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November 2007
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11/30/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 11/16/07 to 11/30/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
11/30/07 More on the Idaho wolf that went to Yellowstone (by Ralph Maughan)
11/30/07 Motel Management Couple (job notice by Cooke City Super 8 Motel in CoolWorks)
11/29/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--Salish-Kootenai kill seven more bison; 9 of 10 killed this season taken by tribe under treaty rights; another 80 wander freely west of the park
11/29/07 Former Park Service director Mainella: Interior Department called Yellowstone snowmobile decisions (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/28/07 Yellowstone National Park trip (by Jon Way, Eastern Coyote Research)
11/28/07 Summary of EPA actions to ensure safe drinking water for Wyoming residents (press release by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
11/28/07 Yellowstone wolf notes, Nov. 21-25 (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
11/26/07 University student killed in US-191 head-on accident (press release by National Park Service)
11/26/07 Interagency partners to hold bison open house and discussion in Bozeman (press release by Interagency Bison Management Plan--IBMP--partners in Buffaloed's Weblog)--on December 4; the IBMP partners are Yellowstone National Park; USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; Gallatin National Forest; Montana Department of Livestock; and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
11/26/07 Boiler Technician (job notice by Yellowstone National Park Lodges (Xanterra) in CoolWorks)
11/24/07 Yellowstone Park Foundation raising money to help rangers (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/22/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--one bison already killed in Montana's "hunt" and two others by Salish-Kootenai tribe, exercising their treaty rights here for the first time
11/21/07 Conservationists: Americans and Yellowstone National Park deserve better: Regional and national conservation organizations confident that law, science, and the public's desire for access that preserves the national parks will prevail (press release by Greater Yellowstone Coalition, The Wilderness Society, and National Parks Conservation Association)
11/20/07 NPS Record of Decision regarding winter use in Yellowstone and Grand Teton--Frequently Asked Questions (by National Park Service in The Magic of Yellowstone)--thanks to Kurt Repanshek at National Parks Traveler for passing along the info
11/20/07 Winter use decision for Yellowstone and Grand Teton (press release by National Park Service)--the Record of Decision can be found here
11/20/07 Park Service issues Record of Decision on snowmobiling in Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Parks (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/20/07 NPS Retirees: "Disgraceful" Yellowstone snowmobile decision threatens world's 1st national park, undermines U.S. commitment to conserving heritage: Snowmobile decision overrides science and law, reflects failure of Administration to uphold its vow to put conservation first in national parks (press release by The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees)
11/20/07 Snowmobile enthusiasts respond to new Yellowstone winter use ROD (press release by BlueRibbon Coalition)
11/16/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 11/09/07 to 11/16/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
11/16/07 A first: Idaho wolf migrates to Yellowstone Park; joins Sloughs (by Ralph Maughan)
11/16/07 Hayden Pack found near 7-mile Bridge! (by Ralph Maughan)
11/16/07 Mobile microbes: Viruses living in Yellowstone's hot springs travel near and far: Ability of extremophiles to live and travel outside of their hosts has implications for evolution and ecology (press release by National Science Foundation)
11/15/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
11/15/07 Open season on America's last wild bison (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign in New West)
11/14/07 Druids retake Lamar from Sloughs; more Yellowstone Park wolf news (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
11/13/07 Druid M302 (by Robert Wicker)--has a new blog on Yellowstone wolves
11/12/07 Viruses 'jump' between hot pools (press release by DOE/Idaho National Laboratory in ScienceDaily)
11/10/07 RCN posts interactive map--ZOWIEE (by Yellowstoner)--RCN is Yellowstone National Park Research Coordination Network
11/9/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 11/02/07 to 11/9/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
11/8/07 Yellowstone rising: Volcano inflating with molten rock at record rate (press release by University of Utah in with graphics at National Parks Traveler
11/7/07 Rockefeller family turns over more than 1,11 acres to Grand Teton National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/5/07 Park history: How volcanics sculpted parts of the national park system (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/4/07 The fat lady is done singing (by Yellowstoner)
11/4/07 Yellowstone River (YNP) fishing report 4 November 2007--the final day (by Best Fly Fishing
11/3/07 Henry's Fork fishing report 3 November 2007--browns moving on the lower river (by Best Fly Fishing
11/2/07 Status of gray wolf recovery, 10/29/07 to 11/02/07 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
11/2/07 Haydens outrun Mollies! For now anyway (by Ralph Maughan)
11/2/07 Firehole River fishing report 2 November 2007--closing the season in fine shape (by Best Fly Fishing
11/2/07 Madison River (YNP) fishing report 2 November 2007--our final Madison report of the year (by Best Fly Fishing
11/1/07 Three wolf packs in elk migration corridor probably set conditions for the Mollies/Hayden conflict (by Ralph Maughan)
11/1/07 Cell tower cancelled! (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)--great news
11/1/07 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
11/1/07 Gallatin River (YNP) fishing report 1 November 2007--low, clear, and spotty for the final days (by Best Fly Fishing
11/1/07 Fall River fishing report 1 November 2007--she's finished for the season (by Best Fly Fishing
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11/30/07 Evel Knievel (by Telegraph--UK)--had a small role in Yellowstone history
11/30/07 Ornament on White House tree commemorates Yellowstone (AP story in KXMB--ND)
11/30/07 'Hay Day' rally to show support for feeding elk (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/30/07 No guarantee for B-T (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)--U.S. Forest Service administrative land not guaranteed to stay with Bridger-Teton National Forest
11/29/07 'I could be dead now' (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)--German ends up Grassy Lake Road (one of the worst roads in good weather) and is lucky not to be dead; this is not the first time I've heard of people being sent there by a GPS device. Do not trust them in the Yellowstone area, please.
11/29/07 Beattie Gulch reopens after grizzly maulings (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/28/07 Idaho sets hearings across the state on wolf plan (AP story in Montana's News Station)
11/28/07 Coyotes give way to wolves (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/28/07 From reintroduction to statewide hunt? Fish and Game releases draft plan to hunt wolves throughout Idaho (by Jason Kauffman Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
11/28/07 Dubois hunters split on losses to wolves (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/28/07 258 elk killed during park's targeted hunt: Grizzly mom and cubs fade from scene without any confrontations (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/28/07 Report touts wildlife refuges (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
11/27/07 Alltel seeks public input on tower (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--Alltel still wants to build cell tower in same Gardiner spot despite previous email suggesting the contrary
11/27/07 MSU student dies in Yellowstone crash (by Michael Becker Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--other two injured released from hospital
11/27/07 Voorhees grad killed in Yellowstone crash: Jeffrey Korba was on his way back to school from holiday break (by Douglas B. Brill Express-Times--PA)
11/27/07 Meeting on park bison planned (by Billings Gazette)
11/27/07 Tourism increases statewide (by John Harrington Helena Independent Record)
11/26/07 NPS facilitator plans return trip to Cody (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
11/26/07 Student dies in crash (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/26/07 Hunterdon teen killed in Yellowstone wreck; was creative free spirit (by Express-Times--PA)--very sad, especially for me seeing Jeffrey Korba's picture in this article
11/26/07 MSU student dies in Yellowstone Park collision (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/25/07 Infectious enthusiasm--MSU scientists discover new microbes in Yellowstone (by Gail Schontzler Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/25/07 U.S. Forest Service has sold 300 Christmas tree permits (by Ted Sullivan Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--I bet a lot of you didn't know that people cut down Christmas trees in national forests
11/24/07 Trumpeting success (by Jeff Gearino Casper Star-Tribune)
11/23/07 Board defers split-state status, focuses on other options (by Shannon Ruckman The Prairie Star--MT)
11/23/07 Wolf may lose endangered species listing (by Associated Press)
11/22/07 Game and Fish office to serve public better (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/22/07 Groups challenge sled decision (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
11/21/07 The gold in Yellowstone's microbes (by Pat Dawson Time)
11/21/07 Parks adopt winter plan: South gate will lose some snowmobile allocation; Sylvan Pass to stay open (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/21/07 Forest Service set to sell: Feds seek congressional authority to put North Cache property up for sale (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/21/07 NPS decision keeps east gate open in winter (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
11/21/07 Wyoming officials: Feds should control avalanches on Sylvan Pass (AP story in The Union-Tribune--CA)
11/21/07 Yellowstone east gate decision (by Penny Preston KULR--MT)--with video
11/21/07 Copperleaf lots now can be sold (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)--new subdevelopment 30 miles east of Yellowstone
11/21/07 Park plan aims to end fight over winter use: Park Service reverses course on Sylvan Pass (by Mike Stark and Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
11/21/07 NPS alters park snowmobile rules (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/21/07 Sylvan Pass will stay open (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
11/21/07 New snowmobile limits for Yellowstone: Only 540 will be allowed in per day, down from the current 720: Environmentalists say that's still too many (by Los Angeles Times and AP)
11/21/07 GTNP acquires another inholding (by Planet Jackson Hole)--1st story; another 1.4 acres to Grand Teton NP
11/21/07 EPA looks at poison ban (by Brodie Farquhar Casper Star-Tribune)
11/20/07 Parks winter season may be delayed (by Penny Preston KULR--MT)--with video
11/20/07 Comment period extended for Beartooth plan (by Billings Gazette)
11/20/07 Wintry weather makes driving hazardous across state (by Billings Gazette)
11/20/07 Legislator: Pass to stay open in winter (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)--Sylvan Pass; tell me you aren't wondering if Cheney got involved here like he apparently has (according to the Washington Post) on other Yellowstone decisions
11/20/07 Parks sled plan in limbo (by Cory Hatch and the AP Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/20/07 Agency issues deadline (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)--chance parks may not open on time for winter
11/19/07 Snow quenches skiers' thirst; more in forecast (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/17/07 Governor says: No split-state status (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D)--MT has given up the idea of creating a brucellosis buffer zone near Yellowstone National Park
11/17/07 Poll: Warming a hot topic for state (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/17/07 G&F passes wolf plan (by Cory Hatch and the AP Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/17/07 Local architects win honors at dinner: Williams Kinsman Lewis and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson designed buildings both locally and nationally (by Jerry Lynott The Times Leader--PA)--Pennsylvania architects win award for Grand Teton National Park Discovery and Visitor Center
11/16/07 Grizzly and cubs roam hunting area in park (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/16/07 Web brings national parks closer to kids (by Associated Press)
11/16/07 Will the caldera burp? (by Melissa Haegert Calvin College Chimes--MI)
11/15/07 Rockefeller Center opens (by Sam Petri Planet Jackson Hole)--with video
11/15/07 Delegates fight for snowmobile use in Yellowstone (by Wyoming Business Report)
11/15/07 Grizzly deaths near threshold (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
11/15/07 Lawmakers urge parks to keep snowmobiles (AP story in Montana's News Station)
11/15/07 Bear Canyon Road case still unresolved (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/14/07 Topic of snowmobile use at the Yellowstone National Park commences (by Tammy Scardino KPVI--ID)
11/14/07 Howling winds rake Cody (by Amber Peabody Cody Enterprise)
11/14/07 Winds wreak havoc in Southwest Montana (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/14/07 Gros Ventre gold mine? Utah man wants to dig for precious metal (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/14/07 Terra nova (by Sam Petri Planet Jackson Hole)
11/13/07 Scientists follow viruses' travels (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/13/07 Avalanche report up; Targhee eyes opening (by Michael Pearlman Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/13/07 Resorts hope for more snow (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
11/12/07 Viruses go from pool to pool by steam (by UPI)
11/12/07 Efforts to network, inspire Yellowstone-Teton businesses (by Lucia Stewart New West)
11/12/07 Big year for Wyo's parks (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
11/12/07 Wolf plan divides ranchers (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
11/12/07 Magma rising fast under Yellowstone: But according to U. study, no eruption is likely for a long time (by Joe Bauman Deseret Morning News--UT)
11/10/07 Horse Butte land sale may give park bison safe haven (by Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--this is a very important development; the Munns cattle from Idaho (which were never there in the winter anyhow) will no longer be there; the new owners want it to be a safe haven for bison; this may mean that bison may be able to increase their range safely in an area that has been previously a buffalo torture and death trap
11/10/07 Safari Club intervenes in grizzly bear lawsuit (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/10/07 Foresters try to find balance in travel plan (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
11/10/07 Molten rock causing ground to rise at Yellowstone National Park (by KLEW--ID)--with video
11/10/07 Yellowstone National Park rising three inches every year (by Mohit Joshi Tob News--India)
11/9/07 Remnants of Yellowstone supervolcano still active (interview of Jacob Lowenstern, Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, by NPR)--with audio
11/9/07 The brothers wild: Frank and John Craighead's groundbreaking study of grizzly bears helped save the carnivores from extinction: For the twins from Chevy Chase [MD], it was just another chapter in a lifetime of adventure (by Vicki Constantine Croke Washington Post)
11/9/07 "Swat team" copes with crash of bee truck: Traffic stuck as honey, hives close 191 (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
11/9/07 Brucellosis management tools: Premise ID, traceability, split-state status (by Shannon Ruckman The Prairie Star--MT)--this is an agriculture industry newspaper
11/9/07 Remnant of Yellowstone volcano rising--study (by Reuters)--"remnant" is not a good word choice
11/9/07 Yellowstone rising could signal earthquakes (by Lana Groves The Daily Utah Chronicle)--and some say it could signal the Apocalypse (and actually, many blogs have previously said this - I'll have to post one the next time it shows up)
11/9/07 Yellowstone caldera is rising fast, experts say (Bloomberg News story in Arizona Daily Star)
11/8/07 Sleeping giant grows restless (by Phil Berardelli ScienceNOW Daily News)
11/8/07 Yellowstone is filling up with magma: The ground is rising in Yellowstone by a mass of molten rock the size of Los Angeles (by Michael Stevens Half-Life Source)
11/8/07 Magma pushing up in Yellowstone doesn't mean eruption coming (by All Headline News)
11/8/07 Yellowstone 'supervolcano' rising, but eruption not in forecast: Still, caldera floor rises 7" since mid-2004 (by Lara Jones KCPW--UT)--with audio
11/8/07 Changes at Yellowstone raise climate concerns (by Joel Achenbach Washington Post)
11/8/07 U. scientists say Yellowstone caldera may be filling with magma (by Brian Maffly The Salt Lake Tribune)
11/8/07 Yellowstone caldera rising again, but don't sell your house (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)
11/8/07 Yellowstone is rising on swollen "supervolcano" (by Richard A. Lovett National Geographic News)
11/8/07 Magma surge causes record rise at Yellowstone (by Catherine Brahic New Scientist--UK)
11/8/07 Yellowstone recharges (by John Timmer Nobel Intent)
11/8/07 Yellowstone supervolcano swelling mysteriously (by Larry O'Hanlon Discovery News)
11/8/07 Yellowstone volcano rises at unprecedented rate (by Andrea Thompson LiveScience)
11/8/07 Ground is rising at Yellowstone Park: Molten rock beneath surface may be causing ground to rise at Yellowstone National Park (AP story in ABC News)
11/8/07 Yellowstone exceeds 3M visitors (by Billings Gazette)
11/8/07 Rockefeller Preserve opens to public in park (by Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/7/07 One person injured in Ptarmigan Mountain helicopter crash (by Amber Peabody Cody Enterprise)
11/7/07 Madison valley landowners get tough with Montana DOK (by David Nolt New West)
11/7/07 Panelists nix split zone for cattle: Brucellosis plan opposed by Montana Stockgrowers (by Jennifer McKee Billings Gazette)
11/7/07 Bee truck crashes, spilling hives and releasing insects (by Ted Sullivan Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
11/7/07 Park gets new parcel (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)--Rockefeller's JY Ranch finally turned over to Grand Teton National Park
11/7/07 Elk are duping valley hunters: Study confirms how wily Grand Teton elk survive (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/7/07 4 rescued after copter crashes atop mountain (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)--12 miles east of Yellowstone
11/7/07 Board rejects disease split (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--Montana Board of Livestock, regarding brucellosis
11/7/07 Taking care of business: Wyoming, Chinese officials agree exchange could be beneficial to both regions (by Johanna Love Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/6/07 Yellowstone considers closing East Entrance (by Patrick O'Driscoll USA Today)
11/6/07 Board of Livestock hears testimony on brucellosis-free status (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/6/07 Semi loaded with bees crashes south of Bozeman, highway blocked (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/6/07 B-T talks won't be public (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/5/07 Winter use amendment wording finalized (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
11/3/07 Known bear deaths increase, but it's no crisis (by Mike Stark Billings Gazette)--not yet, anyhow
11/3/07 Grouse and aircraft (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
11/3/07 Yellowstone and Heise: Supervolcanoes that lighten up (by Kathryn Watts Geotimes)
11/3/07 Nuke watchdog loses lawsuit over reactor (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/2/07 Bear encounters on the rise in the West as food and habitat dwindle (by David Frey New West)
11/2/07 Hunters reminded that bears are still active (by West Yellowstone News)
11/2/07 Professor: Fires in West will worsen (by Neolle Straub Casper Star-Tribune)
11/2/07 Housing trust offers help to Bridger-Teton (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News & Guide)
11/1/07 2 tribes say they have right to hunt bison near park (AP story in Billings Gazette)
11/1/07 Waterfowl migration is strong (by Chris Michelson in Jackson Hole Star-Tribune)
11/1/07 Quake rattles area (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News & Guide)--4.0 in the Gros Ventre Mountains
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(comment in the discussion forum
11/30/07 Should we be surprised that snowmobile politics trumps science in the national parks? (by National Parks Traveler)
11/30/07 "This noble race of animals" (by Tom Rice)
11/30/07 Relying on GPS nearly kills young tourist (by Mountain Khakis)
11/29/07 YellowStone cedes to snowmobilers (by TheLaw)--just a coincidence? seemed to get line from this blog or vice versa, but otherwise stands on its own
11/28/07 Cell tower in Gardiner NOT cancelled (by Ashea Mills Yellowstone Spectator)--very good and important piece; it's encouraging to see Gardiner residents begin to organize, speak out, and take action
11/28/07 A First Nations' voice on Yellowstone bison hunt (posted by Buffalo Field Campaign on YouTube)--video
11/28/07 Yellowstone area wolf debate heating up a bit (by Best Fly fishing a call for respectful discussion on all sides
11/28/07 Nov. 28th, 2007 (by Mandy)--a reaction to Jeffrey Korba's death in Yellowstone this week
11/27/07 How many more? (by Tom Rice)--indeed
11/27/07 Hunting buffalo or shooting a Ford pickup? (by 2164th The Elephant Bar)
11/27/07 U.S. Senate candidate Rex Rammell speaks out on wolves (by Tom Remington)
11/27/07 Gray wolves on the rebound (but there's bad news, too) (by Plenty Magazine)
11/27/07 Is our national treasure a sleeping planetary nightmare? (by Sniderman)
11/27/07 Tuesday is wolf day (by Pentalk)--Montana rancher talking about suffering of cows during wolf attack; just a tad ironic
11/26/07 Bozeman bound! (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)--it's official; we're moving to Bozeman around Christmas
11/26/07 What I did on my vacation (by Russ Lindsay)
11/25/07 Yellowstone Super Volcano (by TwistedCrone)
11/25/07 Working steady now!! (by Zipper)--interesting assessment buried in here of the Yellowstone work experience
11/24/07 Matthew Brown wolf article reveals MSM assumptions about wolves, West (by Ralph Maughan)--MSM is "main stream media"
11/24/07 Who owns Yellowstone Park (by Bill)--this myth gets posted from time-to-time about the UN controlling Yellowstone, which hides the real issues of power and control of the land and animals there
11/24/07 More work remains on park avalanche control (by Casper Star-Tribune)
11/23/07 Board makes right decision in taking split-state status off table (by The Prairie Star--MT)
11/23/07 Sheds could keep Sylvan Pass open (by Karl Allen Biastoch in Billings Gazette)
11/22/07 Park trips: Paddling into Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/21/07 SnowCoach Man--a spoof video from the Old Faithful Snowlodge (by Ashea Mills Yellowstone Spectator)--with video
11/21/07 Park Service announces Yellowstone snowmobile policy (by Matt Madia OMB Watch)
11/21/07 Holiday broadcast of Open Air with Tom Remington (by Tom Remington)--with links to audio; interviews the infamous Rex Rammell who was in such a bind with Yellowstone and wildlife officials last year; now running for U.S. Senate in Idaho; talks on wolves and property rights issues
11/20/07 Buzz kill: Snowmobiles in Yellowstone (by Joan McCarter New West)
11/20/07 Yellowstone snowmobile decision missing record of decision (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/19/07 Roadside America (by Mickey)--bedspreads in Yellowstone "probably cleaned every three months"?
11/18/07 A "Hole" lotta mountains (by chas_m)
11/18/07 Blame political agendas for East Gate closure (by Loren Grosskopf in Billings Gazette)
11/17/07 Yellowstone 2012: Eruption of the super-volcano, the Mayan prophecy, and harmonic convergence (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)--well done response to all the doomsayers; c'mon though, doomsayers, won't we just miss all the "honkey tonks, Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens"?
11/17/07 What's this about a supervolcano? (by Janet Chapple)
11/17/07 Outdated approach used to fight brucellosis (by Don Woerner in Billings Gazette)
11/16/07 EPA's perplexing position on snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/16/07 To the editor (by Ann Stovall in West Yellowstone News)--regarding to the sale of the Munns ranch
11/16/07 To the editor (by Wade Patrum in West Yellowstone News)--regarding snowmobiles
11/16/07 Congress fulfills need of parks (by Sharon Mader, National Parks Conservation Association, in Casper Star-Tribune)
11/15/07 Must-read article on Yellowstone & 2012 (by Texas Arcane)--this stuff is funny
11/15/07 Bison, cattle, and land in Montana (by Greg L. Johnson)
11/15/07 NREPA: Local interests and conservation history (by George Wuerthner New West)
11/15/07 Food chain in Yellowstone National Park (by Cassidy Ruge)--one big omission here is that humans were predators also in the pre-park food chain
11/15/07 Bear spray versus bullets (by Tom Remington)
11/13/07 Tom in the Tetons: A lasting impression (by Tom Rice)
11/13/07 Yellowstone won't erupt ... yet (by Joshua Hill Canada Free Press)
11/13/07 Online geothermal inventory to Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/13/07 Yellowstone bulging at unprecedented rate (by Texas Arcane)
11/13/07 Yellowstone #1 (by NOON)
11/12/07 Yellowstone grizzly bear (by Bradley Myers)--great picture taken a little too close
11/12/07 Good ol' wolves, big bad politicians (by Grumpy Lion)
11/12/07 We're all going to die (by David Samuels)--though some side benefits if Yellowstone explodes
11/12/07 The Yellowstone precedent (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/12/07 The big, not-so-bad wolf (by Tony Povilitis The Boston Globe)
11/12/07 Geysers: Fragile spectacles (by Morgen Jahnke Interesting Thing of the Day)
11/11/07 The ongoing Yellowstone snowmobile debate (by Linda Aksomitis SnowRider Online Magazine)
11/11/07 Letting off a little steam: Yellowstone National Park is the perfect place to find some rest and relaxation (by Dan Searle San Marcos Daily Record--TX)
11/11/07 The wolf calls within (by ed)--like the sentiment but don't like the rational v. irrational dichotomy; I would argue that there's something fundamentally irrational about the civilized mind
11/11/07 Williams wrong about NREPA impact on state (by Howie Wolke in Billings Gazette)
11/11/07 Wish you were here: Yellowstone National Park (by Scott W. Gilmer in The Tennessean)
11/11/07 Head for the hills: Yellowstone ready to explode? (by Gino D.)
11/11/07 Will Yellowstone blow in 2012 at the solar maximum (by Texas Arcane)--nothing like an internationally-distributed supervolcano story to start the madness
11/10/07 Envy (by Jack California)--talks about place Yellowstone has for his life
11/10/07 Mass transit for Yellowstone? (by Janet Chapple)
11/10/07 Many species benefit by dancing with wolves (by Sheri Cardo, Marin Humane Society, in Marin Independent Journal--CA)
11/10/07 Yellowstone caldera rising (by Lifeboat Foundation)--could nuclear weapons trigger Yellowstone? Oh dear; apocalypse to the second power
11/10/07 I miss home (by Terrylee)
11/10/07 Yellowstone "supervolcano" eruption soon? (by Ian Brockwell American Chronicle)
11/9/07 Yellowstone: The time bomb under America: Deep beneath Yellowstone National Park lies a vast super-volcano which, if it blew up, could devastate much of the US: Recently, it's been a bit too restless for comfort (by David Usborne The Independent--UK)
11/9/07 Bighorn sheep threaten western way of life? (by Western Watersheds Project)
11/9/07 Yellowstone, Krakatoa show activity (by Stephen Holzer)--"Yellowstone and Krakatoa remind us of man's somewhat paltry role in the world's environmental destiny;" no doubt, but there's a fallacy lurking. Just because at large humans have a paltry role in the environmental destiny does not mean humanity in specific cases cannot have a negative and catastrophic effect on it as well. Perhaps, more on these issues soon.
11/9/07 Doom DOom DOOm DOOM (by Baltazar)
11/9/07 CNN oversimplifies the danger of Yellowstone National Park (by William Cormier's actually an AP story in
11/9/07 Is Yellowstone ready to blow? (by Max Lindberg Planetsave)
11/9/07 Great places--Northern Rockies USA (by Travels With Gary)--Yellowstone listed first
11/8/07 The buffalo roamed, but where were the antelope? (by Tom Rice)--ask the elk; no really, on Yellowstone's northern range, depressed pronghorn numbers have been one of the many sources of contention. For an interesting book about the issue, see Frederic Wagner Yellowstone Destabilized Ecosystem: Elk Effects, Science, and Policy Conflict (2006)
11/8/07 Oh, hell (by Tim F. Balloon Juice)
11/8/07 Millennial-scale inflation-deflation cycles of the Yellowstone caldera (by Kenneth L. Pierce, U.S. Geological Survey, in Google News)
11/8/07 Yellowstone rising: Crater is climbing three inches a year (by Thor Science Buzz)
11/8/07 Yogi didn't mention that Yellowstone was a volcano! (by Jeff)--"(well, his in Jellystone, but we all know they meant Yellowstone ... crazy writers)" is just the sort of quote that led me to include the Jellystone myth in my recent essay series on myth and Yellowstone
11/8/07 Hunters dealing with bolder bears: Advice from FWP not always applicable (by Mark Henckel Billings Gazette)
11/8/07 "Into the Wild" and out to the concession stand (by Ron Judd The Seattle Times)--2nd Q and A on Yellowstone snowmoblies
11/8/07 November 5th class discussion (by Emily's Heritage Blog)--shares opinion on whether Yellowstone is "natural"
11/6/07 Conquering the un-bearable: What grizzlies can teach you about business (by Dan Stockdale)
11/6/07 Dog conquers the elk (Yellowstone National Park, WY) (by zoey)--just a dog's "dream"; in reality, I think the dog would not have fared well
11/6/07 I caught a fish and it was this big (by Pete)
11/5/07 The lake at the east gate (by Joe)
11/5/07 Bison issue, like wolves is one of tolerance, not a fight for survival (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
11/5/07 For the Yellowstone fly fisherman, today's nothing to laugh about (by Best Fly Fishing
11/4/07 Watching wolves with Laurie Lyman (by Photo Of The Day and Natural History Commentary)
11/4/07 Wolf story from Specimen Ridge (by Trent Morrell in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
11/4/07 Hot debate continues over Yellowstone winter rules (by Billings Gazette)
11/3/07 Naming children after places in Yellowstone (by Mike Tercek Yellowstone Spectator)--we thought about it; if only we had this list!
11/3/07 Number 6: Yellowstone supervolcano (by Marcie & Robert Frank)
11/3/07 The sage of Yellowstone (by Scott Herring)
11/2/07 The joy of conflict: River Demetrius Macdonald born as we prepare for Yellowstone (by
Jim Macdonald The Magic of Yellowstone)--see pictures of my son River
11/1/07 Norris Geyser Basin, Canyon, and Chittenden Road (by Noeta)
11/1/07 Watching wolves in Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
11/1/07 Mountain high (by Jonas Ehudin Missoula Independent)--connecting plight of colonized Washington, DC, with Buffalo Field Campaign; I love it!
11/1/07 A Druid at heart (by Leland Rucker)

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