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November 2002
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I don't have reporters, and so you won't find stories here that aren't elsewhere on the internet.  What you will find here is Yellowstone news that I have compiled from news gathering and activist sources.  What I want is for this page to be a resource for those looking for or needing to do research on current events in Yellowstone.  For further factual research, go to The Magic of Yellowstone Fact Guide or History Guide.

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11/28/02 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
11/27/02 Update on Yellowstone SEIS (by Jack Welch, BlueRibbon Coalition)
11/27/02 Bush Administration proposes recasting decades of forest policy for the timber industry (by Defenders of Wildlife)
11/25/02 ISMA Yellowstone information sheet (by Ed Klim, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association)
11/25/02 NPS fact sheet on Yellowstone SEIS (by National Park Service as presented by BlueRibbon Coalition)
11/21/02 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--DOL KILLS ANOTHER BUFFALO
11/21/02 Third season of interagency bison management plan underway (by Montana Department of Livestock)
11/20/02 Thousands tell President Bush to fund national parks: National call in day generates thousands of calls to the White House (by National Parks Conservation Association)
11/18/02 Park Service: Keep snowmobiles in Yellowstone, add more machines, but WWA says Bush plan ignores science public opinion; skiers, snowshoers not welcome in world's first national park (by Winter Wildlands Alliance)
11/18/02 Where on Earth is Mars? (by Jet Propulsion Laboratory as reported by Mars Today)--Small mention of Yellowstone being studied in connection with understanding Martian geology
11/18/02 Teton Pack kills a heifer: Wolf control is ordered, but then dropped after heavy snow (by Ralph Maughan)
11/14/02 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
11/12/02 National Parks Conservations Association statement on National Park Service Yellowstone snowmobile rules (by National Parks Conservation Association as reported by U.S. Newswire)
11/12/02 Alert on the Wyoming wolf plan (by Ralph Maughan)
11/8/02 Administration chooses snowmobiles over a healthy Yellowstone (by Greater Yellowstone Coalition)
11/7/02 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
11/5/02 Future management plan for Yellowstone grizzlies being reviewed by state and federal land and wildlife managers (by Greg Losinski, Idaho Fish & Game)
11/4/02 Canyon Club brings new impacts to public resources: Help enforce non-motorized provisions of the Bridger-Teton travel plan (by Greater Yellowstone Coalition)
11/4/02 Two members of the Mill Creek Pack shot by landowner after killing 16 sheep (by Ralph Maughan)
11/4/02 Alaska quake seems to trigger Yellowstone jolts: Small tremors rattle national park after big quake 2,000 miles away (by University of Utah)
11/30/02 Yellowstone may aid technology (by Usha Lee McFarling Los Angeles Times)--free registration required to read
11/30/02 Yellowstone photos become book (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/30/02 Wolf pack moves in just outside of Livingston (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/29/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, week of 11/22 - 11/29, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
11/29/02 Bison in Yellowstone approaching record numbers (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--Montana is already foreshadowing the possible disaster that's looming
11/29/02 Grand Targhee, Forest Service revive stalled land proposal (by John O'Connell Idaho State Journal)
11/29/02 Mandatory bear spray proposed (AP story in Billings Gazette)--This is in response to the shooting near Dupuyer, MT (near Glacier NP) of a grizzly nursing 3 cubs. The bear is still alive, although she was shot in the head.
11/29/02 Prophets of doom (by Jon Casimir Sidney Morning Herald)--story about an apocalyptic website; mentions that this site notes that the Yellowstone supervolcano is 40,000 years overdue for a major eruption
11/28/02 Healthy forest proposals defended (by Jennifer McKee Billings Gazette)
11/28/02 Yellowstone National Park bison (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/28/02 The Beartooths' crown jewels (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
11/28/02 Government plans new forest rules (by Tom Kenworthy and Traci Watson USA Today)
11/28/02 Elk hunt totals off from 2001 (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/28/02 Conservation easement donated (AP story in Billings Gazette)--3rd article
11/28/02 Forest Service analyzes land swap (AP story in The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/27/02 Study: Power plant may pollute pristine areas (by Clair Johnson Billings Gazette)--This is in respect to a coal-fired power plant proposed 120 miles NE of Yellowstone
11/27/02 Grand Targhee swap again gets go-ahead (by Rebecca Huntington The Jackson Hole Local)
11/27/02 Public responds to forest travel plan in record numbers (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/27/02 Cooke City man admits attack (AP story in Billings Gazette)--2nd article
11/27/02 Design redo may sooth some snowmobile critics (by UPI)--3rd article
11/26/02 New bearproof garbage storage installed in Cooke City (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/26/02 Wyoming may put wolves under ag department (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/26/02 Man convicted of assault (AP story in Billings Gazette)--1st article. For hitting man with a car in Yellowstone last spring
11/26/02 Plant-fungal symbiosis found in high-heat extreme environment (by National Science Foundation)
11/26/02 Tough microbes offer clues to self-assembling nano-structures (by Glenda Chui The Mercury News--San Jose)
11/26/02 Wildlife champion Goodall embraces American cougar (by Reuters)--Jane Goodall, of chimpanzee fame, became interested in cougars after first trip to Yellowstone a few years ago
11/25/02 Birth control for elk herds under review (AP story in The Missoulian)--Seems that wildlife managers are considering birth control for the elk herds supposedly being decimated by wolves
11/25/02 EPA change raises specter of eco-slackening: Congress likely to ease conservation laws, but GOP's past offers a cautionary tale (by Brad Knickerbocker Christian Science Monitor)
11/24/02 Unknowns in snowmobile plan worry Yellowstone businesses (AP story in The Olympian--Olympia)
11/24/02 Healing after help from hero in harrowing bear attack (by Kate Munro The Union Leader--Manchester, NH)
11/23/02 Snowfall stalls wolf trapping (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/23/02 Environmentalists blast snowmo plan (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/22/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, week of 11/15 - 11/22, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
11/22/02 Yellowstone snowmobile plan under fire (by UPI)
11/22/02 Bison killed outside park (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--With the number of bison over 4,000, there is the potential for a huge slaughter this winter
11/22/02 Plan would make wolves predators (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/22/02 Fungus and plant stand heat together (by Christopher Surridge Nature)
11/21/02 Senate passes Teton land swap bill again (AP story in Billings Gazette)--2nd article
11/21/02 Supermicrobe Man: First Craig Venter cracked the human genome; now he wants to sequence the ocean and save the world (by Douglas McGray Wired)--A project involving Yellowstone mentioned in interview
11/18/02 Rule to postpone phase-out of snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks published in federal register (by National Park Service)
11/18/02 Grand Teton to pack some trails (AP story in Billings Gazette)--4th article
11/18/02 Yellowstone poaching still being investigated (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
11/18/02 Teton County installs cattle guard covers (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
11/17/02 Flooded with comments, officials plug their ears (by Katharine Q. Seelye New York Times)--free registration required to read article
11/17/02 Theory says quakes can trigger other quakes (AP story in Ventura County Star--CA)
11/16/02 Legislators won't buy ill-advised wolf plan (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/16/02 3 men charged in elk poaching (AP story in Denver Post)
11/16/02 Jackson Hole storm boosts slide chances (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/15/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, week of 11/08 - 11/15, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
11/15/02 Snowmobiles back on Jackson Lake (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
11/15/02 Thomas pleased with snowmobile rules (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--Craig Thomas is a U.S. Senator from Wyoming
11/15/02 The return of Oregon's wolves (by Sam Boush The Daily Barometer--Oregon State University)--talks in some detail about the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction
11/14/02 Wyoming ruling on wolves targeted (by Jennifer McKee Billings Gazette)
11/14/02 Public meetings set on wolf management plan (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/14/02 Comatose New Brighton woman's death is ruled homicide (by Terry Collins Star Tribune--Minneapolis)
11/13/02 Bush opens Yellowstone to more snowmobiles (by J. R. Pegg ENS)
11/13/02 Snowmobile decision irks operators, conservationists (by Bill McAllister Denver Post)
11/13/02 Park Service puts faith in clean technology (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/13/02 Parks eye snowmobile cap (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
11/13/02 Yellowstone may limit snowmobiling (by Tom Wharton The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/13/02 Wolves flourish in Yellowstone (by Dan Palmer The Edmonton Sun)
11/13/02 Officials investigate killing of 13 elk (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/13/02 Proposed fee increases will be considered (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/13/02 Storyteller enlightens BYU students to Utah history (by Alison Hulse BYU NewsNet)--one story is set in Yellowstone
11/13/02 New Brighton woman beaten into coma dies (by Terry Collins Star Tribune--Minneapolis)
11/12/02 Environmental groups irked by Bush snowmobile plan (by Julie Cart Los Angeles Times in Arizona Republic)
11/12/02 Administration allows snowmobiles at two major national parks (by Michael Kilian Chicago Tribune in Centre Daily Times--State College, PA)
11/12/02 Administration allows snowmobiles at two major national parks (by Jim Burns
11/12/02 Plan requiring guides for park snowmobilers revs up criticism (by Katie N. Johannes Great Falls Tribune)
11/12/02 More snowmobiles to be allowed in Western parks (AP story in USA Today)
11/12/02 New park rules slated for snowmobile use (AP story in Billings Gazette)--very widely distributed story
11/12/02 Snowmobile plans worry Montana: Bush Administration's snowmobile plans worry business leaders in parts of Montana (AP story in ABC)--very wide distribution
11/12/02 Bush reverses snowmobile ban: Statement detailing plan expected today (by Aberdeen American News--SD)
11/12/02 Book depicts history of Yellowstone artists (AP story in Billings Gazette)--6th article
11/12/02 Federal grizzly plan is still months away (AP story in Rocky Mountain News)--8th article
11/11/02 New emissions rules to cost snowmobile industry (Reuters story in Forbes)
11/11/02 Fun with Yellowstone Park (by UPI)--2nd article
11/10/02 Studying Yellowstone Park's hostile environment (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/10/02 Tiny microbe may help dispose of farm manure (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/10/02 Plant mechanics intrigue biologists (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/10/02 When wolves move in (by Michael Mistein The Oregonian)--about Oregon wolf question, but numerous references to the Yellowstone wolf situation
11/10/02 Wolf recovery has farmers howling (by Dan Egan Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)--about Wisconsin wolf recovery, but mentions some of the controversy of the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction
11/10/02 Mile high no big deal; Denver really higher (AP story in Ventura County Star)--Grand Teton actually five feet higher
11/9/02 Proposal for parks unveiled: Agency now urges snowmobiles for Yellowstone, Teton (by Gary Gerhardt Rocky Mountain News)--like all things in this region, I think this is sure to be settled in the courts
11/9/02 Migrating elk begin arriving at refuge (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/9/02 Gallatin proposes Mill Creek timber sale (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/9/02 Wolf plan opposed by activists (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/8/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, week of 11/01 - 11/08, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
11/8/02 Green light for Yellowstone snowmobiles (by Julie Cart Los Angeles Times in The News Tribune--Tacoma)--Bush plan actually has a quota of hundreds more per day than are actually used in parks right now. For the complete Los Angeles Times article, you need to sign up for their free registration, but for those who have, follow the link.
11/8/02 Agencies work on grizzly strategy (by Allison King The Rexburg Standard Journal)
11/8/02 Reward grows for information on grizzly killings (by J. D. Edlefsen The Rexburg Standard Journal)
11/8/02 BuRec: Quake monitors not needed (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/8/02 No impact expected from parkway project (AP story in Billings Gazette)--3rd article
11/8/02 Roadwork begins west of Cody (AP story in Billings Gazette)--2nd article
11/8/02 Construction begins on grizzly bear zoo near Jackson Creek (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/7/02 Park rangers will get protective equipment (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/6/02 Sexual assault conviction and sentencing (by National Park Service)--Xanterra employee convicted of an April 2002 sexual assault of co-worker in Yellowstone
11/6/02 Bozeman city bond, West Y. resort tax pass (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--renewal of 3% sales tax for West Yellowstone easily passes
11/5/02 Alaska quake sent jolts through Utah (by Joe Bauman Deseret News--UT)
11/5/02 Yellowstone rangers' health at risk from snowmobiles (by ENS)--3rd article
11/5/02 Meet the Old West: Lyman Allyn exhibit offers glimpse of a magnificent past (by Kristina Dorsey
11/5/02 Quake makes a top 10 list, but damage is minor (by Timothy Egan New York Times)--free registration required to view
11/5/02 Big quake blamed for tiny ones (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/5/02 Alaska quake shakes Yellowstone Park, too (Reuters story in Ledger-Enquirer--Columbus, GA)
11/5/02 Alaska quake's ripple effect: Scientists puzzled by extent of seismic impact on West, in lakes in South (by David Perlman San Francisco Chronicle)
11/5/02 Alaska quake is felt widely (by Greg Lavine The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/5/02 One way or another, Earth really blows (by Zay N. Smith Chicago Sun-Times)--Quick Take 1
11/4/02 Status of gray wolf recovery, week of 10/25 - 11/01, 2002 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
11/4/02 New heritage center to store Yellowstone archive collection (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--This is very exciting.
11/4/02 Moving park's treasures will take patience, precision (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/4/02 Grand Teton accidents described (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/3/02 A kinder, gentler Jackson? Well, yes, there are those luxury inns and spas, but the Tetons' chutes and Grand Targhee's snowcats still deliver extreme skiing (by David O. Williams Chicago Tribune)--free registration required to view article
11/3/02 Bear delisting hinges on habitat (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/3/02 Utahns rediscovering rustic Jackson Hole (by Linda Fantin The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/3/02 Trek into wilderness reveals nature's beauty (by Richard Darnell The Oklahoman)
11/2/02 BuRec disconnects quake sensors (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/2/02 Heli-ski permit promised (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/2/02 Few attend wildlife meeting (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/2/02 G&F to seek elk hunting fee increase (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/2/02 Electrofishing shows healthy Snake populations (AP story in Billings Gazette)--7th article. Snake River, that is.
11/2/02 Proposed school in path of avalanches (AP story in Billings Gazette)--5th article
11/1/02 Jackson quake sensors debated (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
  (comment in the NEW (10/4) discussion forum
11/30/02 Here we go again (by Great Falls Tribune)
11/30/02 Snowmobile plan a sellout (by Elizabeth D. Belshaw Statesman Journal--Salem, OR)
11/30/02 Non-motorized deserve better (by Ken Miller, Winter Wildlands Alliance, in The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/29/02 In favor of a permanent ban of motorized vehicles in Gallatin National Forest (by Krisy Hammond, Full Moon Outfitters, in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/27/02 A process of elimination: Statement on Bush Administration's proposed National Forest management regulations (by William H. Meadows, The Wilderness Society)
11/27/02 Travel plan meeting included plenty of guff from both sides (by Kyle Goodyear in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/26/02 Give Parks a break (by The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/26/02 New air rules par for anti-green administration (by George W. Brown The Daily Camera--Boulder)
11/25/02 The very air we breathe (by Vicki Gray Vallejo News--CA)
11/24/02 A new snowmobile policy: A reasonable compromise must be reached (by Idaho State Journal)
11/24/02 Majority loses in park snowmobile plan (by Betsey Forbes in Billings Gazette)--3rd opinion
11/23/02 Bush reverses policy (by Rebecca and Emory Richardson in The Columbian--Vancouver, WA)--5th opinion
11/22/02 Get over it, Wyoming, and get a real wolf plan (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/22/02 A winter balance (by U.S. Senator Craig Thomas in Washington Post)--Sen. Thomas represents Wyoming
11/22/02 Faulty figures (by Steve Kelly in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/22/02 We can disagree, but let's at least do it in a civil manner (by Scott Story in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/22/02 Travel process another step in a long process of denial (by Loren Blanksma in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/22/02 Comment now (by Nia Vestal in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/21/02 Snow job (by Philadelphia Inquirer in Akron Beacon Journal)
11/21/02 Snowmobile damage (by St. Petersburg Times)
11/21/02 Yellowstone much better off without snowmobiles (by Lee Winslow Times Union--Albany)
11/21/02 State goofs up plan to delist wolves (by Bob Krumm Billings Gazette)
11/21/02 Remind them (by Mary Sadowski in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/21/02 Get involved in first round of forest travel plan process (by Jim Kraus in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/21/02 Motorized folks lost support with their rude behavior (by Betsy Robinson in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/21/02 Leave the woods for working folks on weekends (by Shawn Eva in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/21/02 Changing age calls for changing mode of transportation (by Stephen Green in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/21/02 The power of the people is lost (by Megan Matthews The Daily--University of Washington)
11/21/02 Special interests have no place on Assateague (by Frederic Louquet in Chincoteague Beacon--VA)--extensive discussion of Yellowstone
11/20/02 Motorized rec enthusiasts disruptive at forest meeting (by Angela Kociolek in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/20/02 Environmental ideology must balance ideals with practicality (by Pete Geddes, Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/19/02 Bad deals and snowmobiles (by Kathryn Petersen Oregon Daily Emerald)
11/19/02 Snowmobile sign of ideological shift (by The Advocate--Baton Rouge)
11/19/02 Our machine dependence is the real forest crisis (by Joe Welke in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/19/02 Mechanized recreationists are a struggle to understand (by Rachel Rockafellow in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/19/02 Forest travel issue is really all about our responsibilities (by Cathy Weeden in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/19/02 Don't try to dictate how we use forest lands (by Lacey Simon in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/19/02 Extensive road construction endangers wildlife (by Chris Mehl in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/19/02 Wandering in the wilderness of Bush's environment (by Beau Elliot The Daily Iowan)--free registration required to view
11/18/02 Stealing rocks and snowmobiles from Yellowstone (by Josh Hardin The Rocky Mountain Collegian--Colorado State University)
11/18/02 Park plan riding on new engines (by Billings Gazette)
11/18/02 A soulless new world (by Keller Higbee in The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/18/02 Ban reversed (by Dale L. Davis in The Columbian--Vancouver, WA)--3rd opinion
11/18/02 Down is up in Bush-speak (by The Berkshire Eagle--Pittsfield, MA)
11/17/02 Bush works on his monument (by Ron Romanosky and another by Sean Smith, Bluewater Network, in Los Angeles Times)--Two opinions under the same title. Free registration required to read.
11/17/02 Show up and rule (by Mike McNeill in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/17/02 Watch the roads (by Glenn Hockett in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/17/02 Save roadless areas (by Ron LeCain in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/17/02 Preserve choice (by Jim Simon in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/16/02 The snowmobile deal (by Washington Post)
11/16/02 Snowmobile noise brings out the Grinch (by John Potter Billings Gazette)
11/15/02 The crawl of the wild (by Dan Whipple, UPI)
11/15/02 Snowmobiles? What about all those cars? (by The Missoulian)
11/15/02 Abominable snowmobiles in national parks (by The Journal Gazette--Fort Wayne, IN)
11/15/02 A balanced plan for snowmobiles (by Rocky Mountain News)
11/15/02 Ban cars at park (by Bryan Catherman in The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/15/02 Bikes have a place on Emerald, Heather, Hyalite trails (by Russ Squire in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/14/02 Yellowstone: Where the deer and the snowmobiles play (by George Ochenski in The Independent--Missoula)
11/14/02 Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do? (by The Independent--Missoula)--2nd opinion, around the middle of the page
11/14/02 Snowmobiles and Yellowstone: Ban the stinkers (by Carole Beck in Denver Post)--1st opinion
11/14/02 Stop scare tactics (by David E. Clough in Denver Post)--2nd opinion
11/14/02 Ignoring evidence (by Harv Teitelbaum in Denver Post)--3rd opinion
11/14/02 Defacing national parks: The Bush Administration overturns the EPA to allow snowmobiles in Yellowstone, Grand Teton (by Times Union--Albany)
11/14/02 Stakes in travel planning process moves BWAGS to take a position (by Anne Banks in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/13/02 Bush compromises on snowmobile use in Yellowstone, Grand Teton national parks (by The Daily Telegram--Superior, WI)
11/13/02 Yellowstone snowmobiles (by The Independent Record--Helena)
11/12/02 No peace for Yellowstone (by The Oregonian)
11/11/02 Park plan stinks, no matter how you cut it (by Great Falls Tribune)
11/11/02 Don't let travel plan take your land without a fight (by Kyle Goodyear in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/11/02 Did you feel the earthquake? Neither did I, probably because it was in Alaska (by NEPA News--PA)--comments on Yellowstone being beautiful but scary
11/10/02 Americans need NEPA to protect land, air, water (by Marv Hoffer in Billings Gazette)
11/10/02 Comment on forest travel plan now (by Kerry White, Blue Ribbon Coalition, in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/9/02 Snowmobile plan all wet (by Denver Post)
11/9/02 Snowmobile 'compromise' is a loser for Yellowstone (by The Idaho Statesman)
11/9/02 Get snowmobiles out of Yellowstone (by The Tampa Tribune)
11/9/02 Old buses right for Yellowstone (by Craig Manson, U.S. Department of the Interior, in Billings Gazette)
11/9/02 Snowjob at Yellowstone (by The Manhattan Mercury--KS)
11/9/02 Earth-shaking problem: Maintain seismic network (by Lance Cook, Wyoming State Geologist, and Jim Case, Wyoming Earthquake Program Manager, in Billings Gazette)
11/9/02 'Outside' money fuels Wyoming's green groups (by Stephen Reynolds in Billings Gazette)
11/7/02 Tired of roaring machines? Comment on travel plan (by Philip R. Knight in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/4/02 Wyo. radical taking his 'rights' to the extreme (by Todd Wilkinson in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--It was this man's cow that ended up in the Park near Moose Falls last week
11/2/02 Herd online: Column fires up buffalo fears, critics (by John Potter Billings Gazette)
11/2/02 Potters' bison 'tirade' projects biased views (by Leon G. Gardipee in Billings Gazette)
11/1/02 There's nothing like watching a grizzly bear in the wild (by Andrea Peacock High Country News)

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