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the reading of the Journal of yesterday's proceedings was dispensed with.


    Mr. McMILLAN.  Mr. President, I am called upon this morning to perform the saddest duty that ever falls to the lot of a member of this body--to announce to the Senate the death of a colleague.  Suddenly, painlessly, Francis Browne Stockbridge died at 7 o'clock last evening, at the home of his nephew, Mr. James L. Houghteling, in Chicago.  Four weeks ago yesterday he dropped his work here to make a journey to the Pacific coast, hoping that a month's absence would work the restoration of the health of his wife, who accompanied him.  Before reaching Chicago he was taken ill on the train, and for two weeks his life hung in the balance.  Only yesterday, however, came a letter written by himself, in which rapid progress toward recovery was hopefully announced, only to be followed in the early evening by the brief message telling of his death.
    At a later date I shall ask the Senate to pay to his memory those tributes so justly due to one whose genial presence and whose kindly nature are now a loved remembrance to us all.  It should not go unsaid, however, that to-day there is sincere mourning throughout the State of Michigan over the death of one who has long been closely and conspicuously identified with her interests.  In the truest sense of the word he was one of her sons.  He loved her forest solitudes no less than her busy cities.  All his life long he had stood shoulder to shoulder with her people; he had a place in their hearts; and as the families gather about their firesides to-night it will be said of him: "He was a good neighbor and a true friend."
    To the brave wife, whose physical sufferings are now added to by this weight of sorrow, and to the bereaved sisters I venture, in the name of the Senate, to send the sympathy of those who honored and respected him whose loss they so sincerely mourn.
    Mr. President, I ask the consideration by the Senate of the resolutions which I send to the desk.
    The VICE-PRESIDENT.  The resolutions submitted by the Senator from Michigan will be read.
    The Secretary read the resolutions, as follows:
    Resolved, That the Senate has heard with great sorrow the announcement of the death of the Hon. Francis B. Stockbridge, late a Senator from the State of Michigan.
    Resolved, That a committee of seven Senators be appointed by the Vice-President to join such committee as may be appointed by the House of Representatives to attend the funeral at Kalamazoo, Mich., and that the necessary expenses of attending the execution of this order be paid out of the contingent fund of the Senate.
    Resolved, That the Secretary communicate these resolutions to the House of Representatives.
    Resolved, That as a further mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, the Senate do now adjourn.
    The Senate, by unanimous consent, proceeded to consider the resolutions, and they were unanimously agreed to.
    The VICE-PRESIDENT, before announcing the result, appointed as the committee under the second resolution, Mr. McMILLAN, Mr. FRYE, Mr. WASHBURN, Mr. CULLOM, Mr. JONES of Arkansas, Mr. GIBSON, and Mr. BLANCHARD.
    Thereupon (at 12 o'clock and 7 minutes p. m.), the Senate adjourned until to-morrow, Wednesday, May 2, 1894, at 11 o'clock a. m.

TUESDAY, May 1, 1894.

    The House met at 12 o'clock noon, and was called to order by the Speaker.
    Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. E. B. BAGBY, as follows:
    Almighty God, the author of life, the source of all wisdom, the bountiful giver of every good, we thank Thee for the provisions of Thy providence and grace.  Above all else we thank Thee for Jesus our Saviour, and we thank Thee for His life, so full of tender sympathy for all who are bereaved.  We thank Thee for His death, that through the merits of that death we have the hope of an everlasting life, and we thank Thee for his resurrection, that it is a guaranty to us that if we put our trust in Him we, too, shall be raised.
    O Lord, we come to Thee in the name of this Saviour, and ask Thy tender consolation upon the stricken family of Thy distinguished servant the Senator from Michigan.  O Lord, may Thy peace be with them, and as they stand by the grave may they feel the presence of Jesus near, and may they hear Him as He says, "I am the resurrection and the life.  He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live again, and he that liveth and believeth in me shall never die."
    O Lord, solemnize the hearts of all Thy servants: may they hear the warning cry, "Be ye also ready!"  Prepare us for living, prepare us for dying, and save us by Thy grace, through Christ.  Amen.
    The Journal of the proceedings of yesterday was read and approved.


    The SPEAKER laid before the House a letter from the Acting Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting an estimate of appropriation, submitted by the Secretary of the Navy, for the reconstructing bulkheads of wharf property at the Naval Home, Philadelphia, Pa.; which was ordered to be printed, and referred to the Committee on Naval Affairs.


    By unanimous consent, leave of absence was granted as follows:
    To Mr. BARTLETT, for two weeks, on account of sickness.
    To Mr. MUTCHLER, for ten days, on account of sickness.
    To Mr. CHARLES W. STONE, for two days, on account of important business.
    To Mr. PAGE, for ten days, on account of sickness in his family.


    Mr. BROOKSHIRE.  Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent for the present consideration of the bill (H. R. 5901) to reimburse E. H. Nebeker, late Treasurer of the United States.
    The bill was read at length.
    The SPEAKER.  Is there objection to the request of the gentlemen from Indiana [Mr. BROOKSHIRE] for the present consideration of the bill?
    Mr. ENLOE.  Mr. Speaker, I demand the regular order.
    The SPEAKER.  the gentleman from Tennessee [Mr. ENLOE] demands the regular order.  The regular order is the call of committee for reports.


    The committees were called for reports; when bills of the following titles were severally reported, read a first and second time, and, with the accompanying reports, ordered to be printed, and referred to the House Calendar:


    By Mr. BRETZ, from the Committee on Military Affairs: A bill (H. R. 236) to amend section 4837 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, as to soldiers' homes.


    By Mr. GOODNIGHT, from the committee on the Judiciary: A bill (H. R. 6754) to amend section 15 of an act approving; with amendments, the funding act of Arizona, approved June 25, 1890.


    Mr. DINGLEY.  Mr. Speaker, I desire to present a privileged report.
    Mr. McRAE.  I desire to submit a conference report.
    Mr. DINGLEY.  Then I will waive the presentation of my report for a moment.
    The SPEAKER.  The gentleman from Arkansas [Mr. McRAE] presents a conference report, which the Clerk will read.
    The Clerk read as follows:
    The committee of conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the amendment of the Senate to the bill (H. R. 6442) "to protect the birds and animals in the Yellowstone National Park, and to punish crimes in said park, and for other purposes," having met, after full and free conference have agreed to recommend and do recommend to their respective Houses as follows:
    That the House recede from its disagreement to the amendment of the Senate and agree to the same with the following amendments:
    Section 1, line 11, strike out "state of" and insert "States of Idaho, Montana, and."
    Section 1, line 13, strike out "subjected" and insert "subject."
    Section 3, line 5, strike out "liable to receive" and insert "subject to."
    Section 4, line 15, before "all," insert "of."
    Section 4, line 27, after "fish," insert "so."
    Section 4, line 28, strike out "forfeit or pay" and insert "be fined."
    Section 4, lines 28 and 29 strikeout "the sum of one" and insert "not exceeding."
    Section 4, line 30, after "violating," insert "any of the provisions of this act or."
    Section 4, line 30, after "violating," insert "any of the provisions of this act or."
    Section 4, line 36, strike out all after "park" down to and including "Wyoming," line 38.
    Section 4, line 45, after "limits," insert "when."
    Section 4, line 45, strike out "or guilty of."
    Section 4, line 48, strike out "charge of."
    Section 4, line 53, strike out "said" and insert "such."
    Section 4, lines 53 and 54, strike out "and ordered by the court."
    Section 5, line 6, strike out "game" and insert "animals, birds, and fish."
    Section 5, line 16, strike out "fix" and insert "impose."
    Section 5, line 34, after "certify" insert "a transcript of."
    Section 5, line 34, strike out "a transcript of."
    Section 5, line 38, strike out "and" and insert "or of."
    Section 6, line 2, strike out "State" and insert "district."
    Section 6, line 2, strike out all after "Wyoming" down to and including "marshal," line 4, and insert "may appoint one or more deputy marshals."
    Section 6, line 6, strike out "may" and insert "shall."
    Section 6, line 7, strike out all after "Wyoming" down to and including "Wyoming," line 8, and insert "and may also hold other sessions at any other place in said State of Wyoming or in said National Park." Go to the next page

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