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Some of Jim Macdonald's Philosophical essays

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Most of my best stuff isn't online.  If you are interested in more, please let me know.  I did write essays and a Master's Thesis between 1997 and 2000, but I have never bothered to publish any of it.  As my dissertation interest is in Leibniz, I may begin to post recent papers on Leibniz.

Spinoza and Leibniz: Strong Affinity on the Nature of Infinity (presented to Washington, DC Spinoza Club 9/03/02)
A Defense of Plato on Writing Written Seriously (written 4/23/01)
Quine's Failure to Analyze Nonbeing as "Distinctiveness" and Why This is Important in Appreciating Desert Landscapes (written 12/6/00)
Some thoughts on Omnipotence as Logical Possibility (written 12/97)
In Defense of a necessarily Existing Being against three common objections (written 9/17/97)
Against Yang and absolute contingency (Yang is a person I used to regularly argue with on an old discussion board called  Society Board)--May 1997
McJim returns--On the "The real is the rational and the rational is the real" --April 1997
In reply to Jeff on "the rational and the real" (Jeff is another person from that past discussion forum)--April 1997
Alex, truth and verification (Alex is another person I regularly argued with on that same defunct discussion board) --1997