch brucellosis action plan (by Kay Rossi KXLH--MT)--with video
5/13/09 6 cited for walking onto Old Faithful (by Casper Star-Tribune)--two of them went out to the cone and urinated inside of Old Faithful; there are pictures on the Yellowstone Net forums (thanks to Skeets for the heads up days ago!)
5/13/09 Elk numbers surpass goal: State census shows herds about 12.3 percent above objectives, likely more with uncounted animals (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/12/09 Six men cited for disturbing Old Faithful (by Todd Kunz KIDK--ID)--with video
5/12/09 Senate backs allowing guns in national parks (by Associated Press)--passed Senate as rider to credit card bill; would have to survive a conference committee
5/12/09 National Tourism Week recognized (by Mark Martello KBZK--MT)
5/12/09 FWP to set wolf quotas Thursday (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
5/12/09 Snowmobilers vie for acreage in lynx habitat: Environmentalists sue to expand designation in Rockies (by Valerie Richardson The Washington Times)
5/12/09 State brucellosis plan begins Friday (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
5/12/09 Spraying to begin in forest campgrounds (by Billings Gazette)--in Shoshone NF
5/10/09 Grand Teton plans 60-acre prescribed burn (AP story in KIFI--ID)
5/9/09 Study looks into what makes elk thrive: Researchers monitoring 2 herds in Wyoming (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/9/09 Clearing the road (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--Hyalite Canyon Road in Gallatin National Forest expected to open on time next week; I'm hoping to take my sister and brother-in-law there when they visit a week after that
5/9/09 Botur family protects 1,800 acres of ranch (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/8/09 Sylvan Pass temporarily closed (by Cody Enterprise)--from a large boulder that fell
5/8/09 Grizzlies spotted south (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/8/09 Delegation pushes to allow gguns in parks (by Kevin Huelsmann Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/7/09 Yellowstone workers, visitors coping with Canyon pack (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
5/7/09 Pikas could get protection (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/7/09 Lynx biologist: Snowmobiling is no problem (by Casper Star-Tribune)
5/7/09 Wyo, Idaho govs slam brucellosis plan (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--same old nonsense from the politicians
5/7/09 Work halts Yellowstone falls access (by Billings Gazette)
5/6/09 Snowmobile groups go to court over lynx designation (by Jared Miller Casper Star-Tribune)
5/6/09 Wolf delisting might hinder Wyo. ranchers: Herdsmen can't protect livestock, lawyers say (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/6/09 Lawmakers bicker over wilderness bill (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
5/5/09 Wolf lawsuit likeley (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
5/5/09 Grizzly bear trapped, relocated (by Billings Gazette)--into the Shoshone NF
5/4/09 Wolves officially deslisted (by Sarah Gravlee KULR--MT)--with video
5/4/09 Montana griz documentary (by Joel Lundstad KULR--MT)--with video
5/4/09 Wolves off list, but legal battles loom (AP story in Great Falls Tribune)
5/4/09 Wildfire plays larger role in heating Earth (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
5/3/09 National Geographic TV show spotlights Yellowstone's grizzly bear population (by Ben Pierce Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Casper Star-Tribune)
5/2/09 Wolf plack moves to park's headquarters: Den near Mammoth posted off-limits to protect pups (by Amanda Ricker Billings Gazette)
5/1/09 Newly active after hibernation, bears represent a possible threat to humans (by Amy May Lone Peak Lookout--MT)
5/1/09 Sun Ranch for sale (by Amanda Ricker Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
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(comment in the discussion forum
5/31/09 Sunday night spin cycle (by Robyn)
5/30/09 Hungry like the wolf (by Robyn)
5/30/09 Monument Geyser Basin (by Molly)--I really like the prize at the end of this short but strenuous hike
5/30/09 5-27 (Wed) (by Nancy)--someone else working in Yellowstone
5/30/09 Camping? Don't forget to bring your gun (by The Miami Herald)
5/30/09 Guns don't belong in national parks (by St. Petersburg Times--FL)
5/29/09 Ghost forests and the fate of the Yellowstone grizzly (by Louisa Willcox, Natural Resources Defense Council)
5/29/09 Beauty and the beast (by Robyn)
5/29/09 A busy spring rolls in (by Leslie)
5/29/09 'Colter's Hell'--a family vacation paradise! (by Frank Jordan The Vindicator--TX)
5/29/09 Traveler checklist: Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek Yellowstone National Park)
5/29/09 CED drawing in ink (art by Kate)
5/28/09 Guns in parks make for a messy, sometimes violent mix (by Scott Streater in The New York Times)
5/28/09 Yellowstone trip day 8 (by ourwillinghands)
5/28/09 Yellowstone (by made sweet)--go to Yellowstone, especially for the right flavor of Wilcoxson's ice cream
5/27/09 27.05.09--Cody to Idaho Falls (by Pjarowi1)
5/27/09 Ice cream (by Robyn)--I love this blog and how prolific it is
5/27/09 Since the security checks for work still haven't cleared, me and my fellow interns Maeve, Chris, and Erica (and Jess' boyfriend, Manuel) decided to go on a hike (by Molly)
5/27/09 Call of the wilds (by Leslie)
5/27/09 Guns, parkies and plastic (by Dave Skinner Flathead Beacon)--plenty of specious arguments to go around both sides of the gun debate, including some in this column; when I've tried to meddle in without taking clear sides, I usually got shot at in both directions ... so, I'll just go on my merry way
5/26/09 Perils of feeding wildlife (by Franz Camenzind, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, in Casper Star-Tribune)
5/26/09 No, it did not throw down a two-handed dunk or try to suf on top of my van (by Mickey)
5/26/09 Day off (by Robyn)
5/26/09 Yellowstone (by Ashish Gaonker)--man from India shares perspective (wrong to say that most people in Jackson are "farmers", though when the cowboys come to town, it might seem like it; most in Jackson seem to be tourists
5/26/09 The view from here (by Barb)--my personal theme song is also that I still haven't found what I'm looking for; I am lucky, though, that I have found out the where I should be looking (just not the what)
5/26/09 A few thoughts from Yellowstone's opening day (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/25/09 Yellowstone reservations picking up; don't wait until the last minute (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/25/09 Yellowstone (by Aly)--thoughts of death and science with a healthy dose of curiosity
5/25/09 The troops (by Robyn)
5/25/09 vacations over (by Jim Child)
5/25/09 Yellowstone wildlife viewing (by Esmae)
5/25/09 My world: Yellowstone North Entrance (by Ecobirder)
5/24/09 Bears aren't as big a problem as advertised (by Ben Long in Cody Enterprise)--I like this one very much
5/24/09 Northern Rockies Protection Act preserves land, saves money, creates jobs (by Paul Richards in New West)
5/24/09 Global warming hurting trees & grizzly bears in Yellowstone (by Natural Resources Defense Council in Opposing Views)
5/24/09 My first 36 hours in Yellowstone (by aewickham)
5/24/09 Yellowstone NP, day 2 (by MMG and DDG)--great pictures of brown black bears
5/24/09 Liberals frustrated on gun, Guantanamo issues (AP story in The Union-Tribune--CA)
5/24/09 Memorial weekend in Yellowstone National Park (by Pam and Bill)--accident at Norris mucks up day's plans; more here
5/24/09 Welcome to my nightmare (by Robyn)--more on the Norris accident, though the "nightmare" has more to do with troubles at work
5/23/09 Hustle, hustle, hustle (by Robyn)
5/23/09 Yellowstone, spring hiking hot spot: While winter clings to the rest of the northern Rockies, cabin-fever-inflicted hikers can go to Yellowstone and find July conditions in May (by Bill Schneider New West)--which is why we hiked Resuce Creek recently and Lava Creek just a few days ago
5/23/09 A modest proposal to permit everyone to carry guns in public buildings (by Sandy Goodman The Huffington Post)
5/23/09 Yellowstone opening day: Calling in the heavy artillery (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/23/09 Lest we forget (by Yellowstoner)
5/23/09 Today was my last day with my Dad here in the Yellowstone area (by Molly)--great picture of a rattlesnake
5/23/09 Not much to talk about (by Catherine)
5/22/09 Memorial Day weekend: The opening of the Beartooth Highway (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/22/09 Dunraven Pass opens (by Robyn)
5/22/09 Tidbits (by Robyn)--apparently pointing can be offensive in some cultures
5/22/09 Horses and helicopters haze bison from Horse Butte (by Brennan Sang West Yellowstone News)
5/22/09 Guns in the national parks? (by Mark Tokarski)
5/21/09 A smoking gun (by Janet Chapple)
5/21/09 Ice cream and fudge (by Robyn)
5/21/09 How does this make America safer? (by Thomas E. Ricks)--no kayaks allowed but loaded pistols are okay
5/21/09 May 15--Tetons and Yellowstone (by Nancy Chalmers)
5/20/09 Shotguns, AK-47's and your national parks (by Christopher Hayes The Nation)
5/20/09 Groceries (by Robyn)
5/20/09 Only the wind sang (by Leslie)
5/20/09 Problem Yellowstone wolf killed (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/19/09 The tyranny of nature's plan (by Rob Miller)
5/19/09 Yellowstone National Park--Mammoth Hot Springs (by Dan Bodenstein)
5/19/09 In Yellowstone (by Samira Morshedi)
5/19/09 Back to Yellowstone (by Reggie Perdue, the RV Dog)
5/19/09 Park rangers to set up checkpoints Memorial Day weekend (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/19/09 Bike-chasing wolf: Yellowstone rangers plan to kill a wolf that chases people on bikes and motorcycles (by Ted Alvarez Backpacker Magazine)
5/18/09 The cynical gun debate: The most extreme version of a bill to allow guns back in national parks overturns a Reagan-era rule (by Joan McCarter New West)
5/18/09 I am in Yellowstone Nature Park, Grant Village now! (by agent clumsy)--working in Grant Village
5/18/09 Yellowstone National Park--a place of wonder (by Relic)
5/18/09 Park officials chasing down problem wolf; Canyon Pack to be hazed (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/18/09 A day of surprises and delight! (by Oma G)
5/18/09 Robyn cries wolf (by Robyn)
5/18/09 Yellowstone's buffalo: Hazing photos and frustrated landowners (by Matt Skoglund EcoSilly)
5/18/09 Buffalo hazing back--but was it necessary? (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/18/09 The Yellowstone Analogy and the crisis of neoliberal capitalism (by Charles Hugh Smith)--as I've said here more than once, arguments by analogy are always dangerous; however, using Yellowstone for such analogies seems too tempting
5/18/09 Oh give me a home ... (by Allan Island Park News--ID)
5/18/09 May 17, 2009--day 10 (by Scott)
5/18/09 Busy beavers (by Yellowstoner)--new resources on YNP Web site
5/18/09 West Yellowstone for anniversary (by Whitney Allred)--would like to kill wolves
5/17/09 Tourists: Come visit West Yellowstone now! (by barb abramo in West Yellowstone News)--to witness the annual hazing of buffalo
5/17/09 Republicans sprayed with toxic spew from Old Faithful (by wirehead The Spoof!)--satire with lots of typos, in case that needs to be stated
5/17/09 A big fan of the Forest Service (by Charley Hester in West Yellowstone News)--and the US Forest Service, whom we protested on Friday in Bozeman for their role in bison harassment, seems to be a big fan of me, as they had our logistics information and last minute changes as I posted them
5/17/09 Expedition: Yellowstone (by Kevin Flanagan in West Yellowstone News)
5/17/09 The store is open (by Robyn)
5/17/09 Yellowstone bound (by Emily Williams)--interning in Yellowstone
5/17/09 Yellowstone country offers rich reward (by Charlie Meyers The Denver Post)
5/17/09 Rockefeller preserve has natural appeal (by Kari Bodnarchuk The Boston Globe)
5/17/09 Don't take national park landscapes for granted (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/17/09 Favorite places: Yellowstone Lake (by Margot)
5/17/09 Beauty Pool (art by Tom Bradshaw)
5/17/09 A day in the life of a born traveller (by Amy W)
5/16/09 Clark's Fork hike and the vilified wolf (by Leslie)
5/16/09 Grizzly bear delight (by Robyn)
5/16/09 Guns, geysers and Mr. Reid (by Gail Collins The New York Time)
5/16/09 Hey Mr. Park Ranger--we've got a leak over here? (by The Observer)--complete with speculation on filling in the blanks on the story, perhaps showing more the prejudice of the writer than anything we can reliably know is true about this strange story of the employees peeing in Old Faithful; however, there, is neat art of Castle Geyser
5/16/09 It's a coyote ... or is it a wolf? (by Robyn)
5/16/09 Grizzly bears and gob-o-worms (by Jake Chi Wulff)--grizzly forces an end to fishing on Hebgen Lake
5/16/09 Yellowstone issues (by CptRich The Young Turks)
5/15/09 Running from a lie: Halt Horse Butte hazing of bison (by Josh Mogerman, Natural Resources Defense Council)
5/15/09 Bison hazed, property rights trampled, wildness lost (by Matt Skoglund, Natural Resources Defense Council)
5/15/09 Yellowstone blues (by JohnJEnright)--had an alternative punishment for the Old Faithful pissers; he followed up with this short poem
5/15/09 Yellow water in Yellowstone (by Thomas Taschinger)
5/15/09 Yellowstone and Idaho (by Aimee)
5/15/09 Yellowstone (by Rachel McFadden)--reasons she loves Yellowstone
5/14/09 More grizzly news around town (by Leslie)
5/14/09 Gear-jamming in Yellowstone, part III (by polemiscat)
5/14/09 If it's Yellowstone, leave it mellow-stone? (by Russ Walker Grist)
5/14/09 2 Yellowstone workers fired after watering geyser (by God or Science)--well, no, if bears and mountain lions were peeing on Old Faithful every day, we would have a lot of pictures of it!
5/14/09 Visitor Center brings life to the Tetons (by Kristy Gray Casper Star-Tribune)
5/14/09 Sights and smells--West Yellowstone (by backpacking tentsbad)
5/13/09 Wyoming & brucellosis: Pot, kettle, black black black (by jhwygirl)
5/13/09 Senate okays loaded guns, semiautomatic weapons in Yellowstone (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/13/09 Idiots cited for defacing Old Faithful (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/13/09 Spring in Yellowstone (by Mark Fuller)
5/13/09 Sights you don't expect in Yellowstone (by Clint Teegardin, Circle B Bar T)--drawing attention to less famous animals in Yellowstone
5/13/09 Starting again (by Doug Price)--while not an "interesting" post, I want to note it as I continue to cover employee blogs; they'll be working at Mammoth
5/12/09 Yellowstone National Park (by Jean)--perhaps joking but wishes the roads were heated by the natural steam like they apparently do at Klamath Falls (egads)
5/12/09 Winter still not over ... (by Steve Pack)--reports more stupid human antics
5/12/09 Senate loads credit card bill with amendment to allow loaded weapons in national parks (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/12/09 Yellowstone Treasures (book review by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
5/12/09 Faith is a team sport (by Reverand Irreverent)--existence of bears in Yellowstone used for religious message
5/11/09 Needless, harmful, disruptive, and wasteful (by Matthew Skoglund, Natural Resources Defense Council)
5/11/09 In Yellowstone the bison rule the road (by Robyn)--Yellowstone worker tours before checking in; I remember that well
5/11/09 Yellowstone National Park (by Joe)--exchange students seem to be having some misadventures with park rangers due to an issue with the license plates
5/10/09 Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? (by Stephen Augustine, Northern Rockies Wolf Group, in The River Journal--MT)
5/10/09 Yellowstone! (by Evan)--working in Grant Village this summer
5/10/09 An advertisement for Yellowstone! (by Leslie)
5/9/09 Day #3-4 (by Michael Christopher Yoder)--a lot of better written trip reports don't make the newspaper; this one did if only because it shows you can camp sometimes for free even when sites are full
5/8/09 The biggest hit of Yellowstone's summer season so far? The Canyon Pack (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/7/09 Montana legislative scorecard: What happened to the three bills Wild Bill supported in the recently concluded Montana legislature? Well, let's say, he shouldn't consider a career as a lobbyist (by Bill Schneider New West)
5/7/09 Govs slam federal brucellosis plan; Yellowstone bison in the crosshairs (by Yellowstone Insider)--article mistakenly says that WY Gov. Dave Freudenthal is a Republican; the history suggests its mistaken to say that brucellosis is a partisan issue; the parties in power have been irrelevant ... both have been abusive to wildlife in Greater Yellowstone
5/6/09 Grizzlies and the edge of Eden (by Leslie)
5/5/09 Rhetoric doesn't match changing reality in national wolf debate (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
5/5/09 Smith testifies for Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (by Brian Smith in New West)
5/5/09 At Yellowstone (by Ron Chastain)--a worker blog; we'll be following this and others that I find
5/4/09 Wolves officially delisted from endangered list; let the lawsuits begin (by Yellowstone Insider)
5/4/09 I hate hunters! (by Kimberly J Tilley)
5/4/09 Tourism outlook not helped by slow start (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
5/4/09 The "basically impossible, theoretical, worst-case scenario" for wolves takes effect today (by Sylvia Fallon, Natural Resources Defense Council)
5/4/09 Yellowstone's opening day: So where are you fishing? (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/4/09 The great escape (by Ken and Patty)
5/4/09 Want Yellowstone to yourself? Head out in springtime (by Yellowstone Insider)--that's never entirely true, and if too many of you listen, it definitely won't be true
5/3/09 Spring visitors cherish Yellowstone's quiet days before summer crush (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
5/3/09 Expanding wildlife ranges (by feralhiker)
5/3/09 Gear-jamming in Yellowstone, part II (by polemicscat)
5/3/09 The mystic wolf: Off the endangered list, back in the crosshairs (by Mike Jones Tulsa World)
5/3/09 Wolf sightings renew Colorado debate (by Charlie Meyers Denver Post)
5/2/09 WANTED: Fishless lakes (by Yellowstoner)--very interesting and well worth the read
5/2/09 Feeling like home (by Cap)
5/1/09 A love affair with Yellowstone's bison (by Elizabeth Laden Island Park News--ID)
5/1/09 10 reasons you need to fish Yellowstone this year (by Mark Chi Wulff)
5/1/09 The wolf and the polar bear (by Jonathan Hiskes Grist)
5/1/09 A "buffalo hippie" speaks (by Stephany Seay, Buffalo Field Campaign, in West Yellowstone News)
5/1/09 A natural view (by Katy Duffy West Yellowstone News)
5/1/09 Forest Service is outdated (by Dan Hoskins in West Yellowstone News)

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