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ballots, those ballots, they reported, should be thrown out, and another man, who was not elected, should be counted in.  In the report on the next case--the Hillborn case--the committee stated that the ballots were indorsed by the initials of the judges of election, and therefore should be thrown out.  In other words, that one gentleman should be unseated because the ballots were not indorsed, and another unseated because they were indorsed.  Now, an appeal upon a question like this ought to be submitted to the House, so that the Chair might have the satisfaction of having his ruling in a case of this kind passed upon by the action of this House.
    Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of my time.
    Mr. SPRINGER.  Mr. Speaker, I reserve all the time on this side.  I think the ruling of the Chair was sufficiently understood yesterday, and there is no necessity for making any remarks now.
    The SPEAKER.  The question is upon approving the journal.
    The question being taken; there were on a division (called for by Mr. LACEY)--ayes 128, noes 1.
    Mr. LACEY rose.
    The SPEAKER.  The gentleman from Iowa makes the point, as the Chair understands, that no quorum has voted.
    Mr. SPRINGER.  Then let us have the yeas and nays.
    The yeas and nays were ordered.
    The question was taken; and there were--yeas 183, nays 0, not voting 170; as follows:


Alderson, Cornish, Ikirt, Price,
Alexander, Covert, Jones, Rayner,
Allen, Cox, Kilgore, Reilly,
Arnold, Crawford, Kribbs, Richards, Ohio
Bailey, Culberson, Kyle, Richardson, Mich.
Baker, Kans. Cummings, Lane, Richardson, Tenn.
Baldwin, Davey, Latimer, Ritchie,
Bankhead, Davis, Lawson, Robbins,
Bartlett, DeArmond, Layton, Robertson, La.
Barwig, DeForest, Lester, Russell, Ga.
Bell, Colo. Dinsmore, Livingston, Ryan,
Bell, Tex. Dockery, Lockwood,  Sayers,
Berry, Donovan, Lynch, Schermerhorn,
Black, Ga. Dunn, Maguire, Shell,
Bland, Dunphy, Mallory, Sibley,
Boatner, Durborow, Marshall, Sickles,
Bower, N. C. Edmunds, Martin, Ind. Snodgrass,
Branch, English, Cal. McAleer, Sperry,
Brechinridge, Ark. English, N. J. McCreary, Ky. Springer,
Bretz, Enloe, McCulloch, Stallings,
Brickner, Epes, McDannold, Stockdale,
Brookshire, Erdman, McDearmon, Stone, Ky.
Bryan, Everett, McEttrick, Strait,
Bynum, Forman, McGann, Straus,
Cabaniss, Geary, McKaig, Talbert, S. C.
Cadmus, Geissenhainer, McLaurin Talbott, Md.
Caminetti, Goldzier, McMillin, Tate,
Campbell, Gorman, McNagny, Taylor, Ind.
Cannon, Cal. Grady, McRae, Terry,
Capehart, Haines, Meredith, Tracey,
Caruth, Hall, Minn. Meyer, Turner, Ga.
Catchings, Hall, Mo. Money, Turner, Va.
Causey, Hammond, Montgomery, Turpin,
Clancy, Hare, Morgan, Tyler,
Clark, Mo. harris, Moses, Warner,
Clarke, Ala. Harter, Mutchler, Washington,
Cobb, Ala. Hatch, Neill, Wells,
Cobb, Mo. Hayes, Oates, Wheeler, Ala.
Cockran Henderson, N. C. O'Neil, Mass. Whiting,
Cockrell, Hendrix, O'Neill, Mo. Williams, Ill.
Coffeen, Hines, Outhwaite, Williams, Miss.
Conn, Holman, Paschal, Wise,
Coombs, Hooker, Miss. Patterson, Wolverton,
Cooper, Fla. Hudson, Pendleton, Tex. Woodard,
Cooper, Ind. Hunter, Pendleton, W. Va. The Speaker.
Cooper, Tex. Hutcheson, Pigott,



Abbot, Caldwell, Gillet, N. Y. Johnson, Ind.
Adams, Ky. Cannon, Ill. Gillett, Mass. Johnson, N. Dak.
Adams, Pa. Chickering, Goodnight, Johnson, Ohio
Aitken, Childs, Graham, Kem,
Aldrich, Cogswell, Gresham, Keifer,
Apsley, Compton, Griffin, Lacey,
Avery, Cooper, Wis. Grosvenor, Lapham,
Babcock, Cousins, Grout, Lefever,
Baker, N. H. Crain, Grow, Ginton,
Barnes, Curtis, Kans. Hager, Lisle,
Bartholdt, Curtis, N. Y. Hafner, Loud,
Belden, Dalzell, Harmer, Loudenslager,
Beltzhoover, Daniels, Hartman, Lucas,
Bingham, Denson, Haugen, Maddox,
Black, Ill. Dingley, Heard, Magner,
Blair, Dolliver, Heiner, Mahon,
Boen, Doolittle, Henderson, Ill. Marsh,
Boutelle, Draper, Henderson, Iowa Marvin, N. Y.
Bowers, Cal. Ellis, Ky. Hepburn, McCall,
Brattan, Ellis, Oregon, Hermann, McCleary, Minn.
Breckinridge, Ky. Fielder, Hicks, McDowell,
Broderick, Fithian, Hitt, McKeighan,
Brosius, Fletcher, Hooker, N. Y. Meiklejohn,
Brown, Funk, Hopkins, Ill. Mercer,
Bundy, Funston, Hopkins, Pa. Milliken,
Bunn, Fyan, Houk, Moon,
Burnes, Gardner, Hulick, Morse,
Burrows, Gear, Hull, Murray,
Newlands, Reed, Stone, C. W. Walker,
Northway, Reyburn, Stone, W. A. Wanger,
Page, Robinson, Pa. Storer, Waugh,
Payne, Rusk, Strong, Weadock,
Paynter, Russell, Conn. Swanson, Wever,
Pearson, Scranton, Sweet, Wheeler, Ill.
Pence, Settle, Tarnsey, White,
Perkins, Shaw, Tawney, Wilson, Ohio.
Phillips, Sherman, Taylor, Tenn. Wilson, Wash.
Pickler, Simpson, Thomas, Wilson, W. Va.
Post, Sipe, Tucker, Wooner,
Powers, Smith, Updegraff, Wright, Mass.
Quigg, Somers, Van Voorhis, N. Y. Wright. Pa.
Randall, Stephenson, Van Voorhis, Ohio
Ray, Stevens, Wadsworth,

    So the Journal was approved.


    Mr. McCREARY of Kentucky.  I ask unanimous consent that the House take up for consideration now the bill (S. 1836) to give effect to the award rendered by the Tribunal of Arbitration at Paris under the treaty between the United States and Great Britain concerning the preservation of fur seals.
    Mr. PAYNE.  I demand the regular order.
    The SPEAKER.  The gentleman from New York demands the regular order, which is equivalent to an objection.
    Mr. McCREARY of Kentucky.  I would like to make an explanation, if my friend from New York will allow me.  This bill has passed the Senate unanimously, and it comes here--
    The SPEAKER.  The gentleman from New York demands the regular order, and the Chair can not indulge discussion on the matter.  The regular order is the call of committees for reports.
    The Clerk proceeded to call the committees.


    Mr. SAYERS, from the Committee on Appropriations, reported a bill (H. R. 6556) to provide for further urgent deficiencies in the appropriations for the service of the Government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1894, and for other purposes; which was read a first and second time, referred to the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union, and, with the accompanying report, ordered to be printed.


    Mr. FLETCHER, from the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, reported back favorably the bill (S. 1403) to authorize the reconstruction of a bridge across Niobrara River, near the village of Niobrara, Nebr., and making appropriation therefor; which was referred to the Committee on the Whole House on the state of the Union, and, with the accompanying report, ordered to be printed.


    Mr. GEARY, from the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, reported back the bill (H. R. 6448) to authorize the New York and New Jersey Bridge Companies to construct a bridge across the Hudson River between New York City and the State of New Jersey; which was referred to the House Calendar.


    Mr. GEARY, also from the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, reported back the bill (S. 1759) to amend an act entitled, "An act to authorize the Oregon and Washington Bridge Company to construct and maintain a bridge across the Columbia River between the State of Oregon and the State of Washington, and to establish it as a post-road;" which was referred to the House Calendar.


    Mr. LACEY, from the Committee on Public Lands, reported back the bill (H. R. 6442) to protect the birds and animals in the Yellowstone National Park, to punish crimes in said park, and for other purposes; which was referred to the House Calendar.


    Mr. SAYERS.  In the absence of my colleague on the committee [Mr. DOCKERY] I desire to present another report.
    The Clerk read as follows:
    Adverse report on the concurrent resolution to increase the Capitol police force.
    The SPEAKER.  This resolution will lie on the table.


    Mr. LYNCH, from the Committee on Indian Affairs, reported a bill (H. R. 6557) providing for the opening of the Uncompahgre and Uintah Indian Reservations in lieu of House bill 4511; which was refereed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union.
    The SPEAKER.  the bill (H. R. 4511) will lie on the table. Go to the next page

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