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August 2009
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8/31/09 Yellowstone set for last summer holiday weekend (press release by National Park Service)
8/31/09 Ranger-led programs during September (press release by National Park Service)
8/31/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 31 August 2009: Hopper time (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/31/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 31 August 2009: Morning water temps looking better (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/30/09 They're everywhere (by Yellowstoner)
8/29/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 29 August 2009: Pretty much still a "wow" (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/29/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 29 August 2009: Ditto (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/29/09 Rescue from Death Canyon at Grand Teton National Park (by Jim Burnett National Parks Traveler)
8/28/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--August 24 through August 28, 2009 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
8/27/09 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--volunteers needed for woodcut week September 14-20
8/27/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 27 August 2009: "... damn near perfect" (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/27/09 It's early but ... (by Yellowstoner)
8/27/09 Small is beautiful: Discovering Yellowstone's little creatures in the park's first BioBlitz (by Beth Pratt Examiner)
8/26/09 Injured climber rescued from Death Canyon (press release by National Park Service)
8/26/09 Bridge replacement proposal out for public comment (press release by National Park Service)--Lamar River bridge
8/26/09 Fishing report for 08-26-2009 (by Madison River Outfitters)
8/26/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 26 August 2009: Beginning to wake back up a bit? (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/25/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 25 August 2009: Attractors and hoppers (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/25/09 Little sister fishing well (by Yellowstoner)
8/25/09 Commercial vehicle safety inspections set (press release by National Park Service)
8/25/09 Henry's Fork River fly fishing report 25 August 2009: Looking for September weather (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/24/09 Yellowstone Park 8-24-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
8/24/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 24 August 2009: Lower river teasing us a bit (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/24/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 24 August 2009: Rain, rain, go away (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/24/09 Madison mornings (by Yellowstoner)
8/22/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 22 August 2009: Holding steady (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/22/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 22 August 2009: Still crowded, still fishing well (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/21/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--August 17 through August 21, 2009 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
8/21/09 Yellowstone River fly fishing report 21 August 2009: Hopper mania (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/20/09 Conservation groups challenge wolf hunting (press release by Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice, Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Sierra Club)
8/20/09 Yellowstone Park 8-20-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
8/20/09 The heat is on: Popular Yellowstone trail closed due to thermal activity (by Beth Pratt Examiner)
8/19/09 Thermal activity closes one Yellowstone National Park trail, repairwork allows three others to reopen (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/19/09 Thermal activity prompts trail closure (press release by National Park Service)
8/19/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 19 August 2009: Better than you'd have guessed (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/19/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 19 August 2009: Not much changed (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/19/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 19 August 2009: Spruce moths lead the charge (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/19/09 Fishing report for 08-19-2009 (by Madison River Outfitters)
8/18/09 USDA: No known brucellosis infections in U.S. cattle (by American Veterinary Medical Association)
8/18/09 Henry's Fork River fly fishing report 18 August 2009: Pretty much steady as she goes this time of year (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/18/09 Gallatin going strong (by Yellowstoner)
8/17/09 Wolves running scared: Idaho announces plan to eliminate at least 22 percent of current population (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
8/17/09 Road between Norris and Madison closed (press release by National Park Service)
8/17/09 Chip seal project to begin on HWY 89 in GTNP (press release by National Park Service)
8/17/09 Auld Lang Syne (by Yellowstoner)--with videos; today the section of road between Norris and Madison closes for the season; please note this if you are planning on visiting Yellowstone; it is likely to affect you greatly if you aren't careful
8/17/09 Yellowstone Park 8-17-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
8/17/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 17 August 2009: A quick fall teaser (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/17/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 17 August 2009: Bring some hoppers (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/16/09 Obama fly-fishes, visits Old Faithful on Yellowstone trip (by Yellowstone Insider)
8/15/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 15 August 2009: Take a number (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/15/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 15 August 2009: Head upstream (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/15/09 Presidents and their relationship with Yellowstone and Grand Canyon (by Christian Espanol Examiner)
8/14/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--August 10 through August 14, 2009 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
8/14/09 Temporary closure of Moose-Wilson Road (press release by National Park Service)
8/14/09 Final free-admission weekend starts tomorrow (by Yellowstone Insider)
8/13/09 Recovery funding for Yellowstone and other volcano observatories to improve monitoring and public safety (press release by U.S. Department of the Interior)
8/13/09 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
8/13/09 Obama family to visit Yellowstone National Park this weekend: National parks provide living classrooms for visitors and schoolchildren: Statement by NPCA Senior Vice President for Policy Ron Tipton (press release by National Parks Conservation Association)
8/13/09 Entrance-fee-free weekends are costly to National Park Service, but seem to be boosting visitation (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/13/09 Accommodating neighbors (by Yellowstoner)
8/12/09 Experts: Hazing, not slaughter, should be centerpiece of Yellowstone bison strategy (by Yellowstone Insider)--this isn't a strategy for a lot of reasons; hazing is also a very damaging practice not only to the bison but also to the vegetation and other wildlife in the areas of the hazing operation
8/12/09 Rangers rescue three boaters from Snake River (press release by National Park Service)
8/12/09 Grand Teton offers limited firewood permits (press release by National Park Service)
8/12/09 Fishing report for 08-12-2009 (by Madison River Outfitters)
8/12/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 12 August 2009: Down to the wire and rest in peace (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/12/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 12 August 2009: There's better water, but ... (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/12/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 12 August 2009: Coming back down (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/11/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 11 August 2009: Spruce moths and attractors (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/11/09 Henry's Fork River fly fishing report 11 August 2009: A little tougher sledding these days (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/11/09 Shoshonean cultural celebration at Colter Bay (press release by National Park Service)
8/10/09 Enjoy free admission August 15 & 16 (press release by National Park Service)
8/10/09 Final fee-free weekend in Grand Teton (press release by National Park Service)
8/10/09 Yellowstone Park 8-10-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
8/10/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 10 August 2009: Hoppers and spruce moths (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/10/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 10 August 2009: Siesta time (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/10/09 Bison update: Lone bull killed, while quarantined herd draws interest (by Yellowstone Insider)--one point of correction; many of the bison in Corwin Springs were captured BEFORE they left the park ... hazing and capture in the north doesn't always mean bison left park boundaries (not sure what happened to the cattle I saw trespassing inside park boundaries)
8/10/09 Crowded in Idaho too (by Yellowstoner)
8/8/09 Summertime 2009 Yellowstone wolf news (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
8/8/09 August 8th--rising fish await (by Firehole Ranch)
8/8/09 Yellowstone River (YNP) fly fishing report 8 August 2009: Getting tougher (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/8/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 8 August 2009: Flows up the past few days (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/8/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 8 August 2009: Time to be sneaky (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/7/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--August 3 through August 7, 2009 (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
8/7/09 The first family plans to visit two western national parks next weekend (by Jim Burnett National Parks Traveler)
8/7/09 Obama to visit Yellowstone (by Jim Stanford jhunderground)--this is the guy who organized a large protest against Dick Cheney in Jackson a couple years back
8/7/09 BFC/WWP workshop (by Brian Ertz Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)--plans are for me to attend this, and this could lead to yet another short interruption in paper updates
8/7/09 National Shooting Sports Foundation upset over Grand Teton National Park's suggestion that lead ammunition is health threat (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/6/09 Judge mulling request to address Yellowstone National Park's wandering bison (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/6/09 Voluntary use of non-lead ammunition encouraged for 2009 elk & bison seasons in Grand Teton Nat'l Park & National Elk Refuge (press release by National Park Service)
8/6/09 Firearms industry rejects National Park Service classification of traditional ammunition as a health threat; offers to work with NPS on hunter education efforts (press release by National Shooting Sports Foundation)
8/6/09 Roadside sagebrush removal scheduled for two locations in Grand Teton (press release by National Park Service)
8/6/09 The Lorax visits Grand Teton National Park (press release by National Park Service)
8/6/09 Dream on (by Yellowstoner)
8/6/09 Wildlife need help surviving climate change impacts: NPCA report recommends adaptation strategies for national parks (press release by National Parks Conservation Association)
8/6/09 Yellowstone's grizzly bears and other wildlife at risk from climate change (by Beth Pratt Examiner)
8/5/09 U.S. Department of Agriculture shoots wild bull bison in Idaho (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)
8/5/09 Visitors enjoy Yellowstone in record numbers this summer (press release by National Park Service)--based on this newspaper's file size for July, I predicted steady or small increase; in fact, the increase was higher than that ... one big contingency that kept newspaper file size down, I think, was the lack of a real fire season so far this year and hence many fewer stories about fires (that alone could explain the difference); on the whole though, it adds further weight to my hypothesis that Yellowstone visitation can be predicted fairly accurately by yearly changes in this newspaper's file size (in large part because I fill it with a lot of visitor reports)
8/5/09 Fishing report for 08-05-2009 (by Madison River Outfitters)
8/5/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 5 August 2009: Terrestrials and drakes, what more could a man ask? (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/5/09 Two weeks and counting (by Yellowstoner)
8/5/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 5 August 2009: 12 days and counting for the old roadway (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/5/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 5 August 2009: Time for a rest (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/4/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 4 August 2009: Spruce moths are close (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/4/09 Henry's Fork River fly fishing report 4 August 2009: Sunny summer days (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/4/09 Major road closure coming to Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/4/09 Menor's Ferry back in service at Grand Teton National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/3/09 Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear MOU between Montana, Idaho and Wyoming (posted by Ralph Maughan)
8/3/09 Road between Norris and Madison to close August 17 (press release by National Park Service)
8/3/09 Road construction update #3 (press release by National Park Service)--for Grand Teton National Park
8/3/09 Menor's Ferry in operation at Grand Teton (press release by National Park Service)--or at least a replica for tourists
8/3/09 Final Grand Teton National Park lecture Thursday at AMK Ranch (press release by University of Wyoming)
8/3/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 3 August 2009: Summer = dry flies (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/3/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 3 August 2009: See you in september (by Mark Chi Wulff)--still saw people vainly fishing in the middle of the afternoon, though
8/1/09 Yellowstone River (YNP) fly fishing report 1 August 2009: Lots of choices (by Jake Chi Wulff)
8/1/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 1 August 2009: School is in session (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/1/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 1 August 2009: Fishing well despite the crush (by Mark Chi Wulff)
8/1/09 Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park agree to work on LUST together (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
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8/30 - 8/31/09 We'll be camping and hiking in the park, which will interrupt updates to the paper until I'm back. I am still working on an essay related to cattle degradations on national forest grazing allotments; see pictures, captions, and educational comments about a recent workshop on this issue that I attended recently.
8/31/09 Judge allows wolf hunts, but it's uncertain for how long (by Rob Chaney Missoulian in Billings Gazette)
8/31/09 Wolf-hunt-ready states and wolf advocates face off in court: Environmental groups fought in court today to stop fall hunts in Idaho and Montana, an event marked by protests in front of the Missoula courthouse--and a waiting game for the ruling (by Amy Linn New West)
8/31/09 Wolf hunts to open, judge eyes injunction request (AP story in Idaho Statesman)
8/31/09 Grizzly kills 13 sheep on grazing allotment (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)--this is on the heels of over 120 sheep being killed on private land near Dillon, Mont.
8/31/09 County to take up trails, pathway (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/31/09 Wolves are set to become fair game in the West (by William Yardley The New York Times)
8/31/09 Park's BioBlitz adds to knowledge (by Camden Easterling Livingston Enterprise)--9th story
8/30/09 8/30/09 8/29/09 Victim in canyon fall leaves legacy in N.Y. (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/29/09 Man fined for living on forest (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)--I've heard a lot about of bad things about the homeless situation in Jackson
8/29/09 Elk Foundation backs Montana wolf hunts (by Kim Briggeman Missoulian in Billings Gazette)
8/29/09 Idaho warns hunters of pending wolf hearing (AP story in Billings Gazette)
8/28/09 Wolves or taters? Idaho potato boycott threatened over proposed wolf reduction hunt; state legislator proposes sending opposition wolves instead (by Colin Moore ESPN)
8/28/09 Fish weir to operate on Madison River (by West Yellowstone News)
8/28/09 Fishing report (by Mike Loebl, Madison River Outfitters, West Yellowstone News)
8/28/09 Mini-safari into Grand Teton planned (by Billings Gazette)
8/28/09 Forest Service plans prescribed burns near Pinedale (by Billings Gazette)
8/27/09 Many Idahoans are eager to shoot wolves: Groups work to stop the hunt: Around 40 tags sold in Island Park in three days (by Island Park News)
8/27/09 Driggs teen injured in Teton Canyon fall (by Mike Polhamus Teton Valley News--ID)
8/27/09 Yellowstone the focus of bio-blitz (by Randal Horobik Powell Tribune--WY)
8/27/09 Yellowstone considers options for new bridge (by Billings Gazette)
8/27/09 Sleeping Giant draws attention from National Geographic (by CJ Baker Powell Tribune--WY)
8/27/09 2 climbers saved after fall (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/27/09 Lodgingg bookings slip, but skewed by holiday (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/26/09 Complaint alleges park asbestos crimes: Group says Grand Teton covered up improper treatment of hazardous material (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/26/09 Scientists converge on park for research: BioBlitz study less popular species in Yellowstone (by Clair Johnson Billings Gazette)
8/26/09 Schweitzer: State might sue to keep wolf hunt on if federal judge intervenes (by Jennifer McKee Billings Gazette)
8/26/09 Governor says Wyoming forests need more attention (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
8/26/09 Yellowstone to conduct inspect vehicles (by Billings Gazette)
8/26/09 Yellowstone National Park (by Danielle Perlin WQAD--IL)
8/25/09 Three views of the wolf wars: A hunter, advocate, and game official speak out: A close-up look at three sides in the high-pitched and emotional battle over Canis lupis; how should the wolf survive--or die? (by Ralph Bartholdt New West)
8/25/09 Judge sets wolf hunt hearing (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--the same judge who last halted the wolf hunts
8/25/09 US Rocky Mountain wolves to be hunted; conservationists protest (by Barbara Kessler, Green Right Now, in KABC--CA)
8/25/09 FWP wolf hunt license sale starts Aug. 31 (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/25/09 Wolf hunting licenses go on sale Aug. 31 in Montana (by Joleen Tadej The Clark Fork Chronicle--MT)
8/24/09 Idaho wolf tag sales brisk as judge considers hunt (AP story in Seattle Times)
8/24/09 Heart transplant recipient climbs 10 Teton peaks (by Associated Press)
8/24/09 BLM cuts energy leasing in Wyoming Range (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/23/09 Creating art in the great outdoors (by Yvonne Marcotte The Epoch Times)
8/22/09 Wyoming agency relocates grizzly caught near Cody (by Billings Gazette)
8/22/09 Ruling to wait in river lawsuit (by Amanda H. Miller Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/21/09 The President comes to Yellowstone Country (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
8/21/09 Fishing report (by Bucky McCormick, Blue Ribbon Flies, in West Yellowstone News)
8/21/09 Groups ask judge to block wolf hunts in Idaho, Mont. (by Eric Barker Lewiston Morning Tribune--ID in The Spokesman Review)
8/21/09 What's special about the Henry's Fork watershed? (by Island Park News)--event August 28, 6:30 PM at Pond's Lodge in Island Park
8/21/09 Coalition files request to block wolf hunt (by Rob Chaney Missoulian)
8/21/09 Reports from Yellowstone suggest noise reduction (by Billings Gazette)
8/21/09 Park winter reports out for comment (by Billings Gazette)
8/21/09 North face Grand Teton: The ultimate rescue: Anniversary--forty-two years after plucking two climbers from Grand Teton, rescuers recall the mission, which is the focus of an upcoming film (by Brett Prettyman The Salt Lake Tribune)
8/21/09 Man dies in fall off cliff (by Amanda H. Miller Jackson Hole News and Guide)--in Snake River Canyon; he fell after climbing cliff to get better cell phone reception
8/21/09 Better mood at annual Fed conference: A year after crisis erupted, relief laced with caution (AP story in Los Angeles Times)--Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke hiked for two hours in the Tetons in the midst of meetings
8/21/09 Deep in the wilderness, power companies wade in: Small hydroelectric dams catch on in remote spots: Critics fear environmental toll and see more-efficient options elsewhere (by Jim Carlton The Wall Street Journal)--mentions what's happening also on the Madison River just downstream from the park
8/21/09 Bernanke: Prospects for return to global growth good (by Reuters)--The central bankers are having their annual meeting in the Tetons; ultimately, this is important to us all, including the Greater Yellowstone region ... so, while they are there, I'll post some stories on this, and especially those that talk a little more about where they are meeting
8/20/09 All fish caught in U.S.-tested streams have mercury (by Elizabeth Weise USA Today)--27% at unsafe levels; trout, however, among the lowest
8/20/09 Wolf advocates go to court to stop hunts in Idaho and Montana (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
8/20/09 Chronic wasting disease may not reach humans: Disease found in wild deer, elk and moose, but not in Montana yet (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
8/20/09 Lodging reservations slip from recent highs (by Katy Niner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/19/09 Gov. Otter prepares to buy wolf tag and hunt this fall (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
8/19/09 Advances in battle against brucellosis: Minister hails new tool based on DNA technology (by Darryl Armitage Farming Life--Northern Ireland)
8/19/09 Yellowstone trail closed because of new hot spots (by Billings Gazette)
8/19/09 Turner wants quarantined bison (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/19/09 Wolves at carcasses won’t be shot by feds: Sublette cattle die-off attributed to illness; remains will be removed (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/19/09 Idaho wolf hunt set to begin: F&G officials take more cautious approach in setting 2009 quota (by Jason Kauffman Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
8/19/09 USDA to spend money on Wyoming forests (by Billings Gazette)
8/18/09 Judge considers Yellowstone snowmobile cap (by Associated Press)--this judge has been friendly to snowmobile interests; another judge in DC has been just the opposite
8/18/09 Darwinian struggle for a place on the endangered species list (by Julie Cart Los Angeles Times)
8/18/09 Idaho sets a limit of 220 for wolf hunt: If hunters harvest that many, the state's population of wolves could drop almost 25% (by Roger Phillips Idaho Statesman)
8/18/09 Idaho approves wolf hunt, stirs ruckus: Wolf advocates decried the decision (by Amy Linn New West)
8/18/09 Agency says 29 species may need federal protection (by Associated Press)--including the Yellowstone sand verbena
8/18/09 Snow in August? Temperatures fall; peaks get dusted (by Lorna Thackeray Billings Gazette)
8/18/09 Survivors mark quake anniversary (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/18/09 Obama, free admission big business for YNP (by Montana's News Station)
8/17/09 Idaho F&G commissioners approve hunt of 220 wolves (by Associated Press)
8/17/09 Idaho approves plan allowing hunters to shoot 220 wolves this fall; conservationists promise lawsuit (by Rob Chaney Missoulian)
8/17/09 Idaho's wolf hunting limit set at 220 (by Idaho Statesman)
8/17/09 Yellowstone closes major road in park for construction (by KIFI--ID)
8/17/09 The day Montana shook: Hebgen Earthquake remembered (by Montana's News Station)--with video
8/17/09 Park Service says visits to national parks are up (by Associated Press)
8/17/09 Economic stimulus for national parks working? (by Ed Hornick and Kate Bolduan CNN)
8/17/09 Recession increases national park visits (by Lee Davidson Deseret News--UT)
8/17/09 Pine-beetle epidemic changes debate over logging Montana's forests (by Jennifer McKee Missoulian)
8/17/09 1959 earthquake in Yellowstone remembered (by Howard Pankratz The Denver Post)--today is the 50th anniversary of the big earthquake
8/17/09 Old photos show Teton glaciers are shrinking (AP story in Billings Gazette)
8/17/09 First family visits first park (by Cory Hatch, Bradly J. Boner and the AP Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/17/09 Obamas tour parks, try to ignore media: First kids visit Yellowstone, Grand Canyon (by Matthew Mosk The Washington Times)
8/17/09 Statesville High students get natural education at Yellowstone (by Chyna Broadnax Statesville Record & Landmark--NC)
8/16/09 1959 Lake Hebgen Earthquake survivors meet in West Yellowstone (by Lauren Johnson KPVI--ID)
8/16/09 Obama in Yellowstone (by Penny Preston KULR--MT)--with video
8/16/09 Obama family takes vacation (by Carol E. Lee Politico)
8/16/09 Brinkley: Don't let parks get overlooked: Historian, author says Teddy Roosevelt would be "sadly dismayed" at state of national treasures (by Daniel Carty CBS News)--with video; one thing should be corrected; contrary to popular belief, Teddy Roosevelt is not the architect of the current National Park system as the article claims
8/16/09 The Obamas: Stopping traffic in Yellowstone (by Pat Dawson Time)
8/16/09 Park patrons turn their eyes toward Obama (by Tom Lutey Billings Gazette)
8/16/09 First family vacation (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/16/09 On work tour in the West, Obama visits Old Faithful (by Sheryl Gay StolbergThe New York Times)
8/16/09 Hebgen Lake Earthquake anniversary unleashes flood of memories (by Richard Ecke Great Falls Tribune)
8/16/09 Scars linger from killer Montana earthquake of '59 (by Associated Press)
8/16/09 A night of tremors, terror (by Mary Pickett Billings Gazette)
8/16/09 Waking to disaster (by Mary Pickett Billings Gazette)
8/16/09 Family records rocking, shaking night of earthquake (by Clair Johnson Billings Gazette)
8/16/09 Remembering the Hebgen Lake Earthquake of 1959 (by Billings Gazette)
8/16/09 Idaho Fish & Game to set limits for first wolf hunt (by Roger Phillips Idaho Statesman)
8/15/09 Obamas join crowds at Yellowstone Park: 'COOL! THAT'S A GEYSER'; free days, cheaper gas spur records at national parks (by Jayne Clark Chicago Sun-Times)
8/15/09 In Colorado, Obama promises 'common-sense' healthcare: The president continues his Western push in defense of healthcare overhaul, telling an audience that Americans are 'held hostage by health insurance companies that deny them coverage.' (by Maeve Reston Los Angeles Times)--Obamas see Old Faithful and Black Sand Geyser Basin in brief visit
8/15/09 Obama wraps up his Montana tour (by Anne McGinn FOX News)
8/15/09 On respite from health-care tour, Obama visits Yellowstone, calls Old Faithful 'cool' (by Michael D. Shear The Washington Post)
8/15/09 'That's pretty cool': Obama tours Old Faithful geyser (by Agence France-Presse)
8/15/09 Health care town hall round 3: This time, it's personal (by Rachel Martin and Sunien Miller ABC News)
8/15/09 President Obama visits Yellowstone (by Aman Chabra KIFI--ID)
8/15/09 Obamas visit Yellowstone National Park (by KFBB--MT)--with video
8/15/09 First family in Big Sky Country (by KULR--MT)--with video
8/15/09 President, first family visit Yellowstone (by Montana's News Station--MT)--with video
8/15/09 Like past presidents, Obama celebrates the grandeur of Yellowstone: It's also a chance for the president to see how national parks--likened to Europe's cathedrals--need political and fiscal support (by Todd Wilkinson The Christian Science Monitor)
8/15/09 A history of presidential visits to Yellowstone National Park (by Todd Wilkinson The Christian Science Monitor)
8/15/09 Pine beetles (by Laura Bell The Big Sky Weekly--MT)
8/15/09 National Park Service to lose $6M on free visits (by Michael Doyle Fresno Bee)
8/15/09 Obama makes good on Montana fly-fishing promise (by Associated Press)
8/15/09 Complaints about guns in parks trail Obama as first family heads to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon (AP story in The Examiner--CA)
8/15/09 Obama continues his western tour (by Anne McGinn FOX News)--Obama went fly fishing; stayed the night at Big Sky (no doubt was fundraising)
8/15/09 Add Obama to list of what to see in Yellowstone Park: President's visit delayed flights for some visitors to national park (by Tom Lutey Billings Gazette)
8/14/09 Something fishy about Obama's Montana visit (by Reuters)--probably doesn't hold a candle to President Arthur, who in his 1883 trip was reported to have caught oodles and oodles of fish
8/14/09 Commissioners say "no" to Gallatin Canyon billboards (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/14/09 Helicopter, horsemen deployed in search for missing teen (by Matthew K. Jensen The Hearld Journal--UT)
8/14/09 Study looks at warming's effect on Beartooth glaciers: Team uses multiple images, computer software to create a 3-D view of melting rates (by Linda Halstead-Acharya Billings Gazette)
8/14/09 Free park weekends having little effect: Fee waiver attracts minimal interest (by Ed O'Keefe The Washington Post)
8/14/09 National parks: Some winning, some lagging (by Amy Littlefield Los Angeles Times)
8/14/09 Another presidential walk in the park (by Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger The Washington Post)--historian Douglas Brinkley may have influenced Obama's weekend journey to Yellowstone
8/14/09 Before Martha's Vineyard, Obama to vist Yellowstone, Grand Canyon: Choosing a vacation spot can be delicate business during a recession, even for the president. He'll spend a weekend at the national parks, then a week at a $20-million estate in Massachusetts (by Peter Nicholas Los Angeles Times)
8/13/09 Obama to pay a visit to two national parks (by Jayne Clark USA Today)
8/13/09 Obama in Yellowstone on Saturday (by Joyce Edlefsen Standard Journal--ID)
8/13/09 Volcano blows at artlab (by Planet Jackson Hole)--1st story
8/13/09 First family to fly out of West Yellowstone Airport (by Elizabeth Laden Island Park News)--this story actually gives the flight departure time from West Yellowstone on Saturday
8/13/09 Obama to visit Yellowstone, discuss health care (AP story in WTTE--OH)--a concise though not terribly specific look at Obama's itinerary
8/13/09 Obama family to join throng at Yellowstone (by Valerie Richardson Washington Times)
8/13/09 3 rescued from river (by Traci Angel Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/13/09 Lodging reservations strengthen this week (by Katy Niner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/12/09 Bison management group looks at new plan (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
8/12/09 Free weekend at national parks (by Billings Gazette)
8/12/09 Obama to talk health care at airport Friday (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--President Obama's Yellowstone plans not being released; not surprisingly, no public events planned
8/12/09 Beetle battle involves a variety of weapons: Infestation fought in key areas with poison, pheromones, tree-cutting and planting (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/12/09 Missing woman could be headed to Yellowstone (by Matthew K. Jensen The Hearld Journal--UT)
8/11/09 Publication highlights climate change's effects on wildlife, ecosystems (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
8/11/09 Obama to discuss health care in Bozeman (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--however no new details available on the visit, though one chef at the Old Faithful Inn says on her blog that the Obamas will be eating there
8/11/09 Prayer saved LDS family from '59 Yellowstone 'quake (by Wade Jewkes Deseret News in Mormon Times)
8/10/09 G&F slashes elk hunting in Sunlight Basin (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
8/10/09 OUtfitters unhappy with new limited quota season cutbacks (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
8/10/09 Fungus fells trees in Wyoming forest (AP story in Billings Gazette)
8/10/09 50 years since Hebgen Lake Earthquake (by Joyce Edlefsen Standard Journal--ID)
8/10/09 Park path heralded as model for others (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/10/09 Throng hails wild river law (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/9/09 Quarantined bison from Y-stone attract interest (AP story in Chicago Tribune)
8/9/09 Where have all the tourists gone? (by Peter Johnson Great Falls Tribune)
8/8/09 Speed kills? (by Whitney Royster Casper Star-Tribune)
8/8/09 Park ranger asks: Where are the black visitors? (by Peter Fimrite San Francisco Chronicle
8/8/09 Obama to visit Yellowstone (by Thomas Dewell Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/8/09 White House confirms Obama visit (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/8/09 obama visit to include Yellowstone trip (by Billings Gazette)
8/8/09 West Yellowstone sounds off on snowmobile cap (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/8/09 Groups OK with no-lead request: Feds worry about effect of bullets on birds, other animals (AP story in Billings Gazette)
8/7/09 Feds: No lead bullets, please (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/7/09 First family heading to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon (by Lynn Sweet Politics Daily)
8/7/09 Obamas to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon (by Jeff Zeleny The New York Times)
8/7/09 First family to visit national parks (by Prerana Swami CBS News)
8/7/09 Obama taking family to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon (by Reuters)
8/7/09 Hebgen Lake Earthquake marks 50 years (by West Yellowstone News)
8/7/09 Fishing report (by Bucky McCormick, Blue Ribbon Flies, in West Yellowstone News)
8/6/09 Feds slaughter wild bison on Henry's Lake Flat (by Island Park News)
8/6/09 Yellowstone visitation soars: Park could be on pace to set new tourism record (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
8/6/09 Hebgen Lake Earthquake anniversary events (by Billings Gazette)
8/6/09 The Lorax visits Grand Teton National Park (by Island Park News)
8/6/09 Yellowstone National Park (by Danielle Perlin Baltimore Sun)
8/6/09 Valley reservations highest of summer (by Katy Niner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/5/09 FWP study finds multiple factors in wolf-elk relations (by Rob Chaney Missoulian)
8/5/09 YNP visits continue at record pace (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
8/5/09 Yellowstone numbers hit all-time high in July (by Associated Press)--saw this was also a top story this hour on Yahoo News
8/5/09 Fish & Game prepares for fall wolf hunt: Commissioner: Some Idaho hunters are ready, whether it's legal or not (by Jason Kauffman Idaho Mountain Express and Guide)
8/5/09 FWP to intervene in federal wolf lawsuit (by Billings Gazette)
8/5/09 Ranchers discuss dated brucellosis regulations (by Amanda Venegas KTVQ--MT)
8/5/09 Yellowstone inspires evolving artistic views: Artists offer changing interpretations of park's geysers, waterfalls and hot springs (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
8/5/09 Horse Butte controversy spills into court (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--what strange bedfellows; conservationists and the DOL vs. the stockgrowers ... all in support of a plan which still does nothing for wild bison, which is why I'm not sure it's not a tactical mistake for the groups involved with the lawsuit to be supporting the state in this effort ... even if the merits of their own particular argument are correct (it does help support the worthless IBMP process)
8/5/09 Beetle-killed trees make fire unpredictable: Wildland firefighters look to protect homes on forest boundary (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/5/09 Heart transplant recipient to climb Grand Teton (by Standard Journal--ID)
8/4/09 How will we hunt grizzlies? Wildlife agencies in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are looking for feedback about future grizzly bear hunts, in case the bruins' population swells (by Amy Linn New West)
8/4/09 Stockgrowers sue over Horse Butte bison (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--let me say this loud and clear, there are no cows ever on Horse Butte peninsula any time of the year! The other thing unsaid in the article is that one of the villains in this is the Povah family, the former owners of Hamilton Stores (my former bosses in Yellowstone), who ranch to the south of that area. NRDC has put out a press release on this, but I haven't seen it online yet.
8/4/09 Livestock brucellosis meetings planned (by Billings Gazette)
8/4/09 Groups seek to intervene in lynx suit (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
8/4/09 Construction to close part of Yellowstone loop (AP story in Billings Gazette)--old news but a good reminder of the Aug. 17 date on the critical closed section between Madison and Norris
8/3/09 Fight over Yellowstone winter use continues (by Brennan Sang West Yellowstone News)
8/3/09 20 years after Yellowstone fires, SCA Recovery Corps going strong (by West Yellowstone News)
8/3/09 USFS again balks at climber permit (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
8/2/09 Sprawling blaze cleared vast stands of dead trees, but much lifeless timber remains (by Ruffin Prevost Billings Gazette)
8/2/09 State officials seek comments on grizzly bear management (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/1/09 In their own words: New book collects recollections of Yellowstone's earliest visitors (by Mike Gerrity Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
8/1/09 Falling trees lead to campground closures (by Billings Gazette)
8/1/09 Drowned man identified (by Amanda H Miller Jackson Hole News and Guide)
8/1/09 Timing of west bank path repairs draws ire (by Kevin Huelsmann and Thomas Dewell Jackson Hole News and Guide)
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8/31/09 How extremophiles might help us save our world (by Levi Novey
8/31/09 Howls echo through the wolf debates (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
8/31/09 Wolf proponents hope for another court win (by Richard Reeder Cody Enterprise)
8/31/09 Thoughts post-yellowstone (poem by Weird Awakening)
8/31/09 Ballads of the Grand Canyon & Yellowstone (by Richard Kerry II)
8/31/09 Yellowstone, here we come! (by Jay)--from the minimal descriptions, I'd say elk ... but how to tell? Buy a freaking postcard; they don't look much alike. We saw a bull moose today in the willows on US 191 inside the park on our way back to Bozeman
8/31/09 Yellowstone, here we come! (by Jay)
8/31/09 State once again brucellosis-free, but there's work to be done (by Bob Hanson, Montana Farm Bureau Federation, in Great Falls Tribune)
8/31/09 Wyoming--a journey amidst stunning natural beauty (by J, M and R)
8/30/09 Hunting season (by Leslie)
8/30/09 Steamy bison (by Robyn)
8/29/09 Aspen in Yellowstone (art by Deb Kirkeeide)
8/29/09 Elk herd in the Yellowstone River (by Robyn)
8/29/09 6,000 miles: North Dakota to Yellowstone (by Annie)--see the last paragraph recounting a stupid tourist question
8/29/09 Stop the killing of wolves: 220 scheduled to die on September 1 (by P. Elizabeth Anderson)--makes a claim I have never seen before and doesn't site the source suggesting the Obama Administration was surprised by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's move to accept the FWS decision to delist wolves; anyone out there know anything about this? I'm doubtful.
8/29/09 Yellowstone (by Jake's Political Spot)
8/28/09 The raven (by Robyn)
8/28/09 small critter in Yellowstone (by deborah)
8/28/09 Bison amour in Yellowstone's Hayden Valley (by Beth Pratt Examiner)
8/28/09 Wyo watches Montana, Idaho wolf case closely (by Casper Star-Tribune)
8/28/09 Yellowstone National Park's first BioBlitz to be held on August 28 and 29 (by Jim Burnett National Parks Traveler)
8/28/09 Protect animals; don't kill them (by Jennifer Nitz in Missoulian)--compares situation in Glacier with buffalo situation in Greater Yellowstone
8/28/09 Merry Christmas & ciabatta (by clschowalter)--the first paragraph is self contradictory; but regardless, can't a moment be so powerfully lived that it grabs us into reflection? Maybe, the person who claims that philosophy is opposed to living in the moment is not truly living in the moment; I think that's actually quite certainly true. A wild moment in Yellowstone is not as nihilistic as suggested here. Love and life calls for more from us, and so does that siren Yellowstone with her eau'd'sulfur. The myth about the start of Christmas in Yellowstone is also false, but it's a fun one all the same because it does snow on August 25 from time to time.
8/27/09 Bearly making it: How many biologists does it take to count a dead grizzly? (by Andrea Peacock CounterPunch)
8/27/09 Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday (by Cap)--doubts the Christmas myth, the truth of which has been conclusively debunked by Yellowstone historians; the origin of the myth seems to be that it was started by Hamilton Stores in the 1950s as something fun for their workers
8/27/09 Private wolf show (by Robyn)
8/27/09 Up go the snow markers (by Robyn)
8/27/09 Today Buddha left us (by Catherine)
8/27/09 Disgusting slaughter, part 2 (by Anne Gilbert)
8/27/09 Connectivity where the buffalo roam (by Shane Greenstein)
8/27/09 Recessions hits home at Yellowstone (by Bad Hair Day)--satire misses the boat because the reality is that during this recession crime across the country has dropped dramatically, and so the premise of the joke is lost
8/27/09 Bore tour '09: The reckoning (by Jamie Block)--I swear this is not posted because he's a philosophy major
8/27/09 Let's complete Thomas's vision for Wyoming Range (by Casper Star-Tribune)
8/27/09 Musky's new location: Yellowstone (by Musky the Muskrat Wadena Pioneer Journal--MN)
8/26/09 Pine beetles, spruce beetles, and what to do? (by Leslie)
8/26/09 The timing is right to hunt wolves (by Idaho Statesman)
8/26/09 A river in Yellowstone (art by Brent Perkins)
8/26/09 A Yellowstone vacation (by Lori)
8/26/09 Is this in my job description?? (by Brent Everitt)--worker at NE Entrance station; a large number of blog posts today put on his blog
8/25/09 Christmas in August (by Robyn)
8/25/09 Lellowstone (by Lisa Easton)
8/25/09 A week in August in the Bridger-Teton wilderness (2009) (by Sandee Neal)
8/25/09 Yellowstone National Park (by Paula deChelly)
8/25/09 A disgusting slaughter is about to begin (by Anne Gilbert)
8/25/09 Guns in parks are OK (by Journal Times--WI)
8/25/09 Roosevelt & Kennedy (by clschowalter)
8/24/09 Should they allow wolf hunting in Idaho? (by Josh Mogerman Opposing Views)
8/24/09 Climbing the Grand Teton via the Exum Direct Route (by Jared Hargrave Examiner)
8/24/09 Yellowstone--America's playground (by Traveling Dancers)
8/24/09 Rip-off alert: Yellowstone National Park and 10 percent sales tax (by Kevin and Shawn)--decrying utility fees on top of Wyoming sales tax (which is not uniform across the park because the park is in multiple counties); West Yellowstone also has a 3% resort tax ... Gardiner and Cooke City, MT have no sales tax whatsoever.
8/24/09 Vacation leg 2: Wyoming (by Michaela)--I have two big pet peeves on blogs that come to mind; the first is when people erroneously perpetuate the myth that Teddy Roosevelt founded Yellowstone; the second is when people compare Grand Teton with Yellowstone as though they were truly distinct places and not part of one system; this post does the latter
8/24/09 Ending our time here (by Bill and Linda Van Eaton)
8/24/09 Human needs should come first in environmental policy (by The Examiner)
8/23/09 Last big visit for the year (by Jay Mengel)
8/23/09 Yellowstone surpasses expectations with its natural splendor (by Matt Schuckman Quincy Herald-Whig--IL)
8/23/09 burning in the Yellowstone caldera (by Ashley C.)
8/23/09 A well versed vacation (by Michelle)--check out the song at the end; just about in time for Christmas in Yellowstone (Aug. 25)
8/23/09 Snowmobiles are nothing compared to summer crowds (by Carl J. Krob in Billings Gazette)
8/23/09 Yellowstoned (by Christopher Wolfe)
8/23/09 Yellowstone part 1 (by idrivethebus)
8/22/09 Yellowstone (poem by Ed)
8/22/09 An open letter to vegetarians (by MAT kinase)--I wrote an essay awhile back called "Unnatural Ethics" that if memory serves me may serve as the beginning of a response
8/22/09 Winter use reports (by Yellowstoner)
8/22/09 Stone cold (Yellowstone that is) (by Smith Family)
8/21/09 Welcome back, Carl! (by Robyn)
8/21/09 Central bankers spot signs of recovery (by Greg Wood and Sandra Shmueli BBC News--UK)--a local angle on a worldwide story playing out in the Tetons
8/21/09 Bridge out: It was still early in the evening when I plopped down on the picnic table to peel a Band-Aid from the inside of my calf; my scratched and muddied legs desperately needed a scrub, and I could feel the beginning of a blister between my toes (by Emily Kram Superior Telegram--WI)
8/21/09 Canyon Village Campground, Yellowstone National Park (by CampCrazy)--all true except the last time I was there, we had what seemed to be a private spot until all the smoke filled us up from our neighbors over the hill; also note that at this time of year at this elevation, mornings can be very cold
8/21/09 Nymphing (by Mona)
8/21/09 Bitten and robbed (by prajnaja)
8/21/09 Mt. Washburn: Snow in August (by Gabe K)--with videos
8/21/09 Knitting the wilderness (by CraftNinja)
8/21/09 Kudos for earthquake events (by Kirk and Beth Horn in West Yellowstone News)
8/21/09 A natural view (by Katy Duffy West Yellowstone News)--this person, a ranger, also met with Obama during his visit
8/21/09 Friday photo (by Scott Hanley)
8/21/09 National park blues (by ScubaTony)--anyone care to let this whiner know that Yellowstone is a lot more than Old Faithful?
8/21/09 Solitude Lake kicks Bob's &#@ and a moose nearly finishes the job (by Bob Taylor)--remember please, moose are very aggressive and dangerous animals; don't get too close; they are far more likely to attack than most wild animals
8/21/09 Yellowstone to Grand Tetons (by Bob Taylor)
8/21/09 Old Faithful and the stupid geyser (by Bob Taylor)--it can be frustrating waiting for Grand Geyser, but it's the best geyser show in the park
8/20/09 What's considered fair chase for wolves in Idaho? (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)
8/20/09 Six more weeks! (by Catherine)
8/20/09 Yellowstone grizzly recovery is conservation success story (by Sterling Miller, National Wildlife Federation, in Missoulian)
8/20/09 Fed retreat draws elite, but glamour is on holiday (by Reuters)--in all honesty, when I moved to the area, my original choice was Jackson in part to organize against the participants in these meetings; also this analysis piece in the UK newspapers Times and this one in the Telegraph
8/20/09 Further from Los Angeles is Yellowstone National Park (by JoAnn Egan Neil Examiner)
8/20/09 Rocky Mountain bluebirds common in Yellowstone (by Marilyn Dinger)--along time ago, I knew Marilyn but haven't been in contact for at least 6 years
8/20/09 Yellowstone a fly-fishing destination (by David Uchiyama Chattanooga Times Free Press)
8/19/09 Otter asks me whether I'm buying wolf tag (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)--seems to be leaning toward it
8/19/09 Blizzard of misinformation aims to ban snowmobiles in Yellowstone (by Ray Grass Deseret News--UT)
8/19/09 Expected to spend 1 night, stayed for 4 ... (by Jérémy Messé)
8/19/09 Re: "Wolf hunt is on" (by It matters in Boise Weekly)
8/19/09 Tuesday August 18 Indian Creek Campground, Yellowstone National Park, WY (by ruakiwi)--a number of other posts from travels through the region on the blog
8/19/09 West Thumb--Yellowstone trip report (by Janet White)
8/19/09 Fingering the fumarole, and other adventures at Yellowstone (by Jesse Archer)--with videos
8/19/09 Laughing through disaster (by Mark)
8/19/09 The national parks are racist!! (by Rob)--he doesn't believe in it; there's a lot more I'd like to say about it to suggest that we are missing how racial prejudice in our society is contributing to the lack of visitors who are people of color (and dwindling over the last few decades, irrespective of class). I do want to point out that the last line of his rant, if true, would beg the question about racism. If people of color aren't visiting parks because they just don't want to, what is the connection then between being a person of color and as a class not wanting to go? It only begs the question and admits that a whole class of people, only identified by their skin color, are not going. Since skin color is not a rational reason in itself, there has to be something that explains that. The strawman about "slavery" is really not taking the issue with the seriousness that it deserves. Not surprisingly, blog posts similar to Rob by Debbie Schlussel
8/19/09 Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (by alena)
8/19/09 If you've been checking the blog for updates you've noticed that it's been a while (by DB)
8/19/09 West Yellowstone (by Summer Mortensen)--another reaction to being stuck in traffic during the presidential visit last weekend
8/18/09 A lonesome apple (by Rose Zeller)--outside the internet, if you plugged Rose into 1993 when I first started, little would seem changed ... outside of small technilogical shifts, Yellowstone can feel like a place where time has stopped, which is kind of neat
8/18/09 Pausing to reflect in wilderness (by John Howell Warwick Beacon--RI)
8/18/09 American idylls: Our national parks (by Sue Halpern
8/18/09 A fed bear is a dead bear (by Jesse Archer)
8/18/09 Three days in Yellowstone (or) scrapbooking Yellowstone continues (by Janet White)
8/18/09 Disturbance and landscape dynamics in a changing world (by James D. A. Millington)
8/18/09 "I just became a geyser" (by bharkins)
8/18/09 Summer job leads to adventurous travel (by Liz Lynch in The Telegraph Herald--IA)
8/17/09 Idaho Fish and Game Commission sets wolf hunt quota today: Commission will decide today whether an Idaho wolf hunt will be accepted by wolf conservationists or whether a bitter begins (by Ralph Maughan)
8/17/09 Pine-beetle epidemic changes debate over logging Montana's forests (by Ralph Maughan)
8/17/09 Best government dollar spent--the National Park System (by Chris Weigant The Huffington Post)
8/17/09 Obama in paradise (by Debra J. Saunders San Francisco Chronicle)
8/17/09 Perspective on the Tester forest bill: The pros, the cons, and the questions (by George Wuerthner New West)
8/17/09 Gun toting citizens allowed into national parks (by Julian L. Gothard Examiner)
8/17/09 Yellowstone day ~ 1 (by Emma)--not her given name but the name she requests be used
8/17/09 yellow-bellied marmots and barack obama (by I like Westy)
8/17/09 From a mama to Obama (by Heidi Potter)
8/17/09 Yellowstone, eagles, elk, bison and another near disaster ... (by Dennsi Smith)
8/17/09 Thoughts from Yellowstone (by brooketolman)
8/17/09 July 26--Yellowstone (by Nona)
8/17/09 Yellowstone bison reference trip (by Kelly Dangerfield)
8/17/09 The President has spent $9,801,000 (by Thomas Daly Examiner)--Obama's Western tour cost $401,100
8/17/09 Our national parks: "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people" (if you don't mind the entrance fee) (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/17/09 Yellowstone's a presidential tradition (by Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman)--oh dear, Rocky made a stupid mistake in this; President Arthur was not a Democrat; he was a Republican ... one influential park defender who was along for the trip was Missouri Senator George Graham Vest, who became friends with Sheridan and was a Democrat; perhaps, that's what confused Rocky. Update: The article has since been corrected.
8/17/09 Destination: Yellowstone (by JayMoVH)
8/17/09 Barack's quickie Yellowstone trip (by Sharon)
8/16/09 Brrr ... it's cold! (by Claire)
8/16/09 Early fall? (by Leslie)
8/16/09 Guns, parks don't mix (by Wendy Nan Paul in The Dallas Morning News)
8/16/09 Go west, Mr. President, to America's wilderness (by Associated Press)--and the hokie caricatures of the West are in full force in this analysis piece
8/16/09 Yes we can fly fish ... we think: A brief analysis of the President's fly casting (by Scott Bowen True/Slant)
8/16/09 Day 28--Yellowstone--wow!! (by Debbi Walsh)
8/16/09 Yellowstone 2009 (by Aubrey)--also had plans changed by the roads closed because of the presidential visit
8/16/09 Day 3--the marathon (by Deepak Iyer)--says that Yellowstone doesn't have a lot of activities
8/16/09 Yellowstone, for all its incredible ... (by BigMotoTripper)--one sentence post with a clear opinion expressed; I for one am glad that August 15 has now passed and we will see fewer and fewer park visitors as the season begins to wind down (not just so I can visit it in isolation--that's never a problem for me--but because this newspaper takes so long these days to compile). What I've written is far longer than the post I've linked to!
8/16/09 Old Faithful--not so predictable! (by Rod Anderson Eden Prairie News--MN)
8/16/09 A new focus on ocean conservation (by Kate Galbraith The New York Times)
8/16/09 Return trip day 4 ... West Yellowstone, MT to Cody, WY (by Joanna)--the experience of people who experienced the road closures due to the Obamas' visit
8/15/09 Bliss Pass (by Molly)--and goodbyes to Yellowstone
8/15/09 President Obama visits Yellowstone: An inside view from a park employee (by Beth Pratt Examiner)--the menu featured the "sustainable" Montana beef; this is, of course, nonsense and ridiculous given the part the industry continues to play in bison mismanagement
8/15/09 presidential day at the OFI ... (by Catherine)--Yellowstone, especially during a presidential visit can feel like a version of Upstairs/Downstairs; this is from the decidedly "downstairs" perspective of a chef inside the Old Faithful Inn; it was her tip that told us days before anything in the official media that the Obamas would be dining at Old Faithful
8/15/09 Obama family visits Yellowstone (by Rachel Campbell Examiner)
8/15/09 Day 46: West Yellowstone, MT to Ennis, MT (74 miles) (by Blake Marshall)--a shot of the motorcade from a bystander cyclist
8/15/09 The President in the park (by The New York Times)
8/15/09 Did you hear the one about President Obama's trip to Yellowstone National Park? (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/15/09 Yellowstone National Park (by Jim Mercure)
8/15/09 Cody, Wyoming (by Mac VerStandig)
8/15/09 Yellowstone 4--the last day (by Yathin)
8/15/09 A river runs through it (by Paul Reynolds)--with video
8/15/09 Yellowstone, part II: Nature preserved (by James Everett Newman)--I would quibble that Yellowstone and Grand Teton is an intact ecosystem; it is not (the ecoysystem is much larger); also, the distance in the Thorofare area from a road is actually only 20.3 miles; the sad truth is that the more you learn about policy history in Yellowstone, the less preserved you realize that it is, though the land in all its magic shows remarkable resilience all the same
8/15/09 Obama misfires on gun law (by TheNeilinator)--it's impossible to say whether Obama would have vetoed it on its own; however, it was attached as a rider to a credit card reform bill that he desperately wanted
8/15/09 Mighty Yellowstone (by Dogwalkmusings)--problem is, it takes more than a couple hours (the time the Obamas spent) even to begin to grasp anything that Yellowstone has to offer, so it would be a waste of money as far as I'm concerned; keep the powers that be (and perhaps everyone else) away unless they are really interested
8/15/09 Jellystone (by brendan_joe_bob)
8/15/09 Yellowstone backcountry adventure (by bearcruzer)
8/15/09 Obama Yellowstone trip: Environmentalists back in front (by Shannon Blue Star Chronicles)--"whacko" always the adjective of choice to throw in front of the word "environmentalist" for the right wing
8/15/09 Connecting with nature (by Brenda Arnall)--for a user fee
8/15/09 Obama makes his pilgrimage to Old Faithful (by Rocky Barker)--with video
8/14/09 Obama's view from Yellowstone: Pines killed by climate-fueled beetles (by Frances Beinecke The Huffington Post)
8/14/09 Take action to stop elimination of game animals (by Don W. Wilkins in The Western News--MT)
8/14/09 Out & about (by Bill and Linda Van Eaton)
8/14/09 Friday photo (by Scott Hanley)--Kepler Cascades
8/14/09 I saw a buffalo (by chadandnikki)
8/14/09 So you want to live here? (by Yellowstoner)--all the hoopla; we lived with this 24/7 on various levels in Washington, DC, and almost never blinked an eye ... here, a few helicopters, a few important people, and the people act like everything is going to hell for a few days ... or at least pretend that it is (been true since the days of Chester Arthur's 1883 visit)
8/14/09 Obama visit to Yellowstone: Private event (by Yellowstone Insider)
8/14/09 Obama in Yellowstone and Grand Canyon: Expect traffic delays and some temporary closures (by Susan Derby in Los Angeles Times)--some news here, too, as NPS spokesperson for Yellowstone Al Nash said there could be delays, though is hoping to minimize impact
8/14/09 Yellowstone journal, read at your own risk (by Robyn Johnston)
8/14/09 Geysers & buffalo gals in Yellowstone National Park (by Cathy Brisack Sarkar)
8/14/09 Put parks on the priority list (by Jane Danowitz, Pew Environment Group, in The News & Observer--NC)
8/14/09 Denver's Chris "Beardman" Anderson gets wilder, but team too tame with lineup (by Rich Kurtzman Bleacher Report)--pro basketball player spotted in Yellowstone
8/14/09 Yellowstone and the day's happenings (by Tammy C Ferris)
8/14/09 5 things I'd like to tell President Obama before he visits Yellowstone National Park this weekend (by Matt Skoglund, Natural Resources Defense Council)
8/13/09 The second look that should of just stayed being a first look (by Robyn)--reports a bison killed by a car
8/13/09 Obama mania (by Carson)--has tickets to see Obama
8/13/09 Those crazy West Yellowstone nights (by Carson)
8/13/09 Yellowstone (by Max)
8/13/09 Yellowstone--life goes on .. (by itskary)
8/13/09 Bats, bats, and more Wyoming bats (by Leslie)
8/13/09 Yellowstone 2009 (by Gilbert Castillo)--not happening; how many years did I know exactly this feeling? Too many
8/13/09 Grand Tetons up close (by Tom McClanahan MyWabashValley--IN)
8/13/09 Obama's Bozeman visit promises to be lively (by Jonathan Weber New West)
8/13/09 Beartooth finishes before it can disrupt (by Bruce McCormack Cody Enterprise)--McCormack recently sold his interest in this paper; however, he is still the publisher and editor
8/13/09 Yellowstone helps raise appreciation for wildlife (by Stacey Greenberg Memphis Commercial Appeal)
8/12/09 It's a genuine grunt (by Yellowstoner)--about Pebble Creek
8/12/09 Grand Teton National Park's Sanke River proves yet again too challenging for visitors (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
8/12/09 A local look at Yellowstone (by Tom McClanahan MyWabashValley--IN)
8/12/09 Geezers, geysers, bicycles and boats at Yellowstone Lake (by Frank and Cheryl)
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8/8/09 Uhm ... (by Catherine)--kind of a location scoop; according to this, looks like the Obamas will be dining - not surprisingly - at the Old Faithful Inn when they visit on Friday
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8/7/09 Studies show summer traffic in Yellowstone National Park not as polluting as snowmobiles in winter (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)--and as hard as that might be to believe, I can say that the air in West Yellowstone in the winter is absolutely disgusting, and that's from someone accustomed to living in areas with heavy air pollution
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