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October 2008
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10/31/08 The blessed gray day (by Yellowstoner)
10/31/08 Slough Creek fishing report 31 October 2008--doubtful, maybe over the weekend (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/31/08 Soda Butte Creek report 31 October 2008: Only three (all too short) days (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/30/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
10/30/08 Updated: Bush Administration: "A legacy of failure for our public lands," claims Congressman Grijalva (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
10/30/08 Sayonara sunset (by Yellowstoner)
10/29/08 Urgent action needed! Comment! RTR purchase is a lousy land deal for wild buffalo (by Buffalo Field Campaign in Nuclear and Indigenous Items of Interest)
10/29/08 Madison (YNP) River report 29 October 2008: Last chance! (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/29/08 Madison (YNP) River report 29 October 2008: Last chance! (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/29/08 Lamar River fishing report 29 October 2008 (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/28/08 Stanford researchers: Global warming is killing frogs and salamanders in Yellowstone Park (press release by Stanford University in Biology News Net)
10/28/08 New cell division mechanism discovered (press release by Uppsala University in EurekAlert!)
10/28/08 Fishing report for 10/28/2008 (by Madison River Outfitters)
10/28/08 Gibbon River report 28 October 2008: Excellent options (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/28/08 Gardner River report 28 October 2008--streamers early and late (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/27/08 Seasonal road closures and hours of operation in Grand Teton National Park (press release by National Park Service)
10/27/08 Gallatin River report 27 October 2008: Primed for fall (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/27/08 Firehole River fishing report 27 October 2008--wow--the final Firehole report of the year! (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/26/08 Lewis River and channel update 26 October 2008: Let's go (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/26/08 Yellowstone River (YNP) report 26 October 2008--welcome to the streamer kingdom (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/25/08 Henry's Fork of the Snake fishing report 25 October 2008--food fishing, few fisherfolk (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/25/08 Upper Snake River report 25 October 2008--fall fishing (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/24/08 Wyoming wolf weekly--October 20 through October 24, 2008 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
10/24/08 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reopens public comment period on 2007 proposal to delist Northern Rocky Mountain population of gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act (press release by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
10/24/08 Yellowstone ecosystem grizzly population doing well in 2008, but bear fatalities pose potential for concern (in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
10/24/08 Soda Butte Creek report 24 October 2008--cold water and a strong hint (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/24/08 Slough Creek fishing report 24 October 2008--salute for a good season (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/23/08 Want big fish (by Yellowstoner)
10/22/08 Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation (press release by National Park Service)
10/22/08 Lewis River channel update October 2008 (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/22/08 Madison (YNP) River report 22 October 2008: busy river--go anyway (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/22/08 Lamar River fishing report 22 October 2008--finishing up with baetis and midges (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/21/08 Yellowstone Park sees major loss of wolf pups, adults this year (by Ralph Maughan)
10/21/08 Gibbon River report 21 October 2008--go; fish; now. (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/20/08 Buffalo topic of discussion at Northern Rockies Bioneers in Bozeman: Presentations available for download (by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman)
10/20/08 Gallatin River report 20 October 2008--a plethora of options (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/20/08 Firehole River fishing report 20 October 2008--might just be the star attraction (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/20/08 New book covers 16 years of MSU research in Yellowstone (by Evelyn Boswell, Montana State University)
10/19/08 Yellowstone River (YNP) report 19 October 2008: Fall is here, change your tactics (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/19/08 Upper Snake River report 19 October 2008--nymphs at the ready (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/17/08 Wyoming wolf weekly--October 13 through October 17, 2008 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
10/17/08 Buffalo Allies at Northern Rockies Bioneers (by Buffalo Allies of Bozeman)--I'm giving a talk on Saturday in Bozeman; workshop is Saturday and Sunday afternoons and also involves Buffalo Field Campaign and the InterTribal Bison Cooperative
10/17/08 Slough Creek fishing report 17 October 2008--slow, but a little hope (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/17/08 Soda Butte Creek report 17 October 2008--go while you can! (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/16/08 Yellowstone National Park solicits comments for Miller Creek Trail project (press release by National Park Service)
10/16/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
10/16/08 Toyota and the last best places (by Toyota)
10/15/08 Madison (YNP) River report 15 October 2008: Fall run bonanza (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/15/08 Lamar River fishing report 15 October 2008--water temps are pretty chilly (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/14/08 Nighttime travel closures planned for park roads (press release by National Park Service)--in Grand Teton NP up to Flagg Ranch
10/14/08 Gibbon River report 14 October 2008--time for streamers (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/14/08 Gardner River fishing report 14 October 2008--good numbers of runners this week after the cold spell (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/13/08 Gallatin River report 13 October 2008--fish on, stay warm! (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/13/08 Firehole River fishing report 13 October 2008--hot damn! (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/12/08 Yellowstone River report 12 October 2008--bundle up and go! (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/12/08 Cascade Corner fishing report 12 October 2008--this may be it (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/11/08 Henry's Fork fishing report 11 October 2008--unsettled a bit (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/11/08 Upper Snake River report 11 October 2008--au revoir, terrestrials (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/10/08 Wyoming wolf weekly--October 6 through October 10, 2008 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
10/10/08 Winter takes an early swipe at Yellowstone (press release by National Park Service)--6 to 12 inches along the roads in the lower elevations
10/10/08 Slough Creek fishing report 10 October 2008--the beginning of the end (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/10/08 Soda Butte Creek report 10 October 2008--head downstream (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/9/08 School's in (by Yellowstoner)
10/8/08 Yellowstone to complete hazard fuels reduction project (press release by National Park Service)
10/8/08 Fishing report for 10/8/2008 (by Madison River Outfitters)
10/8/08 Madison (YNP) River report 8 October 2008--soft hackles strike again (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/8/08 Lamar River fishing report 8 October 2008--BWO and drake heaven (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/7/08 Xanterra Parks & Resorts announces completion of sale to the Anschutz Company (press release by Xanterra Parks & Resorts)--should be interesting to see how Yellowstone's concessions changes
10/7/08 First snow in Yellowstone (by Mark Hambrick)
10/7/08 Gibbon River report 7 October 2008--lookin' good (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/7/08 Gardner River fishing report 7 October 2008--more and more runners (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/6/08 Disappearing act (by Yellowstoner)
10/6/08 Gallatin River report 6 October 2008--fall ahoy! (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/6/08 Firehole River fishing report 6 October 2008--now is the time (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/5/08 Yellowstone River report 5 October 2008--terrestrials, mayflies, and streamers (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/4/08 Cheney: Wildlife conservation has been a 'high priority' of Bush Administration (by Amanda Terkel Think Progress)
10/4/08 Upper Snake River report 4 October 2008--time to get wet (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/4/08 Henry's Fork fishing report 4 October 2008--look for baetis and mahoganies (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/3/08 Wyoming wolf weekly--September 29 through October 3, 2008 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
10/3/08 Soda Butte Creek report 3 October 2008--finally fall? (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/3/08 Slough Creek fishing report 3 October 2008--for the big boys and girls (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/2/08 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
10/2/08 Just a big more on Hebgen Dam (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
10/1/08 Yellowstone and Grand Teton to consider options on new temporary winter use plan (press release by National Park Service)
10/1/08 Groups claim Yellowstone National Park officials abdicating responsibility over snowmobile access issue (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
10/1/08 Fishing report for 10-01-2008 (by Madison River Outfitters)
10/1/08 Madison River report 1 October 2008--soft hackle heaven (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/1/08 Lamar River fishing report 1 October 2008--lots of elbows, but better this week (by Mark Best Fly Fishing
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10/31/08 Another hunter attacked by bear (by Mark A. York Livingston Enterprise)--2nd story
10/31/08 Grizzly deaths are up (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
10/31/08 Hunters, make sure your fires are out, dead out! (by West Yellowstone News)
10/31/08 New state agency releases payment for wolf kills (by Karl Puckett Great Falls Tribune)
10/31/08 Officials dealing with injured grizzly and dead cub (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/31/08 Elk herd migrating late from park to refuge (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/31/08 Game department moves grizzly (by Billings Gazette)
10/30/08 World without frogs: Combined threats may croak amphibians: From climate change to herbicide pollution, it's not easy being an amphibian/a> (by David Biello Scientific American)
Wyo offer changes in its wolf plan (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
10/30/08 Climate warming dries Yellowstone, hurts amphibians (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
10/30/08 Kempthorne announces federal bison initiative (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/30/08 FWP's Hagener: Brucellosis is a problem for all, not just wildlife (by Great Falls Tribune)--stories like this are irksome for a lot of reasons
10/30/08 Hunters join brucellosis battle (by Michael Babcock Great Falls Tribune)
10/30/08 Study shows wildlife-watching generates billions (by Wes Smalling Casper Star-Tribune)
10/29/08 Vets back Yellowstone-area livestock disease plan (AP story in Montana's News Station)
10/29/08 Bush Administration proposes 2nd interagency group for bison (by Environment News Service)
10/29/08 Scientists see 'double whammy' in wolves' decline (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune in Billings Gazette)
10/29/08 How did moose get CWD? Star Valley deer, elk likely have the disease as well (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/29/08 Deaths of grizzly cubs investigated (by Billings Gazette)
10/29/08 Glacier National Park sees fewer visitors (by Angela Monroe KAJ--MT)--with video; Yellowstone also down, though nothing else said about it
10/28/08 Amphibians disappearing from Yellowstone Park (by Wayne Freedman KGO--CA)--with video
10/28/08 Frogs, salamanders dying in Yellowstone (by Don Kazak Palo Alto Online--CA)
10/28/08 Walden Pond, Yellowstone species dying out (by Jordan Lite Scientific American)
10/28/08 $10,000 offered in grizzly shooting case (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/27/08 Climate link to amphibian decline (by Paul Rincon BBC News--UK)
10/27/08 Yellowstone amphibians declining under climate change (by Jessica Marshall Discovery Channel)
10/27/08 Report: Climate change affects Yellowstone (by Doyle Rice USA Today)
10/27/08 Grand Teton roads to close for winter (AP story in Montana's News Station)
10/27/08 Hunter mauled by grizzly north of Gardiner (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/27/08 Refuge hunts keeping animals from forage (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/26/08 Watching Yellowstone's wolves: Successful reintroduction inspires devotion, helps fuel battle over protection (by Joel Achenbach The Washington Post)
10/26/08 Yellowstone wolves remain controversial (by United Press International)
10/25/08 Wolf decline thought to be disease-related (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
10/25/08 Feds will try again to get wolves off endangered list: Wyoming's loose rules still pose a problem. But wolves could be delisted in other states, including Idaho, before Bush leaves office (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
10/25/08 Feds propose to separate wolves' status in Wyoming (AP story in Billings Gazette)
10/25/08 Officials seek new wolf plan response (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/25/08 Governor hopefuls take on ag issues at debate (by Zachary Franz Great Falls Tribune)--from the Governor at the head of the largest slaughter since the 19th century to candidates who are even worse; that's a small part of why there are no endorsements here
10/25/08 Schweitzer, Brown tangle in last debate (AP story in Helena Independent Record)
10/25/08 New roads could bring pollution to Yellowstone (by New Scientist)
10/24/08 Administration reopens effort to de-list endangered gray (by Joel Achenbach The Washington Post)
10/24/08 Feds renewing efforts to delist wolves? Fish and Wildlife Service seeking comments on proposed plan (by Jason Kauffman Idaho Mountain Exress)
10/24/08 Wolf proposal opened back to public (by Eve Byron Helena Independent Record)
10/24/08 Bear deaths high (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/24/08 MSUB poll: Obama, McCain in tight race: Since 1900, Montana has voted for winning ticket all but 4 times (by Mary Pickett Billings Gazette)--poll finds Montana likely voters support snowmobiling in Yellowstone and to a greater degree want wolves delisted; on the presidential and other political races, as I've mentioned before, Yellowstone Newspaper does not endorse candidates for office.
10/24/08 Wyoming Game and Fish ramps up Chronic Wasting Disease surveillance (by Uinta County Herald--WY)
10/24/08 Fishing report (by Bucky McCormick, Blue Ribbon Flies, in West Yellowstone News)
10/24/08 Forest Service plans to sell land in town (by West Yellowstone News)
10/24/08 New Hebgen District ranger arrives (by West Yellowstone News)
10/23/08 Preservationists work on Yellowstone cottonwoods (by Leslie Stratmoen KTAK--WY)
10/23/08 Grizzly bear sow euthanized (AP story in Billings Gazette)
10/23/08 Wolf pup numbers down; disease may be responsible (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
10/22/08 Geothermal development planned for western public lands (by Environment News Service)--Yellowstone exempted; a recent news story on NBC hailed geothermal in Iceland but didn't give the other side of the story
10/22/08 Government expands geothermal energy leasing (by Associated Press)
10/22/08 Groups call for disease action: CWD found in moose in Star Valley a ‘wake-up call’ to Game and Fish, conservation groups say (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/22/08 Decision upheld to keep elk feedgrounds going: Environmental groups opposed 20-year extension (by Billings Gazette)
10/22/08 Gray wolves return to the endangered species list (by Amanda Eggert Montana Kaimin)
10/21/08 Local mountain bikers propose new plan for Lionhead area (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/21/08 Legislators ponder wolves (by Gib Mathers Powell Tribune--WY)
10/20/08 Wildlife disease debate heats up (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
10/20/08 Wolf questions persist (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
10/20/08 Big game protections in hands of court (by Cody Enterprise)
10/20/08 Wolf proposal well-received (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/18/08 Wasting disease found in Bedford (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)--in a moose in NW Wyoming
10/18/08 Wolves issue comes full circle (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
10/18/08 Bear relocated from Pacific Creek area (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/18/08 PPL: Hebgen Dam intake OK for winter (by Karrin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/17/08 Bull survives attack by wolves (by Mark A. York Livingston Enterprise)--1st story
10/17/08 FWP proposes corridor for bison (by Brett French Billings Gazette)--for a lot of reasons, my group--Buffalo Allies of Bozeman--came out against this plan, which does not provide any habitat for buffalo that shouldn't already legally exist due to a public right of way, still kicks buffalo out after April 15 but now guarantees that the few buffalo allowed out will have to be forced into additional testing. I personally think this is a pay out to make it seem as though the mass slaughter of bison last winter is being addressed, but actually this only makes things worse for buffalo (not better).
10/17/08 Tourism flattens in state: Visitors were slower to part with cash, and more trips were made closer to home (by Lorna Thackeray Billings Gazette)
10/17/08 State wildlife officials seeking elk poacher (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/16/08 Park roads go green (by Karrin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/16/08 Park to show asphalt technology (by Billings Gazette)
10/16/08 15 animals taken as elk refuge hunt begins (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/16/08 Repairs allow Hebgen Lake to rise (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
10/16/08 Perfectly shot arrow saves hunter (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
10/16/08 Man attacked by griz returns to elk hunting (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
10/15/08 Brucellosis task force applications submitted (by Kay Rossi KXLH--MT)
10/15/08 Elk study reignites controversy (by Chris Merrill Casper Star-Tribune)
10/15/08 Wolves back on endangered list (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
10/15/08 Lawmakers will meet on wolf issue (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
10/15/08 Idaho senators support Snake bill: Craig, Crapo say water users’ worries are now addressed in Wild and Scenic bill (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/14/08 US court puts gray wolves back on endangered list (by AFP)
10/14/08 Blood tests to help brucellosis studies (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
10/14/08 Ranger station land for sale (by Billings Gazette)
10/13/08 Region pounded by first snowstorm of season (by Cody Enterprise)
10/13/08 Discovering a new life form in the hot springs of Yellowstone (by Charles Fergus Penn State Live)
10/13/08 US House debate covers economy, business issues (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--both Wyoming U.S. House candidates from each party support snowmobiles in Yellowstone
10/13/08 Wildlife managers warn of bear activity (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/12/08 Alaska's 'First Dude' drops by Grass Drags (by Lara Bricker Portsmouth Herald News--NH)--New Hampshire Republican confident that "trails" in Yellowstone would remain open if Todd Palin's wife Sarah becomes Vice President; however, it's not trails (which are closed) but groomed roads that are at issue
10/11/08 State can't find source of plague (by Billings Gazette)--regarding a boy who got bubonic plague in area this summer
10/11/08 Out on a limb to photograph Rockies (by Gail Schontzler Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/11/08 Brucellosis comment time extended (by Billings Gazette)
10/11/08 NOLS honors ranger for park stewardship (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)--NOLS is the National Outdoor Leadership School
10/11/08 Hebgen secure for now (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/10/08 State vet releases draft for reinstating brucellosis class-free status (by Shannon Ruckman The Prairie Star--MT)
10/10/08 State to move mine tailings from site east of Cooke City (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
10/10/08 Forest picks land sale options (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/9/08 Yellowstone is working on a new plan for oversnow travel (by Elizabeth Laden Island Park News)
10/9/08 Meeting held for YNP winter use plan (by Montana's News Station)--with video
10/9/08 Brown, Schweitzer clash over energy, economy (by Associated Press)--Montana gubernatorial candidates talk about brucellosis and bison policy
10/9/08 Parks to burn slash as weather turns wet (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/8/08 Members sought for brucellosis task force (by Montana's News Station)--not sure I agree with the idea of the task force even though it is seeking wildlife enthusiasts; the premise of the task force is wrong
10/8/08 Summit looks at off-season development (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
10/8/08 Wolf status topic of Oct. 16 Cody meeting (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
10/8/08 Slash piles from Columbine Fire burned (by Cody Enterprise)
10/8/08 Energy co-op faces citations on gas pipe: LVE contractor put sediment, groundwater in river without permit (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/7/08 Park wireless plan draws protests (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--just noticed a press release by PEER on this issue from September 18
10/7/08 In the aftermath, a look back at Gunbarrel Fire (by Gib Mathers Powell Tribune--WY)
10/6/08 Gunbarrel efforts will benefit future fire management (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)--interesting to read that the Gunbarrel Fire is still not out entirely
10/6/08 Wyo Range bill to receive a vote (by Casper Star-Tribune)
10/5/08 Powered vehicles had bumpy start in Yellowstone, Glacier parks (by Mary Pickett Billings Gazette)
10/5/08 Preserving national parks' touring vehicles (by Mary Pickett Billings Gazette)
10/5/08 Students use Yellowstone Park fisheries program as classroom (by Brett French Billings Gazette)--in what looks like the losing battle against lake trout in Yellowstone Lake
10/5/08 Officials pin hopes on brucellosis management zones (by Jeff Gearino Casper Star-Tribune)
10/5/08 Cyclists tout importance of wildlife corridors (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--presentation in Bozeman on Tuesday
10/4/08 Fire officials laud Gunbarrel effort: 'Beneficial use' strategy being used as positive example (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
10/4/08 State takes samples for elk, deer disease (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/4/08 Time to be bear aware (by Billings Gazette)
10/3/08 Wildfire fighting contracts reach throughout the West (by Brodie Farquhar Wyoming Business Report)
10/3/08 Fishing report (by Mike Loebi, Madison River Outfitters, in West Yellowstone News)
10/3/08 Senators may hear energy, river bills (by Noah Brenner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/2/08 Something WINTER this way comes (by Joyce Edlefsen Standard Journal--ID)
10/2/08 Parks working on plan for snowmobiles (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
10/2/08 Yellowstone National Park speeds up action on snow machines: An environmental assessment allowing for the use of snowmobiles and snow coaches will be ready by next month, a spokesman says. The park's winter operations could be shut down if a plan is lacking (by Julie Cart Los Angeles Times)
10/2/08 Yellowstone working on snowmobile plan (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/2/08 Federal judge recommends motorized restrictions in Gallatin Forest be tightened (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
10/1/08 Yellowstone staff considers legal options (by Cody Enterprise)
10/1/08 Delegation seeks plan to allow park snowmobiling (by Cody Enterprise)
10/1/08 Feds turn around on wolves (by Kevin Bottrell The Lingle Guide--WY)
10/1/08 Delegation seeks Yellowstone fix (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
10/1/08 Groups: Snowmobile use plan still possible: Yellowstone officials say they have no authority to allow machines this year (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
10/1/08 Airport won't be shut down: Town, county will work at airport through ski season (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)--airport inside Grand Teton NP will remain open
10/1/08 Brucellosis tests continue on 2nd herd (AP story in Billings Gazette)
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10/31/08 Plenty of national park issues for next Administration, but will either care? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
10/31/08 Strange days on planet Earth: The need for wolves in our ecosystem (by Madeline Lloyd)
10/30/08 On the new wolf delisting scheme (by Ralph Maughan)
10/30/08 Wolves continue to do better in Idaho than in Yellowstone (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
10/29/08 'They are just one part of many': [Red states, blue road] part 10--Oct 29, 2008, Jackson, Wyo. to Livingston, Mont. (by David McLane OhmyNews)
10/29/08 Global warming is killing frogs and salamanders in Yellowstone Park, researchers say (by Ralph Maughan)
10/29/08 Yellowstone's vanishing amphibians (by Greg L. Johnson)
10/28/08 It's not easy being green, part 2: Amphibian decline in Yellowstone (by Beth Pratt)
10/28/08 Feds hounding Rocky Mountain wolves: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service submits plans to delist wolves again (by Tracy Ross Backpacker Magazine)
10/28/08 Wolves in the cross-hairs--again! (by Plenty Magazine)
10/28/08 The importance of predators (by Nate)
10/27/08 When will they ever learn? (by Louisa Wilcox, Natural Resources Defense Council)
10/27/08 A wicked threat: Mountain bikes in national parks (by Brian L. Horejsi in New West)
10/27/08 Yellowstone winter use up in air (by Tom Wharton Latitude & Longitude)--this is a blog of The Salt Lake Tribune
10/27/08 The inaccuracies of tracking grizzly bears (by Tom Remington)
10/27/08 Two much in two days: Writer wishes he'd allowed more time to take in a geyser of sights (by Allen Holder, McClatchy Newspapers, in The Tribune--CA)
10/27/08 Bear encounter (by TypeA)
10/26/08 Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park, the country's best known park lodge, has a wondrous and magical vibe: Rustic timber lodge was built more than a century ago (by Pamela LeBlanc The Austin American-Statesman)
10/26/08 Bighorn sheep rut in Yellowstone (by Beth Pratt)--with video
10/26/08 Park wolf population down; distemper suspected (by Yellowstone Insider)
10/26/08 The wolves of Yellowstone (by John Daly)
10/26/08 Looking back: Oct 17 through Oct 20, 2007: The Grand Tetons (by Kristine)
10/25/08 A bighorn sheep ballet (by Beth Pratt)--with video
10/25/08 Neighborhood runners (by Yellowstoner)
10/24/08 Another great day in the park (by Howard Mora)
10/24/08 Then and now: Winter use in park has history of conflict (by Brennan Sang West Yellowstone News)
10/24/08 Bears don't kill people ... people kill bears (by Ted Alvarez Backpacker Magazine)
10/24/08 Natural regulation of wildlife and lands (by Tom Remington)
10/24/08 More Yellowstone wildlife (art by Molly Hashimoto)
10/23/08 A last trip to Yellowstone (by Peggy Hamlen Island Park News)
10/22/08 Rule allowing more mountain biking in national parks no big deal: Like the recent debate over allowing more guns in national parks, the upcoming rule allowing more mountain biking can divert our attention away from more critical national park issues (by Bill Schneider New West)
10/22/08 Yellowstone (by T. Scott)
10/21/08 Yellowstone wildlife (art by Molly Hashimoto)
10/21/08 Regeneration in Yellowstone's 'Green Desert' (by Chas S. Clifton)
10/21/08 Wyo needs to revise wolf management plan (by Casper Star-Tribune)
10/21/08 Yellowstone TR: Bechler Hot Springs (by randosteve)
10/21/08 Local interests and conservation history (by George Wuerthner)
10/20/08 What is Yellowstone? (by chuqui)
10/20/08 A timely decision ... (by Suzanne Stone, Defenders of Wildlife)
10/20/08 "Yellowstone Blues" (poem by jasongentryjones)
10/20/08 How will the next Administration deal with the environment? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
10/19/08 Travertines & thermophiles (by Beth Pratt)
10/19/08 Shoshone Geyser Basin and Shoshone Lake (by Jim Steele)
10/19/08 Do not pet the buffalo and other useful travel tips (by Mark Hinson Tallahassee Democrat)
10/19/08 A scenic slice of Americana: Road trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks had travelers saying "ooh and aah" (by Graeme Morton The Province--Canada)
10/19/08 Surreal Yellowstone and Grand Tetons ... part 4 (by Kasturi)--recommends Signal Mountain at sunset
10/19/08 Fall thoughts (by C.Vandy)
10/18/08 Our last Yellowstone (by Mary Lynn)
10/18/08 YNP (by evi3lynni3)
10/17/08 New bison-management plan fails to impress (by Yellowstone Insider)--critical of the "CUT Deal" but doesn't even begin to get at the absurdities in the plan
10/17/08 Destination nowhere (by Mark Jenkins)
10/17/08 Greener blacktop in Yellowstone National Park (by Yellowstone Insider)
10/17/08 Thoughts on Yellowstone (by The Clothesline)
10/16/08 Pondering life and the universe in Yellowstone (by Rene)
10/16/08 Supervolcanoes? Pfft (by Bradford Plumer The New Republic)
10/16/08 Yellowstone 2008 trip report (by Joe and Mary Ann McDonald)
10/16/08 Feds dodge making wolf explanation (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
10/16/08 Yellowstone National Park (by Elizabeth)
10/15/08 hit the road (by anonymousunited)--Yellowstone by night is amazing; just stay warm
10/15/08 Wintery Yellowstone (by Chad Coppess)
10/15/08 Cattle industry important to state (by Kristin S. Larson in Billings Gazette)--this letter gets at the real issue of buffalo persecution in Greater Yellowstone; the notion that "brucellosis" (i.e., bison) "has the potential to drive cattle production from the Greater Yellowstone area"; that gets to the ideological heart of it (who should control the grass)
10/14/08 Heyyyy, Boo Boo! (by Rob)
10/14/08 Notes on the '88 Yellowstone fire conference (by George Wuerthner New West)
10/14/08 A drive through Yellowstone (by Mark)
10/14/08 Day 10: Shell Creek campsite to Yellowstone (by woodythai)
10/14/08 Yellowstone National Park (by Rob)
10/14/08 Yellowstone (by Michele Lindsay)
10/14/08 Wolves dare not tread off territory (by Brian Kussy in Casper Star-Tribune)
10/13/08 Yellowstone artist's journal (art by Molly Hashimoto)
10/13/08 It's potty time! (by Annejelynn)
10/13/08 Yellowstone hike in the snow (by M&M)
10/13/08 North of Yellowstone (art by Jill Stefani Wagner)
10/12/08 October 12, 2008 (by Dan)
10/12/08 Wildlife, lush life cohabit in Wyoming's Tetons (by Victoria Abbott Riccardi Boston Globe)
10/12/08 A perfect day: Taking a walk on wild side (by Scott Smith The Pueblo Chieftain--CO)
10/12/08 Imagine the impacts of climate change on the national park system (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
10/12/08 Yellowstone National Park (by Liz)
10/11/08 Driving Chief Joseph's Highway in a blizzard (with cows) (by Beth Pratt)
10/11/08 American teasures | Yellowstone National Park (by Allen Holder The Kansas City Star)
10/10/08 Beth sense of snow (she's a California wimp) (by Beth Pratt)
10/10/08 Wolves are eating well it seems (by Parker Heinlein)
10/10/08 Fish do it: Fall-spawning tout study underway on the Madison (by Brennan Sang West Yellowstone News)
10/10/08 Wildlife at Yellowstone--1 (by ptlee)
10/10/08 Stayin alive (by J- Under Construction)
10/10/08 Road to Yellowstone: An Arkansas traveler's journey (by Tony McGuffey The Batesville Daily Guard--AR)
10/10/08 Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons--week 17 (by Homeschooling Untethered)
10/9/08 Snow, snow, snow snow! (by Ehm)
10/9/08 More Yellowstone fun (by Michele)--snowing in Yellowstone; winter snow even coming here to Bozeman this weekend
10/8/08 Think grizzly (by Bill Schneider Flathead Beacon--MT)
10/8/08 Our bittersweet Yellowstone stay (by Rene)--very sad
10/8/08 The handicapped Native American adoptee at Yellowstone National Park (by Mike Lavoie)--with video
10/8/08 Wyoming congressional delegation pushing Interior secretary to move on Yellowstone snowmobile plan (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
10/7/08 Yellowstone National problem (by E.G.)--protesting being punished for illegal kayaking
10/6/08 Musings from Yellowstone National Park | National Parks Traveler (by chuqui)
10/6/08 There and back again (by The Baroness)
10/6/08 Gibbons River, Yellowstone (art by Miki Willa)
10/6/08 The fair side of art (by Raji Radhakrishnan)
10/6/08 disgust (by Dustin Reidy)
10/6/08 Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho (by Ted)--reports approaching a bison hoping to cause some kind of trouble
10/6/08 Lewis Lake Campground, Yellowstone NP, WY: Aug 27-Sept 21 (by Doug and Willie)
10/6/08 Hawks Rest, A Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone (book review by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
10/6/08 MT--the Tetons (by silverbeard)
10/6/08 Wildlife preservation: A Cheney tale (by Mother Jones)
10/5/08 Dining through Yellowstone (and Grand Teton) (by Southern Rockies Nature Blog)--have eaten at Signal Mountain and though I ate there twice a month ago don't really remember how good the food was; the breakfast service was extremely slow
10/5/08 Credit Park Service for drafting winter plan (by Casper Star-Tribune)
10/5/08 Yellowstone (by SKH)
10/5/08 30th September (by Karen)--I admit to being frightened of moose more than any other animal, and I've heard a lot of people in these parts say the same thing
10/5/08 Ah Yellowstone ... (by Wesley Aston)--always amazed at how many people don't care about much of anything in Yellowstone except the wildlife; it seems that Yellowstone suits a million types of people (geyser gazers, fishers, animal watchers, birders, hikers/climbers, road bikers, and on and on), but it seems unfortunately rare that people appreciate it all).
10/4/08 Burn policy (by Mike)--this post annoys me on several levels, the least of which is that he's got the year of the fires wrong
10/4/08 Thoughts on Yellowstone (by Team Kess)
10/4/08 A rare bison treat yesterday (by Jess Best Fly Fishing
10/3/08 Of fires that burn out (by Jeff Sorensen)--the second comparison of the financial crisis to the 1988 fires I have seen
10/3/08 Yellowstone National Park experience (by Kaelyn Porter)
10/3/08 Yellowstone justifies tag as world's most famous national park (by Cameron Wilson The Courier-Mail--Australia)--one significant mistake here, as Norris is referred to as "North Geyser Basin"
10/3/08 A natural view (by Katy Duffy West Yellowstone News)
10/3/08 Gardening for leisure (by Mary Choate Denver Gardening Examiner)--the 1870 story, even if it happened as the myth says, would simply not have been when the "National Park System was conceived
10/3/08 Well, the trip to Yellowstone was outstanding (by Kevin Hurt)
10/2/08 Wyoming's crown jewels (by Erin)
10/2/08 4000 mile drive (part VI)--Yellowstone (by bachi)
10/2/08 Murder in Yellowstone (by Bea)--the imagination can run wild, eh?
10/2/08 Park officials reverse course, will craft temporary use plan for '08-'09 (by Yellowstone Insider)--politics has led conservation groups not to go for jugular on a quiet Yellowstone, and so I expect also we'll see a limit of about 290 snowmobiles this winter--which will overall lower the numbers a little--along with allowing snow coaches (which have been heavily pushed by these groups, though I find the way they are managed objectionable on other grounds)
10/2/08 McCain, Palin, earmarks, and the DNA of bears and harbor seals: A few things you might not know about the second most famous congressional earmark, including how it's connected to harbor seals in Alaska (by Bill Schneider)--some talk also of grizzlies in Yellowstone
10/2/08 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (by Peggy)
10/2/08 Day 6--morning (by Team Kess)
10/1/08 Midwest wolf decision leaves Yellowstone grizzly delisting in doubt (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)--frankly, given the huge deer epidemic in our cities (I'd see deer in the middle of the nation's capital); I'm not sure that reintroducing wolves wouldn't be that bad an idea
10/1/08 A missing check, a day off and presents (by Ehm)
10/1/08 Elk make North Fork morning even better (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
10/1/08 Fall in love with Yellowstone (by Devin Hillam ISU Bengal--ID)
10/1/08 Yellowstone National Park (by grapegrower)

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