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June 2009
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6/30/09 Yellowstone Park wolf news: About 40 wolves are on the park's northern range (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
6/30/09 Yellowstone Park 6-30-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
6/30/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 30 June 2009: Coming around (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/30/09 Henry's Fork fly fishing report 30 June 2009: Don't get frustrated--head south (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/29/09 New international postage stamp unveiled at Grand Teton National Park (press release by National Park Service)
6/28/09 Men hound-hunting black bear near Island Park run into a grizzly with cubs (press release by Idaho Department of Fish and Game in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)
6/27/09 Yellowstone River (YNP) fly fishing report 27 June 2009: Still going up (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/27/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 27 June 2009: Almost there (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/27/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 27 June 2009: Not quite yet (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/26/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--June 22 through June 26, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
6/26/09 Construction on Wraith Falls Trail temporarily halts access (press release by National Park Service)--glad I made a short stop last weekend rather than waiting until this weekend
6/26/09 Yellowstone Park 6-26-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
6/26/09 Grand Teton Music Festival concerts in the park (press release by National Park Service)
6/26/09 Grasslands, global change subject of talk at AMK Ranch (press release by University of Wyoming)
6/26/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 26 June 2009: Not yet (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/26/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 26 June 2009: Shifting to summer (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/26/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 26 June 2009: Get in there while the gettin's good (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/25/09 Commercial vehicle safety inspections (press release by National Park Service)--this time in Grand Teton NP
6/25/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 25 June 2009: Dropping and clearing (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/25/09 Cascade Corner fly fishing report 25 June 2009: Still blown (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/25/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 25 June 2009: Easing into summer (by Mark Chi Wulff)--Yellowstoner posts a response to this report here
6/24/09 Latest pastime of Yellowstone National Park bison: Human tossing (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
6/24/09 Woman injured by Yellowstone bison (press release by National Park Service)
6/23/09 Work begins on a critical domestic herd, wildlife disease research and testing facility (press release by University of Wyoming)
6/23/09 Rehberg secures $650,000 for brucellosis control in and around Yellowstone National Park: Congressman's position on House Appropriations Committee results in over $8 million in funding for Montana projects (press release by U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg)--thank all Montana congressmen, starting with Denny Rehberg (R)--MT for federal government funding of the war on wild bison; you can let Rehberg know how you feel here
6/23/09 Road construction update #3 (press release by National Park Service)--in Grand Teton NP
6/23/09 Junior Ranger programs at Grand Teton N.P. (press release by National Park Service)
6/23/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 23 June 2009: Up and dirty (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/23/09 Henry's Fork fly fishing report 23 June 2009: Head south my friend (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/23/09 Do your deck and do good for "VIP" parks: The Thompson's Company launches program to raise up to $150,000 for Niagara Falls State Park, Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park (press release by The Thompson's Company in PRWeb)
6/23/09 House to consider conservation easements for MT (AP story in Product Design and Development)--story in today's Great Falls Tribune doesn't mention Cooke City
6/22/09 Temp closure on Moose-Wilson Road--June 26 (press release by National Park Service)
6/22/09 Firefighters attend to human-caused & lightning fires in Grand Teton NP (press release by National Park Service)
6/22/09 Yellowstone Park 6-22-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
6/22/09 Formation of Grand Teton National Park focus of talk at AMK Ranch (press release by University of Wyoming)
6/22/09 Grand Teton international postage stamp event (press release by National Park Service)
6/22/09 Mom's a reduxest (by Yellowstoner)
6/22/09 Pronghorn antelope knocks two off motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
6/21/09 Motorcycle collision with pronghorn (press release by National Park Service)
6/21/09 Testimony of George Wuerthner June 19, 2009--Representative Raul Grijalva, Chair, House Sumbcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands--Represenative Grace Napolitano, Chair, House Subcommittee on Water and Power (posted by George Wuerthner)
6/19/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--June 15 through June 19, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
6/19/09 Yellowstone Park 6-19-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
6/19/09 Wildland firefighters practice fire investigation (press release by National Park Service)
6/19/09 Weekend shorthand (by Yellowstoner)
6/19/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 19 June 2009: Off to a great start (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/19/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 19 June 2009: Shaping up nicely (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/19/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 19 June 2009: Nope (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/18/09 Update from the field: Mourning the loss of our friends (by Buffalo Field Campaign)--when news of Frog passed away arrived, a couple of BFCers were with me here in Bozeman; the news hit hard
6/18/09 Recovery efforts continue in Yellowstone for missing Utah man (press release by National Park Service)--picture of a rescue worker retrieving a piece of clothing
6/18/09 Commercial vehicle safety inspections (press release by National Park Service)
6/18/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 18 June 2009: In fine fettle (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/18/09 Reiteration (by Yellowstoner)
6/18/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 18 June 2009: Be ready for a workout (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/18/09 Cascade Corner fly fishing report 18 June 2009: Pushed by rain (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/17/09 Montana Department of Livestock captures and slaughters three wild bison (press release by Buffalo Field Campaign)--this flies in the face of the new supposed tolerance that bulls were supposed to have year long; another lie to appease those who are quick to sit on their couches and watch the absurdity continue ... BFC has also let me know that a fourth bison was killed on Pat Povah's ranch
6/17/09 Search efforts underway in Yellowstone for missing Utah man (press release by National Park Service)--apparent suicide jumping off of Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
6/17/09 Elbow avoidance (by Yellowstoner)
6/16/09 Fishing report for 06/16/2009 (by Madison River Outfitters)
6/16/09 Henry's Fork fly fishing report 16 June 2009: Warming up (in more ways than one) (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/16/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 16 June 2009: Rain, rain, go away (by Jake Chi Wulff)--saw some rafters overturned in the fast moving river on Saturday; stopped to help, but they waved us off even as their gear moved a million miles an hour downstream
6/15/09 Enjoy free admission to America's first national park (press release by National Park Service)--well, I plan on being in the park after all (though I have a yearly pass) ... I hope the crowds aren't too thick and that we aren't forced to stop at the entrance; of course, we'll be heading out to backcountry at the first opportunity to escape the throngs; by the way, here are some photos from this weekend on Yellowstone's Black Butte Trail
6/15/09 Grand Teton to waive entrance fees during three weekends (press release by National Park Service)--this is true of ALL national parks during these three weekends
6/15/09 June 15th--opening weekend (by Firehole Ranch)
6/14/09 Pretty in pink: Bitterroot Lewisia (by Beth Pratt)--links to a pdf that Beth wrote on the geology of wildflowers for the Yellowstone Association
6/14/09 Looking up--seeing elbows (by Yellowstoner)
6/13/09 Yellowstone River (YNP) fly fishing report 13 June 2009: Don't even think about it (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/13/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 13 June 2009: Getting closer (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/13/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 13 June 2009: Still a few weeks (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/12/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--June 5 through June 12, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
6/12/09 Should the Jackson Hole Airport lease extension wait for safety audit? (by Bob Janiskee National Parks Traveler)
6/12/09 Grand Teton observes 2nd annual Colter Day (press release by National Park Service)
6/12/09 International Year of Astronomy celebration (press release by National Park Service)
6/12/09 Yellowstone Park 6-12-09 (by Bruce Staples, Jimmy's All Seasons Angler)
6/12/09 June gloom (by Yellowstoner)
6/12/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 12 June 2009: Looking for golden stones (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/12/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 12 June 2009: Better and better (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/12/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 12 June 2009: Coming down (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/11/09 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
6/11/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 11 June 2009: Made for the (lazy) afternoon fly fisher (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/11/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 11 June 2009: Bring your A-game (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/11/09 Cascade Corner fly fishing report 11 June 2009: Give it more time (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/11/09 Rocky Mountain wrestling: A long-distance runner's grizzly encounter in Grand Teton National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)--a story of a past bear encounter originally written in 1994
6/11/09 Jon Jarvis nomination as next Director of National Park Service imminent (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)--this has been reported at the NPT site for months
6/10/09 Rock slide closes popular trail in Yellowstone (press release by National Park Service)--Uncle Tom's trail, where the photo of the Lower Falls on this newspaper was taken, has been closed until further notice (looks like it could be awhile; a lot of damage)
6/10/09 Menu in Lake Yellowstone Hotel stresses sustainable cuisine, upscale dishes and fresh, seasonal choices (press release by Xanterra in Examiner)
6/10/09 Wolverines to get a second chance: Feds will reconsider Endangered Species Act protections (press release by Center for Biological Diversity)
6/10/09 Firefighters & homeowners train in All Fire Day (press release by National Park Service)
6/10/09 Simple river report (by Yellowstoner)
6/9/09 Tower-Roosevelt Comprehensive Plan Environmental Assessment released for public comment (press release by National Park Service)
6/9/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 9 June 2009: Not too bad (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/9/09 Yellowstone River gassed (by Yellowstoner)--that's in the Billings area; there is a small report on the Gallatin River fishing
6/9/09 Henry's Fork fly fishing report 9 June 2009: Stymied stones and improving mayflies (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/8/09 Road construction update #2 (press release by National Park Service)--for Grand Teton NP, though this definitely affects Yellowstone travel as well, especially from the south
6/8/09 Yellowstone to conduct commercial vehicle safety inspections (press release by National Park Service)
6/8/09 Up a tic (by Yellowstoner)
6/8/09 8th annual Arts and Crafts Fair is July 10 through 12 (by The Island Park Library Friends, Inc.)--they asked me to post the PSA, and so I am. As long as readers aren't trying to sell something for profit (raising money for a nonprofit is generally different), send it to me, and I'll usually put it up (though a link is better).
6/7/09 Snow! (by Molly)--essentially a factual weather report, so I'm placing it here
6/7/09 Yellowstone National Park's spring visitation up 11 percent (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
6/6/09 Yellowstone River (YNP) fly fishing report 6 June 2009: Up, up, and away (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/6/09 Slough Creek fly fishing report 6 June 2009: Not quite yet (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/6/09 Soda Butte Creek fly fishing report 6 June 2009: See above (by Mark Chi Wulff)--(on Slough Creek report)
6/5/09 Status of gray wolf management in Wyoming and the NRM--June 1 through June 5, 2009 (by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
6/5/09 Spring visitation up nearly 11 percent (press release by National Park Service)--often, size of archived newspaper files tend to correlate strongly with visitation trends; I had been surprised to see the size of the newspaper archive increase last month (now, I see that the surprising figure matches park visitation)
6/5/09 Grand Teton National Park promotes healthy family recreation (press release by National Park Service)
6/5/09 Madison River (YNP) fly fishing report 5 June 2009: Surprisingly good (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/5/09 Gibbon River fly fishing report 5 June 2009: Gettin' better every day (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/5/09 Lamar River fly fishing report 5 June 2009: It'll be a while yet (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/4/09 Gardner River fly fishing report 4 June 2009: Clearing and fishing well (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/4/09 Firehole River fly fishing report 4 June 2009: PMDs, Caddis, and BWOs (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/4/09 Cascade Corner fly fishing report 4 June 2009: Still blown (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/3/09 Yellowstone power, phone service back after morning outages (press release by National Park Service)
6/3/09 Yellowstone hot spring teeming with viruses (by LiveScience)
6/2/09 Conservation groups challenge Northern Rockies wolf delisting: State sponsored hunts scheduled for fall (press release by Earthjustice, Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, The Humane Society of the United States)--a pdf of the complaint is also linked in the press release
6/2/09 Lawsuit last hope for long-term wolf recovery in Northern Rockies: Suit filed as a last resort (press release by Defenders of Wildlife)
6/2/09 Yellowstone's wonder revealed in new geology film (press release by National Park Service)
6/2/09 Cattle drive may delay traffic at Moran Jct. (press release by National Park Service)
6/2/09 Brief Gibbon River report (by Yellowstoner)
6/2/09 Gallatin River fly fishing report 2 June 2009: Might clear up high later this week (by Jake Chi Wulff)
6/2/09 Henry's Fork fly fishing report 2 June 2009: Salmonflies moving up (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/1/09 Yellowstone Volcano Observatory monthly update (by U.S. Geological Survey)
6/1/09 Dr. Bob Smith receives NPS research award (press release by National Park Service)
6/1/09 Brief Madison River report (by Yellowstoner)
6/1/09 West Yellowstone to mark 50th anniversary of Hebgen Lake earthquake (by Yellowstone Insider)--in August
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6/28/09 Paper updated at 11:47 PM. WOW! What a beautiful weekend; we hiked up Mt. Washburn, went a short way on the Solfatara Trail, and then spent much of the morning hiking the Beaver Ponds Trail Loop. Here are the captioned pictures.
6/30/09 Man gets prison for sexual contact with girl at Yellowstone (by Joshua Wolfson Casper Star-Tribune)
6/29/09 Boy Scout leader dies in whitewater accident (by Tim Dudley Jackson Hole News and Guide)--south of Jackson on Snake River
6/29/09 Senators announce funds for wastewater treatment plant (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--money also for Gallatin National Forest to purchase abandoned mines near Cooke City
6/29/09 Grand Teton hosting free music series (by Billings Gazette)
6/28/09 International stamp featuring Wyoming's Grand Teton unveiled (by Tammy Christel Examiner)
6/27/09 Grizzly bear relocated after eating cows (by Billings Gazette)
6/26/09 Winter bison quota set at 144 animals (by Billings Gazette)--unchanged from last year for the FWP hunt, only one factor in any winter's overall bison slaughter
6/26/09 New deal for brucellosis (by MJ Clark Wyoming Business Report)
6/26/09 Ranger station buildings moving to Dunbar Park? (by Brennan Sang West Yellowstone News)
6/26/09 The night the mountain moved (by Dustin Creason and Nick Griffin in West Yellowstone News)
6/26/09 Jackson black bear trapped, moved (by Billings Gazette)
6/25/09 Woman tossed by park bison not seriously injured (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--this case looks like one of relatively bad luck
6/25/09 Brucellosis elimination: State officials planning own brucellosis regulations (by Judy Killen Powell Tribune--WY)
6/25/09 Tentative deal would replace brucellosis rules (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--one way or the other, this is a big deal for bison and elk in Yellowstone; either it means that the new rules will discourage cattle from being raised in Greater Yellowstone, or it will mean a greater assault on elk and bison, or quite possibly both ... but the rules and dynamics have changes (there is now less incentive for any cattle producer outside of the zone to care what happens inside Greater Yellowstone)
6/25/09 Lake full, river up (by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/25/09 Naturalist night speaker series starts in Jackson (by Casper Star-Tribune)
6/24/09 Captains sailing on a small sea: Hundreds of miles from the coast, maritime bureaucracy finds a berth (by Kelsey Dayton Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/24/09 County prepares for new bear standards: Regulations on garbage, bird feeders scheduled to go into effect July 1 (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/24/09 Wyoming's expanded vet lab could lead way to brucellosis vaccine (AP story in The Salt Lake Tribune)
6/23/09 Home sought for Yellowstone bison (AP story in KTVQ--MT)
6/23/09 Grand Teton National Park international postage stamp unveiling (by Wyoming Business Report)
6/23/09 Chapel to leave landmark perch (by Jodi Hausen Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--reason for being forced to move still vague; new private landowners apparently have different plans for the land there
6/23/09 Grand Teton reports first fires of season (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/22/09 Motorcycle,pronghorn collide in national park (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/22/09 Wyoming's National Elk Refuge on ten most imperiled list: Feeding programs, overpopulation and disease are creating a "wildlife time bomb" at the elk refuge, a new report says (by Amy Linn New West)
6/21/09 Garland couple hurt when motorcycle hits pronghorn (by Lindsay Whitehurst The Salt Lake Tribune)
6/21/09 Idaho, Wyoming seek control (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/21/09 Yellowstone store tries environmental approach (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/21/09 The Hebgen Earthquake: 50 years on (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/21/09 Hyalite projects cause delays, camp closure (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/20/09 Hike leader offers tips in wake of grizzly attacks (by Shannon Newth KRTV--MT)
6/20/09 Elk refuge 'imperiled' (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/20/09 Town-to-park pathway gets stimulus funding (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/20/09 Five students rescued after Bear Canyon hike (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/19/09 Search continues for man in Yellowstone (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/19/09 Man swept off falls in Yellowstone ID'd (by Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/19/09 Fishing report (by Mike Loebl, Madison River Outfitters, in West Yellowstone News)
6/18/09 Man lives to tell survival story of bear attack (by KIVI--ID)--you'd think by the headline that most don't survive; fortunately, the vast majority do
6/18/09 3 Yellowstone bison slaughtered, fourth shot (AP story in Billings Gazette)--again, the action against 3 of the 4 also goes against what people believed was year-round tolerance for bulls on public lands, though we all understood the fine print made that belief meaningless
6/18/09 Man goes over waterfall (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/18/09 Lodging bounces back; bookings at 78 percent (by Katy Niner Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/18/09 Freudenthal blasts feds for lack of forest funding (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/17/09 Utahn goes over Grand Canyon waterfall (by Erin Alberty The Salt Lake Tribune)
6/17/09 Search underway for man who jumped off Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (by Montana's News Station)
6/17/09 Man goes over Yellowstone falls, presumed dead (by Associated Press)
6/17/09 Yellowstone National Park (by Laura Bell The Big Sky Weekly)
6/17/09 Group wants airport to fund park growth: The Nature Conservancy suggests new fee to help Grand Teton buy land (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/17/09 Montana seeks feds' decree on brucellosis (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/17/09 Waltham photographer captures wild side of Yellowstone (by Jeff Gilbride The Daily News Tribune--MA)
6/16/09 Montana seeks brucellosis-free status (by KFBB--MT)--with video
6/16/09 Paradise Valley Wayside Chapel looking for new home (by Montana's News Station)--very tiny chapel at rest area about 25 miles from North Entrance; no mention in story why it has to move
6/16/09 Hot springs swimming 'not promoted' in park (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
6/15/09 Landmark Emigrant chapel seeking new home (by Matt Dettori Livingston Enterprise)--1st story
6/15/09 Yellowstone Association opens new headquarters (by John Sherer KBZK--MT)--with video
6/14/09 Yellowstone Association celebrates preservation of old building beside Roosevelt Arch (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/14/09 Roads closed in Gallatin forest (by Billings Gazette)--in the Livingston District
6/13/09 Bear attack survivor speaks out (by KVI--ID)
6/13/09 Yellowstone tries new planning, starting with Tower-Roosevelt: Historic buildings, natural features dot the landscape (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
6/13/09 Trail ride offers a bit of old-time flavor: History, comedy, food and campfire coffee for $60 (by Brett French Billings Gazette)
6/13/09 Sheep on public lands drawing renewed attention (by Daniel Person Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/12/09 Grizzly attacks hiker near Lionhead (by Carol Hoffmann West Yellowstone News)
6/12/09 Bear likely protecting cub, food (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/12/09 FWP: Grizzly protecting cub, food during attack (by Billings Gazette)
6/12/09 Fishing report (by Bucky McCormick, Blue Ribbon Flies, in West Yellowstone News)
6/12/09 Firewood permits available (by West Yellowstone News)
6/11/09 Yellowstone Association shows off its new Gardiner home (by Livingston Enterprise)--6th story
6/11/09 Boise man in hospital following griz attack (by Karin Ronnow Bozeman Daily Chronicle)--this in the Lionhead area near West Yellowstone
6/11/09 Grizzly mauls man near West Yellowstone (by Brett French Billings Gazette in Missoulian)
6/11/09 Wolf delisting faces new court challenge (by Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/11/09 Agency to reconsider wolverine status (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/10/09 Wolf pack kills dog on N. Fork (by Carole Cloudwalker Cody Enterprise)
6/10/09 Man attacked by grizzly near West Yellowstone, area closed (by Montana's News Station)
6/10/09 Conservation group: Hold off on new airport lease: Alliance wants upcoming safety study to be completed before agreement is extended (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/9/09 Cheap destination for weddings? (by Jake Nichols Planet Jackson Hole)--2nd story
6/9/09 East gate visitation tops in May (by Cody Enterprise)
6/9/09 Rivers high, fast, furious (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/9/09 Yellowstone to conduct safety inspections (AP story in Billings Gazette)
6/8/09 TripAdvisor: Big uptick in national parks inquiries (by MJ Clark Wyoming Business Report)
6/8/09 Wildlife managers ask people to control dogs (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/7/09 500+ Yellowstone bison hazed into park (AP story in Billings Gazette)--not sure if the several calves who had their legs broken by hazing lived or died
6/7/09 Yellowstone visits up (by KFBB--MT)--with video
6/6/09 Park's spring numbers up, bode well for summer (by Jessica Mayrer Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
6/6/09 Park visits increased over 2008: Yellowstone's numbers for May up 20 percent over previous year (by Billings Gazette)
6/5/09 YNP closes road for work (by Cody Enterprise)--and snow has been closing roads, though we haven't had official statements put out by the NPS on their Web site
6/5/09 Yellowstone region hopes to expand tourism year 'round (by Brodie Farquhar Wyoming Business Report)
6/5/09 Geologist gets award for research in parks (by Cara Froedge Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/4/09 Appeals court: Snowplane group has no case (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/4/09 Snowplane appeal fails (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/4/09 Griz seen near Big Piney (by Casper Star-Tribune)--1st story
6/4/09 Little Rangers / students act as Yellowstone National Park tour guides (by Ruth Malan Standard-Examiner--UT)
6/3/09 YNP phone, electric service restored (by Cody Enterprise)
6/3/09 Free summer weekends coming to Yellowstone, Glacier (by Montana's News Station)
6/3/09 Wolf delisting returns to court (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/3/09 Park to reduce campsites: Employee housing slated to be greater part of Gros Ventre campground (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/3/09 Panel says Snake is vulnerable: River veterans: Beloved waterway may be too popular for own good (by Brandon Zimmerman Jackson Hole News and Guide)
6/3/09 National parks plan 3 free summer weekends (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)--remind me to stay away from the parks those weekends, not that I'm a fan of any user fees
6/3/09 Forest Service: $228M to fix roads, bridges (AP story in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/2/09 Grand Teton: Cattle drive could delay traffic (AP story in KIFI--ID)--a lot of people don't realize that some cattle graze in Grand Teton; what's more, they graze the same areas that bison with brucellosis graze; what's more, to date, there has never been a case of transmission of brucellosis from bison to cattle in Grand Teton National Park
6/1/09 Airport reopens on time (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)--for travel into Grand Teton
6/1/09 Yellowstone Coalition to honor Camenzind (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
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(comment in the discussion forum
6/30/09 News (by James Everett Newman)--and now three times featured; thanks for the plug; as a former concessions worker myself, I'm always interested in worker posts most of all
6/30/09 Yellowstone, day 2, the hike (and more!) (by Colin)--more indeed and has something to do with our blogging NPS intern Molly; and Molly's version
6/30/09 Yellowstone, day 3) (by Colin)--up Mt. Washburn just like we did; Molly's account
6/30/09 Yellowstone, day 4 (by Colin)--we didn't go up Mt. Sepulcher - not really something we could do with River, but we did see the Beaver Ponds far below, looking up often at the peak; Molly's account is now up
6/30/09 Beetle hysteria again (by George Wuerthner in New West)
6/30/09 More Yellowstone geyser abstract art (art by David Cramer)
6/30/09 Yellowstone (by Chris)--makes a convincing case to outsiders that everything they thought they knew about Yellowstone was WRONG
6/30/09 Day eight: When you get to a fork in the road, take it (by Rebecca)
6/30/09 Road trip (day 2) MT-SD (by Debbie)--thought Yellowstone was boring; why take a road trip if you're not going to do it right?
6/30/09 Day 15--West Yellowstone to West Thumb (by thackerjoh)--lot's of bike blogs this summer raising money for causes, often with a "journey of hope" theme; this is just one ... I like the idea; I just worry with so many that it's becoming saturated
6/30/09 Road trips: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (by Julian Gothard Examiner)
6/29/09 A daily dose of culture (by Carson)
6/29/09 Don't jump (by Bill Croke The American Spectator)
6/29/09 State leadership gives hope on brucellosis issue (by Casper Star-Tribune)--if the states don't grasp that you won't eliminate brucellosis in Greater Yellowstone, they will fare no better and continue to be caught up in the red herring that keeps killing buffalo and abusing elk
6/29/09 Storm Point (by Bill and Cap)
6/29/09 Pleasant rants (by Claire)
6/29/09 Homeschooling on the road--Yellowstone National Park (by Jessica Parnell)
6/29/09 The weight of history (by Yellowstoner)
6/29/09 Not much happened today until ... (by CDM)--given the erratic behavior of moose, very lucky the moose didn't charge
6/28/09 Bear(ly) hanging on (by Robyn)--I saw those bears as well but didn't stop as I navigated through the hazards of the zillion cars that were all too close; they were, however, cute
6/28/09 the first days ... (by Brandi)--starting job in Yellowstone
6/28/09 Wildlife (by Claire)--working a backcountry office
6/28/09 Yellowstone (by The Carr)--yet another new worker blog
6/28/09 Trekking the Tetons: Be prepared for the unexpected (by Gary Cowell in Gazette-Mail--WV)
6/28/09 A late afternoon 'magic window' on the Firehole (by Mark Chi Wulff)
6/28/09 A horse in the yellowstone (poem by Cam)
6/28/09 Yellowstone--winter (art by Diane Wright)
6/28/09 Yellowstone (by Catherine)
6/28/09 Robyn's buffalo (by Robyn)
6/27/09 Bison toss (by Robyn)
6/27/09 Yellowstone fox (by Kevin Webster)--saw a fox do this on Mt. Washburn Saturday! But, its coloring was nothing like this one!
6/27/09 Yellowstone: For the people (by Amy)--thinks Yellowstone is going to erupt
6/27/09 Emerald meadows (by Yellowstoner)
6/26/09 The people I am working with (by Claire)
6/26/09 Ah! The fresh smell of Calcite Springs (by Claire)
6/26/09 bison in the wild (by lizz)
6/26/09 Yellowstone (by Matthew -n- Erica)
6/26/09 History and the Yellowstone: Elk River (by Doug Peacock in CounterPunch)
6/26/09 Vacation day 7-8: Who wanted to see Yellowstone anyway? (by Jeff Picard)--big mechanical problems
6/26/09 Gallatin National Forest (by dogmaah)
6/26/09 Request response (by Yellowstoner)
6/26/09 A bear encounter (by Eric Ripma Nutty Birder)
6/25/09 Woman tossed by bison in Canyon area (by Yellowstone Insider)--lost track of this site when I didn't pick it up on search engines I use; will have to keep an eye on it manually for awhile
6/25/09 The internet is available to me! (by Claire)--and a number of interesting posts after this; a great diversity of worker posts this summer
6/25/09 Black Tail Creek and the Yellowstone River Trail (by Fun Pig in Reflection)
6/25/09 Ahhhh ... time to relax (by Tracy)
6/24/09 Is national park wilderness a good idea? Does designating national parks as wilderness help or hinder the prospect of winning protection for truly threatened roadless lands? Do the national parks already have enough protection? (by Bill Schneider New West)
6/24/09 Blue skies (by Robyn)--the weather has been delightful; I'm sure it will change just as I try again to go camping in the park this weekend
6/24/09 Touring Yellowstone, efficiently (by Lindsay Meares)--which is what I think the Mission 66 planners had in mind; sacrifice a few areas so that most of the splendor goes untouched by people racing through to a few of the highlights
6/24/09 It's not just the fish (by Yellowstoner)
6/24/09 Gardiner, MT and Teddy Roosevelt (by Suzi Dow)
6/23/09 Carson's taxi service (by Carson)
6/23/09 Curatorial park tour (by Molly)
6/23/09 A tale of danger and supernatural endurance (by Jacob)
6/23/09 The Great American Road Trip continues (by Eric)--it's great that Yellowstone recycles; however, even though readers know that I no doubt swing far left of center and have the environment in my heart, I am a huge skeptic of the "going green" movement, which still wreaks of a corporate lie (that you actually can live relatively normal lives and be environmentally friendly without making drastic changes--as the blog subtitle suggests at the top); I mean is there really an environmentally responsible "Great American Road Trip" (even hitchhiking is on someone else's carbon emissions)? That's not to say such trips shouldn't be made, but the "green" pretense is sometimes too much for me.
6/23/09 The beauty of Tetons & Yellowstone (by Cindy)
6/23/09 Wolves aren't terrorists (by Kody L. Cartwright in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/23/09 World now officially insane (by Jim Mendrinos, political comedian, in Fox News)--makes light of pronghorn accident in Grand Teton
6/22/09 Upcoming projects and furniture cataloging (by Molly)
6/22/09 A fine and pleasant misery (by Clarke Farrer)
6/22/09 Snow days (by Robyn)
6/22/09 Working overtime (by Carson)--working three jobs ... says he had too much free time (how I wish I had free time like that and was in West Yellowstone; I'd be living on the trail)
6/22/09 The pits ... (by Bobby and Donna)--doesn't recommend RVing at Fishing Bridge
6/22/09 quick update! :) (by Samira Morshedi)--I can't verify the rumors reported of the motive for the possible suicide over the Lower Falls last week
6/22/09 Tetons antelope highway patrol: Antelope bashes couple driving a motorcycle in Grand Teton NP (by Ted Alvarez Backpacker Magazine)
6/22/09 Despite wet weather, there have been forest fires in Grand Teton National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
6/22/09 Bear jam!! (by Mike)
6/22/09 Grizzly encounters (by Doug Price)
6/22/09 My world: Artists Paint Pot (by Ecobirder)
6/22/09 This weekend my dad and I went to Yellowstone (by Laura Ginny)--apparently successful trek to see a grizzly bear bordered on the ridiculous
6/22/09 Yellowstone Falls (art by Brandon Reavis)
6/21/09 Fairy Creek Trail (by James Everett Newman)
6/21/09 Chaos at the campground (by Carson)
6/21/09 Life at Yellowstone (by Pat)
6/21/09 "Yellowstone Sentinel" (art by Dianne Paula)
6/21/09 There's no way we'll ever update this enough (by Andrew)
6/21/09 Day 11 Cody to the eastern border of Yellowstone National Park (by Lee DeRemer)--one downside I always felt when I was serious about biking was my tendency to ignore my surroundings and get bogged down in the process of the ride; this post is suggestive of it ... would you know that they were just outside Yellowstone if you weren't told that?
6/21/09 Trust (Mark 4:35-41) (by Danny Bradfield)--sermon with relevance to Yellowstone; my origins in Yellowstone saw me helping to conduct religious services on Thumb Bay in Grant Village
6/21/09 Ice Lake to Wolf Lake to Little Gibbon Falls (by Molly)
6/20/09 Lone Star Geyser (by Molly)
6/20/09 North Rim Trail (by Robyn)
6/20/09 Foxes and bison and bears, oh my! (by Kevin Mellott)
6/20/09 Update: At 25 years and counting, Jackson Hole Airport still owes for its footprint (by Bob Janiskee National Parks Traveler)
6/20/09 Holy bears, Batman! (by Juniper)--really am about out the door for my weekend camping ... I promise!
6/19/09 HOBNOB thanks the News (by Karrie Taggart, Horse Butte Neighbors of Buffalo, in West Yellowstone News)--1 of 4 letters to the editor in support of wild buffalo after a negative letter last week decrying the pro-buffalo coverage in West Yellowstone News
6/19/09 Support from a Native American (by Ann Stovall in West Yellowstone News)
6/19/09 Newsworthy neighbors (by Jennifer Nitz in West Yellowstone News)
6/19/09 Waste of time and money (by Alex Russell in West Yellowstone News)
6/19/09 A natural view (by Katy Duffy West Yellowstone News)
6/19/09 According to the Jackson Hole newspaper the person who went over the edge into the canyon was a 20 year old man from Utah (by Robyn)
6/19/09 Yellowstone (by Daryl Wing)
6/19/09 Guns in parks (by Bangor Daily News--ME)--about Acadia NP; however, implicitly argues that guns in Yellowstone might make sense on the basis of bear attacks ... not commenting on the merits of guns in parks per se, I will say that the last fatality from a grizzly attack in Yellowstone was ... 1986 ... and only 5 have ever been documented (6, if you count Gallatin National Forest).
6/19/09 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (by kristen s. wilkins)
6/19/09 Day 26: Dennis' diary (by Dennis)
6/18/09 Springtime bloom after the Gunbarrel Fire (by Leslie)
6/18/09 Charged by a bison (by Robyn)
6/18/09 To bluff or not to bluff ... (by Barb)--relishes working at a visitor center; I understand the point about bluffs (I remember what it was like to answer the millionth time where the bathrooms were, and you had to act as though it was the first time you heard it, and I could do it where other co-workers could not)
6/18/09 Death at Lower Falls (by Jennifer C.)--Jennifer shares a couple of the rumors she heard while working at Canyon, some turned out false
6/18/09 Yellerstone: Waffle Fry Basin (by Frances)
6/18/09 Rehousing all day (by Molly)--and a whole series of similar posts on her NPS interning blog
6/18/09 Camping and Yellowstone (by Flashy)--an anti-camping rant and prefers the architecture in Yellowstone to the reason the structures were built (the thermals)
6/18/09 Day 6-7: Yellowstone & Grand Teton (by Chris)
6/18/09 Take dad to a national park this weekend (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)--I'll have to thank my son River for this, I suppose
6/18/09 Rain, rain, rain (by Aimlessly Meandering)
6/18/09 Yellowstone vacations: Do bears eat in the woods? (by Joe Dockter)
6/17/09 Senseless, yet it continues (by Tom Rice)--with video
6/17/09 Tragedy at the falls (by Robyn)
6/17/09 The Mining Congress Journal (by chard)
6/17/09 Yellowstone (by Bob & Rita Mullins)
6/17/09 #493--Yellowstone wolf drama (by Brian Bastinelli)
6/16/09 GYC annual meeting in Jackson (by Leslie)--I don't share Leslie's glowing assessment of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, but it's good to read another point of view on it
6/16/09 Day 10--layoever in Yellowstone Park (by Thehorck)--don't seem to understand that people get irritated when motorized vehicles pass on the shoulder; there's usually a good reason traffic is stopped
6/16/09 Paradise lost? (by Yellowstoner)--on the pluses and minuses of the Madison-to-Norris Road re-alignment along the Gibbon River
6/16/09 Monday & Tuesday: My weekend (by Carson)
6/16/09 Yellowstone National Park--day 3 (by Ryan)
6/16/09 Yellowstone & Grand Tetons (by DrLewie)
6/16/09 Yellowstone hike from Blacktail to Gardiner (by Alex Albers)--not terribly well written, but I have a tendency to post backcountry trail reports because they are outside the norm and are therefore informative
6/16/09 Hey all, just got off my weekend ... (by Catherine)--pilfering brownies at work ... yum
6/15/09 Compare & contrast ... YNP & GTNP (by Oppenheimers)--I've commented before on my displeasure of this sort of comparison; the two parks are politically distinct ... ecologically, they are part of the same system, and so the areas of diversity and similarity should be divided accordingly, not based upon arbitrary boundaries
6/15/09 Split shifts (by Robyn)
6/15/09 Monday, June 15th, geyser day! (by Dobbs Family)
6/15/09 Beartooth Pass Montana (by george crossland)
6/15/09 Yellowstone lesson for the day (by Bob Therieau)--I've always wanted to start a fake bear jam, or rather just stop and look at a flower or chipmunk or something I personally find interesting and see if a crowd develops
6/15/09 Yellowstone vacations: Dine in or dine out? (by Joe Dockter)
6/15/09 Yellowstone trip (by Kris Olson)
6/14/09 Backpacking at Slough Creek (by Molly)
6/14/09 Meet the frogs of Yellowstone (by Beth Pratt)--with video
6/14/09 Somewhere over the rainbow (by Robyn)
6/14/09 Long time, no blog! (by Crouse)
6/14/09 A night to remember (by Steven Severson)
6/14/09 Yellowstone is Big with a capital B (by The Duffys)--besides the common bashing of Old Faithful, the interesting recommendation of viewing Yellowstone in a manual transmission car
6/14/09 Day three (by Dobbs Family)
6/14/09 Yellowstone National Park--day 1 (by Ryan)
6/13/09 Successful Teton one day work shop (by Yellowstone Light)
6/13/09 Wyoming (by Merri)
6/13/09 Getting on the computer has been an issue lately (by Robyn)
6/13/09 June 11-13, 2009: Yellowstone National Park & Grand Tetons National Park (by Marissa Rose Rocke)
6/13/09 Day 8 (by The Griswald's Family Truckster)
6/13/09 Yellowstone: Day 2 (by RobKantner)--recommends using GPS; however, you have to be careful with those devices in Yellowstone; some tourists end up on roads that are some of the most difficult in the country; one ended up stranded miles from anywhere
6/13/09 June 13, 2009 (by chase garrett)--working in Grant Village, pictures of a possibly injured grizzly
6/13/09 Little Johnny and the lock out (by Sophia The Last Frontier Girls)
6/13/09 Fishy weather? (by Yellowstoner)
6/12/09 an addendum to this report of one of my very favorite hikes--Seven Mile Hole--was posted by James Everett Newman
6/12/09 The first week (by Wilson)
6/12/09 Osprey Falls (by Molly)
6/12/09 Transportation co-op could boost tourism (by Elizabeth Laden Island Park News)
6/12/09 Yellowstone day 1 and 2 (by Rayanne)
6/12/09 June 10--to the east side of Glacier Park (by Nancy Chalmers)--mostly about Glacier but offers a comparison and contrast between Glacier and Yellowstone
6/12/09 History of Yellowstone Park (by George Wortmann Examiner)
6/12/09 Why the national fire plan is a Trojan horse for logging (by George Wuerthner in CounterPunch)
6/12/09 Angry about buffalo coverage (by Tim Heideman in West Yellowstone News)--it is true that this paper has been a supporter of the buffalo
6/12/09 Rehberg explains his wilderness stance (by U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg in West Yellowstone News)
6/12/09 Day off in Yellowstone National Park (by Jay and Sandi Mengel)
6/12/09 Hot springs, mud pots, and water falls, OH MY! (by RedSox)
6/12/09 Mooned by elk (Yellowstone, day 1) (by RedSox)
6/11/09 New kid on the block (by Robyn)
6/11/09 Working in the park (by Molly)
6/11/09 What I've been up to (by Molly)
6/11/09 Bardiac's Yellowstone adventure, part 3 (by Bardiac)
6/11/09 College number TWO! (by Chad)--thinks if you've seen Banff, you've seen Yellowstone ... that's ridiculous
6/11/09 Yellowstone (by artandsoul)
6/11/09 Caddis--where? (by Yellowstoner)
6/11/09 So my mom broke her ankle in Yellowstone ... (by Stepahnie)--but not diagnosed until Colorado
6/10/09 Hitting the ground running (by Molly)
6/10/09 "Hey, bear!" Bear Safety 101 (by aewickham)
6/10/09 It's a bust (by Robyn)
6/10/09 Where the buffalo roam (by Johanna)
6/10/09 The wolf (by Kyle)--argues for wolf de-listing
6/10/09 Park's appeal may transcend recession (by Billings Gazette)
6/10/09 Bardiac's Yellowstone adventure, part 2 (by Bardiac)
6/10/09 I am in Yellowstone National Park (by Rebeccalee)--an interesting anecdote here about religion and working in the park
6/9/09 Second day of training (by Molly)
6/9/09 Why did the bear cross the road? (by Robyn)
6/9/09 Yellowstone poacher loses hunting privileges for life (by Bob Janiskee National Parks Traveler)
6/9/09 Day 9: Why do they call it Yellowstone? (by Liz)--well, I know, and I bet a lot of you know, too; however, the actual origins of the park name are slightly obscure, as The Act of Dedication doesn't name the park
6/9/09 YNP proves again it's a draw (by Bruce McCormack Cody Enterprise)
6/9/09 Summer at Yellowstone (by Pat & Joe)
6/9/09 I FEEL (by superashes)--admits to stealing rocks from Yellowstone; like many others before them that blog about this sort of thing, this person potentially faces criminal charges for bragging about the crime online ... in the past, I've warned people about the danger, and they each time quickly removed the post - but as I'm not a member of Livejournal, I can't do so in this case
6/9/09 Hiking, fishing, and Yellowstone (by Molly Bredehoft Examiner)
6/8/09 Collections management training (by Molly)
6/8/09 Jenny Lake provides for relaxing hike in Grand Teton National Park (by Molly Bredehoft Examiner)
6/8/09 The espresso express (by Robyn)
6/8/09 Tips about visiting Yellowstone National Park (by Frank J. IMAO)--not necessarily good ones :)
6/8/09 Bardiac's Yellowstone adventure, part 1 (by Bardiac)
6/8/09 A full day in Yellowstone (by Big Bob)
6/8/09 Well, today was interesting (by Sue and Rich)--more on heavy snow in Yellowstone and no entry to Yellowstone without snow tires
6/7/09 Road closures (by Robyn)--my vegetables here in Bozeman seem to be surviving the cold spell so far; lot of blogs about road closures here (a link to another right here)
6/7/09 June snowstorm (by Greg Schieber)
6/7/09 Geyser geeks (by Cara Lopez Lee)
6/7/09 Get in the boat, FISH! Fish! Get in the boat ... (by Emily Williams)
6/7/09 All cozy in my fleece (by Robyn)
6/7/09 Yellowstone is full of surprises! (by Bill and Cap)--and a plug for Bozeman Ford
6/7/09 Geyser gazers (by yourlifeature)
6/7/09 Yellowstone (by Merri)
6/7/09 Snow on the road (by ReAnn Scott)
6/7/09 Alaska: Day 3 (7 June 09) (by Brian A. Hopkins)--actually an adventure en route in Greater Yellowstone
6/7/09 Travel to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks--Amateur Traveler Episode 183 transcript (interview of Eric Smith by Chris Chistensen Amateur Traveler)--with audio
6/6/09 So today was my Monday (by Catherine)
6/6/09 2nd day in Yellowstone! (by Joseph)
6/6/09 Travertine terraces at Yellowstone (art by Molly Hashimoto)--Molly's done a number of art works, which you could no doubt find by doing a search of Molly in the search and following the links
6/6/09 Arming yourself for the outdoors (by William O'Rourke in South Bend Tribune--IN)
6/5/09 The other side of the mountain (by Robyn)
6/5/09 The Washburn Expedition (by James Everett Newman)--another worker blog; several other posts on the blog
6/5/09 Bits of orange (by Robin)--reminiscing on the sunsets during the 1988 Yellowstone fire
6/5/09 From the circle: Prayers for wild buffalo (by Brennan Sang West Yellowstone News)
6/5/09 A natural view (by Katy Duffy West Yellowstone News)
6/5/09 "... To reflect the chaos of nature" (by The Wanderers)
6/5/09 Once again, Rehberg gets it wrong (by Paul Richards in West Yellowstone News)--U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg is a Republican and Montana's sole representative in the House.
6/5/09 Yellowstone: A national treasure: It is a glorious day as we turn up the Paradise Valley on our way to Yellowstone National Park, Laurie, her 89-year old mother Mimmie, and Labrador Lucy in the old Suburban (by Bernie Kuntz The Jamestown Sun--ND)
6/5/09 What are Wyoming's seven natural wonders? (by Bill Sniffin Wyoming Business Report)
6/4/09 My amazing weekend, Yellowstone-style (by aewickham)
6/4/09 Week one (by Molly)--interning at the Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center in Gardiner; other adventures are here
6/4/09 Rain, rain go away (by Robyn)
6/4/09 Yellowstone National Park, WY to West Yellowstone, MT (by scott)--I wonder if most tourists would even notice the nest if there weren't a sign alerting them of it (and telling them not to stop); there are a gazillion bald eagles in the park; people should leave this one alone
6/4/09 Yellowstone (by Julie)--camping and 6 1/2 months pregnant? "no big deal"
6/4/09 Judges should toss dueling wolf lawsuits (by Casper Star-Tribune)
6/4/09 Watch out for the beef in Grand Teton National Park this weekend (by Kurt Repanshek Yellowstone National Park)
6/3/09 Beaver Ponds Loop (by Molly)
6/3/09 Salazar, permanently waive national park entrance fees: The Interior Department admits that ever-increasing fees discourage Americans from enjoying their national parks and hurt local economies; hopefully, this leads to making our national parks a free tradition, every weekend (by Bill Schneider New West)--I entirely agree; wherever user fees for public goods are implemented all over the world, they are fundamentally unfair and usually don't improve service or overall funding (since funding becomes dependent not on the public budgeting process but on the ability to attract users)
6/3/09 The moose (by Leslie)
6/3/09 Landslide (by Robyn)
6/3/09 Three days off!! (by Catherine)
6/3/09 Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone Park (by gordomedes)--from May 23
6/3/09 Sheep experiment needs to move (by Joanna Taylor in Casper Star-Tribune)
6/2/09 The Yellowstone bug (by Rose Zeller)--found this post to be very interesting
6/2/09 My private bear (by Robyn)
6/2/09 Head in the clouds (by Robyn)
6/2/09 A grand day in Yellowstone (by Mike Chapman)
6/2/09 Yellowstone Park / Grand Tetons--the story so far (by Luke Tiller)--thinks the area may be an underrated birding destination
6/2/09 Day 52: Yellowstone National Park (by Bryan)
6/2/09 Driving thru Yellowstone (by Jana)
6/2/09 You don't need a gun to enjoy a national park (by Wayne Hare High Country News)--I have a lot of fondness for Wayne Hare after a correspondence about race on public lands a couple years ago
6/2/09 Yellowstone fees to be waived three weekends this summer (by Yellowstone Insider)
6/2/09 Interior Secretary plans free weekend entry to national parks to boost tourism (by Kurt Repanshek Yellowstone National Park)
6/2/09 Yellowstone! (by Grace H.)--Uganda comes to Yellowstone
6/1/09 Montana, Idaho wolf plans fall short of recovery (by Louisa Willcox, Natural Resources Defense Council, in Billings Gazette)
6/1/09 Steam & reflections in Yellowstone (art by Dan Lewis)
6/1/09 Yellowstone NP, day 10 geothermal day (by MMG and DDG)
6/1/09 Already June! (by Ashley)--a short update from a worker

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